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including variants, such as these, in no particular order!

Appy, Apley, Applee, Appley, Apply, Appaly, Appelee, Aperley, Aperly, Appleley, Apperla, Apperle, Apperlegh, Apperleghe, Apperleigh, Appary, Appery, Apperry, Appaley, Uppery, Upperrley, Appurlee, Appurley, Apurley, Haperlye, Hapley, Happerley, Happley, Happurley, Hoppeleye, Appurleyghe, Appurleye, Aperle, Apperlee, Appuleigh, Appurleigh, Appulegh, Appuley, Appelegh, Appelleygh, Appeleigh, Appeleygh.

The aim of this page is to enable easy communication between researchers of APPERLEY ancestors.


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Ronald William Apperley (1926 - 2008)

in the Highland Light Infantry

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  • Also, a warm welcome to the new researchers that have supplied information / their research interests for the website!

  • I have begun to tidy the areas where the KING APPERLEY connections with Cheltenham, Stroud and Stonehouse are discussed.

  • A useful link to Stroud researchers is the fascinating site run by the John and Marion Hearfield.  Marion Hearfield is researching the Field Estate in Stroud, bought as a complete hillside by William Cowle in 1873, and the data produced so far is fascinating.  Many Apperly individuals lived in splendid houses on the Estate (eg Field House and Brunswick House).

  • If you are new to the site, do not be put off by the APPERLEY titles.  Although the spelling 'Apperley' is the most common form, these pages do reflect some of the variant spellings that exist, or have existed in the past, even within the same family.  Apperley is used merely as a convenient shorthand for all the types that may appear.  

  • Mistakes do happen. Always check original sources where possible!

  • So, if you are researching APPERL(E)Y (even if you are a complete beginner) and want to be listed (no charge involved), or if you find any broken links or 'dead' email addresses on the site, please let me know.

e-mail: Rosie

Origin of the Name Apperley


Some Documented Examples of Spelling Variations

Great Domesday Book 1086: Folio 354r and 375v: Apelei and Apeleia (Apley Lincolnshire) National Archives Documents Online ref E31/2/2; Apelie, Appelie

c1210 onwards: Apperleg(a), Apperle(e), Apperlei(e), Apperley(e),

c1240 onwards: Aperley, Aperlegh, Apperleya, Appeley

1304 onwards: Appurle(ie), Appurley(e), Appeley, Appley

Most Common Definition

'A clearing near the appletree(s) or a clearing used for growing apple trees'

(Very appropriate for those living in Herefordshire cider country!)

  • A number of researchers have been asking about the connection between Redmarley d'Abitot and Apperley.  Here are a few facts that may help: Osbert D'Abitot released all his claim in the manor of Redmarley to Geoffrey D'Abitot in 1241. So there's the territorial link between Redmarley and Deerhurst through ownership by D'Abitot.   Tirley manor lands once belonged to the monastery of Deerhurst. It's believed Tirley is the same as the manor called Apperley's Place in the 14C and 15C. In the 14C, it was held of the abbey by Osbert d'Abitot. In 1328, he granted it with Apperley manor in Deerhurst and other property, to Robert and Margaret of Apperley. After Elizabeth de Apperley's marriage it descended via the (Brugge(s)) Bridges family to the Throckmortons. As a result, Elizabeth's birthplace is sometimes cited as as Deerhurst D'Abitot.

  • The spelling of this surname can vary considerably, e.g. Happurley, but the most common contemporary forms are Apperley, Apperly and Appley.

  • Experience of those who bear the surname has shown that there are few 'outsiders' who can meet the challenge of spelling the name correctly.  Thus, the same individual may appear in official records under many forms of the surname.  I became used to seeing 'Appleby' on my letters!

  • Variants such as 'Agnes Apparre of Sandhurst, will dated 1553' (a variation also seen in the King's Stanley area of Gloucestershire) may be different. Although it may a further variation in spelling, it could also be a Welsh patronymic form, ie originally 'Ap Parre', 'son of Parry' or with some versions 'son of Harry' (eg John ap Harry Herefordshire, MP from c1399, Stephen ap Harry, Herefordshire MP from c1553, and Richard ap Harry, Esquire of Herefordshire, listed between Knights and Gentlemen, on a 1433 Return). The IGI even has an entry for Alice Apparie, death 1582 at Deerhurst (next village to Apperley and well known for its de Apperley family), with her 'relative' recorded as James R. Parry! 

  • In Samuel Workman - the minister and his manse, Vida van Niekerk commented about the Stroud Apperly members of the family: 'Records of the Apperly family go back to 1543 when the spelling of the name was Appary, changing to Apurley, Aperley, then Apperley and finally Apperly.'

  • Helen Wright has commented, "I  believe that the Welsh surname Parry is derived from the original patronymic 'ap Harri', the H having been lost, somewhere along the line, with the transcription of the name.  There may have been an intermediate form 'ap Parri', but Parri is not the original form.  The same is true of the surnames Powell, from ap Hywel, and Pugh, from ap Huw (and also, incidentally, of Bowen, from ab Owain, and Bevan, from ab Ifan)."

  • So, if you have been searching for an individual, unsuccessfully, try as many forms of the name as you can.

  • At present, the Apperley pages record the most common spellings of the surname found in Herefordshire, Gloucestershire, Worcestershire and Warwickshire, but it is beginning to reflect the spellings of the surname that have been common in other areas, such as Devon, Lincolnshire, Monmouthshire, Lancashire, Yorkshire and Durham.

  • The Apperley References page contains a few details about places that have born a form of the name.


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Useful Research Links


Genealogy and other useful sites  Recommended!

Below: a few more specific sites for Apperley researchers.

Apperley Individuals - Profiles / Portraits / Obituaries etc

George Owen Wynne Apperley b1884 d 1960  Artist


See his line HERE

If you are interested in Apperleys from Gloucestershire or Herefordshire, these MAPS may help you:

MAP with Apperley, Deerhurst, Hartpury, Sandhurst, Stonehouse, Stroud, Rodborough, Woodchester, Wheatenhurst, Whitminster, Gloucester, Cheltenham, Newent, Clifford's Mesne etc

Map with Newent, Clifford's Mesne, Hereford, Ledbury, Ashperton, Fownhope, Woolhope, etc

Warwickshire County Record Office

Warwickshire Family History Society

Birmingham Archives and Heritage

Windows on Warwickshire

Worcestershire Record Office

Parish Mouse free resources for family historians interested in Warwickshire, Worcestershire, Gloucestershire and Shropshire

Herefordshire Archive Service

Herefordshire Family History Society

Hereford Genealogy

Ashperton Parish Abstracts, Herefordshire

Herefordshire news

Herefordshire Through Time


Withington in Kelly's 1913 directory

St Peter's Withington HEF
A painting of Sir Watkin Williams-Wynn, 4th Bt, Thomas Apperley and Captain Edward Hamilton by Pompeo Batoni

Gloucestershire Archives

(formerly Gloucestershire Record Office, now combined with the County local Studies service, to provide an excellent research centre)

Gloucestershire Genealogy

Gloucestershire Family History Society & GFHS Resource Centre

Pigot's Directory of Gloucestershire 1830

Gloucestershire Inquests Transcription from Gloucester Journal 1722 - 1838

Wye Valley Site: informative site with many photos and interesting 'corners' - worth visiting especially if interested in: Ballingham, Bolstone, Brampton Abbotts, Bridstow, Brockhampton, Fownhope, Foy, Hentland, Holme Lacy, How Caple, Kings Caple, Sellack

Tetbury History

Frampton-upon-Severn  and Wheatenhurst

Stroud Local History Society An excellent site with fascinating information and very useful links - recommended.

Digital Stroud An interesting site with maps and local history - well worth exploring for those with Stroud roots!

The Museum in the Park in a lovely setting in Stroud's Stratford Park.

Interested in Rodborough?  Why not look at the Remembering Rodborough site, which is full of photos, illustrations and memories.

Rodborough Tabernacle

Stroud Cloth ; Stroud Key Landmarks

Stroud area 1894

The Cloth Trade along the Painswick Stream

The Field Estate, Stroud If you live on the estate or have any information about it, please contact Marion Hearfield who will be delighted to hear from you. (Contact details on her website)

Paganhill Also Apperly territory!

Stroud Hill Cemetery

St Mary's Church looking down on the old Endowed School, one of the oldest buildings in Rodborough, thought to have once been used as a chantry house (dating from the 14C), attached to Minchinhampton parish.  In later years, it was used to store wool, then as a lodging house for the parish's poor.  Part of the building, adjoining the churchyard was used as a school and became known as Rodborough Endowed School.  After its closure, the building was used as a communal hall.

The Apperly mausoleum, thought to have been designed by P R Morley Horder c1915, and built to commemorate the Apperly families of Dudbridge and Rodborough Court.

 The gift of Reverend Wilbert Awdry, OBE.  Designed by Alfred Fisher, FMGP, FRSA, in 1998.

Rodborough Court, built by woollen cloth manufacturer Alfred Apperly (1839 - 1913) who was knighted in 1907.


Research Interests and Queries


see also Apperley and Apperly


e Host Researcher  Code RW

Rosie Wells (born Apperley in Birmingham, now in Scotland): WORLD, Apperley/Apperly and variants, all dates/places for inclusion on these pages (and to add to our collection of family trees), but especially Ashperton, Herefordshire where my ancestors were stonemasons for at least six generations.  

My great grandfather, Arthur Charles APPERLEY,

b1857 Ashperton, d1934 Billesley.

My grandfather, Frederick  William APPERLEY, b1894 Aston, d1978 Birmingham, and his wife, Sarah Ann née Bumpas

My basic line of descent:

  • Thomas APPERLEY d/bur1727 Ashperton,=Mary, d/bur1727 Ashperton

  • James APPERLEY b unknown, son of Thomas=Mary, =Joan COLLINS b Ashperton

  • James APPERLEY b1699 Ashperton, d1727, son of James=Joan,  =Joan b1699 Ashperton, d/bur 1736 Ashperton.

  • James APPERLEY b1715-1727, d1784 Ashperton, son of James b1699=Joan b1699, =Elizabeth DALLEY

  • Thomas APPERLEY  b1754 Ashperton, d1810, son of James=Elizabeth,  =Hannah DAVIS bc1755, d1823 Ashperton.

  • Thomas APPERLEY b1795 Ashperton, d1872, son of Thomas=Hannah, =Amelia BAGGOT(T) bc 1800 Bosbury, d1877

  • Robert APPERLEY  b1835 Ashperton, d 1905 Selly Oak workhouse, son of Thomas=Amelia, =Ann Abigail MALLETT bc1835 Hereford, d 1905

  • Arthur Charles APPERLEY b1857Blacklands Gate, Ashperton, d1934 Billesley,  son of Robert=Ann Abigail, =   Letitia 'Letty' BRITTLE b1861 Aston, d1914 Sparkhill, Birmingham.

  • Frederick William APPERLEY b1894, d1978, son of Arthur Charles=Letty, = Sarah Ann BUMPAS (My paternal grandparents)

    See for more details of Rosie's family tree.


Seeking information about my great great aunts:

  • Matilda Mary Apperley  b1855 Ashperton, (married Boston, Massachusetts,  August 1883, to John WORK aka WARK, collector, bc1846 Ireland, son of Henry=Ellen). In 1900 Matilda and John were in Philadelphia, with his 2 children by his first marriage.

  • Clara Gertrude Apperley  b1861 Worcester, bur 1929 Kentville, in Sommerville October 1888 married Willard Eaton PORTER c 1862, bur 1935 Kentville Nova Scotia (Willard was the son of Henry PORTER and Mary Lois EATON b14 Dec 1824)

Also seeking descendants of:

  • Ada Georgiana Apperley born at home on 23 July 1866 at 17 Moor Street,  Worcester. She was baptised on 25 December 1866 in Ashperton / Worcester. Her father's occupation was stated as stonemason. In 1881 she was working as a housemaid (aged 17) for the Barnett family of King’s Norton at Ivythorpe, Wake Green Road, Elmshurst. She may be the Ada G. Apperley of Globe, Arizona who married Benjamin M. FELLOWS/FOLLOWS in Los Angeles on 2 October 1899.

Thanks to cousin Lesley STAFFORD in Queensland for the following information:

  • Great uncle James (Richard) Apperley, born 1861 Blacklands Gate, Ashperton, son of Robert Apperley, stonemason.  In1884, he married Mary CHATTERLEY,  daughter of Henry Chatterley, gunstocker.  Their son, Arthur Thomas Apperley, was born in 1884.  In 1886 the family sailed to Australia on the 'Aberdeen'.  James died in 1936 at Marrickville New South Wales.  It is believed that Arthur Thomas Apperley died in 1969 at Campsie, New South Wales.

  • Great great aunt Alice Anne APPERLEY b1862  Ashperton/ Ledbury, worked as a servant at Dorset Villa in Cheltenham and  married William Shakespeare GREW b1865.  Their  children were born in Sydney.  Now I know that Alice died in 1924 and she was buried with her husband in Blackheath Cemetery, New South Wales.

Alice Anne APPERLEY and her husband William Shakespeare GREW

Lionel James GREW born 22 October 1922, died 18 December 1975, grandson of Alice and William Shakespeare GREW

  • Cousin John WESTERDALE provided me with some fascinating facts.   My gt gt aunt Sarah Adelaide Apperley  b1853 Bromyard married John's ancestor William SAULL , in 1874 (reg Woolwich March Quarter 1874).  In the light of other family evidence, William is probably William Tomkins SAULL b reg Dec Q1840 Daventry, Northamptonshire - see The Sole Society for photos of William, his father and siblings). In 1880, he was a publishing house worker and he lived in Boston, Massachusetts with wife Sarah and his children William, Selina and Ada. By 1910 Sarah was a widow with 3 of her 5 children still alive. She died on the 10 May 1911.  The address given in the Philadelphia Inquirer was 2724 Hemberger Street.  Interment was private.

Any descendants out there?

Any help with this research would be appreciated. Rosie

e   June 2008

Paul Apperley is trying to compile records of Apperley military service and is interested in obtaining confirmed photos of Apperleys in uniform, war medals named to Apperley and variants of the name, army records as well as any information about the whereabouts of any Apperley military memorabilia.

If you can help him, please email Rosie who will pass on all messages.

Update: November 2009: Paul has been kind enough to supply photos of medals and individuals on the main Apperley line, which you can find HERE.  Below: two photos showing the medals and photo of Newton Wynne APPERLEY, 1895 -1918, Midshipman, RNR


e   28 August 2011,  New Researcher in the P26/STF13 APPERLEY tree



I would like to thank Frank Alwyn APPERLEY for his corrections and additions to the APPERLEY tree and for the image above of the citation and medal received by his father, Harry APPERLEY, when he was awarded the BEM for his work duties during World War Two.

Basic family line (19th century)

William APPERLEY b December 1848 Pershore,  January 1874 Birmingham = Amelia KENNARD, b March 1848 Shoreditch,  daughter of Edward KENNARD=Caroline nee ADDIS

William and Amelia had six children:

  • Alice Maud b 1876 Tipton, d 1940

  • Selina Kate b1878 -1881 Rowley Regis

  • Arthur b1882 Tividale

  • Millie b1887 Tividale

  • Harry b1889 Tividale (died aged 84 years; medal in section above)

  • Ethel Gertrude b1892 Tividale


e   27 August 2011,  New Researcher in the Code K1 tree, K1/HH1/R1

APPERLEY family of Newent

Robin Ballard: At Cliffords Mense, near Newent Gloucestershire, James WARREN b October 1833 Newent, Gloucestershire, England, d 1866, married Sarah APPERLEY on July 29, 1855.  She was born 1820 and her father was William Apperley bc 1801 and his wife was Ann. 

Any info on this line.

Owen WARREN b October 14, 1939 Cliffords Mense married Hazel Joan BALLARD is Where My Ballard Line Fits in!



The main line begins with Thomas APPERLEY in the 1500s, probably in the Much Marcle area of Herefordshire through William b1650 Much Marcle=Anne; Jonathan b1694 Pauntley=Mary PRIDDITH; Jonathan b1735 Kempley=Ann HOLDER; Paul b 1766 Kempley=Anne MORGAN; William APPERLEY b1799 Newent=Ann CHILD; William b1826 Newent=Charlotte WOOD; and, lastly, as far as available data shows, William Aguila b1862 Monmouth and his sister, Telfor, b1853 Monmouth. 

These are the individuals in which Robin is interested.  

Sarah APPERLEY born 1819, bap 30 March 1820 Newent, daughter of William APPERLEY, woodcutter, b 28 April 1799 Kempley, 24 Dec 1820 Newent=Ann Child (who was dead by 1851) Residence: Boulsdon, Newent.

Sarah’s first marriage was as APLEY. Her marriage was registered in the December Q of 1841 Gloucester. She married William CLIFFORD, born 1791. They had at least 2 children: William CLIFFORD who married Harriet COLWELL, bc1850, in 1879; Comfort Jane CLIFFORD.

Sarah’s second marriage as Sarah CLIFFORD was registered in the July Q of 1855 Newent. At St Mary the Virgin, Newent, she married James WARREN b 8 November 1833 (elsewhere October).


e 11 August 2010 

K1 New Researcher of the tree leading back from Gloucestershire to Herefordshire roots

Christine Oakes: I have been researching our family history and came around your web site, our Great Grandfather's sister Zoe Annie W MILLS, married Joseph Dennis APPERLEY in Horsley, Glos on 7th September 1904. (Photo above, which shows someone called 'Rosina third from the right in a black hat').

They had 5 children:

Maide Z E  born 1906
Gerald JD born 1908
Iris Gwendoline born 1910
Norman J born 1914
Joan A born 1920
Zoe was very close to Wilfrid her brother (my G Grandfather in law) and close to our Grandmother especial when Joseph and Wilfrid passed away about the same time in 1926. 

I'm trying to find out as much as possible about their lives and families.



