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Chronological List of References to Apperley Individuals 

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1190 Roger de APPELEA, (P (Ha))
c1212 First reference to Apperley Manor in Gloucestershire.  See note on Apperley Estates at the bottom of the page.
1221 Thomas de APPERLEYE, Gloucester Assize Rolls
           Richard de APPERLEE, Gloucester Assize Rolls
1229 20 June Letters of attorney re Walter de Bello Campo who was setting out for Scotland with the King under names of Mr William de APPERLE and Robert de Norwyco until Christmas.  Newburn. (Roll C67/14)
1268 Roger de APPLEYE, AssSo
1269 de Apperleg, de Appelegh, AssSo
1272 - 1307 (n.d. [temp. Edw. I]) Nicholas de APPERLEYE was one of the witnesses to Robert de Dounton, son and heir of Letuaria de Kyngeston, granting Sir Thomas de Berkel' the homage and service of Sir John de Acton for the land which John held of Robert in Kingeston. Thomas gave Robert 100s. ref GC1335, Berkeley Castle Muniments
1272 - 1307 Richard de APPERLEYE one of witnesses to the grant: William le Riche of Snedman to German de Tonebrugge and his wife Katherine of a messuage and a half-virgate, and rent of 7d in the vill of Snedham, within the king's barton of Gloucester, for which he received 10. Berkeley Castle Muniments, ref GC1521
c1275  Simon de APPERLEYA, Robert son of Peter de APPERLEYA; Richard Pauncevot of Walton; Robert of Yuinton, Robert of Wyffeld, Adam de la Grave, Stephen Waukelin, Robert Gerand, etc witnesses on deed re Staverton and Deerhurst. GLS Archives., ref D326/T155

1275 Richard de APPERLEGH, Sandhurst Subsidy Rolls

1277 Robert de APPERLEYE one of witnesses at Inquisition post mortem at Gloucester re late Ralph Hackebon's Tewkesbury messuage
1279 John de Apperley was appointed ?
1280 (approx) Walter APPERLEE, Worcester Subsidy Rolls
1280 (approx) Thomas de APPERLEYE, Worcester Subsidy Rolls
1284 'Mag John de APPERLEY';  'John de Apperle, the v., and to ascertain their names: also to summon Walter de Apperle, layman, and John de Apperle his bro., cl.,'  YAS Record Series, vol 107
pre 1290  Nicholas de APPERLEGH one of witnesses on Long Ashton deeds. Other witnesses include: Adam de Buttone, Robert de Acton, Ralph de Lyuns, William de Gatecumbe, lord John de Sancto. Bristol R.O., ref AC/D/1/4 and AC/D/1/6

1284-1285 payments to Nicholao de APPERLEGH re property in Ayston

1293 Lady Alice de Apperley [Glos] creditor, John le Waleys, knight, lord of Hutton [Winterstoke Hundred, Somerset] debtor owing her 14 2s. 7d. Before Simon de Bourton, Mayor of Bristol; Richard de Calne, Clerk.
When taken: 2 July 1292, First term: 29 March 1293. Last term: 29 June 1293  Writ to: Sheriff of Somerset sent by Simon de Bourton, Mayor of Bristol; Richard de Calne, Clerk.  National Archives ref C 241/31/132
1294 William de APPERLE (Master William of APPERLEY) (elsewhere APERLY, APPERLEYE, APPIRLE)  Rector of St Bartholomew (Brightwell Baldwin, OXON) presented by Lord Thomas de Parco (ord 13 March 1294; pr 27 Feb 1295) The Rolls and Register of Bishop Oliver Sutton 1280 -1299, vol 69
1297 William de APPERLEY, Dean of St Mary's, Warwick

1298 - 9 19 February  Sir William de APPERLE accused of allowing Geoffrey le Power to escape custody. Defence offered. Calendar: Roll C: 17 Feb 1299 - 14 Oct 1300

1299 24 November  Mr William de APPERLEYE mentioned (re Protections) [Michaelmas]
1299 -1300  12 March  Master William de APPERLE appeared before Geoffrey de Norton, Richer de Refham, Alderman, and Symon de Parys, Chamberlain.  Acknowledgement of sum of 60 marks + damages from Gido Bertaud of one of Italian mercantile companies.   Folios 40 - 49b, Calendar of letter-books of the city of London: B: 1275-1312 (1900), pp. 90-109
1300 28 June  Mr William de APPERLE (re Protections)
1301 20 May Mr William de APPERLE (re Protections) with the King [1 Nov] (Roll C67/14)
1301 10 Nov Mr William de APPERLE to the King.  Also mentions Walter de APPERLE [Easter] Roll 67/14)
1301 Richard de APPERLE   Rector of St Bartholomew (Brightwell Baldwin, OXON) presented by Lord Thomas de Parco
1302 William de APPERLE Rector of St Bartholomew (Brightwell Baldwin, OXON) presented by Lord Thomas de Parco
        Dispute between Ralph de Hengham Canon of church of St Mary, Warwick, and William de Apperley (Dean c1296/7) re advowson of the church of Budbrooke.

1302/3 Richard de APPELEGH  witness to Exchange document (house for croft) in Cottehegh (Cothay) 11 March. Somerset Records C/92, C/354

1303 19 May Mr William de APPERLEYE [Michaelmas] (Roll C67/15 m7)
1303 25 November Mr William de APPERLEYE with the King [Easter]
1303 Roger de APPERLEGH, one of witnesses to deed of gift (All Saints Parish, Bristol) Bristol R.O. ref P/AS/D/NA 1  Other witnesses: Thomas de la Grave, Mayor. Thomas de Tylloy. Henry de Calne. Hugh Sanekyn. Richard de la Ropeselde.  Richard Bryan. John Kyft. Richard de Weston. Robert Martyn and William Gylemyn, clerks, etc
1304 12 April: (364)
Letter, Edward l to William de Gainsborough, bishop of Worcester re Mr William de
, King's clerk, who has been presented to church of Thornbury in the bishop's diocese. Now on the King's service in Scotland, and cannot be spared: can the bishop to show favour to Mr William's proctor and do all necessary re his presentation. Kinghorn [SC 1/61/17].
1304 13 August William de APPERLEY instituted and inducted as sub-deacon to the church of St Mary's, ThornburyEpiscopal Register, Worcester
1304 William de APURLEIE re John de Aubeny's land: 7 acres of meadow and 23 of arable demised to him.  Gloucester.
1306  Roger de APPERLE(I)GH burgess, from Henry de Calne, burgess (mortgage, High Street)  (All Saints Parish, Bristol) Bristol R.O. ref P/AS/D/HS A 1 (charter of feoffment and release c1315)
1307 28 April 'William , r. of Hickleton, and Walter de APPERLEY were appd as coadjutors' YAS Record Series, vol 107
1308 - 1330  undated Agreement between Abbot John and Roger of APPLEY & his wife Alice. Witnesses: Fulk Glays; John of Bruges; William ab Allow; Richard de Lake; Philip of Sheinton. SA D593/A/1/15/7 Lilleshall documents relating to Welshpool More documents
c1309  Richard de APPERLEY to retain land in Twigworth acquired by Master William de APPERLEY his brother, whose heir he is, from John Daubeney [see1303], who retains land in King's Holm, Gloucester.  C143/74/12 National Archives
1309 Richard de APPELLEYGH witness to grant of messuage at Cotteheye.  Milverton 31/5/1309.  Somerset Records C/92, C/354

1310 Roger de APPERLEGH from Henry Pye (grant of easement, deed poll, Corn St) (All Saints Parish, Bristol) Bristol R.O. ref P/AS/D/CS B 1

        Roger APPURLE (charter of feoffment etc.  See 1306)  (All Saints Parish, Bristol) Bristol R.O.  ref P/AS/D/HS A 2 a,b
1313 Walter de APPELEIGH appointed by writ of abbot of Tewkesbury, his deputy, to do suit & service to  abbot of Glastonbury for lands held in the manor of Damerham (The History and Antiquities of the County of Dorset, vol III)
1314 (occ. 3 March) Walter de APPELEIGHE Prior of Cranborne, Dorset (Ctl. Glastonbury III, p636, no 1187))
c1314  William de Astone to grant land in Barton Regis to the prior and brethren of the hospital of St. Bartholomew, Gloucester, retaining land in Aston and Wormington.  Richard de APPERLEYE to grant land in Elmbridge to the same, retaining land in Culverdene.  C 143/101/17  (National Archives)
3 August 1314 Robert de APPERLEYE witness at Ipm (Grimbald Pauncefoot) at Gloucester.
1314/5 Richard de APPELEGH  witness to grant of messuage and land.  Cottehegh, 16 Feb. Somerset Records C/92, C/354
1317 Richard de APPELEGH  witness to grant of land.  Cottehegh, 8 June. Somerset Records C/92, C/354
1322  Richard de APPELEGH  witness to grant of land.  Cottehegh 9 May. Somerset Records C/92, C/354
1322 Richard de APPERLEYE and wife, Joan, to King and Council re a messuage and 2 caracutes of land, with appurtenances in Culverden, in King's Barton, Gloucester, obtained from them under threat by Henry de Willington*, although they both held the tenements, which were entailed on their heirs.  The King had obtained the tenements under forfeiture by Henry de Willington, one of the rebels in the failed baronial revolt. Endorsement - unjust while husband still alive. Nat Archives Cat Ref SC 8/6/299: Ancient Petitions Piece 251-300

* According to The Gatehouse website, 'Henricus de Wylyngton obtained, in 1318, a licence to crenellate his 'mansum' at Culverden, Gloucestershire.... there is a Willington Court in Sandhurst parish, which dates from the C16 but presumably has earlier origins. It seems entirely probably that this is the site of the Wylyngton's house'. See also 1327.

1325  Adam de APPELEGH   parson of Kydesford mentioned in quitclaim.  Witnessed by John de Appelegh.  Kydesford 10 April. Somerset Records C/92, C/354
1327 John de APPELEGH  witness to quitclaim. Cottehegh 1 August. Somerset Records C/92, C/354
1327  Richard de APPERLEGH witness at IPM re John Giffard of Brymmesfeld (Brimpsfield) at Gloucester
           Richard de APPERLEYE  petitioned the King and Council. He had a deed re the sale of his manor of Colverden [Coverdine, Culverden in Sandhurst parish, Gloucester] to Henry de Willington* for a certain sum as well as a lined robe suitable for a squire, to be received annually for the term of his life.  If the deal fell into arrears, Richard had the right to act. Since Henry was hanged and drawn at Bristol, the king had seized the manor and Richard's robes had been in arrears (for five years). He asked for his robe, together with the arrears, and said he was ready to show his deed for it. Ref SC 8/17/816 Ancient Petitions

* See 1322

        Richard (Rico) de APPERLEYE, subtaxer, paid 4s, All Saints Quarter Bristol; Roger de APPERLEYE, subtaxer, paid 5s, Virgin Mary's Quarter Bristol; Simon de APPERLEGH, paid 12d, Holy Trinity Quarter Bristol; Richard de APPERLEGH, paid 2s 5 3/4d, Sandhurst Barton by Gloucester; Robert de APPERLEYE  paid 5s 2 3/4 d, Evington (Yevynton) Westminster Hundred; Richard APPERLEYE, paid 7s 4 3/4d, Robert de APPERLEYE, paid 11 1/4d erased to 11d, Julian de APPERLEYE, paid 8d, Wightfield Manor and Apperley (Wyghtfeld and Apperleye), Gloucestershire Lay Subsidy Rolls