Here is the basic family line. Other information about the siblings in each family group is available on other pages of this website. Corrections, additions, photos are always welcome by me and by researchers on this page.  Rosie

The family line back from Zoe MILLS:

Zoe Annie Wilhemina MILLS b1885, d1965 Stroud  married Joseph Dennis APPERLEY in Horsley , reg Sep Q Stroud.

Joseph APPERLEY, a corn merchant's bookkeeper in 1901, was born in Rodborough, reg March Q 1879 Stroud, d 1926.  His siblings included Harold J b1881 Rodborough; Mary B b1886 Rodborough; Olive A b1889 Minchinhampton; Hollis W b1892 Minchinhampton.

Joseph's parents were Joseph APPERLEY, bc 1855/6 Linton/Upton Bishop/Kempley, a railway carman, later labourer of Rodborough, and then seedsman/corn dealer of Minchinhampton, who married in 1877 (Kempley) Elizabeth Georgina APPERLEY  b1851 Kempley, d 1907 Minchinhampton, daughter of Elizabeth APPERLEY  They lived in Tetbury Street, Minchinhampton, Gloucestershire.

Joseph's parents were Joseph APPERLEY b 1820 Kempley, farmer at Newent, who married Eliza(beth) WILLIAMS b Liverpool c1833/4, in Upton Bishop in 1854.

Joseph's parents were Joseph APPERLEY bap 1788 Kempley, labourer at Canwood Farm,  who married Emma / Amy DAVIS, b Kents Green, GLS, at St Mary de Lode, Gloucester in 1814.

Joseph's parents were Jonathan APPERLEY bap 1735 Kempley,  who married Ann HOLDER, bap 1744 Upleadon, at Upleadon in 1766.

Jonathan's parents were Jonathan APPERLEY b 1694 Pauntley, who married Mary PREDDITH b Much Marcle 1705, bap 1705 Newent, daughter of Richard PRIDITH=Mary SHALE, at Gloucester in 1725.

Jonathan's parents were William APPERLEY, who married Anne DAVIS, spinster of Kempley bc1662, in 17 Feb 1682/3.  Both of Pauntley at son's baptism.  At marriage, William stated his was 29, but the nearest birth is likely to be William who was baptised in Much Marcle in 1650, son of Richard APPERLEY bap 1 Feb 1595 Much Marcle =Jane.


e   22 August 2009

The APPERLEY family of Whitminster

(The 'Wheatenhurst Connection')

I would like to thank John Perry for allowing me to post his three family photos on the website.

Herbert Orlando Henry APPERLEY (b1871 Longney) in the garden.


Left: Dora Annie APPERLEY
Centre: Emily Louise APPERLEY
Right: Mary APPERLEY


The APPERLEY family together during the World War I when Martin had come over from his home in Canada.

Top Left to Right: Fred, Martin, Dora Annie, Harry

Bottom Left to Right: Mary, Frank H, Mary Annie nee MARTIN, Herbert Orlando, Roy, Emily Louise


ST23, K1, ST8, T10 and ST27

Top of many Apperley/Apperly trees is the K1 line leading back from Gloucestershire to Herefordshire roots.

  • Thomas APPERLEY b 29 Oct 1793 Taynton, d March Q1868 Wheatenhurst, Tewkesbury 14 Nov 1819 (botp, wit James ANDERSON and Joseph CRUMP)= Ann SUMMERS b 1800 Longney d 8 Nov 1843 Longney when husband and some of family at Highgreen, Haresfield, Wheatenhurst.  They had at least 9 children.  4 sons had children baptised in the Upton St Leonards/Westbury on Severn/Longney/Wheatenhurst areas.  One son, Henry APPERLEY bc1825 Longdon by Upton on Severn=Rebecca PHILLIPS, is the grandfather of Herbert Orlando Henry b1871, and the gt grandfather of Herbert Roy and Orlando Henry b1896 Wheatenhurst.  Herbert Roy is Simon's grandfather.

  • Thomas was the son of William APPERLEY b St Mary Gloucester bap 8 Mar 1740/1 Kempley , d/bur 5 Oct 1828 Taynton;19 Feb 1772 Dymock =Hester ROBINSON bc1744-1750 Ledbury bur 19 Jan 1840 St Lawrence, Taynton

  • William b1740/1 was the son of Jonathan b 17 Nov 1694 Pauntley, St Mary Gloucester 26 Jun 1725 = Mary PRE(D)DITH b 16 Jan? 1705 Much Marcle, bap 19 Jan 1705 Newent, daughter of Richard PRI(D)DITH b 1658 Much Marcle=Mary SHALE bc1678

  • Jonathan b 1694 was son of William b 24 Jul 1650 Much Marcle, 17 Feb 1682/3=Anne DAVIS of Kempley bc1662

  • William b1650 was the son of Richard bap 1 Feb 1595 Much Marcle =Jane [?8 Nov 1613 Woolhope=Johan CHURCHE]

  • Richard APPLEY son of Thomas APPERLY= ?Sible =Perryn


e  Research Update, February 2010.  Below are some of the researchers and the family trees that are linked with the Whitminster Apperleys.  Some of the ancestors of Mary FerberDavid Young, Sara White, Douglas Cochrane, Jodi Apperley and Ian Jackson are also connected to this tree.

Code ST23/AM40

Allen Blakeley of Bolton:  His APPERLEY - ALLEN link is through Hannah ALLEN who is his 3x gt gt aunt

William APPERLEY/ APPERLY, farm labourer/agricultural labourer, bc1818, bap 9 Dec 1821 Longdon, d by '71, (son of Thomas APPERLY b1793, d1868, Tewkesbury 1819 = Ann SUMMERS b1800, d 1843) Wheatenhurst Sept Q 1850 Wheatenhurst= Hannah ALLEN, washerwoman, b April - June 1818, bap 7 June 1818 Longney d June Q1901 Wheatenhurst, daughter of Robert ALLEN farm lab / pauper of Hill, b1783, bap 31 Jul 1785 Hill, d 9 Jan 1860, bur 5 Jan 1860 Longney, 21 Jun 1815 in St Mary De Lode, Gloucester= Sarah HARRIS bc1793, d 1831 Longney, bur 30 Mar 1831 Longney.

In 1841, Hannah ALLEN was a servant/pauper living with her son in Wheatenhurst Union Workhouse, Eastington, Gloucestershire.
By 1871, after her husband's death, she was living in Bean Hall House, Saul, with her son-in-law, William POWELL.
Before her marriage to William APPERLEY, Hannah Allen had the following children:
i. John ALLEN aka John ALESON b 1839 Wheatenhurst, bap 11 Sep 1839 Longney.By 1851, he was living at Highland, Longney, as John ALESON. By 1861, he was still there but registered as John ALLEN, ag lab

ii. William ALLEN aka William ALESON b 6 Feb 1843 Wheatenhurst, bap1 May 1843 Longney,  (bap as George William), and by 1851 he was living in High Lane, Longney, as William ALESON.

William APPERLEY and Hannah ALLEN had the following children:
i. George APPERLEY b 1851 Longney, bap 3 May 1851 Longney, waterman / farm labourer, =Delila BROWNING, worker on farm bc1841-5 Saul GLS; Baldwins Moreton Valence Gloucester; Church Lane, Fretherne

ii. Eliza APPERLEY b 1852 Longney, bap 24 Oct 1852 Longney, d June Q 1859 Longney, Gloucestershire, '
Eliza Maria HAPPERLEY' D1870 Wheatenhurst=William POWELL bc 1847 Saul. #

iii. Esther / Hester APPERLEY was bc1852, bap 16 Oct 1854 Longney, Gloucestershire. (1881: Washerwoman, Leather Bottle Lane, Frampton-on-Severn, Gloucestershire, with daughter Kate APPERLEY)

iv. Alfred APPERLEY b 1855 Longney, bap 8 Jul 1855 Longney.

v. Albert APPERLEY b 1856 Longney, bap 10 Aug 1856 Longney, labourer / sailor, =Eliza bc1855 Bridgwater SOM, Barclay Street, Bridgwater #

vi. Charles APPERLEY b 1858 Longney, bap 8 Aug 1858 Longney, labourer/carrier,
?A1883 Gloucester=Emma Catherine SANDS #

vii. Tom aka Thomas APPERLEY b 1860 Longney, bap 14 Oct 1860 Longney, butcher's labourer, C1884 Wheatenhurst =. #

#1871 Bean Hall House, Saul: Hannah, Albert, Charles, Thomas APPERLEY with mother Hannah nee ALLEN staying with Eliza and husband William POWELL



Code ST23

Simon E. Apperley (of Stonehouse nr. Stroud, Gloucestershire, England): Simon is the son of Michael John APPERLEY and grandson of Herbert Roy APPERLEY.

His gt. grandfather was Herbert Orlando Henry APPERLEY, seaman and later thatcher. In 1881 Orlando was 10 years old and staying with his grandfather Henry APPERLY agricultural labourer, age 56. In the 1881 census Orlando is listed in error as Orlands, born in Longney, Gloucestershire, and Henry was born in Worcestershire.

Henry was probably the son of Thomas APPERLY [and Ann (SUMMERS) who were married in 1819 in Tewkesbury] and was baptised 19 March 1826 in Longdon by Upton on Severn.

Orlando is buried in Whitminster (to the west of Stonehouse) and appears to have had children born in Wheatenhurst by Whitminster including an Orlando Henry APPERLEY born 1896, died 1986 in Sandwell.

Other Wheatenhurst births 1890-96 include Ernest Reginald, Clara Daisy, Blanch Hannah, Flora Violet and Charlotte Victoria APPERLEY - parents yet to be verified by either state certification or church baptismal record.



Adrian Medley: I am a direct descendant of Blanche APPERLEY bap 1856 Longney, daughter of Henry APPERLEY=Rebecca PHILLIPS. Blanche married William James WADLEY in Castlemorton 21 April 1875.  They were my great grandparents.  Any information about the family appreciated.




e   17 August 2009,  New Researcher

APPERLEY family of Clifford

Linda Douglas: I have traced my father's family to my great great grandfather William APPERLEY, carpenter / wheelwright, born 1810 at Clifford, Herefordshire. I have been told he was a bastard child born to Catherine Powell who married Samuel Price a year after William was born. I am interested in discovering more about him and his family as well as about my great grandfather Edwin who married a Mary Ann Hoby. She died in 1882 at the same time as their daughter, Edith, was born, and then he was supposed to have married a Margaret Saunders b 1861 and they had Herbert William (my grandfather) and Florence. Although she was down as Margaret Apperley, wife and widow, on his death certificate, I can find no marriage certificate for them.


(William APPERLEY* born 1810 Clifford, death registered 1877 Hay), married Hannah / Ann(e) Powell in 1834  William was a carpenter (later master) and wheelwright.  In 1841 they were living in Clifford with their 4 children: William, Alfred, Samuel and Caroline.  They were still there in 1851 with their children Samuel, Caroline, Harriott and a later born William.  By 1861 they were still in Clifford with children Alfred, William and Edwin(e).  William was then a master carpenter employing one man, living in Clifford Villa, with his wife and son Edwin, also a carpenter.  By 1881 William was a widower living in Apperley's Cottage, Clifford, with his unmarried daughter Harriett Ellen. * I was told many years ago that he was the son of William APPERLEY of Bishopstone b1782.  Can anyone clear up the confusion? Rosie)


e   16 July 2009,  New Researcher

APPLEY family links with the REEVES family, Thornbury, Gloucestershire

Chris Jarman: My ancestry goes back to John Reeves born c1816 at Thornbury. John married a Mary Apply/Appley in 1838 and the details from the church/parish entry are:
23 Jun1838 Marriage at
Rockhampton, Berkeley Parish John Reeves, Labourer, abode of Rockhampton aged 23 son of John Reeves, Farmer to Mary Apply, Servant, abode of Thornbury aged 21 daughter of Joseph Apply, Farmer

I have not been able to find John and Mary in the 1841 census although there are a couple of candidate:
Candidate (1)
1841 Census Marshfield, Thornbury, Glos
George Reeves aged 40 Ag Lab
Elizabeth Reeves aged 30
Harriet aged 7
John aged 4
Anne aged 2
Stephen Reeves aged 40 Ag Lab
William Reeves aged 35 Ag Lab
John Reeves aged 25 Ag Lab **b c1816 Candidate1
Charles Reeves aged 25 Ag Lab
James Reeves aged 20 Ag Lab
This option is poor as there is no Mary present??
Candidate (2)
1841 Census at Clifton
John Raves aged 26 Publican, born Gloucestershire, born c1815/6
Mary Ann Raves aged 25 born Gloucestershire, born c1816/7
Lavinia Raves aged 2 born Gloucestershire
A better option but unsure of them becoming publicans and moving to Clifton??

1843 Dau Emma born in Bibury, North Nibley
1847 Dau Julia born in Brimsfield
1849 Son John Charles born Berkeley Parish, baptised at birth in Berkeley on 25 Mar 1849 ref 11/496 Father John Reeves, Policeman, Mother Mary
This is the first reference to John having joined the new Gloucestershire police force. He must have joined at the start of the service as his number is only 53.

Mary died in childbirth, buried as Mary Reeves at Berkeley church on 2 Apr 1849 aged c31 years
John Charles (infant)  died Peddington, Berkeley Jun 1849, buried at Berkeley church on 11 Jun 1849 aged 3 months
1850 Jun marriage John Reeves to Eliz Ann James (of Berkeley) reg in Bristol ref 11/189

December 1850 son John Charles born Stone sub-district baptised Wick 8 Dec 1850 Father John Reeves, Policeman, Mother Eliza Ann
May 1851 Census Bibary, North Nibley, Glos
John Reeves aged 35 Police Officer number 53 born Thornbury
Eliza A Reeves wife aged 20 born Berkeley
Emma Reeves dau aged 8 born Bibery
Julia Reeves dau aged 4 born Brimpsfield
John C Reeves son aged 5months born Berkeley
Emanuel Arthur aged 25 Police Officer number 220 born Warwickshire

Who was Mary Appley, daughter of Joseph from the Thornbury area ? Can anyone help with the Reeves connection?


It's possible that Mary may have been the daughter of Joseph APPERLEY, a widowed farmer of Pedington, who married Mary Ecott in 1813, but we have not found a record of her birth. Rosie


e   31 October 2008

APPERLEY family links with the WILLIAMS family


Alan Sharples: Researching  Elianor APPERLEY who married William Williams in Dymock, Gloucestershire, in 1671.

Was this the Elienor APPERLIE, daughter of Thomas and Jane, christened in Yazor , Herefordshire, on 31 Oct 1658?  It seems unlikely as it would make her quite young at the time of her marriage, especially as Elianor and William's son, Richard, was born in 1672.



e   October 2007

APPERLEY family links with the LIMBRICK family


Annette Harris: Researching Thomas Limbrick born 27 April 1759 Westbury on Severn (d.1831) married to Elizabeth APPERLEY b12 April 1761 Westbury on Severn daughter of Simon  APPERLEY and Elizabeth on 13 May 1782 in Westbury on Severn, Witnesses to their wedding were John Pew (Pugh??) Thomas (?)Parks(?), officiating Minister was W. Hughes Curate. Register Ref.P354 IN1/5, Page 2, Westbury Parish. Record Entry FoD 21395 entry no.5. They had 3 children - Jno Limbrick b1784, Thomas Limbrick b 17 May 1785, Deborah Limbrick b13 Feb 1791.
Elizabeth died 11 March 1792 in Westbury on Severn, Glos. (Burial Ref: FoD Record id 59183, Entry No.1111, Reg. Ref. P 354 IN 1/3 page no.133, Westbury Parish)

Then Thomas married Hannah Price.



e   October 2007; Updated May 2011

APPERLEY family links with the WHITTAKER family

Dorothy Harrison: Researching Sarah APPERLEY, bap 2 Mar 1655 Much Marcle, who married Richard WHITTAKER, b 1652, in Much Marcle in 1680.  Sarah was the daughter of William APPERLEY b August 1617 Much Marcle.

Dorothy is also willing to help anyone with WHITTAKER connections.  Her line of descent is as follows:

Richard Whittaker 1652 married Sarah Apperley b 1655
Richard Whittaker b 1691 married Sarah Godsey
Richard Whittaker bn 1721 married Mary Scriven
Richard Whittaker b 1747 married Mary Elias
Richard Whitacreb b 1784 married Catherine Davis b 1785
Richard Whittaker 1815 married Ann
Thomas Whittaker b 1838 married Alice Baker b 1845
Robert Whittaker b 1886 married Maud Daniells



e   Code SD1/ST2/HF30

Research Update July 2007

There is still ongoing discussion about the top of this tree.  Joseph b1724, Tobias b1725 and Robert b1727 are recorded as the sons of John and Mary APPERLEY.  However, others have thought this referred to John APPERLEY, 31 May 1724 Berkeley=Margaret BAKER d1728

Graham Edwards is related to this group through his great grandfather, Matthew PIMBLE, whose sister, Ann PIMBLE, married William APPERLEY bap 1815.

Sara Darling is interested in the APPERLEYs of Westbury on Severn / Huntley / Churcham / Sandhurst.  Her ancestor, Martha APPERLEY was the sister of William APPERLEY, the blacksmith, who was baptised at Sandhurst in 1815, Hartpury in 1838 (reg June Q 1838 Newent) =Ann PIMBLE  (Mark Apperley's (ST2) tree). Martha was the daughter of Joseph APPERLEY baptised 1791 Huntley, 1813 Sandhurst=Hannah WILLIS, and the gt granddaughter of Joseph APPERLEY b1724 Pedington, brother of Tobias b1725 Pedington (See Elsie Boughton's research details below HF30.)

Glenys Ainge is interested in the APPERLEYs of Hartpury / Ashleworth, Tewkesbury / Cransley, nr Kettering.  Her grandmother, Gertrude Grace, was the daughter of Charles APPERLEY, b 1859 Hartpury, youngest son of William the blacksmith who was baptised at Sandhurst in 1815, Hartpury in 1838 (reg June Q 1838 Newent)=Ann(e) PIMBLE  (Mark Apperley's (ST2) tree). We understand that Margaret Kidd is also descended from William the blacksmith via Henry James whose birth was registered as Henry James HAPPERLEY Dec Q 1847 Newent.