1329  11 November Roger DAPPERLEIGH one of witnesses re Bristolian burgess Roger TORTLE's document.  All Saints, Bristol.  Bristol RO.
1337  Richard de APPURLEYGHE from Richard Bryan (confirmation of charter of feoffment) One of witnesses Roger de APPURLEYGHE (All Saints Parish, Bristol) Bristol R.O. ref P/AS/D/F9
1338 Robert de Apperleye son of Peter de Apperleye one of people cited in schedule for for the visitation of Deerhurst parish church. ref B269b Worcester Cathedral Muniments
1339  Adam de APPELEGH   rector of Kydesford, witness to quitclaim.  Cottehegh 29 March. Somerset Records C/92, C/354
1343  John son and heir of Richard and Joan APPELEGH  mentioned in land grant.  Cotheye, 12 August. Somerset Records C/92, C/354
1345  Robert of APPERLEY appointed as keeper of Corse Forest.[c1346  Thomas Pyrk to grant land in Staverton and Apperley to a chaplain in the parish church of Staverton, retaining land there.  National Archives: C143/279/6]
1346 + 1358 Lay Subsidy Rolls for Worcester 33:
'From William Hickes of Staunton, in possession of the goods and chattels of Richard Hicks and Matthew Hickes, chaplains, who feloniously slew Robert APPERLEY, knight, and John his brother, at Corse, in the county of Gloucester, and escaped from the said county towards Staunton, in the county of Worcester, for which felony they were fugitives . . . 20s'  Could this refer to Robert cited above?  My thanks to Jodi for raising this point again.
1347  Gregory de APPELEGH  witness to rental confirmation. Cottehay, 25 April. Somerset Records C/92, C/354
1348 Johanna DAPPERLEIGH widow of Richard, bought property of late Margaret of Salop from the prior and Convent of the Praying Friars and then sold it to Thomas Babbecari.  The Great Red Book of Bristol (1931)
1354  Thomas atte Lane quitclaims Wm, the Ussher re Tewkesbury property later involving APPURLEY.  See 1427
1356  John of APPELEGH   one of men involved in early title document with Benedict Laumprey and Richard of Sydenham, Cullompton, Devon R.O. 1926 B/W/ET
1358 Robertum APPERLEY Lay Subsidy Roll, WOR
1370  Walter Appurleigh of Bristol; his quitclaim  Somerset Archive and Record service: Sanford family of Nynehead, ref DD/SF/1500

         Walter APPERLEGH/Appuleigh of Bristol to William Somerwelle, burgess. (quitclaim) The Pithay, Lewins Mead A, (All Saints Parish, Bristol) Bristol R.O., ref P/AS/D/LM A 9 and Somerset Archive and record Service; Sanfords of Nynehead, ref DD\SF/1500

1371 Walter APPURLEE witness at Ipm at St Augustine's Abbey, Bristol.
1372  Walter APPURLEE, Calendar of Inquisitions (GLS)
1374 Nicholas APPERLEY held estate at Box Manor (GLS)
1375,10 January  Walter=Elena APPURLEY: lease to Walter fellow burgess (and wife Elena) by Richard Spicer, burgess of 3 shops + cellar and 3 solars above in Bradestreet between the tenements of Thomas, Lord Berkeley and former of Richard Cantock. Yearly rent 50s 1d (All Saints Parish, Bristol) Bristol Archives. ref P.AS/D/NA 13

        Nicholas APPURLEY, Thomas de Brugge, John Mariote, Walter de Berewe, William Halliday: witnesses on inherited papers of the Every family of Eggington, Derbyshire.  Derbyshire R.O., ref D5236/9/911(i)  Complete file D5236/9/11 covers 1375-1436

1381 A moiety of Walton Manor (Walton Cardiff 1 mile from Tewkesbury): William de Chesterton, John APPERLEY, H. Best and Pet. de Woodmancote to Tewkesbury Abbey.
1382 20 January at Westminster: Feet of Fines: CP 25/1/83/48, no 18. Richard Burleye, knight, querent, and John APPURLEYE and Margaret, his wife, deforciants.  Property: A third part of the manor of Dorston, HEF.  Richard paid 100 marks of silver.
1383 Adam APPURLEYE  witness at Ipm at Tewkesbury.
1390 18 September  Nic. APPERLEY, Robt. Whytyngton, Thos. de Brugge, Robt. Heynes, Wm. Parys, some of witnesses of Hasfield deed where land was granted by John Pauncefot, lord of Hasfield, to Jn Wyggemor and his wife Alice, GLS Archives ref D640/T33
         Nic. de APPURLEYE, Thos. de Brugge, Robert Whytyngton, Wm. Parys, Robt. Heynes: witnesses of Hasfield deed, GLS Archives ref D640/T36
1391 Thomas HOPPELEYE , one of contributors to the establishment of a chantry dedicated to the Holy Rood and St James, Hereford
1400 Adam APPURLEY of Tewkesbury witness at Ipm at Cirencester.
1400  Robert Whittington succeeded Nicholas of APPERLEY as keeper of Corse Forest (for life)
1401 Licence granted by Nicholas APPURLEY and others to grant Hasfeld Manor, Gloucestershire, to Thomas de Brugge=Alice (NB former wife: Elizabeth, bc1359, daughter of Nicholas (Bristol WILL 1404), c1380 ?Bridge Sollers=Sir Thomas Brugge bc1355-9 Bridge Sollers d 7 Apr 1408, buried Eldersfield WOR, son of Baldwin de Brugge=Isabel Elizabeth de Grandison) Calendar of Patent Rolls
1413-1437  Johan APPERLE (Calendar of Plea and Memoranda Rolls in Archives of Corporation of the City of London at Guildhall)
1415 23 Oct. Robt. APPURLEY, one of people involved with Hasfield deed, (others: Jn Pauncefot knight, Jn Grym, Robt Heynes, Wm Horsham) GLS Archives ref D640/T42

1416 Lease to John APPURLEY and others of Herefordshire lands (see Wills and Documents page) Woolhope, Putley and Pixley HEF R.O. ref LC deeds 2037

1424  2nd May  Adam APPURLEY of Tewkesbury and son John mentioned re deeds of title. HEF R.O.: records of Barton Colwall Estate, ref AA26/II/83 [One shop with appurtenances in Oldebury Street, Tewkesbury, situated opposite the shambles, 3 1/4 yeards wide (front) and 5 1/4 yards wide (back)  Witnesses: John Gylmyn, John Pary, bailiff of the town, John Pole, Thomas Whythes, Geoffrey Chamburleyn, etc]
1427  14 August, (2) John APPURLEY of Tewkesbury=Magaret (parish deed) Gloucestershire R.O. D2957/302/72 [ Philip POLE and John BRASIER grant & confirm 20s rent for a half-burgage standing in Oldbury Street, Tewkesbury, between the houses of Edmund DRAPER and Thomas COLE, held for life by Simon BAKER, wife and son as tenants.  Witnessed by John AYLWYN, bailiff.
1455 Rental list of houses in Gloucester mentioned Walterus APPERLEY
1455-6  Agnes, widow of John PINKNEY, then wife of John APPURLEY, passed her interest in Cookham lands to Robert BEAUMONT

1472  Copy fine from John APERLE for not ploughing (Extracts from Halmote Books, Bishop Booth - Durham Cursitor's records No 16 p527) Durham University Library Archives CCB B/207/244530

1488 Adam APPELLEIGH, parson of Kidesford church and executor of the will of William de GRYNDENHAM The Register of Ralph of Shrewsbury, Bishop of Bath and Wells, 1329 - 1363
1516  Lease to Thomas Smyth of Ashleworth of 6 acres of meadow lying in 2 parcels at Wydenham in the demesne of Hasfield, viz (a) 4 acres belonging to the almoner of Llanthony lying between meadow of St Augustine's Abbey, Bristol, on the south and that of Deerhurst priory on the north and extending from that of the lord of Hasfield on the west to that of Deerhurst Priory held by John Williams at the east end. (b) 2 acres formerly belonging to the refectorer of Llanthony lying between meadow of the lord of Hasfield on the south and that of Guy Wyttington held by John Bele on the north and extending from the Severn on the east to the meadow of Nicholas APLEY held by Nicholas Stanshawe on the west   ........    for 30 years at 14s 4d a year to be paid to the prior or his officer.  The lessee will bear all the expenses arising there, except annual fent to the lord of Hasfield and grants to the King, regardless of inundation of rain after destruction of beasts or other misfortunes. (From the registers of Llanthony Priory.)
1522 In military survey of GLS Richard  APPURLEY, Stanton, 4
1533 - 1538  Piers APELE, British Chancery Records, vol 6, p243, bundle 714
1538 - 1544 Edmund APELL, Stafford, WOR, British Chancery Records, vol 8, p2, bundle 936
                   Edward APELL,  Stafford, WOR, British Chancery Records, vol 8, p2, bundle 936
1524  Hereford:  Rad(ulp)us APP(A)LEY; 1525  Hereford:  Raffe APP(ER)LEY; 1546  Hereford:  Ra(dul)pho APP(ER)LEY
1524  Castle Frome:  Thomas APPURLEY; 1525 Castle Frome:  Thoma APURLEY
1525 Hope Solers: Ric(ard)us APP(ER)LEY; 1544 Sollers Hope: Richard AP(ER)LEY; 1545 Sollers Hope: Richard APPURLEY; 1546 Sollers Hope: Ric(ard)us AP(ER)LEY; 1547 Sollers Hope: Ric(ard)us AP(ER)LEY
1525  Woolhope  John(ann)es APP(ER)LEY, Will(elmus) APP(ER)LEY, HEF Subsidy Rolls
1544  Woolhope Joh(ann)es AP(ER)LEY, Alson AP(ER)LEY, HEF Subsidy Rolls
           Woolhope  Alzia APP(ER)Y, Joh(ann)es Hary UPP(ER)Y, Thomas Hary UPP(ER)Y
           Yatton Rob(er)t(u)s UPP(ER)RLY
1547 - 1551 John APURLEY, Hereford, British Chancery Records, vol 9, p167, bundle 1190
1563  Nicholas Aperley, churchwarden, StantonGLS Archives GDR 20 P87
1565 Robt APPLEY and Richard Garland gent (2) mentioned in title deeds relating to Marwood, Devon ref. 1142 B/T36/41; Huish. North Devon RO
1570  Robert APPLEY, mayor and corporation of Barum re leases in Litchdon St, ref Cat 1142B/31 Barnstaple North Devon RO,  

1572, 28 June Mr. APPLEY, one of House of Commons called to conference with House of Lords re Length of Kerseys. House of Commons Journal, Vol 1 pub 1802

1573 + 1575  APPELEIGH / APPELEYGH .  Court Roll of the Manor Court of Brice Hill.  Somerset Archive and Record Service, Cat ref DD\SF/1-DD\SF/1677

1580, 4 Feb  Mr. APPLEY, one of men called to meeting re Bill for Cloths called Tauntons, Bridgewaters, and Chards.  House of Commons Journal, Vol 1 pub 1802

1585 APPLEY v. Cade, Barnstaple Borough ref. B1/46/516 North Devon RO
1603 4 March)  - 27 March 1625  Hurdman v APPERLEY; Wielde alias Willdes; Heringe and Davies.  Hereford.  Ref National Archives: STAC 8/161/19
        4 March)  - 27 March 1625  Collins v APPERLEY and others, Hereford.  Ref National Archives: STAC 8/92/114
1608 Men and Armour list for GLS: Richard Aparry, brodewever, 2m, Leonard Stanley; John APERLY, Todington, Sir John Tracy; Walter Aperry, husbandman, 2 ca, King's Stanley; David Apparry at Longford, servant to Richard Helland; John APPERLEY, labourer, 2p, Botlowe, Dymock,  Gyles Fforster; Edward APPERLEY, 1ca, for Pawle Tracy Esq. Key: 1 = about 20 years of age; 2 = about 40 years of age; p = tall enough for pikeman; m = tall enough for musketeer (middle size); ca= calyver (lower size)
1614 - 5  15 Feb.  Nicholas APPLEY mentioned as occupier of 2 burgages, which he rented at 6s 8d p.a.  and at 4s p.a. (Penny St, Lancaster) (Lancashire R.O., Hornby Catholic Mission Papers - St Mary's Church, ref RCHY2/2/59)
1615-6  Edmund Taylor and James Smart involved in charges re death of Thomas APPERLY following his beating about 9 months before.  Middlesex Sessions Records. Sess. Roll 552/40.
G.D.R. 2/90.
1618 2nd Oct, Richard APPERLEY, Woolhope.  HEF R.O. ref 1A/90 + 91
1620-1742/3  Bancroft's Trust, bequeathed 1727, re: Manor of APPLEY, APPLEY Grange, LINCS and the Manors of Westbury + Sellars, GLS + other lands in GLS and HEF  (Records of  Charitable Trusts of the Drapers' Co)

1620 George APERLEY under 21 when named in will of William Priestley, merchant tailor of All Hallows, Bread St, London, Cantab Soames   (George who married Anne Killet in 1832 at St Leonard's, Shoreditch?)

1625 - 1660 APPERLEY v Wills  National Archives: C 2/ChasI/A39/40
1625 - 1660 APPERLEY v Bennett & others National Archives: C 2/ChasI/A50/117
1625 - 1636 (precise dates not known): Nicholas APPERLEIGH held 1/2 a fee in Box worth 50s: IPM GLS Abstract
1626  8 Feb  William Scudamore: release of rent and portion of the tithe to son-in-law William APPERLEY as part payment of marriage portion with daughter.  Part of demesne lands of the manor of Ross called the Home and Reddmeade .  Witness: Richard Meeke. HEF R.O. ref AW 28/28/18
         6 June Bargain and sale with feoffment (70) of property in St Mary St, Camarthen, lately occup by David Rees,  involving John APPERLEY of Llandeilovawr parish, Carmarthen, and Richard Barrett, alderman of Carmarthen.  (Papers of R. H. Gough Smallwood of Wrexham (1864-1943))
1626-1639  APPERLEY v Stevens   Place: Camarthen  National Archives: C3/394/19
1626-1639  APPERLEY v Wright   Place: Hereford.  National Archives: C3/394/20
1627  William APPERLY re Fownhope, Mordiford, Sollers Hope and Woolhope. HEF R.O. ref LCD 3646
(1628) - 1655 Catalogue Ref. D36: Chancery case legal papers re Rich. Colchester v. heirs of Nich. Roberts  relating to the manors of Westbury, Sellers, Mitcheldean, Lea, parsonage of Oxenhall, manor of Baysham HEF, and APPLEY Grange, LINCS. No. 73 contains a detailed summary of the events leading to the case, 1628 – 51.  GLS Archives
1638  William of Yatton, Foy, re Llangarrers and Whitchurch Hef R.O. ref LCD 2524
1636-69  APPERLEY family of Brockhampton mentioned in deeds.  See also 1793.  HEF R.O. ref T99/II/32
1647 -1730  John APPERLY, Elizabeth Apperla, as well as Fowler family, John Smith and John Harmer mentioned in Stonehouse deeds re messuage called Bence's and land with field names. GLS Archives ref D5869/6
1648  APPERLEY v Probert   Place: Hereford   National Archives: C5/2/1
1650-1 Epiphany Relief for Edmound APPLEY, blind; Poulton, Bare, and Torrisholme, Lancashire Quarter Sessions (Petitions, Lancaster)  ref. QSP/41/18 LANCS RO
1653 John APPERLEY involved in case of Dobbs v Baker, GLS, Equity Pleadings: National Archives. Plt: William Dobbs=Joan; defs: John Baker=Jane; re personal estate.  See also C6/9/1 and C6/277/134
        (23 April)  Indenture, Edward APPERLEY of Brierley to Thomas Rawlings. Hef R.O. 1B/231
        (1st Nov) - 1683  Indenture re cottage and land, Anthony APPERLEY of Brockhampton to William Powell.  HEF R.O. 1B/232
1657 Thomas APPERLY, one of defendants in Elton v Trist, Ledbury, Equity Pleadings: National Archives ref C6/151PT1/46. Plt: Ambrose Elton; defs: JohnTrist=Mary; Mary Skinner; Thomas APPERLY; John Skipp.  Place: Ledbury.
1659  Gravenor Dyson (by Thos Bache his grandfather; friend and guardian Henry Dyson; John Dodgson=Jane, William APPERLEY=Tabitha; Abigail Dyson, spinster; Esther Dyson, spinster v Edmond Prideaux (Attorney general) : sub committee for taking account of all who received money/goods in Worcester for use of commonwealth (responsibility of Gravenor's father Henry who was chairman.  Ref E134/1659/Mich.2
1660 2nd Jan.  John APPERLEY yeoman of Hereford, Elizabeth APPERLEY of Hereford both sentenced to be transported to Barbados for 5 years. Thomas Lister, planter

1662  1st Oct. Lease (1) Roger Bodenham of Rotherwas esq., & Thomas Bodenham his son & heir app. (2) John APPERLEY of Brampton Abbots, yeo. Messuage / tenement with barn, 3 orchards + lands belonging in Woverd in Sollers Hope.  99 years. 10s. p.a.  HEF R.O.: records of the Rotherwas Estate and the Bodenham family, ref AD2 / II / 65

         Edward APPERLEY, Eye, Luston HEF R.O. ref LCD6363
         26 Oct.  (As document in 1653-1683)  Indenture to Rowland Taylor, Woolhope, re consideration of marriage. HEF R.O. ref 1B/298
1663  Edward APPERLEY in militia list for Ivington in Brierley township, parish of Leominster AF
1663 Thomas APPERLEY son of the late ? APPERLEY lately of Walton in Surrey, husbandman, in Records of the Worshipful Company of Carpenters: Volume I: Apprentices' Entry Books 1654-1694
1664  Roger APPLY to be sent to William Thomas in Antigua for 4 years.
1673 (Covering Date/s) Hill v APPERLY, Lewis.  Hereford. Ref C10/122/50
        Thomas APPERLEY of Eaton Tregoz, gent, in Blome's Britannia, in a list of nobility and principal gentry (present or recent past) of county of HerefordST4
1674  (Covering Date/s) Goode v APPERLY. Hereford. Ref C5/488/64
1677 Wm APPERLEY jnr, lease of Swagcoale Farm, Herefordshire  to him (Money-Kyrle family records)  Cat ref 1720/369, Wiltshire and Swindon R.O.
1678  Anthony APPERLY of Brockhampton.  HEF R.O.ref LCD Box 1, Drawer 14, No 445 LC
1681  28 Aug Wm APPERLEY bur, Staunton?
1682  20 Jan Tripartite indenture for the manor of Wintercott and the principal messuage, and Dove House etc, 130 acres in Wintercott and Leominster, now occupied by Margery Jay widow of Thomas and his son and heir, Thomas Jay.  Anthony APPERLEY of Hereford late of Kilkington, Staunton on Wye=Ann (1); William Gwillym of Putley, yeoman,=Ann, and Ann Hill spinster, eldest daughter of Ann Gwillym by William Hill her former husband. (2); George Knutteford of Ashleworth, yeoman, and Thomas Camm of Dorington, Ledbury.  Thomas Jay and Ann Hill to marry and purchase sum will provide marriage portion.  HEF R.O. Original ref LC deeds 11165
1683, 1/2 January John Whittington of Hampton Bishop and Francis Woodhouse of Larport Mordiford (1);Anthony APPERLY of Hereford, gent. (2). 250 re Lease and Release of properties/lands in Hampton Bishop (Garnstone Estate) Ref  red folder - F78 / II / 246, HEF R.O.
         Hooper (widow) v APPERLEY  National Archives: C9/87/53
1684  John APPERLEY, plaintiff in APPERLEY v Hooper, Preston Manor GLS, Equity Pleadings:National Archives ref C6/250/2. Defs: Jane Hooper; William Hooper.
         13 April, John APPERLEY buried, affidavit brought to minister for burial in woollen only, Longdon, WOR
1685  William APPERLEY of Bryerley=Jane, Eye.  HEF R.O. ref LCD 6338
         27th May Burial of William APPERLEY in St Mary's churchyard,  Linton near Ross
          Richard Snead, plaintiff in Snead v Unett and others, Hereford, subject: Personal estate.   Equity Pleadings: National Archives ref C6/268/80.  Defs: John Unett, Elizabeth Lingen, Joan Lingen, Herbert Herring=Alice; Sir William Gregory; Thomas Lingen; Susannah APPERLEY; Thomas Winston; Sir Henry Lingen - testator.
1686  Anthony APPERLEY and James Westfaling granted administration re lands in Ross etc., in Will by brother-in-law Richard Cornewall of Hef, gent.  whose sister Ann =Anthony APPERLEY.  . ST4  (Anthony APPERLEY bap 1630, =1671 Anna Cornewall) Bequests: 10 to the poor of Leominster, Ludlow, Humber, Stoke Pryor, Brimfield and Little Hereford.  Various Legacies including 150 each to his sisters: Ann APPERLEY, Catherine Harrison and Bridgett Westfaling. File contains information about Cornewall, Johnson and the above families. Probate 29 July.  Cat ref C99, AW28/28/22 (Guy's Hospital, London) HEF R.O.
         4 Jan.  John Whittington of Hampton Bishop, gent (1); Anthony APPERLEY of Hereford, gent. (2)  350 for The Clepark leasowe (10 acres); Rock's ground in Dove field meadow (18 acres); Bellamyes Park (20 acres); Luggmouth Green (7 acres); Colecombe field (10 acres); Cottage called Browns House with 3 acres, all in Hampton Bishop.  HEF R.O. ref G87/13/31
1687-8 Anthony APPERLEY, gentleman of Peterborough, Northamptonshire, plaintiff in APPERLEY v Plant re payment of testator's debts, Peterborough Northants, Equity Pleadings:National Archives ref C6/365/22.  Defendants: Anne Plant, guardian; John Darby; Richard Little of Peterborough; Richard Plant, infant; Thomas Slye jnr, of Peterborough; Richard Plant, butcher, testator of Peterborough. 

Anthony APPERLEY, 30 Oct 1673 Chapel of the Holy Trinity, Knightsbridge, MDSX = Margaret PLANT

1687 Anthony APPERLEY, plaintiff in APPERLEY v Hyett, Norton Canon HEF, Equity Pleadings: National Archives ref C6/261/3A. Defs: Roger Hyett=Bridget.

1688  2 May, Edmund APPLEY, clockmaker, paperwork re 2 clocks for 4 French fathers  at Whitehall, BL f102 (See Edmond APPLEY's will dated 8 Sep 1688, son of Humphray APPLAY weaver of Westmoreland.) National Archives

1691 William APPERLEY, one of defendants in Tomkins v Badnedge, Ivington HEF, Equity Pleadings; National Archives C6/332/58   Plaintiff is John Tomkins, other defendant is Richard Badnedge.  (NB William is the son of Edward APPERLEY=Elinor Badnedge and half-brother to Richard Badnedge, son of Thomas Badnedge=Elinor) AF
undated 17C? William and Joan APPERLEY , plaintiffs in APPERLEY v Baker, Equity Pleadings (NB son of Edward APPERLEY=Elinor Badnedge who =Joan/Jane Davi(e)s) AF
c1690  William APPERLEYb 5 May 1649, d 9 Oct 1726 Fownhope, (son of John b17 Apr 1625 Fownhope with Foy, 2 May 1647 Fownhope = Elizabeth b3 Nov 1630 Much Marcle), acquired Stone House estate  through marriage (2 Jun 1673 Fownhope) with Eleanor HAVARD,  b 16 Nov 1654 d 13 Jan 1729 Fownhope, daughter of John Havard, and heir to her uncle William Havard of Fownhope.ST4
undated late17C / early 18C? Mr John Havard left 15s 4d per annum from Mr APPERLEY's lands to buy two garments for 2 poor people on St Andrew's Day in St Mary's church FownhopeST4

1691/2  John Apeley of Ellel, husbandman. Lease, DDM 28/43, LANCS. R.O.

1692  Thomas APPERLY, a traveller bur 4 June, Gnosall STAFFS parish reg.

1693  28 March. Tabitha APPERLEY, Woolhope, re surrender of land, Estreat Court Rolls, HEF R.O. ref 2A/126  (Is this Tabitha DISON d of Sir Richard St George DYSON bur 14 Dec 1702 St Nicholas WOR, All Saints, Worcester 12 Jan 1656=William APPERLY ?)