Margaret Kidd is a descendant of James Henry aka Henry James b reg as 'HAPPERLEY' 1847 son of William APPERLEY=Ann PIMBLE

Mark Apperley and Sandie are both descendants of William George APPERLEY b1885,=1909, Clarice Eileen LOGAN via 2 of his children, William John APPERLEY b1909 and Hazel APPERLEY b1920.  Researchers may also remember Linda McPheat’s research into her ancestry.  Her father Albert Apperley b. 1908 is the son of William George Apperley b. 1885 and Mary Ann Buckingham.

Elsie Boughton is a descendant of Ann APPERLEY(=Henry BOUGHTON), granddaughter of Tobias bap1725 Pedington/Berkeley,

e   New Researcher July 2007

Sandie is the granddaughter of William George APPERLEY b1885, =C1909 Clarice Eileen LOGAN,  son of Daniel APPERLEY b 1850, son of William APPERLEY the blacksmith b 1815 Sandhurst, Hartpury1838 =Ann PIMBLE, son of Joseph APPERLEY b 1791 Huntley, 1813 Sandhurst=Hannah WILLIS, ?grandson of Joseph APPERLEY b 1724 Pedington, son of John APPERLEY=Mary/Margaret BAKER. 

Can anyone help with information about Clarice Eileen LOGAN's birth, believed to be about 1886?

Photographs below show Sandie's grandfather William and his sister Emmeline.



Clarice Eileen Logan b1886 d1925, wife of William George Apperley b1885 d1966

William George Apperley b1885 Wheatenhurst

Wedding of Hazel Apperley and Len Williams

Hazel Williams nee Apperley, b1920, d1997, with her daughter Sandra

Daniel Apperley b1851 d1932, and his wife Emma, nee Moulder, b1853, who married in 1872.  At the time of this photo he was 63 and she was 61

Daniel and Emma Apperley's children in October 1955: Nell b1888, Lionel b1896, Dorothy b1892 and Blanche b1876

Olive nee Apperley b1912, daughter of William George and Clarice Apperley, with her husband Jim

Emmeline Dorothy Apperley b1892 Newent


e   Code SD1

Sara Darling: Researching the ancestry of Martha APPERLEY baptised 7th April 1816, Churcham.  She married John MORGAN from Redmarley D'Abitot on 3rd August 1840 St. Nicholas, Gloucester.  They lived in Redmarley for their married life.  John MORGAN died in 1866, but Martha stayed in Redmarley with some of the younger children.  Sometime between 1881 and 1891 she moved to Eastington, Gloucestershire, to be with Mary Ann MORGAN who had married William SIMPKINS.  She was there until she died on 1st March 1902 aged 85.


e   Code ST2

Glenys Ainge:  My grandmother, Gertrude Grace APPERLEY, b 22 August 1888 Ashleworth, was the daughter of Charles APPERLEY=Sarah BLOXHAM (Bloxsome).  Her siblings were Sidney bc1887 Ashleworth; Wilfred William bc1890 Ashleworth; Elsie May b March 1892 Ashleworth; Hilda Catherine b March 1894 Ashleworth.  In 1901 the family lived at Lawn, Ashleworth, Tewkesbury.

On 4 June 1910 Hilda Catherine APPERLEY, aged 16, spinster of Great Cransley, nr Kettering, married Thomas Frank HOUGHTON, aged 20, bachelor of Great Cransley, at St Andrews Church, Cransley.  Fathers of the couple were Thomas HOUGHTON, lab, and Charles APPERLEY, lab. Witnesses were Elsie May APPERLEY, sister to Hilda, and Joseph APPERLEY (uncle to Hilda, Charles's brother).

In 1901 Joseph APPERLEY, b1856 Hartpury, was a newsagent and his wife Elizabeth, b Norton, GLS, was a laundress at Higham Ferrers, Northants.  Elizabeth died at Great Cransley 27 February 1914 (headstone in churchyard).

Gertrude Grace APPERLEY, aged 25, spinster, resident of Cransley, married Frederick Thomas DAWKINS, aged 26, b Cransley, bachelor, lab,  on 3 January 1914 at St Andrews, Cransley.  Fathers of the couple were Alfred James DAWKINS, lab, and Charles APPERLEY, lab.  Witnesses were Thomas Frank HOUGHTON and Hilda Catherine HOUGHTON.

Gertrude and Frederick DAWKINS had 7 children.  Gertrude lived her adult life at Cransley until illness later in life necessitated nursing home care at West Haven, Market Bosworth, LEI.  She died aged 77 on 12 April 1966.


Code HF30

Elsie Boughton has been researching the ancestry of her paternal great grandmother Ann APPERLEY, born Westbury on Severn in 1796, married to Henry BOUGHTON in Gloucester 1816.  Ann was the sister of Hester who married Joseph Greening (Sir Edward Elgar's grandfather) in 1806.  (At least one of the published Elgar trees shows the wrong marriage for Ann.)  Hester and Ann had at least 4 other siblings and their parents were John APPERLEY bap1760 who married Ann GIBBONS. John had at least 4 other siblings and their parents are believed to be Tobias bap1725 Pedington/Berkeley, married to Margaret DAVIES in Westbury on Severn 1748.  The ELGAR tree shows John and Margaret (nee BAKER) to be the parents of Tobias and his siblings, although baptismal records show John and Mary APPERLEY as the parents of Joseph, John, Tobias and Robert.

If you have information that would help Elsie's research, please let me know.  Rosie




Code ST7/ST24  NB this is a code that covers a number of APPERL(E)Y families

Updated 21 May 2011

Research Update: Elizabeth Knowlton has been working on her tree.  See Elizabeth W. Knowlton (of the USA): RODBOROUGH, Gloucestershire, UK. further down the page.

Research Query, May 2008:  Does anyone know anything about John Apperley who was associated with Edward Holmes, millwright of Paganhill?  He is mentioned in Edward's will made 1807.  Please contact Rosie if you have any information.

Walter EVANS and his wife Frances (Fanny) daughter of David APPERLY of Rodborough Court

Walter EVANS, his daughter Gladys, his wife Fanny and his mother Anne EVANS nee HOLT

Sarah TURTELL MURRAY nee HOLT of Holland Hall, grandmother of Walter EVANS

The Stroud APPERL(E)Ys have provoked considerable interest over the last few years.  I am delighted that Donald Gilbert of Australia has been in touch to tell me about the Apperly - Evans woollen cloth manufacturing families.   My thanks to Donald for the photos below and the following information, part of which comes from the book "Samuel Workman - the minister and his manse" by Donald's aunt, Vida van Niekerk:


The earliest known member of the Evans family was Eli Evans, an experienced woollen cloth manufacturer who came from South Wales and settled in the village of Brimscombe near Stroud in the Cotswolds. His son Aaron carried on with his father’s woollen mills and was married at Rodborough Tabernacle. He in turn had son Philip Charles who inherited the woollen mills and whose first marriage was to Elizabeth Clutterbuck. They had a son, Philip (later of Burleigh Court) and two daughters.

The first known Evans home was in the village of Brimscombe alongside the woollen mills which straddled the river Frome. Later the family built or moved to Brimscombe Court.

After the death of his first wife Elizabeth (née Clutterbuck), Philip Charles Evans married a widow, Anne Knox Davies (née Thurtell), daughter of James Thurtell born 1790, died 1867).

James Thurtell’s cousin, John Thurtell, was convicted of murder in 1824 for killing is money lender during a quarrel over gambling debts. His effigy was or many years to be seen in Madame Tussaud’s Wax Works in London. The subsequent scandal and disgrace caused James and his brother Alfred to change heir name of Thurtell to that of Murray. Alfred is the ancestor of the Graaff Reinet Murrays.

Before the family scandal, James Thurtell had married Sarah Holt whose father John Holt was one time Lord Chief Justice of England. James and Sarah’s daughter Anne (born 1820) first married Elijah Knox Davies and by him had a son also named Elijah. After her husband’s death in 1849 Anne married Philip Charles Evans, a widower with three children (Refer paragraph 3 above.) Anne was a deeply religious omen and was a voluntary worker with George Muller of Bristol, that great ‘Christian who founded the orphanages of that city.

Philip and Anne Evans had six children:
Walter (my grandfather born 1852)
Arthur (father of Margaret Evans and of Gerald, who was the father of Arundel Evans)
Bessie Frances (married Ernest Edgar Bone)
Margaret Lucy (Aunt Maggie)

After completing his education, Walter, my grandfather, came out to South Africa with his half-brother Elijah Knox Davies who had qualified as a doctor in medicine but who had unfortunately developed lung trouble. They went to Graaff Reinet to some Murray cousins (originally Thurtells) who had come to live in South Africa. After their holiday they returned to England but Dr. Knox Davies came back to South Africa and married a Miss Probart and set up practice in Hanover, Cape Province. After his death his widow hyphenated the Knox and the Davies.

Back in England Walter Evans became a partner with his father Philip Charles and his half-brother Philip in their woollen mills in Brimscombe and in order to learn the business from the bottom up, he worked alongside the millhands.

In 1876 he married Frances (or Fanny), daughter of David Apperly of Rodborough Court near Stroud, Gloucester. Records of the Apperly family go back to 1543 when the spelling of the name was Appary, changing to Apurley, Aperley, then Apperley and finally Apperly. Like the Evans family, the Apperly family owned woollen mills and manufactured the red cloth used for the uniform of the British soldier. My mother’s cousin, Enid Bellerby (née Apperly) wrote to me: I know the mills were going in the time of the Georges (1700’s) as my father (Herbert Apperly) used to tell us of the scarlet dyed army cloth laid out in strips on grass when one of the Georges came to visit them.

The mills were well known for the quality of all their woollen cloth particularly the black “face cloth”.

On the 31st December 1807 John Apperly married Ann, daughter of a Cooper. A son, David, was born to them on 2nd July 1812 at Cheltenham. The story handed down in the family was that as a young man David accompanied friend on a visit to the friend’s sister at an exclusive school for girls. While the young men waited in the hail, the sister and another girl walked down the stairs. David Apperly murmured to his friend: “You see that girl? I am going to marry her.” And marry her he did. She was Ellen Jacobs, the very beautiful daughter of an English Jew named Thomas Jacobs.

David and Ellen’s eldest son was Alfred who inherited the woollen mills and was knighted for services rendered to his country when he discovered a means of using waste wool.

Their fourth daughter was Frances, my grandmother, usually called Fanny by her family.

Soon after the marriage of Walter Evans to Fanny Apperly it was found that Walter had developed “a spot on the lung” or tuberculosis, so he sold his share of the mill to his half-brother Philip, and in 1877 came out to South Africa with his wife and baby boy named Murray, and all their furniture. They settled in Hanover, Cape Province, where Walter bought a house, a shop and two farms, one of which he named “Brimscombe” after his old home Brimscombe Court. "

Above: Rodborough Court, home of the Apperly woollen cloth manufacturers

Right: Brimscombe Court, home of the Evans family, woollen cloth manufacturers, whose son, Walter b1852, married David Apperly's daughter, Frances aka Fanny b1852

Other Apperl(e)y family researchers include: Ronald Geary who is descended from Esther APPERLEY b1805, his great great grandmother, who married John BREWER in 1828 in Stonehouse.  Their daughter Mary, b1832, was a governess whose married name was FARNHAM.

Beryl Beavis whose great grandfather was John Albert APPERLY b1844 son of Benjamin APPERLY of King's Stanley son of Thomas APPERLY.  Her grandfather, Frank Wallace APPERLY was the third cousin of Sir Alfred APPERLY, JP,  whose memorial is in Rodborough churchyard. (Link to John of Dudbridge,(1)=Mary b24 Sep 1779 d/bur 17 Apr 1807 Rodborough churchyard (?of Minchinhampton,  8 Jun 1802 Stonehouse=Mary FLIGHT(S)); John of Cainscross, widower, 31 Dec 1807 by lic, Stonehouse/Stroud (2)=Ann COOPER)

Ann Pangbourne is also descended from John APPERLY of Cainscross, d 30 Nov 1858 Stroud, Stroud 31 Dec 1807= Ann COOPER d Oct 1843.  He was her great great great grandfather.

Elizabeth Knowlton is one of the researchers who is interested in Stroud APPERL(E)Ys.  At the top of her tree is John b1746, father of George b1789 Woodchester=Ann LAWRENCE whose son John b1823 Rodborough=Mary BERMAN emigrated to Australia.  Although he is recorded as having two children in Chippenham, Wiltshire, there are other Apperl(e)ys births in that county (some shown on birth list).

Research Update 20 October 2008:  Ronald Geary has sent us details of his descendancy from John APPERLEY and Mary FlLIGHT(S).

 1 John APPERLEY: b: 1778 in Rodborough, Gloucestershire, England. Age at first Marriage: 24, est. b: 1778. Age at birth of first child: 24 est. Number of children: 1

. +Mary FLIGHT(S): Age at first Marriage: Married: 08 Jun 1802 in
Stonehouse, Gloucestershire. Age at birth of first child: ? Number of children: 1

... 2 Esther APPERLEY: Age at death: 84, est. b: 1802 in Cainscross Ct., Gloucestershire, England. Age at first Marriage: 26 est. b: 1802. Age at birth of first child: 30 est. Number of children: 1

....... +John BREWER: b: in England. Age at first Marriage: ? Married: 10 Jun 1828 in Stonehouse, Gloucestershire. Age at birth of first child: ? Number of children: 1

......... 3 Mary Rebecca BREWER: Age at death: 78 est. b: 1832 in Cainscross, Goucestershire, England. Age at first Marriage: 25 est. b: 1832 Age at birth of first child: 26 est. Number of children: 4

............. +George FARNHAM: Age at death: 45 est. b: Abt. 1835 Age at first Marriage: 22 est. Married: Mar Q1857 Stroud, Gloucestershire, England; b: Abt. 1835 Age at birth of first child: 23 est. Number of children: 4

.............. 4 George FARNHAM: Age at death: 70 est. b: 1861 in Middlesex, London, England. Age at first Marriage: 24 est; b: 1861 Age at birth of first child: 21 est. Number of children: 4

.................. +Elizabeth Jane MOYLE: Age at death: 33 b: 01 May 1864 in Saint Luke, Southhamton, Hampshire, England. Age at first Marriage: 21 est. Married: 1885 in South Stoneham, Hampshire, England; b: 01 May 1864. Age at birth of first child: 18 est. Number of children: 3

.................... 5 Lillian Mary Louise FARNHAM: Age at death: 94, b: 01 Feb 1886 in Chatham, Kent, England (Census 1891 shows birth Rochester). Age at first Marriage: 35 b: 01 Feb 1886. Age at birth of first child: 35 Number of children: 3

........................ +Martin Joseph GEARY: Age at death: 62; b: 16 May 1886 in Fairville, Saint John Co, NB, Can. Age at first Marriage: 35. Married: 24 May 1921 in St. Anne's C. Ch, Calgary, Alta, Can; b: 16 May 1886. Age at birth of first child: 35. Number of children: 3

......................... 6 Ronald George Mathew GEARY: b: 03 Apr 1927 in Parent's Home, Calgary Alberta, Can. Age at first Marriage: 24; b: 03 Apr 1927. Age at birth of first child: 25 Number of children: 4


New Researcher, June 2007:

Ann from Devon: I would love to find out more about

  • my great great grandmother Ellen JACOBS (bc1817/8 Taunton, d 22 Mar 1900, reg A1900 Stroud, daughter of Thomas) who married (28 Mar 1838) David APPERLY, woollen cloth manufacturer (b 2 Jul 1812 Stonehouse, bap 11 Oct 1812 Calvanistic Methodist Rodborough, d 28 Apr 1887)

  • my great grandmother Louisa Margaret McKENZIE (b 22 June 1845, bap 18 July 1845 Bombay, daughter of James=Charlotte, d 6 September 1907 Tunbridge Wells) who married (12 Apr 1870 Milton Glasgow LKS) David Cooper APPERLY (son of David APPERLY) woollen merchant, bc1846 Rodborough


Research Update, May 2011:

Code ST7/ST24

Elizabeth W. Knowlton (of the USA): RODBOROUGH, Gloucestershire, UK.

I do think that my line is John Apperly who married Mary Wager at Woodchester in 1783. I do think that they had children Martha, David (d y), Hester, and George, the first three bap in Woodchester (father John) and the last in Rodborough where they attended chapel or perhaps moved. I believe George to be of this group because on two out of three censuses he said he was born in Woodchester, and there was only one John Apperly living there.

Some questions:

  • Who is Mary Wager? There seem to be no other Wagers at all in Woodchester, not being born or married or buried. Was Mary a widow when she married?

    It is true that a John Pridey Apperly married a Mary Lawrence in Rodborough in 1766 (appearing as 1776 in many places on line). She apparently was bap. in Woodchester herself. So that allows for many children to be born, including a William, who was baptised in Woodchester in 1767. I assume those parish books are C of E, the official church/state. The Rodborough baptisms seem often to be the Independent or chapel ones .

    So Mary had Thomas, 1781, and then she dies and is buried in Rodborough in 1783 (what month?). If so and it is the same JPA, then he marries Mary Wager awfully quickly, August, and she gives birth fast too, Martha bap 14 Mar 1784.

    But there are two John Apperlys at about the same time: John Pridey Apperly c 20 Feb 1745 Rodborough and John Apperly c 29 Jan 1746 Stroud.

  • How do we know which is the husband of Mary Wager?


I would like to thank Elizabeth Knowlton for this detailed entry, which will be of interest to a number of researchers. 

1.  John Apperly, b. ca. 1746 in Gloucestershire, England.  He married Mary Wager, married 3 Aug 1783 in Woodchester, Gloucestershire, England,[i] b. ca. 1760 in Woodchester?, Gloucestershire, England.  [I am making an educated guess that these are the parents of George below as there are so few records.  His father was John; I believe Mary Wager was a second wife.]


            2.       i      George Apperly b. ca 1789.