1694  William APPERLY, John Baysey, Thomas Vale. HEF R.O. LC Deeds 640
1695-1703  Various members of the APPERLY family, Leominster, bonds, receipts etc. HEF R.O. LC Deeds 842

1696  William APPERLEY=Elianor [?BADNEDGE nee?], of Withington mentioned in will of Richard Collas of Withington, made 2 Sep, proved 10 Oct 1699.ST4

1696 John de APPERLEIGH: licence granted for him to have divine services celebrated in his oratory of Apperleigh for 1 year by fit chaplain. (Apperleigh in Stanleigh = Apley in Stawley) Somerset Rec. Socy, Vol 10, 1896
1697  Anthony APPERLY re Griffiths Estate, Hereford. HEF R.O. ref LCD 3594
1698 - 1740  Thomas APPERELY (spelling?) of Hereford, gentleman, with Elizabeth, one of the daughters of James Westfaling of St. Martins near Hereford. Westfalinge settled the manor, capital messuage and farm of Grafton to the issue of the marriage, (5 items).  Further settlements by the APPERELY family 1722-1740 and purchase deed, 1730, of property at Grafton called Bridge Green. Copy of the will of Thomas Apperely, 1736, (11 items). HEF RO ref C38/8/13 (Records of the Belmont Estate)

1700  John APPERLEY to Richard Trotman: bond re conveyance of cottage and premises occupied by Elizabeth Jones, widow, on Cromhall Heath, 100. GLS Archives Ref P10/OV/7/1 - Misc Overseers' Records. Includes names: Thomas Jones, Thomas Stinchcombe, Robert Pritchard, John Hopkins. Witnesses: Squire Webb, John Philips.  [Nr Thornbury, had first child there with Sarah Groome in 1698]

1701 - 1709  Vicars up to 1701 had been active but John APPERLY not only wrote the accounts himself, but also included unusually detailed stats of outdoor poor relief.  'Nazeing', A History of the County of Essex: Volume 5 (1966)
1702  30 April  Deed - mortgage by way of release of messuage/tenement sealed and delivered by Richard Topley of Leominster and wife Mary.  re John Vernon=Elizabeth v Jane APPERLEY, widow, Thomas Prosser. Ref E134/1Geo I/Mich.29  See also John Vernon=Elizabeth executrix of last will of Henry Prosser, former husband, v Thomas Prosser, executor of Edward Prosser, Jane APPERLEY, widow, etc. re messuage/tenement in Etnam St Leominster lately belonging to Richard Topley late husband of def Mary Topley.  Re marriage portions rec of Henry Prosser (son of Edward Prosser the elder) with Mercy Cliffe (daughter of Henry Cliffe) and by Henry Prosser with Elizabeth Cliffe (now plaintiff).  Names include Edward Prosser snr of Shelsley Beauchamp (WOR), uncle of Def Thomas; Edward Prosser his nephew, Henry Jeffreys and Richard Owen.  Ref E134/13 Anne/Trin.3

[Jane was married to William in 1677 and he died 1700]  AF

1703 Joseph APPLEY oner of 3 witnesses to will of Thomas JACKMAN, planter.  St Michael's parish, Barbados.
1703  Jane APPERLY of Brierley and her son John, Leominster deeds.  HEF R.O. ref LC Deeds 637, 604. [Jane was married to William in 1677 and he died 1700]  AF
         Mary APPERLEY daughter of John Abrahall of Brockhampton, Woolhope mentioned and her children: Anthony, Alice, Jane, Mary, in will dated 22 Aug 1693 and proved 1703 ST4

1704  10th March  Indenture re 2 1/2 acres in common field known as Great Doveras Field, Jonathan HARMER of Stonehouse, clothier, and John APPERLY of Stonehouse, yeoman. GLS Archives ref D5869/6 [see 1730]

1705  Puzey, Frayling aka Frawling v APPERLEY.  Place: Wiltshire    National Archives: C10/302/47

         Mary APPERLEY one of witnesses to will of John Powell of Brockhampton, =Elizabeth ST4

1707  Smyth v APPERLEY     Place: Gloucester, National Archives: C5/339/57
1708 William APPERLEY of Brierley re Morris property HEF R.O. ref  LCD 7477   [P50]  [William b 1681.] AF

1711-1843  Deeds re tenement in High Leominster ( in High Street between 2 crosses, Butchers Lane at East, High Street at west and corn market on south) John APPERLEY of Leominster (one of 10 owners mentioned).  HEF R.O. ref AH88/2 [?weaver son of William = Jane] ?AF

1714  Elizabeth APPERLEY one of witnesses to will of Richard Freeman of Stretton Grandison

         Vernon v APPERLY and others in WOR solicitors' records ref D2318/1/15, GLS Archives

         (Covering Date/s) APPERLY v Lewis ref C11/5/3
1714 - 1778  APPERLEY and Speed families of Wrexham.  Family and estate papers in the National Library of Wales.   
Ref Smallwood, NRA 33982 Smallwood.  (GB/NNAF/F4435)  ST4

1714 Indenture. 17th March.  Summary of main names(1) Herbert Aubrey of Foy, brother of Herbert Aubrey Elder (2) Elizabeth (wife of Regnald Aubrey) nee Bubb, one of the daughters of Jeremiah Bubb late of Foy deceased. (3) Herbert Rudhall Westfallinge of Rudhall Esq and John Kyrle of Ross (4) Thomas APPERLY Dr of Phys. and Thomas Leigh of the Hill of Eaton in Foy, gent. re properties in parishes of Ledbury, Ashperton, Fownhope, Kings Caple, Bodenham.  Dorstone property in possession of John Partridge.  HEF R.O. ref LC Deeds 2291  [Thomas APPERLEY b1735, 3 Feb 1766 Ross=Esther Partridge b1737 d1808 daughter of John Partridge b1704 d1791=Anne Jones b1705 d1779]

1714 - 1778 APPERLEY and Speed, 1714-78 some of the family names in the papers of R. H. Gough Smallwood of Wrexham (1864-1943)
During period 1714 -1760  APPERLEY v Longueville. Ref National Archives: C11/320/20
1715  Thomas APPERLEY, one of witnesses to will of Charles Gwyn of Monmouth.
1716/17  6 Feb. Dr. Aperley named re mortgage  - HEF property- Shropshire Archives, Moseley Collection, ref 2089/3/2/4 See 1725  ST4
1717  Settlement Copy, 2 May, re lands in Ross etc..  Cat ref C99, AW28/28/23 (Guy's Hospital) HEF R.O. ST4

         25 May.  Will of Susannah Leigh of Hill of Eaton.  To vicar of Foy, 40s to poor of Foy and 10s for sermon on immorality and profaneness to excite congregation to charity!; bequests to several 'cozens' of the Dansey family (Col Richard of Brinsop, Elizabeth, Anne, Catharine; to several 'kinsmen' of the Collins family of Acton Burnell SAL - Edward, Duglass, William, Dansey, Deborah, Diana etc; Mrs Susannah Bangoe daughter of Richard Dansey and daughters Susannah and Anne, also Richard's daughter Anne Gwillim and Margaret Taylor; kinswoman Dorothy Dew wife of William Dew of Ross...; to Mrs Grace APPERLEY and others...

(Susannah was born APPERLEY and is mentioned in the 1699 will of Susannah APPERLEY.  Details have been given in this will because of links with other families in which researchers have expressed interest)

        15 May William APPERLY took inventory re admons of John Caswall of Risbury, Stoke Prior,=Alice
1719  John Havard APPERLY of Withington.  Withington HEF R.O. ref LCD 2403
1720 Thomas APPERLY to Thomas PRICE att. C.P. at Westminster, 100 Apprenticeship 47/52
1720-1  Josias APPLEY of Ellell, skinner,made Freeman of the Borough of Lancaster.
1721 Anthony APPERLY to Robert HIGBY of Gaxley HUNTS, cordwainer: 3.  Apprenticeship 47/105
1722  William APPERLEY, yeoman of Withington.  HEF R.O. ref G87/36/5
1724  John APPERLY, of Leominster, mercer.  HEF R.O. ref G87/22/39
1725, 20 August  Assignment of Mortgage (Release) involved (3) Thomas APPERLEY of Hereford, M.D. Moseley Collection ref. 2089/3/2/5 Shropshire Archives

1725  20 Aug.  Thomas APPERLEY of Hereford MD  re mortgage (release).  See 1716/7.  Sold Hereford house to Robt. Merwick, merchant on 9 March 1727/8 for 500 (afterwards to Mr. Justice Price) Shropshire Archives, Moseley Collection, ref 2089/3/2/5  (Thomas b 14 May 1674   ST4)

1725  Eliza APPLEW one of 3 daughters mentioned as executrices and beneficiaries of will of Susannah HOLDER, St James's parish, Barbados
1726 Michaelmas Term Elizabeth APPLEY and Rebecca APPLEY spinsters named as two of the deforciants in the Copy fine between John Monckton, plaintiff, and William Tomlinson and Anne his wife, Mary Tayler widow,  deforcs., of 1 messuage, 20 acres of land, 40 acres of meadow, 25 acres of pasture, & common of pasture, for 100. Harworth, Farworth, Styrrup and Misterton, NOTTS - ref. Ga 11,342/1 Nottingham University Library, Department of Manuscripts and Special Collections:
         Anne APPERLEY, 'daughter' mentioned in will of Humphrey Cornewall of Kippernoll. (Anne Cornewall=9 Oct 1671 Middleton-on-the-Hill HEF, Anthony APPERLEY bap 1630).ST4)
1726  John APPERLEY mentioned as one of beneficiaries of Jonathan Hooper of Alkington, Berkeley.

1727  Thomas APPERLEY MD named (on church wall) as one of benefactors for Preston Wynne chapel building fundST4

1727-8  Mr. APPERLY's son admitted to Oxford College  HEF R.O. ref BJ99/12

During 1727-60 period, Clayton v APPERLEY National Archives: C11/1296/19

1729  Mary APPERLEY ('daughter') named as one of trustees of John Hill of Canon Frome in will dated 28 Jan 1728, proved Aug 1729 (Thomas APPERLEY of Leominster,=4 Jun 1722 Avenbury, Mary Hill of Avenbury)AF
1730 William Richard APPERLEE  of Chipping Sodbury to John WICKHAY of same, cloth 1  Apprenticeship 49/181
1730  Mary APPERLEYof Leominster, widow, article of agreement between her and brother Anthony Hill for coppice known as Wolf's Coppice in Eggleton, Bishops Frome.  HEF R.O. LC Deeds 3990 (T51) (Thomas APPERL(E)Y b 18 Sep 1686 Leominster, yeoman of Brierley, (WILL made 7 Aug 1723, proved 11 Oct 1727 Moreton Lugg), 4  June1722, Avenbury, by licence=Mary HILL b1703 Canon Frome, 'of Avenbury' AF/ST4)

         Indenture re 2 1/2 acres arable land in common field in Stonehouse parish called Doveras ffield near Doveras Wood, land late of Daniel FOWLER gent, Samuel BALL, John SANDFORD gent.  Joane GOUGH widow on east side of pasture ground of Mrs SELWYN and late of Richard CORNWALL on the west, the lane late of William HAYWARD on the north and a field called Little Dovera on the south side.  John APPERLY now dead, Elizabeth APPERLA to John SMITH, witnessed by Elizabeth and W. MILLS. GLS Archives ref D5869/6 [see 1704]

        APPERLEY, Doctor of Physic HEF R.O. ref G87/21/24a
1730s Mr Brome of Withington refers in a letter to Mr APPERLEY 'now of Withington', and his method of cider preparation

1731  (3) William APPERLEY jnr (of Oxenhall) Newent parish deeds, GLS Archives D2957/212/81

1731 Observations in Physik, Both Rational and Practical, with a Treatise of Small-pox by Thomas APPERLEY, M.D., former Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge
1731 Thomas APPERLY to Chris ADAMS of Woodchester, cordwainer, 4 10s,  Apprenticeship 49/259
1732  Final concord in a fine involved William APPERLEY, gent, plt and Simon Bayley=Sarah nee APPERLEY, and John Caldicott=Ursula re a messuage etc and 3 acres of land in Leominster and Bodenham.  HEF R.O., Kentchurch Court Archive, ref AL40/500   (see 1745) AF
1732, 22 Dec.  Announcement of the death of Mr James APPERLEY in his chambers at Jesus College, Oxford, because of a fall at a staircase at Charles's coffee-house some time before, resulting in a fractured skull.  This may be a student prank as, by 28 Dec, he is declared to be in perfect health! Daily Post
1733  Nov.  Petition by Thomas APPERLEY, Doctor of Physic, for licence to print 'Botanologia Medicinalis' (The Family Herbal Folio 337)  SP 36/30 (National Archives) See the APPERLEY publications section for details of his publication. ST4
1734  John APPERLEY the younger witnessed will of Thomas Hooper of Clapton, Berkeley
1735  30 Aug  John APPERLEY of Brecon, tiler, accused of riot and assault by Wm Thomas. File 4/375/5 doc29
         Appley v Robinson.  Ref Piece C11/1147/1 National Archives

         William APPERLEY in final concord in a fine re property and land in Leominster HEF R.O. AL40/500

         William Apperl(e)y=Mary, Withington and Fownhope (Stallard Deed Box 197)
1736/7, 11 January James APPERLEY of Wrexham doctor of 'phisick' granted freedom of Chester ref ZA/B/4/79, Cheshire and Chester Archives and Local Studies Service  This occurred when Watkin Williams Wynne was Mayor.
1736  Indenture involving (1)James APPERLEY of Wrexham (2) George PHELPS (3) Elizabeth APPERLEY widow and relict of Thomas late of Grafton in Hef Dr of Physick, Anthony APPERLEY, fellow of Jesus College, Oxford, one of sons of Thomas by Elizabeth, and 3 daughters, Susan, Anne and Elizabeth, and son Thomas.  Property includes: Sapness and lands; tenement called Penfield occupied lately by William Davis and now by Ab Morris; woods (part of Sapness); The Hills occupied by William BROOKS; Woolhope and Sollershope premises/property.      [HEF R.O. N53, LC deeds 1164]

         25 May  Note referring to Chancery case (1793) involving Somerset Davies and John Havard APPERLEY et al. re Whitehouse estate, Vowchurch.  Cat ref F37/35, 36. NB ref:  F37/32,33  (30 April and 1 May 1736)lease produced in Chancery case 17 August 1793,  Somerset Davies v John Havard APPERLEY, deft.HEF R.O.ST4/AWW

1737 Easter. Desertion of wife and five children of Christopher Appley; Chipping, Lancashire Quarter Sessions (Petitions, Preston)  ref. QSP/1425/10 LANCS RO
1738, 7 Oct, Dr APPERLEY of Wrexham and his wife were described as 'a gentleman of Merit, and very well esteem'd in his Profession of Physick; and she a beautiful well-accomplish'd young lady of very considerable fortune' London Evening Post
1739 (Covering Date/s) Apporley v APPERLEY National Archives: C11/536/3 and C12/782/1
         March and May.  Letters from T. APPERLEY of Hackney to Mr. St. John.  National Archives SP36/47

1739, 25 May - 1740, 30 Dec: Recitation of lease (25 March 1708) by Mayor & Aldermen of Hereford to Thomas APPERLEY of Hereford, doctor in Physick, of messuages and other property in Burghill which they had of the gift of Richard Phillipps for the lives of Thomas and his sons Thomas and James APPERLEY at rent of 45/- p.a., and a couple of fat-capons. 21 Sept1720: Lease to Herbert Howorth. George Pardoe bought lease for 80 for rest of term (Thomas's and James's lives). in RECORDS OF THE WHITEHOUSE ESTATE, VOWCHURCH: Cat ref F37/38 HEF R.O.ST4/AWW

On back of the document there was a note that it had been produced in a Chancery case, 27 August, 1793, Somerset Davies v John Havard APPERLEY and other defts. See ref. F37/109 re 1795 and
 ref. F37/110,111 re 2 July, 1811: William Downes, John Havard
APPERLEY, Hobert Lane, James Carpenter and Alice his wife. defts.

         18 Feb.  P. APPERLEY (from Wakefield) to Mr. St John:  he hopes to buy a commission; promises a 5 guinea gift for his correspondent's continued assistance.  Folio 99.  SP 36/50 (National Archives)
1741, 25 August: Announcement of  officers killed under command of Brigadier-General Wentworth in the West Indies was Lt APPERLEY of Robinson's Regiment of Marines.  London Evening Post (Formerly, one of Col Robinson's 1st lieutenants had been Thomas APPERLEY. By 28 Dec 1739 he had become officer in the 6 new raised regiments of marines)
1740 APPERLEY v. APPERLEY  National Archives C11/246/1
1741  APPERLEY v. APPERLEY  National Archives C12/2197/35
1741, 1 Jan:  Notice re lost yellow and white spaniel, called Perian, near Stratford had been lost on 9 Dec 1840.  Two of people who could be approached for reward if dog was returned were Dr APPERLEY at Wrexham and Rev Mr APPERLEY at Great Tew, OXON.  London Evening Post

1741-5  Case at Shrewsbury Assizes  re: reversal of a common recovery of SAL lands involving Sir Watkin Williams Wynne & Corbett Kynaston v Wm Thomas, tenant, and James APPERLEY, B.D.,=Alathea, vouchees.  Complications had arisen because of the death of Alathea ('tenant in tail') on 10 May 1740. (See Court of King's Bench, Mich. 17 Geo. 2)ST4

Re lands in SAL, formerly property of Richard CLAYTON =Mary,  parents of Althea, late wife James, and Jane, wife of Sir Watkin Williams Wynne

1741 19 Dec Anthony APPERLEY, ordained as vicar of Great Barton (Anthony bap 20 Nov 1711, ordained 2 June 1735 Christ Church Cathedral deacon, left Oxford 1740, later incumbent at church of St Mary the Virgin, Steeple Barton, Oxford, cession 16 Nov 1772 as vicar; 1777 Rector of St Martin's Church, Barcheston; d 1799, bur Halford) ST4/AWW)
1741  Settlement: Jeremiah APPERLEY=Mary and children from Stratford St Nicholas to Hereford St John. HEF R.O. ref AH70/233/7
1743, 14 April  re Castle Street, Hereford Marriage Settlement: Marriage to take place between John Brown and Elianor Carpenter
(1) Thomas Brown of Ivington, gent., and John Brown of of Ivington, his son.
(2) James Carpenter of the Hill, Kings Pyon, gent. and William APPERLEY of Luston
(3) Elianor Carpenter, sister of James Carpenter

Portion: 300: Thomas Brown settles property in Ivington on John and Elianor: HEF R.O. A95/3/19
1744 APPERLEY v Owen National Archives: C11/1078/1
        APPERLEY v Griffith   National Archives: C11/1078/2
        APPERLEY v Clayton    National Archives: C11/1078/3
        APPERLEY v Longueville    National Archives: C11/1078/5
        APPERLEY v Longueville    National Archives: C11/1079/2
1745 APPERLEY v Griffith  National Archives: C11/1081/1
        APPERLEY v Griffith  National Archives: C11/1083/1
        Final concord in a fine involved William APPERLEY and Richard Whitehall v Edmund Davis=Ann, and Charles Price=Elizabeth, re 2 messuages etc and 50 acres land in Leominster parish. (See 1732) HEF R.O., Kentchurch Court Archive, ref AL40/525-6   AF
1746 Wynne v APPERLEY National Archives: C11/172/12
1746 -1783 Deeds and papers, mortgages and settlements by the APPERLEY family and final conveyance to George Lavins; including probate will of Anne Apperely [spelling?], proved 28th October, 1783, copy of the will of James Apperely, 1762, and of the Reverend Thomas Williams, 1750:  ref. C38/6/10 in Records of the Belmont Estate;  muniments of title to estates bought in 1826-7 by the Reverend Dr. R. Prosser from John Holder Matthews and the devisees of the will of Colonel John Matthews of Belmont.  HEF RO
1746   Final Concord re various small properties: 1 William APPERLEY, Plt.; 2 John Goodman=Mary, William Skyrme=Henrietta and George Baynham=Mary. Deforc.  1 messuage, 1 cottage, 1 barn, 2 gardens, 5 orchards, 30a land, 10a meadow, 10a pasture in Woolhope, Yazor and Stretton juxta Sugwas, HEF R.O. ref AW/28/36/17
1749  Ann Happley was indicted for perjury but acquitted (11 Apr).  Old Bailey Proceedings Ref: t17490411-50 (NB online)
1749  APPERLEY v Owen  National Archives: C11/1096/1

1750  APPERLEY v Owen  National Archives: C12/2288/17

1751 APPERLEY v Griffith (bill and reply)  National Archives:C12/2288/18
         Lent, King's Caple HEF John APPERLEY sentenced to transportation for stealing
         APPERLEY v Owen (Deps) National Archives: C12/359/2
         APPERLEY v Griffith  National Archives: C11/1105/3

1752  James APPERLEY v Owen 1752.  BL Manuscripts, Add.36064 f.156 b

1752, 25 0ct.  John APPERLEY Esq, one of his Majesty's engineers and chief engineer to the African company set off for Portsmouth to board the Earl of Halifax for Africa.  Purpose: to direct the building and repairing of several forts and castles on Guinea's coast.
1753  6 March. Tripartite indenture between James APPERLEY of Ashperton, mason,(1), John Terret of Bosbury, yeoman,(2) and Richard Spallings of Bosbury, tailor,(3).  Property with half an acre (3 cottages, 6 gardens, 3 orchards), former home of Joan APPERLEY widow, deceased, now occupied by James (Highway at east and Corkett lane on the west.)  James with John Dudson and Elizabeth Williams.  James APPERLEY's wife's name - space left.  His signature witnessed by Sarah Miles and John Price.  HEF R.O. ref R11.654,5,6 RW
1752 - 1754 John APPERLEY, Chief Engineer associated with the building of Annamaboe fort in Africa.  See also his will proved 1758 John APPERLEY Esq. Late Governor & Engineer of Annamaboe on Coast of W. Africa.  Abroad, July (19 Jan) See 1756
1754 Anthony APPERLY of Long Compton WAR, held freehold property at Great Barton, land - Joseph Brighton.  Poll Book
1754  Wynne v APPERLEY (exam.) National Archives C12/2300/10

1755  Draft agreement between Thomas Dalley (Bosbury) and his sister and brother-in-law, Elizabeth and James APPERLEY  (Ashperton) after disagreement arising after death of father, Thomas Dalley. RW

         Thomas APPERLEY mentioned in biography (1729-1811) of Thomas Percy: A Scholar-Cleric in the Age of Johnson by Bertram H. DavisST4
1756, May  Earl of Halifax, Mr. Oswald, Mr. Talbot, Mr. Jenyns, Mr. Rigby, Mr. Hamilton representing the Board of trade and Plantations considered several papers received from the Committee of the Company of Merchants trading to Africa, which included copies of letters from the Committee of the Company of Merchants trading to Africa to the Governor and Council at James Fort, Gambia, of February 11th and March 25th, 1756; ... from John Apperley to Thomas Melvil; and from John Apperley to the Committee, in 1755. See 'Journal, May 1756: Volume 63', Journals of the Board of Trade and Plantations: January 1754 - December 1758, Volume 10 (1933)
1757 John APPERLEY to John APPERLEY of Winforton, SAL, weaver, 2,  Apprenticeship 53/60
1758 Edward APPERLY to John DAVIES of Kington, HEF, butler?,  7, Apprenticeship 53/111
1762 John ISACK lately servant to Dr APPERLEY, bur 28 Sept, St Giles, Wrexham
1764  Statement by John APPERLY of St Swithin, WOR, baker, and John Vernon of Market Drayton, SAL, apothecary, re purchase of their property in High Street from Ann Powell, part of marriage settlement from her father, Edward Ashby.  WOR Record Office, Cat ref 899:749/8782/15/C25/1 (Later documents refer to John APPERLEY of Kempsey and his son and heir John APPERLEY of Worcester College, Oxford)

Indenture of final concord between John APPERLEY and John Vernon, plaintiffs and Ann Powell, widow, deforciant of two messuages. St. Swithin, Worcester, ref ref. 899:749/8782/25/E59/4 Worcestershire RO (see also 1773,1784)