Second Generation

2.  George Apperly, b. ca 1789 in Woodchester, Gloucestershire, England,[ii],[iii] baptized 14 Jun 1789 in Rodborough C of E Parish Church, Rodborough, Gloucestershire, England,[iv] occupation cloth worker; clothier.  He married Ann Lawrence, married 2 Jul 1812 in Rodborough, Gloucestershire, England,[v] b. 1794 in Eastcombe, Gloucestershire, England, (daughter of John Lawrence and Ann Gillett) baptized 18 Mar 1794 in Rodborough Tabernacle, Rodborough, Gloucestershire, England.[vi]  George died Apr-Jun 1875 in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England.[vii]


                      i      John Apperly, b. 11 Apr 1813 in Rodborough, Gloucestershire, England, baptized 30 May 1813 in Rodborough Tabernacle, Rodborough, Gloucestershire, England,[viii] d. bef 1823 in Rodborough, Gloucestershire, England.

                      ii     James Apperly, b. 10 Oct 1814 in Rodborough, Gloucestershire, England, baptized 12 Jan 1815 in Rodborough Tabernacle, Rodborough, Gloucestershire, England,[ix] occupation Independent minister.  He married Patience Pearce, married 1854 in Victoria, Australia,[x] b. ca. 1825 in England?.

            3.       iii     William Apperly b. 4 Aug 1816.

                      iv    Elizabeth Apperly, b. Nov 1818 in Rodborough, Gloucestershire, England, baptized 10 Jan 1819 in Rodborough Tabernacle, Rodborough, Gloucestershire, England.[xi]  She married Isaac Briginshaw, married 11 Nov 1845 in Rodborough Tabernacle, Rodborough, Gloucestershire, England,[xii] b. 18 Jan 1815 in Taplow, Buckinghamshire, England, baptized 12 Feb 1815 in St. Nicolas, Taplow, Buckinghamshire, England, d. 7 Aug 1870 in Mount Pleasant, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England.  Elizabeth died Jul-Sep 1901 in Lancashire, England.[xiii]

                      v     George Apperly, b. 2 Jan 1821 in Rodborough, Gloucestershire, England, baptized 13 Aug 1821 in Rodborough Tabernacle, Rodborough, Gloucestershire, England,[xiv] d. 1861 in Victoria, Australia.[xv]

            4.       vi    John Apperly b. 7 Feb 1823.

            5.       vii    Henry Apperly b. 30 Nov 1824.

Third Generation

3.  William Apperly, b. 4 Aug 1816 in Rodborough, Gloucestershire, England, baptized 1 Dec 1816 in Rodborough Tabernacle, Rodborough, Gloucestershire, England.[xvi]  He married Sarah Robins?, married Oct-Dec 1840 in Stroud, Gloucestershire, England,[xvii],[xviii] b. ca. 1818 in England,[xix] d. bef. 1880 in Kentucky.[xx]  William died bef 1880 in Kentucky.[xxi]  [William’s family immigrated to the United States of America between 1851 and 1853.  They may have traveled up the Mississippi River and then the Ohio to reach Louisville, KY, where they lived for several generations.]


                      i      Ann Apperly, b. ca 1843 in England.[xxii]

            6.       ii     Astley Apperly b. Nov 1844.

                      iii     Sarah M. Apperly, b. ca. 1846 in England.[xxiii]

                      iv    Marianna Apperly, b. ca. 1850 in England.[xxiv]

                      v     Elenore Apperly, b. ca. 1853 in Kentucky.[xxv]

4.  John Apperly, b. 7 Feb 1823 in Rodborough, Gloucestershire, England,[xxvi],[xxvii] baptized 25 May 1823 in Rodborough Tabernacle, Rodborough, Gloucestershire, England,[xxviii] occupation town clerk, innkeeper.  He married Mary (Berman) Bowerman, married 3 Jun 1848 in Bath, Somerset, England,[xxix] b. by 1822 in Devon, England,[xxx] (daughter of Thomas Bowerman and Mary Atkins) baptized 24 Mar 1822 in St. Peter's Church, Clayhanger, Devon, England,[xxxi] d. 23 Nov 1906 in Bristol, Gloucestershire, England.[xxxii]  John died 5 Jun 1891 in Bristol, Gloucestershire, England.[xxxiii] [John and several of his brothers immigrated to Australia around 1852.  However, he retired back to Bristol in 1887.]


            7.       i      Fanny Apperly b. 9 Apr 1849.

                      ii     James Apperly, b. 19 Jul 1851 in Chippenham, Wiltshire, England,[xxxiv] d. 18 Jul 1892 in Elsteinwick, Victoria, Australia, buried: Jul 1892 in Elsteinwick, Victoria, Australia.

            8.       iii     Henry Lawrence Apperly b. 18 Oct 1855.

                      iv    George Berman Apperly, b. 13? Dec 1857 in Victoria, Australia,[xxxv] d. 14 Nov 1862 in Kyneton, Victoria, Australia,[xxxvi] buried: Nov 1862 in Kyneton, Victoria, Australia.

            9.       v     William Berman Apperly b. 29 Oct 1864.

5.  Henry Apperly, b. 30 Nov 1824 in Lightpill, Gloucestershire, England, baptized 3 Apr 1825 in Rodborough Tabernacle, Rodborough, Gloucestershire, England.[xxxvii]  He married Emma Wellsteed, married 1854 in Victoria, Australia,[xxxviii] b. ca. 1830 in England?.  Henry died 3 Jan 1887 in Sydney, NSW, Australia,[xxxix] buried: 4 Jan 1887 in Sydney, NSW, Australia.[xl]


                      i      Emmeline Apperly, b. 1858 in Victoria, Australia.[xli]

            10.     ii     Henry Wellsteed Apperly b. 1861.

                      iii     Ellen Clara Apperly, b. 1863 in Victoria, Australia.[xlii]

                      iv    John William Apperly, b. 1866 in Victoria, Australia.[xliii]

                      v     Alfred E. Apperly, b. ca. 1869 in New South Wales, Australia,[xliv] d. 1869 in New South Wales, Australia.[xlv]

                      vi    Alfred H. Apperly, b. 1872 in New South Wales, Australia,[xlvi] d. bef. 1887.[xlvii]

                      vii    Alice Mary Apperly, b. 1874 in New South Wales, Australia.[xlviii]

Fourth Generation

6.  Astley Apperly, b. Nov 1844 in England.[xlix],[l]  He married Nannie L. ?, married ca. 1875,[li] b. Dec 1853 in Illinois,[lii],[liii] d. 11 Jun 1931 in Jefferson Co., KY.[liv]  Astley died aft. 1900 in Jefferson Co., KY,[lv] buried: aft. 1900 in Cave Hill Cemetery, Jefferson Co., KY.


                      i      George M. Apperly, b. Mar 1876 in Jefferson Co., KY.[lvi]  He married Lucille M. Blankenbaker, married ca. 1902 in Kentucky,[lvii] b. ca. 1880 in Kentucky,[lviii] (daughter of Mr. Blankenbaker and Susanne French) d. 20 Nov 1964 in Jefferson Co., KY.[lix]  George died 24 Nov 1948 in Jefferson Co., KY.[lx]

                      ii     Ollie M. Apperly, b. May 1879 in Jefferson Co., KY.[lxi]  She married George Clinkenbeard, married 5 Apr 1902 in Marion Co., IN,[lxii] b. ca. 1875 in Illinois.  Ollie died aft 1930.[lxiii]

7.  Fanny Apperly, b. 9 Apr 1849 in Chippenham, Wiltshire, England.[lxiv]  She married (1) Richard Budge Caunter, married 12 Apr 1877 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia,[lxv] b. 1827 in Lezant, Cornwall, England, baptized 7 May 1827 in North Hill, Cornwall, England, d. 22 Aug 1912 in Bristol, Gloucestershire, England.  She married (2) William Attwood, b. ca. 1845 in England?.  Fanny died 1928 in Victoria, Australia.

                             Children by Richard Budge Caunter:

                      i      Henry Dingle Caunter, b. 25 Jan 1878 in St. Kilda, Victoria, Australia.  He married (1) Adeline Crafer Richards, married 22 Apr 1903 in Bristol, Gloucestershire, England,[lxvi] b. 11 Oct 1876 in Bristol, Gloucestershire, England,[lxvii] d. 11 Jun 1911 in Gloucestershire, England,[lxviii] buried: 15 Jun 1911 in Wraxall, Gloucestershire, England.[lxix]  He married (2) Doris Ethel Greenwood, married 26 May 1925 in Manchester, Lancashire, England,[lxx] b. 15 Aug 1901 in Manchester, Lancashire, England,[lxxi] d. Aug 1993 in Manchester, Essex Co., MA.[lxxii]  Henry died 17 Jan 1958 in Stockport, Lancashire, England.[lxxiii]

8.  Henry Lawrence Apperly, b. 18 Oct 1855 in Kyneton, Victoria, Australia,[lxxiv] occupation bank manager and inspector.[lxxv]  He married Jessie Wakefield, married 6 Jan 1885 in St. Kilda, Victoria, Australia,[lxxvi],[lxxvii] b. 2 May 1866 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia,[lxxviii] d. Aug 1948 in Victoria, Australia.[lxxix]  Henry died 19 Mar 1908 in Sydney, NSW, Australia.[lxxx]


                      i      Lily Isabel Apperly, b. 12 Oct 1885 in Grenfell, New South Wales, Australia.[lxxxi],[lxxxii]  She married Horace Jamieson, b. ca. 1880 in Australia?.[lxxxiii]

                      ii     Lindon Wakefield Apperly, b. 20 Jul 1887 in Grenfell, New South Wales, Australia,[lxxxiv],[lxxxv] occupation bank chief accountant and inspector.[lxxxvi]  He married Irene Agnes Watkins, married 5 Jun 1935 in Sydney, NSW, Australia,[lxxxvii] b. 24 Aug 1896 in Bondi, NSW, Australia,[lxxxviii] (daughter of William Watkins and Kate Wright) d. 28 Jul 1973 in Sydney, NSW, Australia.[lxxxix],[xc]  Lindon died 26 Dec 1955 in Sydney, NSW, Australia.[xci]

                      iii     George Norman Apperly, b. 20 Dec 1890 in Orange, NSW, Australia.[xcii]  He married Beatrice Elizabeth McCarthy, married ca. 1915 in Australia,[xciii] b. ca. 1890 in Australia,[xciv] d. 24 Feb 1975 in Chatswood, NSW, Australia.[xcv]  George died ca. 1970 in Sydney, NSW, Australia.[xcvi]

                      iv    Cyril Barkly Apperly, b. 14 Mar 1893 in Sydney, NSW, Australia,[xcvii] d. 7 Nov 1917 in Belgium.[xcviii]

                      v     Frank Colin Apperly, b. 13 Jan 1896 in Sydney, NSW, Australia,[xcix] d. 19 Jul 1916 in Fromelles, France.[c]

                      vi    Gladys Lorna Apperly, b. 24 Feb 1905 in Sydney, NSW, Australia,[ci] d. 9 Jun 1985 in Echuca, Victoria, Australia.[cii]

9.  William Berman Apperly, b. 29 Oct 1864 in Kyneton, Victoria, Australia,[ciii] occupation bank manager.  He married Mary Pauline Longstaff, married 13 Sep 1887 in Shepparton, Victoria, Australia,[civ] b. 23 Jan 1865 in Clunes, Victoria, Australia, (daughter of Ralph Longstaff and Janet Campbell) occupation home duties, d. 5 Aug 1952 in Box Hill, Bourke Co, Victoria, Australia,[cv] buried: 6 Aug 1952 in cremated Spring Vale Crematorium.  William died 26 Sep 1944 in Kew, Bourke Co, Victoria, Australia,[cvi] buried: 26 Sep 1944 in cremated at Fawkner Crematorium.  died of angina pectoris (7 yrs.); cardiac arrest (21 dys.)


                      i      Frank Longstaff Apperly, b. 26 Jul 1888 in Shepparton, Victoria, Australia,[cvii] occupation physician.  He married Elizabeth Mary Josephine Foley, married 26 Jun 1915 in Oxford, Oxfordshire, England,[cviii] b. 1 Apr 1890 in Askeaton, Co. Limerick, Eire,[cix] (daughter of William Malcolm Foley and Josephine Maude Clarke) occupation actress, d. 13 Oct 1980 in Jacksonville, FL.[cx]  Frank died 24 Oct 1961 in Richmond, Henrico Co., VA, cremated, ashes buried: 1961 in Australia.

                      ii     John Ralph Apperly, b. 2 May 1892 in Penshurst, Victoria, Australia.  He married Enid Rose McQuie, married 17 Aug 1925 in Australia, b. ca. 1900 in Australia.  John died 1935 in Australia.

                      iii     Norman Apperly, b. 1901 in Eaglehawk, Victoria, Australia, d. 1904 in Eaglehawk, Victoria, Australia.

                      iv    Agnes Mary Jean Apperly, b. 1902 in Eaglehawk, Victoria, Australia.  She married Frederick Barker Gamble, married 3 Jun 1924 in Australia, b. 1900 in Sunbury, Victoria, Australia,[cxi] occupation lawyer and judge, d. 29 May 1962 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.  Agnes died 1 Jan 1985 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

10.  Henry Wellsteed Apperly, b. 1861 in Victoria, Australia.[cxii]  He married Alice Langton, married 1885 in Victoria, Australia,[cxiii] b. ca. 1865 in Victoria, Australia?.[cxiv]


                      i      Eric Langton Apperly, b. 1889 in Australia.  He married Marjorie Audet, married ca. 1923 in Australia.

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e   Important update, June 2007    My thanks to Bill in New Zealand for help with the update.

The following family trees are linked: HF17, AU16 and H28. 

Diane Johansen's LH1 group may be a part of this large tree. (Unfortunately AU16 belongs to Jeffrey Bradley and I do not have a current e-mail address for him.)  PRICE, POWELL and LEWIS are 'popular' marriage partners on this tree.  It is hoped to update the births list in the near future to show these connections more clearly.

At the top of the combined tree is John APPERLEY of Linton, 1695 Hereford=Elizabeth  DOLE of Salem, whose children were baptised in Linton by Ross.  Their son, John, baptised 1695, married Margaret MORGAN in Almeley and their children were baptised in Winforton.  Their daughter Margaret, baptised 1738, married John CARTWRIGHT in 1775 (leading to AU16 tree).

John and Margaret's son, John, baptised 1733, married Jane LEWIS in 1758 and one of their sons, John, baptised 1760, married Margaret APPERLEY of Whitney (children baptised in Whitney and Winforton).

Another son, William, baptised 1736 married Ann PEMBERb 1743 in Mansell Lacy in 1767 and their children were baptised in Byford and Bishopstone (HF17 tree).

It is believed that one of their children, William, baptised 1782, had a family who lived in the Clifford/Hay/Kinnersley area.

Code HF17

Jocelyn is descended from the Bishopstone and Byford APPERLEYs.  At the top of the tree is William bc1736 Winforton=Ann PEMBER b1743 whose son Jeremiah b1769 Byford=Elizabeth HANCOCKS b1773 had at least 5 children one of whom was (William) John# b1811 whose son, Charles b1851, emigrated to New Zealand.  One query has been over Charles's parentage as some records show Rebecca nee NASH married to Thomas APPERLEY!

e    Updated January 2010

Detailed tree of John APPERLEY# b1811 d1886 Bishopstone

John APPERLEY b1811 Bishopstone married Rebecca NASH in B1843 Leominster, as you know. She died in 1858, reg Weobley. I wondered if this was as a result of childbirth as one child (Edmond) was born and died around that time.

In 1851 he was a wheelwright who employed others. He and his family lived next door to Thomas APPERLEY b1808 (dc1865 ‘late of Bishon Cottage, Weobley) , B1840 Weobley=Mary WALKER and their children John b reg B1841 Weobley and Esther b reg B1841 (d1862) and Elizabeth, a widowed annuitant (possibly Elizabeth nee HANCOCKS).

John=Rebecca’s children living with them:

· James. We assume James Nash APPERLEY b reg B 1844 Weobley. We believe he became an under-butler and married in 1873 Marylebone London.

· John b reg D1846 Weobley

· William b reg C1849 Weobley. We think he was the executor of his father’s will and is referred to as farmer of Breinton. He married Mary and had a child Jesse b29 Dec 1885 Breinton, d reg A1971 Hereford

In 1861 John is still a wheelwright, but his wife is dead and he is living with his second wife, C1860 Weobley= Sarah ROGERS bc1830 Radnorshire (d / bur May 1893 Weobley).

John=Rebecca’s/Sarah’s children living with them:

· William b reg C1849 Weobley

· Charles b reg D1851 Weobley, an apprentice blacksmith who emigrates to NZ, recorded as APPERBY, arriving there in 1874.

· John b reg D1846 Weobley, a wheelwright

· Alfred RODGERS bc1856 Bullingham (recorded as a boarder)

· Henry RODGERS bc1860. There was Henry APPERLEY registered in B1860 Weobley which tallies with the census record which records him as John’s son.

In 1871 John is recorded as a carpenter. He and his family are living next door to a widow Mary bc1806 Yazor (presumably nee WALKER) as she is with her son John b reg B1841 Weobley, an agricultural labourer.

John=Rebecca’s/Sarah’s children living with them:

· Alfred b reg A1855 Weobley, carpenter. [There is a death record of a 36 year old Alfred reg D1893 Weobley, which we believed to be this man until other facts came to light from Bill in NZ.++]  Alfred emigrated after his marriage:

19 July 1879 (C1879) Hereford=Elisabeth BASKERVILLE b1855 Dinedor, d 19 Oct 1932 Hastings

Alfred and Elisabeth emigrated to NZ on the ship Arethusa on 3 Sept 1879, arriving NZ 7 Dec 1879

1879 Nomination Register, no 3205: Alfred appears aged 21, calling Carpenter, of Bishopstone, nominator John APPERLEY, carpenter, Masterton NZ

Depot Masters Book 1879 no 3205: Alfred appears aged 24 + Elizabeth aged 22, of Hereford, occupation: wheelwright; employer: John APPERLEY

They had 10 children, of whom 7 survived to adulthood> oldest Alfred William APPERLEY, b 30 June 1880 Masterton, d 8 May 1965 Hastings NZ, carpenter.]

Update 14 Jan 2010: Info re NZ descendants: Alfred and Elizabeth APPERLEY's son, Vincent  APPERLEY, b Hastings,= Elizabeth ( Sissy) JARDEN>son Douglas APPERLEY, brewer of Christchurch, =Marjorie HAY>daughter Christine APPERLEY, one of the first to attain a law degree in NZ, = Ian BROWNLIE, international lawyer, knighted July 2009, d 2010 Cairo.  My thanks for the update above to Bev HELSON, daughter of Floris-Beverley, Douglas APPERLEY's sister.

· Catherine b reg A1866 Weobley

· Elizabeth b reg D1862 Weobley

· Henry b reg 1860 Weobley

· John b reg D1846 Weobley, carpenter

· Alfred RODGERS bc1857/8, boarder

In 1881 John is recorded as a carpenter. He and his family are living two doors away from another John Apperley.

John=Rebecca’s/Sarah’s children living with them:

· Catherine b reg A1866 Weobley

· Elizabeth b reg D1862 Weobley

· Henry b reg 1860 Weobley, an apprentice

· William b reg C1849 Weobley

In 1891 Sarah is a widow living in a cottage in Bishopstone two doors away from John b reg B1841 Weobley, a single farm labourer.

The family members with Sarah are:

· Catherine b reg A1866 Weobley

· Henry (b reg 1860 Weobley but he is given an age which implies c1865), carpenter and wheelwright

· Alfred bc1860, general labourer, b Bishopstone – It seems likely that he took on the APPERLEY surname and is registered as an APPERLEY when he died, reg D1893 Weobley++

In 1901 Sarah is dead and 3 children remain living together:

· Henry b reg 1860 Weobley, carpenter and wheelwright, Head of household

· Catherine b reg A1866 Weobley, housekeeper

· Elizabeth b reg D1862 Weobley, domestic housemaid

Vance McGregor (of New Zealand): Robert Leslie Raymond APPERLEY, (my mother's father) b.30 Jan 1900 in Hastings, New Zealand. Died 1 July 1979 Levin, New Zealand.


Jocelyn (of New Zealand): I am currently researching the ancestors of my grandfather Charles APPERLEY who emigrated from Herefordshire, England to New Zealand c1869. He was born in Bishopstone in Nov 1851. His father was John APPERLEY born in 1811 also in Bishopstone. His mother was Rebecca NASH.  


e  Code LH1

Posted June 2003.  It is believed that the individual Diane is seeking may belong to the HF17/AU16/H28 group.

Diane Johansen:  I am searching for information about Joseph Herbert APPERLEY who married Emma Gertrude POWELL (marriage registered Weobley Dec Q 1892).  Emma was born in Lyonshall, Herefordshire and baptised there on 21 Jun 1869, daughter of William POWELL and Jane (nee PRICE). By 1891 Emma had moved with her brother, William, to Merthyr, South Wales, to live with her aunt, Susannah PRICE, before returning to marry in 1892.  By 1901 Emma was still in Lyonshall but was recorded as a widow.  She died 19 Nov 1941 'of Litfield Bank, Lyonshall' (details of will on the APPERLEY Wills page).

Joseph may be the individual born in WOOLASTON c1868, the son of Joseph and Mary APPERLEY of Marsh Farm, Kingstone, but more information is needed.



e  Code ST8 ( linked with T10 / ST27)

Research Update, March 2012

Following considerable discussion and research, it is now firmly believed that Eliza APPERLEY was the daughter of Richard APPERLY, born 1790 Stroud, who married Elizabeth GABB of Stonehouse on 18 Jul 1813. It is believed that Richard was involved in the cloth trade and that his parents were Richard APPERLY of King's Stanley, maltster, who married Anne BROOKES of Rodborough on the 14 Feb 1787 at King's Stanley by licence. 

On the 21 March 1800, a Removal Order ordered Richard and Ann APPERLY and their 6 children: William, 13 years,  Richard, 8 years, Charles, 6 years, Martha, 4 years, Mary Ann, 3 years, and Sarah, 9 months, to return to Eastington from where they were living in Stroud.

In 1813 Richard APPERLY, wool spinner, born 24 November, baptised 28 November 1790 Stroud, married Elizabeth GABB of Stonehouse.

On the 19 July 1816, a Removal Order demanded that  Richard and Elizabeth APPERLEY and children Richard, 2½ years, and Mary Ann, 6 months, should return to Eastington from Stonehouse. It is believed that Elizabeth died in 1857 in Cheltenham.

We know  that Richard aged 2½ was born 23 Jan 1813 in Stonehouse and that on 22 September 1839, at Boddington parish church, he married Ann(e) DIX born 1813 Stonehouse died 1859, daughter of Samuel DIX gardener.  He died in Cheltenham workhouse in 1877 aged 62.

In the 1851 census, we find him living on the Swindon Road in Cheltenham with his wife Ann and three children, William, 7, Thomas, 4, and Clara, 1.  Richard APPERLEY is described as a market gardener.

In the 1861 census, Richard is a widower, still a gardener, and living in Worcester Street Cheltenham with his children: William, 17, a gardener, Thomas, 15, a gardener, Richard, 9, and Charles, 6.  Next door is living his sister Mary (Mary Anne baptised 1797 Stroud).

At her marriage to William BROADHOUSE in 1858, Eliza cited Richard APPERLEY, clothier, as her father, ie Richard born 1790.

In the 1851 census, Eliza was living with her 'husband' Isaac Lyons KING, a wool worker, at Stanhope Street, Cheltenham with their 4 children: Margasin KING, 8, born Lincoln, Jacob KING, 5, born Dorking, Sarah KING, 3, born Salisbury, Henry KING, 1, born Cheltenham. When Eliza gave birth to Barnett King APPERLEY on 5 June 1852 in Cheltenham, her home was still cited as Stanhope Street.

Here are brief details of this group's researchers.  More details about their research further down the table.

Research Update, April 2007:  My thanks to Selwyn Tillett  for his information about Benjamin and Samuel TILLETT, the latter being the late husband cited on Eliza TILLETT's death certificate. Samuel's nephew, Ben TILLETT, became well known. Tillett family tree

Research Update, April 2007:  I am delighted to announce that Pat Hill has found the death certificates for Eliza TILLETT nee APPERLEY, Moses KING and his wife, Ann KING.  I have added the updated information to the KING family tree

Research Update, March 2007: We welcome the return of one of our researchers, Sue Francis who is descended from the third brother Barnet King APPERLEY, 1872 Clifton=Alice Summers BELSTEN b1853 Bristol (reg Keynsham).  One of their 3 children, Ernest Walter,  married Kate Ada SKUSE and their daughter, Millicent Kate b1898 Bristol, is Sue Francis's grandmother.

Peter Apperley of New Zealand is descended from Jacob King APPERLEY b Dorking 1845; his son Henry Walter Jacob b 1868; his son Frank Ernest b1892=Violet BOARD.

Pat Hill is great granddaughter of Barnett King APPERLEY, b 5 June 1852 Cheltenham, and Alice Summers BELSTEN.  Her details can be found after Doreen Cooksley photographs and research details.

Doreen Cooksley  is descended from Jacob King APPERLEY b Dorking 1845, Old Market St Chapel, Bristol, 25 Dec 1866=Rose Hannah (aka Rosanna) LEEK, domestic servant, b reg Droitwich B1844, bap 7 May 1844 Dodderhill, WOR, d 1914, of 6 Tyler St, St Paul's, Bristol, daughter of William LEEK, dec'd, salt maker,= Rosa. Marriage witnesses: William SIMMONDS & Mary Ann SCRIVEN.   She also has several family photos that we hope to post on the site in the future.

Cheryl Apperley is also descended from this family.  The Henry 'Keny' APPERLEY that she sought was a census mis-transcription for Henry King APPERLEY bc1850 Cheltenham.  It is believed that Henry's birth father was Isaac Lyons KING bc1825 Poland,=Eliza APPERLEY bc1826 Cheltenham.  Isaac Lyons KING may have departed/died before 1866 and Ann APPERLY (nee DIX) died by 1859.  As a result, Richard and Eliza appear to have combined their families and 3 sons, Jacob b1845 Dorking, Henry bc1850 Cheltenham, and Barnet bc1851-3, kept KING as a middle name and took on the APPERLEY surname.  Heather Shale has discovered that the children added APPERLEY to the names on their certificates and Richard is called 'stepfather'.  In 1871 Barnet and his brother Walter lived with their mother, then Eliza BROADHOUSE at Waterloo Terrace, Bristol. Jacob King APPERLEY, 1866 Bristol=Rose Hannah LEEK and had 5 children in Bristol.  Henry King APPERLEY, 1874 Bristol=Eliza SAMPSON and had 3 children in Bristol, including Walter Ernest APPERLEY b1886=Elizabeth Grace FOTHERGILL, Cheryl Apperley's great grandparents.

Pamela Parsons is researching the BELSTEN part of the tree.

Doreen Cooksley: I did a great deal of research into my family history (COOKSLEY, BACON,  APPERLEY and BROWNING) over 16 years ago and I have been endeavouring to write it up recently.  My research was aided by family conversations, memorabilia collected by my mother, Gladys Rose, and memories told by my aunt, Nellie APPERLEY who died in 1990 aged 97. After her death I was contacted by Norah APPERLEY, daughter of Henry King APPERLEY b1849=Eliza Priscilla SAMPSON, who gave me more information.

Jacob King APPERLEY and Rose Hannah nee LEEK, and 3 sons (left to right): Morley seated, Henry, Wilfred (1890)

Gladys Rose COOKSLEY nee APPERLEY, Alfred COOKSLEY, Nellie Louisa APPERLEY

Emma Louisa APPERLEY nee BROWNING,  Morley James APPERLEY and grandchildren

I would like to know more about the family, particularly:

  • cousin Frank, b1892 Bristol, son of Henry Walter J APPERLEY, who is believed to have emigrated to Australia;

  • Rose Hannah LEEK;

  • Isaac Lyons KING and his family before and after his death/disappearance;

  • former Lord Mayor of Bristol, Councillor Fred APPERLEY, who is a grandson of Barnett according to Nellie and Norah APPERLEY.


Since posting this query:

  • Frank APPERLEY emigrated to New Zealand and founded his own large family group. 

  • We also have more information on the Isaac Lyons KING family, KING family tree

  • 1983-4 Bristol Lord Mayor: Councillor F. J. APPERLEY and Lady Mayoress, Mrs Joan APPERLEY.

Pat Hill (of Dorset): I am the great granddaughter of Barnett King APPERLEY, b 5 June 1852, and Alice Summers BELSTEN.  My grandmother was their daughter Lizzie APPERLEY b 17 August 1882.  She married Gilbert WILLIAMS on the 10 January 1903 (reg Mar Q 1903 Bristol).  Lizzie died on 13 November 1929. Their third daughter, Doris Ada WILLIAMS, was my mother. 

I would be interested in any information about the KINGs and the APPERLEYs. KING family tree


Lizzie, nee APPERLEY, and husband, Gilbert WILLIAMS

20 July 1929


Sue A Francis: I am searching for the birth and for information about the parentage of my great great grandfather Barnet King APPERLY born Cheltenham in the early 1850s.  His father, Richard, a market gardener, was already dead when Barnet married Alice Summers BELSTEN in Bristol in 1872.  They had 3 known children: Ernest Walter, born 1873; Alice Florence, born 1877; Frederick James, born 1880. 

Update: I am interested in Isaac Lyons KING, his wife Eliza (and whose daughter she was!) and both of their families, but also in hearing from other descendants of the King APPERLEY brothers. KING family tree


Ernest Walter  APPERLEY and his wife Kate Ada nee SKUSE, probably mid 1890s

Ernest Walter  APPERLEY (the one in the middle at the front on the chair)

probably on his retirement in the 1930s, at Temple Meads Station, Bristol, where he worked. 

Cheryl A. Apperley (of Australia):  My gt. gt. grandfather is Henry Keny APPERLEY (see note above, which shows that Keny is a mis-transcription for King) bc1850 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, a glass cutter/glazier of Bristol.  His wife Eliza was born in Bristol c1852.  Walter Earnest APPERLEY, his son, married Elizabeth Grace FOTHERGILL.  My understanding is that Walter and Elizabeth emigrated from the UK to reside in Box Hill, Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA.  He was a lay preacher.  They had five children naturally, Henry, Ruth, Marian, Phyllis and Esther.  We believe they also adopted a son called Donald who we know very little about.  My grandfather was Henry Walter APPERLEY who died on 1 Jun 1986 and was approx 73 years of age, so born c1913.  He married Dorothy WADE, and they had one son John Henry, born 27 Jul 1940.  John (my father) married Janice STIRLING and produced myself, Cheryl, and my two brothers David and Scott.  I am very interested in trying to track some connections with this side of the family.  My great grandmother's side (FOTHERGILLs) has been researched extensively. KING family tree



Code T10 / ST27(linked with ST8 and, possibly, ST23) see next research block for details)

Eric Apperley  is also descended from Richard APPERLY=Anne BROOKES.

Heather Shale's line is descended from the main APPERLEY line (T10), which  begins with Richard APPERLY who married Anne BROOKES in 1787 King's Stanley.  They had at least 7 children.  One son, Charles b1794 Stroud=Hannah MILLS, had 5 children who appear in Stonehouse records.  Another son, Richard b1790 Stroud, 1813 Stonehouse=Elizabeth GABB, had at least 2 children.  His son, Richard b1813 Stonehouse=Ann(e) DIX, had at least five children.  One son, Charles b1855=Caroline Eliza GRIBBLE, founded the Tetbury group from whom Heather Shale and Caroline Newport are descended.

Eric Apperley:  KINGS STANLEY, STONEHOUSE, STROUD, MANCHESTER, BLACKBURN. I have traced my ancestors back to 1645.  My descent from Richard APPERLY who married Anne BROOKES in 1787 King's Stanley is through their son Charles b1794 Stroud, his son George b1817 Stonehouse, his son Edward Hodges b1841 Manchester, and his son John Morgan who was my grandfather.

Tracing Richard APPERLY back, I get:

Thomas probably, b26/3/1724 Stonehouse, m. Martha PRIDIE of Bisley; his father, Samuel b24/9/1686 Stonehouse, m. Mary CLARKE; his father, John APPELIE b30/9/1649 Stonehouse, m. Hester DANGERFIELD; his father John.


Heather Shale (born Apperley): STROUD, TETBURY, STONEHOUSE, CHELTENHAM, Gloucestershire, England: Richard APPERLEY b.24 Nov1790 Stroud married Elizabeth GABB of Stonehouse in1813. Others in the lineage to my father are:

Richard APPERLEY b 23 Jan 1813 Stonehouse, married Ann in Cheltenham - 5 known children

Charles APPERLEYchr.1 Apr 1855 Cheltenham, married 1 June 1876 Caroline Eliza GRIBBLE. Buried 23 Aug 1904 Tetbury - 9 or 10 children

Thomas Charles APPERLEY, b.2 Mar 1878 Tetbury, married 12 Dec 1906 Gertrude Eliza CHAPLIN. Died 25 May 1915 Stroud - 4 children

Albert Stanley APPERLEY, b.29 Jun 1907 Tetbury, married 6 Jun 1931 Ruby Hilda GARDINER Died 5 Jun 1989 Stroud - 6 children


Caroline Newport (of England) has common APPERELEY ancestors with Heather above.


e  Code KB1/HF15

Research Update, July 2006

There are various examples of HARRIS - APPERLEY links in the Hereford area.  This researcher as well as Ralph Bradford are interested in the Ledbury group.  Karen and Ian are both interested in the same family group, although they disagree about their great great grandmother's year of birth.


Karen Bailey:  My gt gt grandmother was Mary (Ann) APPERLEY born 1845.  She married William HARRIS at Woolhope parish church on 10 Oct 1864.  His father was James HARRIS (possibly married Maria LAMBERT 24 Dec 1837 Ledbury).  Mary Ann's  father was William APPERLEY.

William  HARRIS and Mary Ann nee APPERLEY had at least 9 children: Harriet bc1866 Woolhope; Selina bc1868 Woolhope; Ann bc1874 Castle Frome; William bc1877 Ledbury; Emma/Emily b13 Sept 1878 Ledbury(1899=Frederick William PHILLIPS); James bc1880; Albert b1884 Woolhope; Charles bc1882 Ashperton.  In 1881 the family were living at Whitehouse, Munsley, HEF.  By 1901 they had moved to Mountain Ash, Glamorgan.

From the 1851 census I know that Mary Ann APPERLEY's parents were William APPERLEY bc1815 Woolhope and Anne.  It's believed that Mary Ann was baptised Marianne APPERLEY on 23 Feb 1845 in Fownhope.  Her APPERLEY siblings were: Elizabeth b reg1841 Ledbury (1870 Ledbury=Edwin GLADWIN); Harriott b reg 1843 Ledbury (1862=Thomas POWELL); Thomas b reg 1849 Hereford; Charles bc1851 Fownhope.

Albert HARRIS b 1884 was the father of my grandmother, Blodwin HARRIS.

I would like to find out more about my APPERLEY ancestors.

Update: A birth certificate recently obtained shows the birthdate of Mary APPERLEY as 3 Jan 1845 Fownhope and the parents as William APPERLEY and Ann WALTERS.  There is no middle name given.  Does anyone know if Mary is the same individual as the Marianne mentioned above?


e  Updated June 2006.

Ian: Mary APPERLEY (Ian's grandmother) who died in 1922 aged 98 yrs. Married William  HARRIS of  Woolhope  near  Ledbury.  He died aged 64, date unknown. They had a son called Albert Harris. Possible link with the writer Charles James APPERLEY. 



Code RB26

Research Update,  18July 2005: The search for RICHARD APPERLEY! (see Karen Bailey's research enquiry above for other APPERLEY- HARRIS links.)