         17 July Assignment of Mortgage (re 1753 document and 1757 document between Richard Spallings (1), James Apperle (2) and Thomas Baker of Mordiford (3); also 1760 document) Same property now James APPERLEY of Ashperton and Elizabeth his wife, Richard Rowbrey of Bishops Frome yeoman, William James of Eastnor, yeoman Witnesses of signatures: Thomas Freeman and Kenelm Godfrey.   HEF R.O. ref R11.654,5,6 RW
1767  APPERLEY, Doctor of Physic HEF R.O. ref G87/21/24a
1767-8  Robert APPLEY of Leeds, cabinet maker, made Freeman of the Borough of Lancaster
1767-8  William APPLEY of Nottingham made Freeman of the Borough of Lancaster
1767  Apprenticeship:  Mary APPERLEY apprenticed to Samuel HARVEY, 2 Mar 1767 Westbury.  ref P354 VE 2/2 GLS Archives (note: ?HF30/ST2/SD1 tree,  )
         Apprenticeship:  Anne APPERLEY apprenticed to Nathaniel LANE. ref P354 VE 2/2 GLS Archives (note: ?HF30/ST2/SD1 tree)
1768  Apprenticeship:  Elizabeth APPERLEY apprenticed to Joseph TYRER, 26 Jan 1768 ref P354 VE 2/2 GLS Archives (note: ?HF30/ST2/SD1 tree, Elizabeth bap 1754 daughter of Tobias )

1769  Settlement on others including  WESTFALING family and kinsman Thomas APPERLEY  re lands in Ross etc., by Herbert Westfaling of Rudhale esq. 30 Jan  Cat ref C99, AW28/28/27 (Guy's Hospital) HEF R.O. ST4(Thomas Aperley bap 1674, 1698 Dewsall=Elizabeth Westfaling)

29 January 1770, Worcester:  Thomas Hartwright b1753-55 admitted and sworn citizen as apprentice to John APPERLEY baker and maltster.
1772 17 Jan: burial of James APPERLEY Esq, Doctor of Fisick, at St Giles, Wrexham
1772 15 July: burial Jane LLOYD lately servant to Dr APPERLEY, bur 28 Sept, St Giles, Wrexham

1773-1891  Withington APPERLEY spinsters: Elizabeth Maria, Mary Ann, Emma.  Also James Powles APPERLEY of Withington, farmer (1) and Henry Gwillim APPERLEY of Hereford, land surveyor (2)  Also William Havard APPERLEY of Withington mentioned. HEF R.O. ref LCD 7734/12 (36A andB)

1773-1778  Thomas APPERLEY =Ann WYNN. HEF R.O. ref LCD 10084
1773 Lease and release from John Vernon of Chester, gentleman to John APPERLEY of Kempsey, gentleman of property bounded on the east by High Street and extending backwards to Powick Lane on the west. St. Swithin, Worcester, ref. 899:749/8782/25/E59/5, 899:749/8782/25/E59/6 Worcestershire RO (See also 1764, 1784)
1774  Kempley apprenticeship:  Aperley apprenticed to Mr Brooks for Turners.  ref P188 OV 2/1/9, GLS Archives
1776 Samuel APPERLY, Stonehouse GLS registered as freeholder in county election
1776 - 1862  APPLEY of Worksop included among names in file re Abstract of title to two allotments in the Stand Field in Askern - ref. BFM/335 Sheffield Archives
1777  William APPERLEY,  lease of premises, St. Owen's. HEF R.O. ref W25/4
1777/8  Charles James APPERLEY,  aka Nimrod, English sportsman and writer was born at Plasgronow near Wrexham.  From 1805 until 1820, he was occupied by his love for fox-hunting, after which he contributed a series of lively articles to 'Sporting Magazine' for which he was well paid and generously supported.  After the death of the owner, Nimrod was taken to court over money advanced to him.  He fled to the Calais area in 1830 to avoid prosecution and lived on the earnings from his writing.  On 19th May 1843 he died in London.  See the APPERLEY publications section for details of some of his publicationsST4/AWW
1777  Eliz. Rowles, spinster of Eastington v. Richard APPERLEY, baker of Eastington: defamation. Summons dated 15 November to appear at Bishops Consistorial Place, Gloucester Cathedral on Thursday 18 December to answer charge. GLS Archives, ref GDR/B4/1/927
        John Havard APPERLEY the elder of Withington mentioned as kinsman in will of James Deeme of Withington.ST4

NB Elizabeth APPERLY/APPERLEY of Withington, St Peter's Hereford HEF 16 May 1700=William DEEME of Withington

1778 27th March.  Marriage settlement between Thomas APPERLEY, late of Wrexham, now Plas Gronow and Ann (WYNN) late of Wrexham, now of Plas Gronow, aunt of Thomas and Philip Westfaling of Rudhall and Thomas Boycott of Wrexham re manor of Grafton and capital messuage of farm of Grafton and lands in parish of St Martin called All Saints lately occupied by John Harper and Chris Powell and 2 messuages/tenement farms and lands commonly called the Hill of Eaton and Snoggs Ash Farms in Foy occupied by Richard Patrick, as well as lands in Bishop Frome occupied by John Bond.  Annuity rent from property to Anne APPERLEY.  If Thomas dies, his wife has right to an annuity. HEF R.O. ref LCD 10476-7

1778  (See 1783 for more detail) Exemplication of a Recovery of Hef Estates: Court of Common Pleas.  Philip Westfalinge v. John Philpot.  Thomas APPERLEY cited.  Manor of Grafton, 3 messuages, 7 gardens, 300 acres of land, 60 acres of meadow, 50 acres of pasture, 20 acres of wood, 30 acres of furze and heath, with appurtenances in All Saints, Foy and Bishops Frome. HEF R.O. ref R8/6/24-9    LCD 10515 ?1087

1778  7 July John APPERLEY son of John APPERLEY of Worcester, gent, matriculated at Worcester College, Oxford.  [Bap 1761 St Swithin's Worcester; BA 1782, MA 1785; ordained as deacon 31 Oct 1784; Fellow of Worcester College, ordained as priest at Christ Church 11 June 1786

1782 Anthony APPERLEY, Jesus College, Oxford (ordained 1735, see 1741)ST4

        10 October.  Anthony APPERLEY, A.M. chaplain to Lord Bagot received a dispensation to hold the rectory of Barcheston plus Idlicote rectory (Warwickshire) and diocese of Litchfield and Coventry.  Reported  in Gloucester Journal 14 October.
1783  (17 Jan 1778 Thomas APPERLEY esq of Plas Gronow, Ann his wife and Ann APPERLEY of Plas Gronow, spinster aunt of Thomas APPERLEY(1) to John Philpot of Bartlett buildings, Holborn, gent (2)and Philip Westfaling of Rudhall esq, all that manor of Grafton and capital messuage and farm in Grafton in parish of St Martin aka All Saints now/late in occupancy of Harper; messuage/tenement and lands now/late in occupation of Christopher Powell; also 2 tenements/messuages and farms called Hill of Eaton and Snogsash farms in parish of Foy now/late occupied by Richard Patrick; ditto Bishops Frome occupied by John Bond; and garden in suburbs of Hereford now/late occupied by Richard Jenkins.  Signed by three APPERLEYs)  Final conveyance to George Lavins esq.  (not in folder: probate will of Anne APPERLEY proved 28th October 1783, copy of will of James APPERLEY 1762 and of Rev Thomas Williams 1750)  HEF R.O. C38/6/10
        3 Feb Lease and Release of above: Thomas APPERLEY of Plas Gronow=Ann; Charles Prosser of the Parks, Foy,=Elizabeth ; John Bickley of Finchley Middlesex, gent. and John Tudor of Leominster, carrier.  Property specified includes Hill of Eaton fields and Snogsash Farm as well as half of pew in church of Foy.  HEF R.O. R8/4/7-11
1784  Ashperton property.  Thomas APPERLEY of Cradley, mason.  HEF R.O. ref LCD 11656 RW
1784 Contract between John APPERLEY of Worcester College, University of Oxford and Thomas Hill of Worcester City, linen draper on behalf of Mary Wilson for the sale of a dwelling house in High Street to the said Mary Wilson. St. Swithin, Worcester, ref 899:749/8782/42/H13/5 Worcestershire RO

1784 Lease and release from John APPERLEY of Worcester College, University of Oxford, gentleman, son and heir of John APPERLEY late of Kempsey, gentleman deceased to Mary Wilson of Worcester St. Swithin, shopkeeper of a messuage in High Street extending back to Powick Lane on the west. Ref. 899:749/8782/42/H13/6, 899:749/8782/42/H13/7 Worcestershire RO

(see also 1773,1784)

1784 Book of coloured maps of the Whitney and Clifford estates (including the Court of Whitney, Boat Side Farm, APPERLY’s Farm;
Mill Farm, Castleton; Sheep Cott, The Lordship upon the Hill, and Clifford Castle)
1784, 14 October -1842  Judith APPERLEY aka Apperby, widow, mentioned in Potton deeds: she occupied Windmill Field Potton and held 16 acres of land around Potton.  Bedfordshire & Luton Archives & R.O., ref P64/28/32 and Z858/30/4  See 1842
1786 - 1801 Thomas APPERLEY of Plas Gron(o)(w) Esq 
Thomas Plas Grono Esq 1786 DD/WY/4113
Plas Grono Esq ESQ 1788 DD/PP/231 Plas Gronow Esq 1786 DD/GA/1509 Plas Gronow Esq 1788 DD/GA/1427-8  Wootton Esq 1801 DD/WY/4125
ref DD/W4/4713 and DD/GA/1509 See Denbighshire C.C. Archives. 

(Thomas b 1730 Fownhope/Leominster) ST4/AWW

1787 Birth of William APPERLEY who married Ann Bellamy in 1810.  According to the Encroachments Book, he was the owner of an orchard adjoining that of Joseph Boughton on Popes Hill near Littledean.

        8 Nov Settlement: Thomas APPERLEY, cordwainer, born in Stonehouse, son of Thomas APPERLEY=Martha, both deceased, who has lawful settlement in Stroud. ref P316 OV 3/4/42 GLS Archives (note Thomas APPERLY, bap 18 Mar 1744 Stroud, d Jan 1826, bur St Lawrence Stroud,  son of Thomas  (?Thomas APPERLY, Bisley 5 Oct 1744=Martha PRIDEY/PRIDY/PRIDIE)
        26th June.  Assignment of mortgage; tripartite indenture (see 1753-1764.  Last indenture 10 Sept 1782)  James APPERLEY dead intestate and only son and heir Thomas APPERLEY acting on his behalf. The property is now divided into 2 tenements, but still includes other buildings etc. Involves Richard Matthews, Edward Hodges and Richard Forster (tenants) to Mrs Mary Rowlands. Mathews's and APPERLEY's signatures  witnessed by Eliza Richards and Samuel Rickards.  HEF R.O. ref R11.654,5,6 RW
1788 Thomas APPERLEY of Plas Gron(o)(w) Esq ref DD/PP/231 and DD/GA/1427-8 See Denbighshire C.C. Archives.  (Thomas b 1730 Fownhope/Leominster)  ST4/AWW
1790  Thomas Apler of Sheffield, prisoner brought to York Assizes, 23 Mar.  Ref ID1584

         W. APPERLEY and sons bakery established in GLS.  Stonehouse bakery closed c2008.

         John APPERLY of Stroud, cordwainer, and John Price of Stonehouse, tailor, convicted of swearing.  Q/PC/2/9/B/6, GLS Archives
1790 31 March Auction at the Red Lion, at Stifford's Bridge, in the parish of Cradley, 3 - 6pm: Freehold Farm, on Stifford's Bridge to Bosbury road,  late the property of Mr. Thomas APPERLEY, stone mason; ' a neat built house, cyder-mill, work-shop, two new built cottages and gardens, five acres of excellent hopground, two acres of arable and five acres of rich pasture land, the whole lying in a ring fence, (except the arable land, which is only parted by the road,) and well worth Twenty-five Pounds a year.'  Berrow's Worcester Journal  RW
1791  Mather v APPERLEY b. National Archives ref C 12/465/47 [Suit titles taken from OBS 1/653]

1792  James APPERLEY one of three witnesses to will of Thomas Deem of Withington, victualler.ST4

         John and Thomas APPERLY listed in The New Bristol Directory
1793  Thomas APPERLEY, Mayor's Officer of St. James's churchyard, Bristol
         APPERLEY v Wood (bill and reply) National Archives: C12/195/15

         APPERLEY family of Brockhampton mentioned in deeds.  See also 1636-69    HEF R.O. ref T99/II/54

         Ashperton. Thomas APPERLEY of Cradley, only son of James APPERLEY=Elizabeth James see HEF R.O. ref LCDeeds 11569 Not found in document

1794  John APPERLY, publican, Plume of Feathers, Hotwell Rd, Bristol

         The firm of J & D APPERLY was established, later identified as situated at Dudbridge Mills.
1795 COUNTERPART LEASE  between Tomkyns Dew of Whitney Court, esq. (1)  and Thomas APPERLY of Whitney, miller, (2)  for 8 years of a messuage, tenement or dwelling house occupied by Thomas APPERLEY, together with the 2 stacks of water corn mills (i.e. one wheat mill, one corn mill and one malt mill), called the Millhaugh Mills in the parish of Whitney; also various parcels of land in Whitney relating to the said mills. Ref: University of Wales Bangor, Whitney and Clifford Manuscripts (ref GB 0222 WHC)
1795  Hannah APPERLY late of Bromyard.  Brockhampton, Woolhope, How Caple.  HEF R.O. ref LCD Box 1, No 470
        John Havard APPERLY of Withington (same deed as above) HEF R.O. ref LCD Box 1, Drawer 14, No 448 LC Brockhampton;  LCD9461

1797  Downes v APPERLEY (Bill)     National Archives: C12/1557/44

1798, 8 May   Release:1. Elizabeth APPERLEY of p.Crickadarn, widow of John APPERLEY of same, innkeeper. 2. William WILLIAMS of p. Aberedow, farmer. Title to messuage/ dwelling house, stable and garden in village and parish Crickadarn. B/D/JPO/9/150 Powys County Archives
1800-1861  Rev Thomas APPERLEY, deeds. HEF R.O. ref B69
1800, 21 Mar. Removal Order: Richard=Ann APPERLY and 6 children: William 13 years,  Richard 8 years, Charles 6 years, Martha 4 years, Mary Ann 3 years and Sarah 9 months to Eastington from Stroud ref P320a OV 3/2/1/17 GLS Archives T10(ST8, ST27)[ST23?K1?] (note Richard of Kings Stanley, 14 Feb 1787 King's Stanley by lic=Anne BROOKES of Rodborough)
1801 Herefordshire Agricultural Society Report in Sept's Hereford Journal listed prizes to be awarded in October to servants and labourers in husbandry; John APPERLEY  aged 50 received 1gn after 40 years' service with Mr POWELL of Lugwardine.
1801, 15 Jan . Removal Order: John APPERLEY and his wife Sarah to be removed from Minsterworth to Newnham.  ref P228 OV 3/3/1/14 GLS Archives (note John APPERLEY bc1764, bur 1 Jun 1834 Newnham, 21 Dec 1800 Minsterworth =Sarah PHILLIPS)
       , 5 June.  Bastardy Order:  Hester APPERLEY gave birth to a male illegitimate child on 23 Feb 1801.  Charles Thornton of Stroud, father. ref P320a OV 5/1/1/68 GLS Archives (note: child was reg as Samuel APPERLEY)
1802 Hereford Journal reported that long service awards would be given to James APPERLEY of Cowarne - 16 years (2gns) and Margaret APPERLEY of Cowarne [probably James APPERLEY who married margaret BROWN in Much Cowarne in 1790]
1804  12 June, Jonathan APPERLEY lab of Wood-ends, Dymock, convicted of swearing at wife and John Hoskins.=Eleanor   GLS Archives Q/PC/2/23/C/4
         John Havard APPERLY of Withington re Tarrington  HEF R.O. ref  LCD9249
1805  Wood v Downes (bill and answer) Plt: William Wood=wife; Defs: William Downes; John Havard APPERLEY; Robert Lane; James Carpenter. National Archives: C13/60/64
         Wood v Downes (bill and answer) Plt: William Wood=wife; Defs: William Downes; John Havard APPERLEY; Robert Lane; James Carpenter. National Archives: C13/60/64
         Release of manor of APPERLEY alias Apsley in Ellesborough, the Marsh Mill in Great Kimble and lands (total of 206a) (James Humphreys to William Kendall) AR 91/1996 Ellesborough, Great Kimble, Little Kimble D/X 1281/6. Centre for BUCKS Studies, BUCKS R.O. 
1806  Lane v Downs (Bill and answer) Plt: Robert Lane etc. Defs: William Downes and John Havard APPERLEY National Archives: C13/68/14

         William APPERLY and Rebeckah Winniatt witnesses at marriage of John Winter of Fownhope & Maria Smith of Munsley, at Munsley 24/7 July

         Fox v Brown. Bill and answer.  Plt: Richard Fox. Defs: William Brown; Charles James APPERLEY  National Archives ref C13/65/45   [W1805 F13] (suit titles from OBS 1/654; Data:IND1/4157)
         Wood v APPERLEY. [W1805 W10] Answer. Plt: William Wood=wife; Defs: William Downes, John Havard APPERLEY, Robert Lane, James Carpenter=wife. National Archives: C13/72/32 (suit titles from OBS 1/654; Data: IND1/4157)
1807  Thomas APPERLEY of Felton, justice commentator. HEF R.O. ref Q\Jc/5

         Mary APPERLEY, clock worker/maker (see Britten's Old Clocks and Watches and their Makers, Bloomsbury Books, London 1986.)

1807 Feb 2. William APPERLEY, shop keeper, was killed when the decayed interior gave way while surveying an old house in Woodford, Berkeley.  His two companions escaped unharmed. Gloucester inquest findings.
1807 - 1906  Bundle of documents relating to 73 Westward Road, formerly 3 The Homestead; people mentioned includes Esther Marling APPERLEY of Selsley, ref D6395/1/1 GLS RO

1808  Thomas APPERLEY, tanner, Long Lane, London (1808 PO Directory)

1808-1811  Rev Thos APPERLEY  and Thos. Harvey in documents re mortgage and annuity. GLS Archives  ref D332/L4;  HEF R.O.. ref LCD 7572.. Families mentioned in File: Nourse of Newent, GLS; Harvey of Ross-on-Wye, HEF; Griffiths of Weston-under-Penyard, HEF
1809  Thomas APPERLEY one of witnesses to will of Thomas Abelle of Eagleton, Bishops Frome.
         Lane v Downes (Answer)  Plt: Robert Lane etc Defs: William Downes and John Havard APPERLEY  National Archives: C13/104/44
1810  Irving v Evans (bill+answers) Plt: Mary Sophia Irving (wife of Paulus AEmelius Irvine) Defs: John Pritchard; James Caldecott aka Hereford; John Havard APPERLEY; John Bodenham; William Evans=wife;  Anna Brewster; John Pritchard jnr; Samuel Hodgson; Paulus AEmelius Irvine.  National Archives: C13/118/28
         Irving v Evans (bill+answers) Plt: Mary Sophia Irving (wife of Paulus AEmelius Irvine) Defs: John Pritchard; James Caldecott aka Hereford; John Havard APPERLEY; John Bodenham; William Evans=wife;  Anna Brewster; John Pritchard jnr; Samuel Hodgson; Paulus AEmelius Irvine.  National Archives: C13/118/28
1811 Thomas APPERLEY rector at Stoke Lacey

1811  APPERLEY, Fownhope copy will  HEF R.O. ref T99/II/55

1811  'Wm APPERLEY, Westbury Gloucestershire 1811' inscribed on what appears to be a love token with a puzzle/charm on the reverse.
         Mary APPERLEY, millinery etc warehouse, 33 Bishopsgate within, London (Holden's Annual London and Country Directory)

         Thomas APPERLEY, tanner, Long Lane, Borough, London (Holden's Annual London and Country Directory)

1812-1928  APPERLY named as one of parties involved in deeds to London properties, Cat ref 490/574, Wiltshire and Swindon R.O.

1814  Thomas APPERLEY curate at Felton (vicar see below)
1815  Thomas APPERLEY B.A. incumbent at St James's Church, Ocle Pychard (benefice not more than 300 p.a.) (see diocesan licences for non-residence between 1818-1826 when resident in Stoke Lacey) HEF R.O.  ref HD 6/3/261;350;433;597;730;786;844
         Rev Thos APPERLEY in documents re mortgage and annuity. HEF R.O. ref LCD 7461
         Rev James APPERLY of Stoke Lacey re Bishops Frome and Much Marcle  HEF R.O. ref LCD 4170
         Rev James APPERLY of Stoke Lacey son of Thomas APPERLY of London re Bishops Frome and Much Cowarne HEF R.O.. ref LCD 4055
1816, 24 August William Appley, ref R 128/21, Western Deaneries of the Archdeaconry of Richmond
1816, 19 July Removal Order: Richard=Elizabeth APPERLEY and children Richard 2 1/2 years and Mary Ann 6 months to Eastington from Stonehouse ref P316 OV 3/2/65 GLS Archives T10(ST8, ST27)[ST23?K1?]
1817  Rev Thomas APPERLEY of Stoke Lacy, justice. HEF R.O. ref Q\Jc\6/1817
1818 Thomas APPERLEY of Ocle Pychard, resident in Stoke Lacy.  HEF RO HD6/3/261 1818
1819, 4 Sept.  Apprenticeship: Thomas APPERLY aged 10 son of John=Sarah APPERLY was apprenticed to Thomas Harper KING Esq of Newnham. ref P228 OV 4/1/105 GLS Archives (note Thomas APLEY/APPERLEY bap 10 Mar 1811 Newnham, son of John APPERLEY bc1764, bur 1 Jun 1834 Newnham, 21 Dec 1800 Minsterworth =Sarah PHILLIPS)
         John APPERLY of Lugwardine re Lugwardine.  HEF R.O. ref LCD 3152
1820 Warrant to attorneys (by Sarah Read) to acknowledge satisfaction in the case Read v Appley (King's Bench) ref. D/EZ 7/175 Berkshire RO
1820  Samuel APPERLEY, at Brecon Great Sessions (The Cambrian and General Weekly Advertiser for the Principality of Wales 1804-1930) This could be Samuel bap 1808 Fownhope, son of Richard APPERLEY=Mary WILLIAMS, or Esther APPERLEY's son bap 5 Apr 1801 Stroud mentioned in her 1827 will (17 year-old lab. accused  by Catherine Parry, wid, of breaking and entering to steal clothing and silver watch belonging to Henry PARRY and Mary HAVARD.  Found guilty of stealing only and sentenced to 7 years transportation. File 4/396/2 doc1)  Note that a Samuel APPERLEY of Fownhope serves in the 1st Foot Guards from 1829 until his discharge in 1852.
         Mary APPERLEY of Much Cowarne.  Much Cowarne HEF R.O. ref LC Deeds 11630

1821, 4 Sept.  Apprenticeship: Thomas APPERLEY aged 12 son of John=Sarah APPERLEY was apprenticed to John MORSE of Newnham, butcher. ref P228 OV 4/1/122 GLS Archives (note Thomas APLEY/APPERLEY bap 10 Mar 1811 Newnham, son of John APPERLEY bc1764, bur 1 Jun 1834 Newnham, 21 Dec 1800 Minsterworth =Sarah PHILLIPS)

1821, 4 Sept.  Apprenticeship: William APPERLEY aged 14 son of John=Sarah APPERLEY was apprenticed to Charles JAMES of Newnham, skinner. ref P228 OV 4/1/123 GLS Archives (note William APLEY, ag lab, bap 30 Aug 1807 Newnham, son of John APPERLEY bc1764, bur 1 Jun 1834 Newnham, 21 Dec 1800 Minsterworth =Sarah PHILLIPS)