Ralph Bradford's family tree has caused some problems because of the difficulty in finding a Harriet who fits the facts.  It now looks as though Harriet was also known as Ann at the time of her marriage.

We believe that she was born in the Woolhope area about 1835-7 and that she appears on the 1851 census with Charles b1823 Woolhope, Mary b1831 Woolhope, Richard b1839 Woolhope and Elizabeth APPERLEY b1792 Woolhope.  Recent information about the family received from other APPERLEY and BRADFORD descendants has indicated that an  Ann APPERLEY married ( reg. Sep Q1859 Ledbury) John BRADFORD b 1839 Much Marcle d B1872 Hereford  and had at least 5 sons and a daughter (5 of whom were registered to John=Harriet.  

After his death, his wife, Harriet BRADFORD married (reg.DecQ1885 Ledbury) Samuel HILL  b1836 Tarrington d A1899 and they lived in Hooper's Oak nr Rushall.  One of John BRADFORD's sons, Charles, b reg B1862, B1888 Ledbury, 23 April 1888 Woolhope=Susannah Elizabeth APPERLEY (bc 1865/6 Brimfield).  It is now believed that she was the daughter of Elizabeth APPERLEY b Fownhope,  reg C1841 Ledbury.

Witnesses of Harriet's second marriage also cause problems.  Adam is probably the individual whose birth was reg1858 Ledbury, son of Charles APPERLEY bc1822 Woolhope=Anne DAVIES bc1821.  Fanny APPERLEY (nee HARRIS, b Much Marcle,) is probably the wife of James APPERLEY bc1840.

A large Apperley tree for the Ledbury area has now been constructed, but we are still unsure of the identity of RICHARD APPERLEY, Harriet/Ann's father.  Could he be related to Richard who married Elizabeth POWELL in Hereford in 1815?


Ralph Bradford (of England): Harriet APPERLEY,(b.c1837 Woolhope) who married John BRADFORD c1860. They had four sons Charles, Michael, John and Richard. The 1881 census for Woolhope shows that she (Harriet Bredford) was living at Broadmoor Common in 1881, age 44, with sons John (age 15) and Richard (age 12), all born in Woolhope. Then in 1885 she married Samuel Hill. She named Richard APPERLEY as her father and the witnesses were Adam APPERLEY and Fanny APPERLEY all of the Woolhope area.

Research update 18 July: Does anyone know who James APPERLEY married in the June quarter of 1863 in Ledbury?



The main ST4/AWW  tree involves Herefordshire people, but their descendants are spread throughout Britain now. 

British places include: Fownhope, Withington, Hereford, Bosbury, Mordiford, Madley, Checkley, Wrexham, Gloucester. 


The tree is particularly well known for Charles James APPERLEY, also  known as Nimrod.  The following is a brief partial line of descent as far as I know it. 

A more detailed summary can be found on the  Wynne Apperleys' page.

Any additions / amendments would be very welcome.  Please contact me.  Rosie

Charles James APPERLEY was the second son of Thomas APPERLEY bc 1730 Herefordshire, 1778 Plasgronow, =Ann WYNN(E) b1731.  Charles was born in 1778 and died in 1843, London, from peritonitis following a riding accident. In 1801Charles James married Elizabeth WYNNE b1777 d 1834.  After her death he married his servant Sarah TAYLOR (in 1835 in Dover) with whom he is believed to have had children.

Known children of Charles James APPERLEY:

  • Charles Owen b1804, d 1856

  • Thomas Henry b1805

  • William Wynne b 1807 d 1870, 1837=Catherine Esther WALLACE bc1815 d 1887

  • Caroline b1810

  • Emily Henrietta b 1812 d 1892, 1838=Joseph VENABLES

  • Charlotte Louisa Jane b1814

  • Harriet Jane b1817 d 1903

Known children of William Wynne APPERLEY b 1807 d 1870, 1837=Catherine Esther WALLACE b1815 d 1887

  • Charles Owen b1841 d1896

  • Herbert Wynne b1842, 1882=Constance Mary LYONS-MONTGOMERY bv1852

  • William Wynne b1844 d1891, 1882=Margaret TREMENHEERE b1844 (or 1861)

  • Henry b & d 1845

  • Newton Wynne b1846 d 1925, 1880=Mary HUTCHINSON bc1853

  • Emily Caroline b1850, 1878=Arthur J.R. van de CORTLANDT

  • "Jack" Henry Wynne b1851, d1918, 1885=Marion Edith Kinsey WINTLE nee KINSEY

  • Esther Yates b1852, 1883=Arthur Thomas FISHER

Known children of Herbert Wynne APPERLEY b1842, 1882=Constance Mary LYONS-MONTGOMERY

  • William Herbert Wynne b1885, 1915=Alice TURNBULL

Known children of "Jack" Henry Wynne APPERLEY, 1885 Bengal, India=Marion Edith Kinsey WINTLE nee KINSEY

  • Gwenys Wynne born 14 Oct 1896, bap 15 Nov, d1968 Royal Perth Hospital, Australia, and was buried in a pauper's grave (no headstone, buried with other unknowns) at Karrakatta Cemetery, Perth.  On 26 January 1932, at the British Consulate in Cairo, witnessed by RL and ST Wilsdon, she married Arthur Harold St Clair MATTHEWS, a mercantile assistant, formerly a British Army officer, b 1884 Tunbridge, d 1941 Perth, ashes scattered in Karrakatta Cemetery rose garden. (They came to Perth, Australia around 1932-1933. She was his second wife. St Clair was the family name of his first wife whom he divorced.) Arthur had three children by his first wife, but none lived at any time with Arthur and Gwenys. Arthur and Gwenys did not have children. They lived at Sharia Sheikh Hanya in Cairo.

  • William Wynne b1899 d1945,=Edith Olive THOMPSON

Known children of William Wynne APPERLEY b1844 d1891, 1882=Margaret TREMENHEERE b1844

  • George Owen Wynne b1884 d1960, 1907=Hilda Mary POPE >3 children including Edward and Phyllis

                                             2nd marriage Tangier=Enriqueta Contreras Carretero> sons  Eduardo and Henrico

Known children of Newton Wynne APPERLEY b1846 d 1925, 1880=Mary HUTCHINSON

  • William Wynne b1880

  • Esther Mary b1882, 1913=Frank BELL

  • Harriet G. b1884

  • Alan Wynne b1885 d1970

  • Herbert Wynne b1886 d1886

  • Sara Theresa b1893

  • Newton Wynne b1895

For more information about any individual, please see the births databases.

Look HERE for the Coat of Arms

e  New Researcher November 2008

Robyn St Clare: My Great-Grandfather was Arthur Harold St Clair MATTHEWS and he married Gwenys Wynne APPERLEY in Cairo in 1932.  They came to Perth, here in Australia, around 1932-1933. She was his second wife.  Arthur died in 1941, but no one collected his ashes, which were eventually scattered in the rose garden of Karrakatta Cemetery.  Gwenys died in Royal Perth Hospital in 1968 and was buried in a pauper's grave in Karrakatta Cemetery.

When Arthur's daughter, Rosalyn, emigrated to Australia with her three children in 1961, she was unable to contact Gwenys.  The only information that the family has is contained in the death certificates.

I have been trying to figure what happened to them during their time in Perth. I would love to hear from anyone that knew Arthur and Gwenys when they were married, or when they were here in Australia.


My thanks to Robyn for the recent information updated 17 November 2008

New Researcher July 2008

Lyn McCulloch: I am doing a One Name Study of the HUNTINGFORD Family. I have been researching the APPERLEY name for many years in connection with this study.


Background: Harriet APPERLEY born 1 Jan 1780, bap 7 April 1780 bap Llanegryn, Wrexham, d 1875, daughter of Thomas APPERLEY b1730 d 1811=Ann WYNNE d1818, married by licence, 4 Dec 1811 Gloucester, St Mary de Crypt (ref Q3/89 p328 GLS RO)=Rev Thomas HUNTINGFORD of Eaton Berks, nephew of the Bishop of Hereford > Edward, Headmaster of Eagle House School, Hammersmith.   Rosie

Updated 5 April 2012

Captain William Apperley's Australian sojourn is recorded in Keith Binney's "Horsemen of the First Frontier (1788 -1900)" infoWilliam Apperley and Capt Arbuthnot W. Dallas leased Bungarribee,  which was located at Eastern Creek (Prospect),  west of Sydney.  The house was built from 1822 - 1827 by Col. John Campbell of Lochend,  with the famed round room and tower added by Thomas Icely in 1829.  After a decade of neglect,  OTC (Overseas Telecommunications Commission) and the Dept. of Interior,  demolished the house in 1957. See also “Bungarribee House – Resting Place of a King”

John W. S. Moore (Australia):  My interest centres on Capt. (Col.) William Wynne (1807-1870) and Catherine APPERLEY (nee WALLACE), and their two year sojourn in Australia, when they leased Bungarribee from Feb 1845-1847.  The venture, with Capt. Arbuthnot DALLAS (16th Bengal Grenadiers), to purchase horses for the Indian army, was eventually known under the title H.E.I.C.S. depot.  Sydney was in the grips of a lengthy depression in the 1840s, and the arrival of Captains APPERLEY and DALLAS was seen as a welcome tonic for the colony’s economic ills.

The APPERLEY family were principally at Bungarribee; it being very much a family home and base for the officers and staff.  Two children were born there, Henry (who lived but a few hours) 15 Jul 1845 and (Capt.) Newton Wynne APPERLEY 27 Jul 1846 (- 1925).  Such was their social impact on Sydney, Catherine and William were cast in wax before their departure in April 1847.

I’ve been putting together all I can on their time in Australia (also in India, England and Ireland). There were two paintings done of the H.E.I.C.S. depot, by a well known portrait artist, who I suspect also painted the family, and this went with them on their return to India.

Capt. W. W. Apperley c1835- 40

Bungarribee c1906


Bungarribee c1920

William Wynne Apperley's Seal*

*Seal inscription

“William Von Pearly Sahib Bahadur” The name is von Pearly, “Sahib” literary means “owner / master” among many other meanings.  It is used as a title of courtesy, Mr. Master, Sir.  “Bahadur” literally means brave, fearless.  Also as a title “Honourable”.

Any help with the family, information and pictorial items would be greatly appreciated.

email: Please note new email address updated July 2010


Joan Cameron: FOWNHOPE. Thomas APPERLEY b. c1520, Herefordshire, UK.



Linda Payton nee Apperley:  Researching the Herefordshire line of Thomas APPERLEY b1520.  I am looking for ancestors, particularly males, who have the second Christian name Wynne as it became a tradition in the family to give this name since the marriage of Charles James APPERLEY (Nimrod), my 3 times great grandfather, and his wife Elizabeth WYNNE.  Apparently Nimrod had several children with his wife's maid, Sarah TAYLOR, whom he married following Elizabeth's death, but I cannot find out which surname the children had, or if their surname was changed after the marriage of Nimrod and Sarah. 



e   Code K1

Updated May 2011. The following researchers all belong to one of the largest APPERLEY family trees that is shown on the site.  

The main line begins with Thomas APPERLEY in the 1500s, probably in the Much Marcle area of Herefordshire through William b1650 Much Marcle=Anne; Jonathan b1694 Pauntley=Mary PRIDDITH; Jonathan b1735 Kempley=Ann HOLDER; Paul b 1766 Kempley=Anne MORGAN; William b1799 Newent=Ann CHILD; William b1826 Newent=Charlotte WOOD; and, lastly, as far as available data shows, William Aguila b1862 Monmouth and his sister, Telfor, b1853 Monmouth. 

Hilary Hayward's tree (HH1) comes from Paul APPERLEY  b1766 whose son George b1795 Newent=Hannah COLWELL and had a son George b1835 Newent,1861=Anne Jemima PHELPS.  See separate HH1 entry for more details and her contact address.

Dorothy Longworth is connected to the HH1 section of the  Apperley line via two COLWELL siblings, John and Hannah.  Hannah COLWELL=George APPERLEY b1795, son of Paul, in Aston Ingham in 1818. John COLWELL=Ann  APPERLEY b1794, daughter of Paul, in Newent in 1816. After Hannah's death, George APPERLEY's housekeeper was Patience CHILD, nee HARPER, first married to Richard APPERLEY bc1810, and secondly to George CHILD, bnc1817.  See the K1/HH1 code entries on the Births database 1795 for major amendments.  See also the Oxenhall family, viz James APPERLEY=Harriett POYNER.

UPDATE: Ian Jackson's line comes from his great grandmother, Rosannah JACKSON nee APPERL(E)Y, who was the daughter of James APPERLEY, ag lab, bap 24 May 1807 Newent d C1885 Westbury on Severn, (son of Paul b 20 Jul 1766, d reg B1842 Newent, 29 Dec 1791 Newent =Ann(a)(e) MORGAN (bc1766, buried St Mary's, Newent, 19 Mar 1821) 21 Nov 1833 Newent=Eliza HILL b Aston Ingham c1807

Jodi Apperley's line comes from Paul APPERLEY b1766 whose son John b1820 Newent=Elizabeth had about 6 children including George Hiram b1857.

Sara White's line comes from Joseph APPERLEY b1788 Kempley(=Amy DAVIS), brother of Paul b1766.  Joseph's son, James b1823 Kempley=Rebecca INNES, had about 14 children.  About 11 have been shown on the birth list so far under the K1 code.

Douglas Cochrane's line comes from one of James APPERLEY 's children, Maria b1855 Mordiford=William ELSON.

Other researchers whose lines are connected to this tree are Mary Ferber and David Young.

Jodi Apperley (of New Zealand): My grandfather George APPERLEY's father, Frederick, came from Clifford's Mesne to New Zealand with his brother Leonard Percival APPERLEY about 1915.  They were the sons of George and Lillian (Kate) (nee BLAKEMORE) also from Clifford's Mesne, and George was the son of John & Elizabeth of Newent.  John was the son of Paul and Ann (nee MORGAN) of Kempley.  My tree goes back to Thomas and Sible APPERLEY of the late 1530s in Much Marcle.  I am particularly interested in old photographs of the Apperleys of Clifford's Mesne, Dymock, Newent, and Kempley, or any pictures, articles, correspondence or stories connected with the K1 tree.  (Interestingly, I managed to research an entire branch of the other side of my family tree back to the 1500s just going on family stories alone!)


George Hiram Apperley  bap 12 March 1859 Newent

Lillian (Kate) Apperley nee Blakemore b1857 Birmingham



The APPERLEY family of Poplar Cottage, Cliffords Mesne Newent /

Springfield Cottage, The Upper Oaks, The Top House, Aston Ingham /

Woodbar Cottage, Cliffords Mesne

Back Row: Ruth Eliza, Martha Emily, Leonard Percival, Frederick John (aka Frank).

Middle Row: Lillian Kate, Great Grandmother Lillian (Kate), George Hiram.

Front Row: William Daniel, Reginald Norman, Harold Hiram



The three youngest boys with Lillian (Kate) APPERLEY and George Hiram APPERLEY



Len (Leonard Percival) Apperley's 100th birthday party at Palmerston North.

The photo shows him being kissed by his wife Doris. Len was a professional gardener and farmer.  After leaving his farm in Wainuiomata, he lived at Waitarere Beach for twenty years.  The secret of his long life was perhaps his ability to live in two places at once!  He said he was born in Newent in the counties of Herefordshire and Gloucestershire.  He told his children that he lived in a house on the boundary between the two counties and that he slept in Hereford and had his breakfast in Gloucestershire!

Information from an article from Manawatu local newspaper, Saturday 19th September 1987.



 The photo shows Leonard Apperley with his wife of 47 years, Doris, aged 92, at the celebration of his 100th birthday at Levin RSA.

Leonard came to New Zealand at the age of 17.  He worked on his uncle's farm in South Island to repay the cost of his fare to New Zealand, and he continued to work on the farm so that he could save to enable his brother to join him in his adopted country.  The brothers bought a farm in Hawkes Bay, which his brother farmed single-handedly while Leonard went off to fight overseas in the First World War.  On his return, they sold their farm and bought another, which Leonard continued to farm until retirement when he pursued the hobby of outdoor bowls.

Research update, 20 March 2010

Ian Jackson (of New Zealand): The sparse information I have is that Rosannah APPERLY, my great grandmother was born in Gloucestershire. I have my grandfather's birth certificate, (Reginald JACKSON) he was born 1889 and it states at that time his mother (Rosannah nee APPERLEY) was 38 years of age. So she was born 1851. She died January 1918 and is buried in a small cemetery on the West Coast of the South Island in a little old mining town called Blackball. My great grandfather (her husband) Tom JACKSON was born in 1847 in Ruspage (Ruspidge), Forest of Dean. I have a copy of the census page from 1861, (from the library in Cinderford during my visit there in August 2000). Tom's father is William, married to Hannah or Harriet  (hard to decipher) with 6 sons and one daughter, Tom being the second eldest.


Update:  Rosannah APPERL(E)Y was baptised 21 Jan 1850 Aston Ingham,  the daughter of James APPERLEY, ag lab, bap 24 May 1807 Newent d C1885 Westbury on Severn, (son of Paul b 20 Jul 1766, d reg B1842 Newent, 29 Dec 1791 Newent =Ann(a)(e) MORGAN (bc1766, buried St Mary's, Newent, 19 Mar 1821) 21 Nov 1833 Newent=Eliza HILL b Aston Ingham c1807.  She married Tom Jackson and emigrated to NZ.
Tom and Rosannah had 10 children; listed below.
Anne b. 1871 in The Forest of Dean
Tom b 1872 in The Forest of Dean
Bill b. 1875 in NZ (as are the rest)
Elizabeth (Bessie) b. 1876
John b. 1879
Frederick b. 1881
Emily (Emma) b. 1883
Herbert (Bert) b. 1885
Eva b. 1887


Sara White (of England): James APPERLEY (parents Joseph APPERLEYb.1788 [use 'search' at for pedigree], and Amey DAVIS) chr. 26 Jan 1823, Kempley, Gloucestershire married Rebecca INNES (chr. 11 Sept 1825, Brockhampton, Herefordshire) 22 September 1850 in Hereford and had 14 children by her. They were living at Canwood Farm in Woolhope in 1881 with Amey APPERLEY aged 91, born Kents Green, Gloucestershire. At least some of their children (John, George, Alfred William and Alice) were born in Mordiford and were living with them in 1881. Then after her death in 1884 he married Elizabeth HILL and had two more children and died in 1915.  With 16 children he must have some living descendants! My primary interest in the INNES family, not the APPERLEYs per se, but I'd like to track down Rebecca's descendants.



Douglas Cochrane (of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia): Researching Apperley ancestors of his gt. grandfather Mark William James ELSON b. 1891, who emigrated to New Brunswick in 1926, and of his mother Maria APPERLEY b.c1855 Mordiford, daughter of James APPERLEY b. 1823 Kempley and Rebecca INNES. 



Dorothy Longworth (and Hilary Hayward's) lines are both descended from Paul APPERLEY b1766.  His son William b1799 Kempley, 1820 Newent=Ann CHILD, had a daughter Sarah bap 1820 Newent.  She was married twice: to William CLIFFORD and to James WARREN.  Her son, William CLIFFORD b1847, 1879=Harriet COLWELL bc1850.  Does anyone know what happened to William CLIFFORD and Harriet after 1880?

I will pass on any useful information to Dorothy Longworth  Rosie

Code HH1 (Code K1)

Research Posting, Updated January 2006 (see the K1/HH1 code on the database for major amendments and additions to the tree 1795 onwards)

Hilary Hayward's tree covers familiar APPERLEY territory  (Code K1). The K1 main line begins with Thomas APPERLEY in the 1500s, probably in the Much Marcle area of Herefordshire through William b1650 Much Marcle, 1682/3=Anne DAVIS of Kempley; Jonathan b1694 Pauntley, 1725=Mary PRIDDITH; Jonathan b1735 Kempley, 1766=Ann HOLDER; Paul b 1766 Kempley, 1791 Newent=Anne MORGAN.

Hilary is descended from Paul APPERLEY b1766 whose son George b1795 Newent, 1818 Aston Ingham=Hannah COLWELL and had a son, George b1835 Newent,1861=Anne Jemima PHELPS.  The latter family lived at Rose Cottage, Clifford's Mesne. 



Anne Jemima PHELPS 

Group includes: Grandparents APERLEY and Grandma BREWER
 at Rose Cottage, Clifford's Mesne

Hilary Hayward: Researching the APPERLEYs of Rose Cottage, Clifford's Mesne, Gloucestershire.  George b1835 Newent,1861=Anne Jemima PHELPS and had around 14 children: William b1862, George b1863, Augusta b1866, Charles b1868, Hannah Maria bc1869 (Hilary's great grandmother), Anne b1870, Margaret b1870, Henry bc1873, Rose Alice b1874, Matilda b1876 (also Hilary's great grandmother), Louisa b1878, ?Susan bc1878, Alfred b1881, Ethel b1882.

Families linked to this family group include: BURDIS, MAYO, GRAY, WILKINS, PILE, DENTON, BREWER, SYTHUM, CONDERS, HANDLOCK and BALDARO.


Research Update, 11 May 2011

Just a bit more of the Apperley jigsaw, courtesy of Mildred Humble:

Hiram APPERLEY born 1872 Newent is the same person as Henry APPERLEY1872/1873 son of George APPERLEY and Ann Jemima PHELPS. On his birth certificate he is only Hiram. He moved up to Newcastle upon Tyne to be near brother George APPERLEY born 1864 and died 1957 Gateshead on Tyne.
1901 was Head Boots at Norfolk Hotel, Grey Street. Working there also was soon to be wife, Annie SMITH, Waitress. On marriage certificate he called himself Henry Hiram.

Annie Elizabeth APPERLEY b 1902 Newcastle, died 1916 Newcastle.
Ethel Mabel APPERLEY b 1903 Newcastle, died 1986 Newcastle
Margaret Alice APPERLEY b Jul 1910 Newcastle, died Jul 2007 Newcastle
Henry Hiram APPERLEY b Dec 1914 Newcastle upon Tyne died 2000 Romford Essex

We have a photograph of George b1864 and he is very like his father George b1835 We have no photographs of Hiram Henry as another part of the family had them and we have lost contact, but my husband said he was very like the photograph of George b1835 posted on your site.

My thanks to Mildred for the additional information. Rosie


Family Code R1 (K1/HH1)

New Researcher: October 2005  Rachel's ancestor is Sarah APPERLEY bap 30 March 1820 Newent, daughter of William APPERLEY, woodcutter, b 28 Apr 1799 Kempley, 24 Dec 1820 Newent = Ann CHILD d by '51


Rachel of South Wales:  I am connected with the Apperley/Clifford family of Newent and Cliffords Mesne.

My great great grandmother was Comfort Jane CLIFFORD and her parents were Sarah APPERLEY b 1819, as APLEY, Gloucester Dec Q 1841= William CLIFFORD b 1791.

Sarah married twice and her second husband was James WARREN b 8/11/1833 (marriage reg Sept Q 1855 Newent).  Sarah's parents were William APPERLEY b28/4/1799 and Ann CHILD.



 e Code NZ12 (K1)

Margaret Joan died in 1986 NZ.  Her father, Frederick John APPERLEY, was born 8 Jul 1886 Clifford's Mesne, Newent.


Denise Powell (of New Zealand): Looking for information on Margaret Joan APPERLEY, born 1919 in Lower Hutt, New Zealand.



e      Code ST3  

Research Update, July 2007

This is proving to be a very interesting tree! In the light of newly available research (from the TIDCOMBE line), questions have been raised about the top of the tree and some of the dates of burial.  There is also the possibility that the marriage of John APPERLEY and Sarah CROOME in 1688 at Cromhall gave rise to this tree through Cromhall and Tortworth births.

I will try to reflect as much of the new information as possible on the births database.  I have tried to summarise the tree as far as it is understood below.  If you have something to add, please let us know! Rosie

At the top of the tree is John APPERLEY who married Ann MANN on 11 Jun 1776 at Woodford Berkeley.  His son, William, bap 1783 Berkeley=1808 Berkeley, Hester CROOME, daughter of Sarah bur Tortworth.  They had 9 known children:

  • William b1809 Wick bap 1810 Berkeley, tailor, enlisted in the Royal Marines 1830 for 21 yrs;1844 Portsea = Sarah BUSH (MEATON); Emigrated to US from Liverpool on 'Siddon' arriving 1855 in Philadelphia en route to Utah;1878=Mary MYERS b Wick; (Mormon Pioneer Overland Travel diary 1855).

  • Hester b1812 Berkeley; (1)=George TIDCOMBE of Farmborough bc 1780 d 1853 (formerly 1804 St John's Bedminster=Ann APPLY bc1775, d 1831 bur Farmborough )> son George TIDCOMBE b reg B1838 Clifton, schoolmaster
    (2)=Joseph PRITCHARD, butcher, bc1825/6 Bristol> son Joseph PRITCHARD bc1850 Bristol
    New Street, St James, Bristol; NB: Joseph went on to marry Hester's niece, Sarah.

  • John b1814 Woodford;  nailer / blacksmith, 1836 Berkeley=Mary Ann WHAYMAN bc1810-1830 Dursley; lived in Cam

  • George b1818 Berkeley.

  • Sarah b1821 Berkeley; =George PERKINS, possibly March Q 1871 Cheltenham.  He died later that year leaving her as a widow living on her own means in Woodford.

  • Emmanuel b1823 Berkeley d reg D1892 Thornbury, nailer;  (1)=Kezia? bur 1872 Stone; (2) C1872 Thornbury=Mary BEARD; (3) D1883 Thornbury=Ann EXELL bc1838)

  • Hannah b1825 Berkeley; =C. KING, lived in London.

  • Joseph b1828 Berkeley, (?d 1846 or d reg B1874 Dursley) nailer/21 years in Royal Artillery

  • Thomas b1830 Berkeley

John APPERLEY b1814,=Mary Ann WHAYMAN had at least 6 known children:

  • Sarah bc1835-7 Woodford, Berkeley, A1857 Bristol= Joseph PRITCHARD, her aunt Hester APPERLEY's second husband.

  • Hester b 1839 Woodford, Berkeley.

  • William b1841 Woodford, Berkeley.

  • Hannah b1844 Cam, 1864=David TILEY d 1871>Ada S; Albert J.

  • George b1847 Cam, d 1850 Cam.

  • John b1849 Cam, platelayer.


Maggie Silver: Researching the family of Esther APPERLEY daughter of William APPERL(E)Y bap 30 Nov 1783 Berkeley, bur All Saints, Stone 1843, 4 Dec 1808 Berkeley=Hester GROOM(E), ag lab, bc1787 Thornbury.  Esther married George TIDCOMBE from Farmborough.  He previously married Ann APPLY, but I don't know if she is related.



e  Code ST22

Research Update: September 2006

Nicola Apperley is also researching Stroud APPERLYs.  At the top of her tree is William APPERLY whose son John, bap 22 Sept 1746 Stroud, died 1824,=Mary  and fathered at least 8 children all baptised in Stroud: William 1769; Samuel 1771; Richard b and d 1774; Sarah 1776; Hester 1779; John 1781; William b and d 1788; Anne 1785.

John APPERLY, shoemaker, bap 14 Mar 1781 Stroud,  (1) 26/12/1804 Stroud=Mary Beard; (2)14 Feb 1809  Stroud by banns=Sophia EVANS bc 1781, d/bur 23 Sep 1829, bur St Cyr Stonehouse.  John had a daughter Elizabeth bap 1806 Stroud and a son bap 1809 Stroud.  John jnr was transported in 1834.

Nicola Apperley (of Australia): STROUD, Gloucestershire, UK. Researching John APPERLY, son of John and Sophia nee EVANS who were married in Stroud on Feb 14th 1809. I have been told it was John snr's 2nd marriage. John jnr was christened in Stroud on Dec 14th 1809, he was charged twice, the 1st time being 5 Sept 1831 age 20 from Stroud and was a shoemaker Q/Gc5/4. 2nd time on the 14th Feb 1834 aged 23 Stroud Q/Gc5/5, this time the charge was H'way robbery and sentenced at Gloucester Assizes March 29th 1834 to life and transported to Australia on the 'Henry Tanner'. After 7 years he was granted land. John jnr is my husband's



e  Code ST6

Research Update: December 2004                                     

Eileen Forscutt's main line descends from Joseph APPERLEY/HAPPERLEY b1798 Westbury on Severn, son of Phoebe (?born 1775 Westbury on Severn daughter of Mary?)  William b1824 Little Shurdington was one of Joseph=Anne CLARKE's 8 children.

Rachel Kiernan is descended from Elizabeth b1858, daughter of William APPERLEY/HAPPERLEY b1824 Little Shurdington

Nick Apperley is a descendant of another son, Job, b1829 Little Shurdington=Susan HATCH, who became a miller in Shifnall, Telford and had at least 3 children including William Henry bc1861.  His son, George b1904, was the grandfather of Nick Apperley.

Rachel Kiernan:  My gg grandfather was William APPERLEY, who was born in Little Shurdington, Gloucester in 1824, and christened there 25 Dec 1824. He married Mary Ann McLAUGHLIN on 1 May 1850 in Gippsland, Victoria, Australia. They had 13 children: - Harriet, Sarah, Caroline, William, Elizabeth, Mary, Alice, Joseph, Henry, George, James, Arthur and Annie. When William married Mary his name had changed to HAPPERLEY. My great grandmother was Elizabeth HAPPERLEY b 16 Oct 1858, Sale, Gippsland, Victoria, Australia. She died 23 Aug 1922, Porirua, New Zealand, and is buried at Hawera Cemetery, NZ. She married Samuel PROUT who was born at sea off Australia on the 'Elizabeth' 14 May 1850. He died 11 Nov 1925 at Hawera, NZ and is buried at Hawera Cemetery, NZ. Samuel was christened at Melbourne, Aus on 6 Nov 1850.

Elizabeth and Samuel had 16 children, all born in Aus. They were William, Elizabeth, Samuel, Issac, Mary, Ada, Alice, Amelia, George, Robert, Ethel, Eva, Hugh, Joseph, Percy and Jessie.

When the family emigrated to NZ in the early 1900s, Elizabeth, the daughter stayed in Aus as she was married. Ada, Alice, Hugh and Jessie had already died in childhood. They emigrated to the Taranaki area of New Zealand. My grandfather is George PROUT.


Andrea Kreymborg is descended from Caroline APPERLEY/HAPPERLEY, daughter of William b1824=Mary Ann McLAUGHLIN.  Caroline married Gustav KREYMBORG in Australia.


Nick Apperley is trying to assist the research of his father, John Derek, son of George b1904=Amelia.  George was the son of William Henry, a farmer groom (died in 1950) who may have married three times and appears to have moved along the River Severn during his life.  William Henry was the son of Job from Cam


Eileen Forscutt (of Australia): My gt.x3 grandparents were Joseph (labourer) and Ann APPERLEY/HAPPERLEY of Little Shurdington, Badgeworth, Gloucestershire. Their children were John b.11 June 1826, Joseph b.3 Feb 1828, Job b.11Oct 1829, Edwin b.17 July 1831 and my grandfather William HAPPERLEY  b.1825, a bootmaker. We have no record of his death or when he came to Australia. He married Mary Ann McLAUGHLIN (b.1835 Dublin) in 1850 in Tarraville, Victoria, Australia and was possibly a widower at the time of marriage.

Children of William HAPPERLEY:

Harriet (b.1753 Lindenow) - married James SOMERVILLE 1873 (my gt. grandparents) (their children: James, Phillip John, Charles Campbell, Mary Ann, Louis, & Arthur Weston (my grandfather - have family history)

Sarah Ann (b. 1853) Lindenow

Caroline (b. 1854) married Gustave KREYMBORG (their children: Caroline, Lily Grace, Herman, Robert, Bismark, Rudolph, Lena and Alice) - have most of history

Elizabeth (b.1854) married Samuel PROUT ? emigrated to New Zealand (children: Samuel, Ada Louisa, Alice, Amerlia, Ethel, Eva, Hugh, Jessie, James, Percy, & Robert & ? 3 others

William Jnr., (b. 1857) Tarraville

Mary Blanche (b.1861 Lindenow) married Mads Jensen PETERSEN (both buried Coongulmerang). Children: Mary Ann Perl & Peter Hansen

Alice (b. 1861 Alberton) married John McKAY. Children: William, Alice Maude, Augustine

Joseph (b. 1864 Tarraville) , Henry (b.1866), George (b. 1868 Lucknow)

Annie Jane (b.1868 Lucknow) married Duncan HARRIS - children - Annie Jean & Roy James

Grant (b.1870), Arthur Herbert (b. c1872), died 1917 Beechworth  



e   Code E1

March 2004

This researcher is interested in the APPERLEYs of Eastcombe, Gloucester and Cheltenham.

Vicki Morrison:  My ancestor is Raymond John APPERLEY, b Eastcombe, (reg 1906 Stroud), who married Stella Noelle CHEESMAN, b 1912 Cheltenham.  Raymond  was the son of William George APPERLEY (?reg Sep Q 1878 Gloucester) who was the teacher in charge of the British School (now St. Augustine's Church) in Eastcombe nr Stroud.  Raymond died 31 Dec 1962 and was buried in Cheltenham.


If anyone is interested in William George APPERLEY, or Eastcombe history, there are 2 excellent publications whose photographs will be of interest:

 1.  The unknown Cotswold village: Eastcombe 1500 - 1980 by M.D. Lambert and Juliet Shipman  (1981) (ISBN 0 7049 0491 8)

2.  Eastcombe: a Cotswold village in pictures by M.D. Lambert and Juliet Shipman (1984)  In this book W.G. Apperley is described as having "a fine turn of speed and once vaulted the schoolyard fence to nab an escaping schoolboy before he could get beyond Berwick House."

We would be interested to know if W.G. Apperley was the brother of John ( birth reg 1880 Gloucester) and the son of George bc1855/6 Cheltenham, a brewer's assistant,=Eliza(beth) bc1856/7 Gloucester, who lived in Stratton Rd, Gloucester.  Are they part of the 'brewing Apperleys' (Laburnham brewery etc.)? Rosie


e   November 2003


Peter Bruges: Researching the BRUGGE/BRIDGES/BRYDGES/BRUDGES family of Ley, Weobley, Herefordshire and particularly the family that resided at The Ley.  I am interested to discover more about the links between the BRUGES and the APPERLEY families, especially the relationship between Thomas BRUGES of Coberley and the APPERLEY family.



e   Code ST5

Autumn 2003

Vicki is researching the APPERLEYs of Minchinhampton, Hampton Field, Uley and Berkeley.  At the top of her tree are William APPLEY, Uley 21 Oct 1817=Charlotte AUSTIN bc1789, bur Berkeley 29 Dec 1840.  Their daughter, Caroline, bap 16 May 1820 Berkeley, was the mother of William Henry William Henry b Uley 1845, A1868 Stroud (Feb 1868 Minchinhampton)=Mary Ann IND bc1841-5 Hampton Fields dc1940.  They farmed at Peaches Farm, Minchinhampton.  They had at least 6 children: Emma b1869, Ada Lavinia b1871, William Henry b1874, Frederick b1875, Ellen Flora b1877 and Alfred George b1879. 

Katie Elizabeth, the missing gt gt grandmother, daughter of William Henry and Mary Ann, was registered as HAPPERLEY and was baptised 2 Aug 1868 Minchinhampton.

Vicki (of Australia):  My gt grandmother was born Kate Crisilda HIND on 15 Feb 1897 in Cirencester to a (Emmanuel) Frederick Hind and Kate Hind nee APPERLEY who, I believe, were married in 1895.  I cannot find a birth date for my gt gt grandmother Kate.  My gt grandmother was brought up by a family of APPERLEYs that included, at the helm, a Mary Ann APPERLEY married to William Henry APPERLEY bc1845. 



e   Code BC41

October 2003

 Nicole is joining her sister, Roberta,  in the search for their APPERLEY ancestors.

Nicole Dawn Apperley (b 8 Sep 1966):  Researching the APPERLEY ancestors of her  birth father, Roger John APPERLEY, b 16 June 1937 Birmingham, d 21 March 2000 Santa Cruz (Nicole's birth mother: Merry Ann LAKE b 12 March 1944 Canada).  Roger's father, Frederick George, was a storekeeper at the Nestle's Cocoa Works and the family lived at 30 Lower White Rd, Quinton, Birmingham. 


Roberta Wood (born Apperley of California, USA): QUINTON, BIRMINGHAM, UK, Frederick George APPERLEY, (b.1911? d. Congleton 1980?) who married Nora (Eleanor) Winifred MILNE (b.1900? d.1969 Portsmouth?) and had a son Roger APPERLEY, b.1937, Quinton, Birmingham.  



e   Code AM40 connected to ST23

Researcher Update March 2007:  There are still problems with areas of this tree.  Hopefully further research this year will resolve queries.

It has  been suggested that this marriage is not correct and may be that of  John APPERLEY,  former clothier b Rodborough 1778, 'of Minchinhampton',  8 Jun 1802 Stonehouse=Mary FLIGHT(S)  See Code ST7

The relevant marriage is probably that of John APPERLEY and Mary WITCOMB who married by licence at Matson on the 23 Jan 1803  (Stroud ref Q3/38 p38 GLS RO)>Thomas bap 1809 Brookthorpe,=Charlotte BUTLER, >George bap 1844 Longney,=Bertha GRIFFIN.

However, Anne's great grandfather (Julia's father) was George bap 1851 Longney,=Delila BROWNING.  His group lived in the same area, Haresfield, as the Apperley group above.  However, he is the son of William bap 1821 Longney/Longdon, 1850 Wheatenhurst,=Hannah ALLEN, the son of Thomas b1793 Taynton, 1819 Tewkesbury=Ann SUMMERS (ST23 tree)

Anne E. Martin:  Researching descendants of John APPERLEY who married Mary FLIGHT(S) in Stonehouse parish church on 8 June 1802.  Some of the surnames on her tree include BRYANT, BUTLER and GRIFFIN (sometimes GRIFFITHS).  Her grandmother, Julia Ann Eliza APPERLEY, married Henry Thomas MANN, a horse dealer, in 1902 in Sandhurst parish church.  Birth/baptismal places include Longney, Wheatenhurst and Brookthorpe.

Since Anne is not on the Internet, please contact me and I will forward any messages to her. Rosie


e   Code AF

August 2003.  This researcher may be known to some of you already.  His interest lies in the Herefordshire area.

Adrian Fenton:  Researching APPERLEY at Leominster in the 17th and 18th centuries, up to 1750, and Edward APPERLEY anywhere pre 1650.



e  August 2003.  This researcher is interested in APPL(E)Y as a forename.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Roberta Peeples: Researching the origin of the first name of "Appley/Apply" in my THOMAS/PASCOE line. Appley as a first name in Cornwall is nearly unheard of, so much so that every single one I've found has traced back into the same line.  Suggestions that the name may have been derived from "Appolonia" or be a Quaker name (Apply, Chastity, Hope, etc.) do not ring true for this family. They were a Cornish mining family, illiterate, entrenched in the Church of England, and had very traditional first names other than the name Appley. I've always felt the name was a surname.  The earliest "Apply" I have found so far is Apply PASCOE, chr.1735 Wendron Parish, daughter of James & Elizabeth.



e    Christopher Harwood (of England):  I am researching my 6 x great grandmother Alice APPERLEY who married Edward HORWOOD of Tytherington on 11th Sep 1662 at Thornbury.  She made her will on 11th Jun 1713 (proved 11 Feb 1716) at Grovesend, (Alveston Psh) where her son John HORWOOD/HARWOOD was farming.  Does anyone know where Alice came from or where she died and was buried? 



e    Updated 30 March 2010: Lynton Sharat Apperley ( of South Africa): My father, Archibald Joseph APPERLEY, was born in England, 12th Jan 1914.


He was the son of Adolphus Archibald APPERLEY, a soldier, bap 25 Jul 1881 Stroud, Gloucestershire, b reg Sept Q 1881 Stroud as 'Adolphus Archibald W Apperley', d reg June Q 1962 Gloucester City as 'Adolphus A W Apperley', aged 80, and Florence M Milnes, who were married twice: 15 Oct 1911 St Gregory the Gt, reg December Q 1911 Canterbury=Florence M. MILNES; 14 Feb 1913 Plaistow KENT, March Q 1913 Bromley =Florence M. MILNES.  Adolphus and two other Apperly boys, Harry and Herbert appear as inmates born Rodborough on the 1891 Stroud Union Workhouse census form. Rosie


e  Code STF13

Delia Wyers:  Researching husband's APPERLEY ancestry of PERSHORE and REDDITCH Worcestershire. 

John and Mary APPELY had two sons, William and Thomas, both bap Pershore 1811.  William, a jobbing labourer, married Sarah (RUSSELL of Pershore in Worcester  in 1835) and had at least 3 children, Thomas, Edwin and Emma. 

Thomas (birth and marriage certificate show surname as APPERLEY), bap 1857 Redditch, was a needlepointer who married Annie CHATTAWAY at Beoley in  1876, and had at least 10 children: Elizabeth (married George HAWKES, master baker of Shrewsbury, in Redditch 1901), Emily, Frederick, Agnes, Edith, Clara, George, Mary, Bernard and Dolly. 

Edwin, a needle header, was born in Pershore 1838 and married Priscilla BEARD in Birmingham in 1859.  Their children were Alice, William, Florence, Edwin (married Lizzie MERRYMAN), Lavinia (married Alfred TILLESLEY), Edgar, Elizabeth.

Who were John and Mary APPELY?  Where were they born?



e  Code D14

January 2008

I would like to thank Roy Apperley for his information about his great grandfather, grandfather and father, which has helped our understanding of this part of the D14/ST25 tree: George Henry APPERLEY b March 1862 Fownhope, reg A1862 Hereford, d 29 Oct 1920 from tetanus following an accident at work on the railways, bur Normanton W. Yorkshire, (youngest son of Richard bap 26 April 1812, Liverpool A1843= Alice WARING of Liverpool), 1891 Burton Staffs=Ellen Amelia CHAPMAN b1867 Castle Gresley.  Their son, Albert Edward, b 22 Sept 1904 Normanton, d 13 Nov 1991 Leeds.

Gary Clarke is descended from Richard APPERLEY who married Ann MUTLER in Fownhope in 1769 and had at least 5 children.  His son, Richard b1780 Fownhope=Mary EDWARDS, founded the line made distinctive by the adoption of the EDWARDS middle name.  It is linked to the Herefordshire APPERLEYs being researched by Joan Cameron (ST4).  Another son, Thomas, b1783 Fownhope=Mary WILLIAMS, produced Richard b1812 Fownhope=Alice WARING who had at least 5 children, including Agnes Alice, Gary's great grandmother.

Updated April 2003:  It is likely that this tree is connected to Gerry Apperley's tree (ST25) as Gerry's probable great great grandfather, Thomas b18 Jan 1807, the son of Thomas b 22 April 1783 Fownhope, 4 Dec 1805=Mary WILLIAMS bc1784, was the brother of Gary Clarke's great great grandfather Richard b26 April 1812 Fownhope=Alice WARING.

Gary Clarke: FOWNHOPE. My g.great grandmother was born Agnes Alice APPERLEY at Fiddlers Green, Fownhope in August 1857. She married John HEARD in Chester-le-Street, Durham where they can be found in the 1881 census. Agnes's parents were Richard APPERLEY and Alice WARING.



e Linked with  Code D14

March 2007: David Ronald Apperley, Gerry Apperly, Gail Ingram, Beth Mitchell, Candy Seal Machen and Loraine McCormick are all descended from the same tree.  At its head is Thomas APPERLEY bc1807 who married Hannah HATTON.  Thomas died in 1866.

It is probable that Thomas b18 Jan 1807 was the son of Thomas b 22 April 1783 Fownhope, 4 Dec 1805=Mary WILLIAMS bc1784.  As a result, it is likely that Gary Clarke's tree (D14) is connected to Gerry's tree as Gerry's probable great great grandfather, Thomas b18 Jan 1807, the son of Thomas b 22 April 1783 Fownhope, 4 Dec 1805=Mary WILLIAMS bc1784, was the brother of Gary Clarke's great great grandfather Richard b26 April 1812 Fownhope=Alice WARING.

Gerry Apperly (of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada): I am the son of Victor Clark APPERLY(b 17 Oct 1925 d 8 Apr 1998) and Frances Elizabeth BALL.  Victor was the son of Eugene Francis APPERLEY (b 9 Aug 1872 d 1943) and Mary Ellen CLARK.  Eugene was the son of Thomas James APPERLEY (b 1854 d 1926) and Sarah Ann WHITE (b 1848 d 1902). My grandfather, Thomas APPERLEY, was born in England about 1807.  He married Hannah HATTON, born in England in 1814.  Their children include John Clark b 1836, Mary Ann b 1842, Thomas James b 1845, James b 1848, William b 1850, Francis Hatton b 1852, and Arthur McNeil b 1856.  The first two children were born in the United States, the rest were born in York County, Canada West.  Thomas died in 1866 and Hannah in 1893 in Simcoe County, Ontario, Canada. My gt. grandfather, Thomas James APPERLEY, married Sarah WHITE, born in Canada West in 1848 to Irish parents, 4 Nov 1868.  They homesteaded near Whitewood, Northwest Territories (now Saskatchewan), Canada in 1882.  Their children include John William b 1869, Francis James b 1871, Eugene Francis b 1872, Thomas German b 1874, Adrian b 1876, Waldemar b 1880, Bellaethelbert b 1881, Harry Garfield b 1882, Frederick b 1886, Victor, Gladys, and Vernon.  Sarah died in 1902 and Thomas James died in 1926. The oldest record I have of Thomas and Hannah is the census of 1851 in York County, Canada West.  I don't know where or when they married.  I assume they travelled from England to the United States sometime before 1836 and entered Canada between 1842 and 1845.  I have several documents listing the place of birth of the two oldest children as the United States, but I don't know whereabouts.


Gail Ingram (of Canada): My great grandfather was Thomas APPERLEY (from Wales, a stonemason) married Sara WHITE  from Ireland and came to Canada to live in Ontario. His brother and sisters were Annie, Jennie, Hilda, Freeman (went to Florida), Gray. Their children were Eugene, Tom, Waldron, John, Vern, Bert, Fred (went to Detroit), Gladys (died 1921 age 21 Ontario), Victor (drowned WW I training camp, buried Seattle, Washington) and Adrian my grandfather who married Edith WESTHAVER. Adrian and Edith went to Saskatchewan, Canada (buried Whitewood) and had Gladys, Buster, Clarence, Glen, Irena, Florence, Bert, Edna, Dorthey, Goldie.  

No current e-mail address available.

Beth Apperley Mitchell (of Canada): I am the eldest of five children to Ronald Tweedy APPERLEY(born 11 May 1936, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan) and Margaret Catherine Aitkenhead. Ronald was the only child of Arthur Samuel APPERLEY, plasterer, (born 8 Jun 1907, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, died 11 Dec 1972) and Rita Kathleen EVERETT (born 11 Nov 1912, Prince Albert, died July 1976) who married 27 Jul 1935. Arthur's parents were Francis APPERLEY(general contractor) and Agnes Tweedy (teacher). All my great aunts and great uncles were born in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada 


March 2007

David Ronald Apperley, (Beth Mitchell 's brother):  I am making the attempt of putting a family history together.  I have included a picture I have of our paternal grandfather Arthur Samuel APPERLEY and grandmother Rita Everett APPERLEY (left) and another of our parents Ronald and Margaret APPERLEY on their wedding day (right).


Candy Seal Machen:  My great grandfather was Thomas James APPERLEY , known as John, b 5 Jan 1844 in York Co Ontario, d Sep1926 Whitewood, who married Sara WHITE and had 12 children: John William Arthur, Francis James, Eugene Raymond, Thomas German, Waldemar, Adrian, Bellethelbert, Harry Garfield, Frederick b1886, Earl Victor, Gladys, and Vernon b1893. 

Vernon, b Dec 1893, married Ina Emmeline PADY, b 12 Aug 1900, d 8 Aug 1973, on 22 Jul 1919 on Ina's mother's farm at Zehner, Saskatchewan. Their children were: Gladys Earline, Sarah, Verna Kathleen, Ina, Thomas James, Alice Margery and Vernon Warfield (Butch).

Vernon's brother, Frederick, was my grandfather and he was born in Jan 1886 and died 26 Jul 1968.  He married Eldora NUTTER and had 5 children: Omer, Mary, Margaret, Leila, Doris.  Mary Fern is my mother.


I am sorry to report that Lorraine passed away 1 August 2006.

e    Lorraine (Apperley) McCormick:  I am the great great granddaughter of Thomas APPERLEY (1807-1866) and Hannah HATTON (1814-1893).  My great grandparents were Thomas James APPERLEY (1844-1926) and Sarah Ann WHITE (1848-1902), and my grandparents were John William Arthur APPERLEY (1866-1940) and Jane (Jennie) ROUSAY (1873-1899).  John was the eldest of 12 children born to Thomas and Sarah.  When my father, Alva APPERLEY (1898-1964), was six months old his mother died and he lived with Thomas and Sarah until Sarah passed away in 1902.  That same year John married Martha Jane STEEL (1866-1955).  They had one daughter, Mabel Eveline. 

In 1881 Thomas James Apperley along with his wife Sarah and family came west from Ontario to Brandon, Manitoba.  Then in the spring of 1882, leaving his wife and family in Brandon, Thomas came on to Whitewood, North West Territories (now Saskatchewan) to locate his homestead.  He then returned to Brandon to work at his trade of brick and stonemason.  It was Thomas who built the first brick building in Brandon, the Bobier Hotel.  He and his family then moved to Whitewood.    I have a lot of information I would be willing to share on our branch of the family, birth and death dates, etc. for many in the family.  Would also love to have more information on Thomas and Hannah's ancestors as well as their children.  


e   Code ST11

Chris Larkin is descended from Thomas APPERLEY, bc1801 Sollers Hope=Sarah; their daughter, Eliza b1824 Cheltenham=George STEPHENS; their daughter, Sarah Arabella STEPHENS b1846 Cheltenham=John JUETT; their daughter, Eliza JUETT=Thomas Henry LARKIN (who were Chris's grandparents). 

Eliza b1824 had at least two siblings, but they did not marry, as far as we know.  Another of Eliza's 6 children, Elizabeth, was the grandmother of Edna ANTROBUS.  Sadly, Mrs. Antrobus died in 2001 before we were able to put her in contact with other relatives.

Chris Larkin (of Southend-on-Sea, Essex): My great-great grandmother was named Eliza APPERLEY, daughter of Thomas APPERLEY, wood-sawyer and his wife Eliza.  She was baptised in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire in 1824.

Thomas APPERLEY, was born in Sollers Hope, Herefordshire about 1801(from the 1851 Census at which time he was resident in Cheltenham).

Eliza APPERLEY, married George STEPHENS on 29th July 1844 at Hempstead, near Gloucester.  Their daughter, my great-grandmother Sarah Arabella STEPHENS, was born 13th Nov 1846 in Cheltenham.  The family moved to South London at some stage because the next that I know of my great-grandmother is that she was married in 1865 in Bermondsey, to John JUETT, a lighterman.

I'd be pleased to hear from anyone with knowledge of these individuals. 




Nigel Apperley: FOREST OF DEAN (Gloucestershire), NOTTINGHAM, DERBY, CONGLETON and WIRRAL,



e  Code ST20

Michael Blackwell and Esme Harford are researching the same family tree.  It may be connected with ST6 as the top of this tree features William APPERLEY=Elian(or) who had at least 3 children baptised in the Stone and Hill areas of Gloucestershire (the first being Elizabeth bap 1748 Stone).  Mary b1755 Hill may be the mother of Phoebe APPERLEY, b1775 Westbury on Severn.


Michael Blackwell: HILL (Thornbury area) Gloucestershire. My grandmother Mary APPERLEY married Peter FRENCH at Hill, Gloucestershire on 20 Sep 1787.  Mary was probably the daughter of William APPERLEY and Elian christened in Hill on 7 September 1755.  I should like to find out more about this APPERLEY line.



Esme' Harford (of NZ): HILL, Gloucestershire. Researching Mary APPERLEY, bpt at Hill on 7.9.1755. parents were probably William APPERLEY and Elian (Elioner). Mary was my grandmother. Would like to find  possible marriage of  William and Elian and her maiden name.



e  Code HF29

Updated 12 June 2011

Derek Hepburn: My interest is in the APPERLEY family of  Much Marcle namely Thomas APPERLEY (b 1674 =1697 Llandinabo)  Elianor (neeBIGGS) and their children, and the children of George (bap 1708) and Ann (nee KING).  My interest arises from Ann APPERLY baptised 1739 and married in 1762 in Much Marcle.


(It may be of interest to know that  Ann APPERLY bap 1739 married 10 Jun 1762 Much Marcle=William JENKINS, and her brother Thomas bap 1735, son of George b1708=Ann KING, 1st=:Manchester Cathedral, 30 Sept 1756=Ann BESWICK bur 2 March 1863 Ross on Wye; 2nd=: 3 Feb 1766 Ross=Hester /Esther PARTRIDGE b 1 Nov 1737 Ross, d 1808 widow of Monmouth, daughter of John=Anne nee JONES of Ross.  Their son, John (Joe) Beswick APPERLEY bap 9 July 1757 Ross on Wyew, bur 15 May 1816 Ross on Wye, =Mary BISHOP.  See Kate Wingrove's line from Thomas=Esther)


Roy Fleming (of Canada): My grandfather is Arthur APPERLEY from Toronto, Canada. Born approx. 1887.  Emily Terresa SMITH was his second wife.