1821/2 Freeman of Gloucester: William Havard APPERLEY esq of Withington, HEF (by gift) under Henry Wilton esq, mayor ST4
1821 - 1823 The Reverend Mr. APPERLEY (at Stoke Lacy): his household consisted of with him lived Mrs. (Elizabeth) APPERLEY, Miss L(ouisa b1810), Miss G, Miss A, Miss Al, a nurse, a servant, Evans, a butler, Evans’ child, servant maid, footman and Bubb: in ledger of Bromyard physician / surgeon Mr. Delabere Walker
1822  George APPERLEY, clothmaker, cited as one of executors of will (dated 13th Feb 1822) of Thomas Gillman of Rodborough, slaymaker.
 1822, 27 November  Rev. Thomas APPERLEY of Stoke Lacey, HEF (see 1815) mentioned re George Jonathan Scott's minority. (Edmund Treherne of St George's Row, MDSX, Esq and son Edmund; John Holford of York Place, MDSX, Esq)  Shropshire Archives, ref 49/890
1823  Jane APPLEY witness at marriages of Thomas Swain=Jane Scholes, 20th May, Hatfield, Doncaster.
1824  Attorney General v Charles James APPERLEY: Excheq.   Ref National Archives: TS 11/781
1825 - 1942  William and George APPERLEY mentioned in documents relating to Brunswick Baptist Church, Gloucester, Barton End Mission: Mission Hall, schoolroom, adj property at 61-65 Tredworth High Street, formerly Barton Terrace.  Ref D4373/3/4 GLS RO
1825  Edwin illegitimate son of Thomas APPERLY and Mary Ann TOWNSEND. ref P154/9 OV 5/1 no 11 GLS Archives Report of birth in Gloucester St. John the Baptist Bastardy Account Book
1826  Removal order: Joseph and Ann APPERLEY with 2 children, William c 1 3/4 and John c15 months to Minsterworth from Badgeworth ref P31 OV 3/2/39 GLS Archives  ST6
1826  Jonathan APPERLEY, lab of Newent (employer by John BOWKETT, yeoman of Newent) witness in trial against fellow employee Robert MASON of Newent who was charged with ill-treatment of his employer's horse on 13 March 1826. Outcome: mitigated fine of 10 shillings. GLS Archives Q/PC/2/45/C/23
1827,13 March   Henry APPERLEY cadet's bond for 200
1827, 8 December Thomas APPERLEY of London clerk to John Alliston of London gent 10 charged on the Wall House and Dairy House Farms, Hartleton Estate in Upton Bishop, and the Rudhall Estate near Ross. ref. Q/REa/7 HEF RO
1827 - 9 Henry APPERLY at Addiscombe College
1827  Jane APPLEY, witness at marriages of Henry Arrand=Ann Gillatt, 25th Sep, Hatfield, Doncaster.
1829  APPERLY re Amestrey and Wigmore HEF R.O. ref LCD 2695

         William Havard APPERLEY, deed.  HEF R.O. ref W85/60-1

1829, 7 April  William APPERLEY accused of assaulting Mary Yearn, spinster at Newnham on 3 April.  Outcome: 2 fine + 8 shillings costs to be paid to James HILL, overseer of the poor at Newnham.  Otherwise: 2 months in Littledean House of Correction. GLS Archives Q/PC/2/48/B/3

1830  Rev Thomas APPERLEY of Stoke Lacy, justice. HEF R.O. ref Q\Jc\8/1830

         Anthony APPERLEY,  book trade, 1 Wade's Passage, Bath, SOM, Pigot
         Richard APPERLEY Esq of Fownhope HEF in Pigot's Commercial Directory of Herefordshire1830.ST4
         John APPERLEY woollen manufacturer of Woodchester  under   Minchinhampton in Pigot's Directory of Woodchester and Minchinhampton
1830, 15 April  Robert APPERLEY convicted of assaulting Sophia Beard at Henbury on 8 April.   Outcome: 2 shillings and 6 pence fine + 8 shillings costs. Otherwise 14 days in Lawford's Gate House of CorrectionGLS Archives Q/PC/2/49/B/22

1831  Conveyance dated 22 Aug 1831 involving (1) Rev Thomas APPERLEY of London, clerk (formerly of Felton, eldest son of Thomas) (2) John ALLISTON (3) John HOWE of London esq. re Wall House and Dairy House Farms, the Harleton estate, Upton Bishop and the Rudhall Estate.  HEF R.O. ref AW 28/28/30

1832, no 457: John APPERELEY, freehold house and land in Pakenhill Lane. (Register of Electors (East Division) 1832, Stroud  (in Bisley Hundred))
1832,  John APPERELEY of Cainscross, freehold cottage situated at Dudbridge Register of Electors (Whitstone 100; Stonehouse)
1832, 26 May  Thomas APPERLEY convicted of assaulting William QUARREL at Cheltenham on 23 May.  Outcome: Fine of 5 shillings and 4 shillings and 6 pence costs. GLS Archives Q/PC/2/53/D 
         Dudbridge Mill (cloth-mills  driven by2 water-wheels, and a corn-mill) was occupied by John APPERLY.
1833 21 May  Thomas APPERLEY clerk at his cession presented William BETHAM at Stoke Lacey benefice
Post 1834 John APPERLEY's sons, James and David, ran Dudbridge Mill, which won many awards for its cloth, (including a gold medal at the 1851 Exhibition)
1834, 14 July   Thomas APPERLEY, the younger, mason of Pauntley convicted of killing game with a gun at Pauntley on Sunday 29 June. Outcome: Fine of 2 shillings to be paid to an overseer of the poor + 8 shillings costs to the complainant, William BULLOCK, who was the gamekeeper at Oxenhall.  Alternative: 1 week in Littledean House of Correction.  GLS Archives Q/PC/2/53/D/5

1834, 24 November  Robert APPERLEY convicted of assaulting Thomas WASLEY at Cheltenham on 24 November.  Outcome: Fined 10 shillings and 4 shillings costs. GLS Archives Q/PC/2/54/A/264

1834-5, no 6246: William APPERLEY of Elton, Westbury on Severn, re freehold house and land at Elton (Register of Electors)
1834-5, no 2203: Thomas APPERLY of Upleadon, re freehold house and land  (Register of Electors, Upleadon in Botloe 100)
1834-5, no 1990: Paul APPERLY of Clifford's Mesne, re freehold house and land in tithing of Baildon (Register of Electors, Western Division, Newent)
1835,  30 April Birth of illegitimate daughter of Catherine COLDRACKE of St Nicholas, and Jonathan APPERLEY living at Upleadon. Notice to St Nicholas that mother of St Nicholas chargeable to Redmarley with her child and shall deliver her to St Nicholas.  ref P154/15 OV 5/1 no 14 and 15 GLS Archives
          Susannah APPERLEY with William DONES, carriers from Pershore to Worcester, Evesham to Pershore, in Pigot's Commercial Directory
          William Havard APPERLEY esq., under Nobility, Gentry, Clergy, Withington, Pigot's Commercial Directory ST4
1836-43  Jn APPERLEY, clothier, Cainscross. GLS Archives D4248/7/4 + 5

1838, 15 March   Paul APPERLEY, farmer of Newent, insolvent debtor     GLS QS, 1833 -1844 ref 80

1839, 17 and 18 July  James APPERLEY, labourer of Clifford Mesne, Newent insolvent debtor     GLS QS, 1833-1844 ref 89

1840, 18 and 19 November  William APPERLEY, labourer of Clifford Mesne insolvent debtor     GLS QS, 1833-1844      ref 111

1840   William H. APPERLEY, Bye St, Hereford, land agent and surveyor, in Pigot's Commercial Directory ST4
1840 Rev Thomas APPERLEY, curate of St Paul's, Shadwell, subject of a court case where his property was stolen.  See Old Bailey online
1841- 1970 APPERLEY Memorial Fund Accounts 1930-1970, Withington Parish Book, HEF R.O., ref AA10/15ST4
1841   John APPERLEY, ag lab, bc1802  in Taynton (Census)
          3 Sept  Settlement Order: To clerk of Glos Union from Thornbury Union re Henry APLEY a pauper.  If the latter is a nailer and son of Charlotte APPERLEY who is settled in tything of Ham and Stone, then they will accept him.  ref P154/15 OV 3/5/5 no 24 GLS Archives (Records show Charlotte nee AUSTIN bc 1789 was buried 1840)ST5
1842  [W1842 H19] Bishop of Hereford v George Lawrence and Thomas APPERLEY. Bill only. ref National Archives C 13/475/24

1842 , 28 Jan (see 1784)  Land in Windmill Field, Potton, formerly occupied by Judith APPERLEY now occupied  by John Parker.   BED and Luton Archives and Record Service ref Z858/30/4

1844   William APPERLEY, land agent and surveyor, St Owen Street, Hereford, in Pigot's Commercial Directory ST4
          William Havard APPERLEY Esq., under Nobility, Gentry, Clergy, Withington, Pigot's Commercial Directory
          John APPERLEY, boot and shoemaker, Cainscross, Stroud, Pigot's Commercial Directory
          Capt and Mrs APPERLEY arrived on the Tenasserim from Calcutta to Hobart, Dec 29
1844 Harper's Cheltenham Directory & Guide

            Mary APPERLEY, laundress, Whitecross Square

            Richard APPERLEY, greengrocer, 5 Market, and Temperance Cottage, Bath Road
            Robert APPERLEY, gardener, 13 Hermitage Place 
            Thomas APPERLEY, wood sawyer, 18 Hatherley Street 
            Sarah APPERLEY , laundress, 18 Hatherley Street 
1845   William APPERLEY, yeoman, CheltenhamGLS Archives ref D5907/21
          Capt and Mrs APPERLEY arrived on the Tenasserim from Calcutta to Hobart, Jan
          Capt APPERLEY arrived on the Sir Robert Peel from Calcutta to Hobart, Jan 17
          Mr APLEY departed from Sydney for New Zealand on the Louisa Campbell, Jun 26
          James and David APPERLEY were  Marling's tenants in Fromehall Mill.
1845 - 1920,  6 documents relating to 22, formerly 21 Hermitage Place, Cheltenham.  Names: William APPERLEY, John APPERLEY, Thomas Green, James Brown. Ref D5907/21, GLS RO
1846   APPERLEY v Page (bill)  National Archives: C14/473/A56
          APPLEY v Willes (bill) ref item: C14/475/A68  National Archives.
1848, 29 Nov   Ann Apley mentioned in property transaction reference to messuage on Castle Hill Lancaster (Lancashire RO,  ref DX 1480, 1481)
          APPERLEY v Wynne (bill) National Archives C14/775/A18
1849   Jas. APPERLY, under Nobility, Gentry, Clergy, Lower Gannicox, Stroud, Hunt's Commercial Directory
          John APPERLY, Cainscross, Stroud, Hunt's Commercial Directory

          John APPERLEY, Bishopstone, Indenture of Apprenticeship HEF R.O. AE85/1

1850, 22 July report in The Times re APPERLY v Mark re trespass and breaking and entering for removal of goods from wharf, Midland Circuit, Lincoln (defendant was a corn merchant and the plaintiff was coal merchant at Brigg)
1850  Howes v APPERLEY (bill)     National Archives: C14/1137/H31

         Copy settlement pre marriage of Sarah Ann APPERLY, (b reg March Q 1847 Stroud) spinster of Dudbridge House, reg Sep Q1872 Stroud=James A. Roberts, woollen cloth manufacturer of Downfield House, nr Stroud, in solicitors' papers, ref D1241/8/6  coverage: 1850 -1920, includes Beavis name

1851  William H APPERLEY, farmer, Withington (Lascelles Directory of Hereford)ST4
         Sarah APPERLY, bc1837 of Gloucester, inmate in Gloucester Workhouse (Census)
1852  Thomas APPERLEY, shopkeeper, 141 Vauxhall Rd (1852 Birmingham Directory)
         William Havard APPERLEY of Lugwardine}  One of people living on proposed GWR route (Worcester and Hereford Railway PtI) William Havard APPERLEY of Withington}
         Samuel APPERLEY of Fownhope discharged from 1st Foot Guards after serving 1829-1852  National Archives WO 97/151/56
1854 November.  Ann APPERLEY aged 19, servant,  accused of stealing at Eastnor .  HEF R.O.. ref Q\SMc/1
1855  William Havard APPERLEY, Thomas Morgan and Elizabeth Ravenhill Gwillian named in injunction issued by Court of Chancery.  Complaint received from Collins individuals to stop defendants from ploughing Priors Moor meadow or damaging 'Brainge' Estate.ST4
         Thomas APPERLEY, shopkeeper, 102 Vauxhall Road, Birmingham
         January. Havard APPERLEY - victim of theft  HEF R.O. ref Q\SMC\11817
1856 onwards David APPERLY appears in directories as the occupier of Dudbridge Mills.  
1856 William H. APPERLEY, landowner of Withington, Welsh Newton Kelly's.ST4
     James APPERLEY, farmer, Stone House, Withington, Kelly's .ST4
1857   6 August: Inquest on Hannah APPERLEY, aged 44, of Stroud, ref CO3/I/1/47
          Papers reporting on the re-evaluation of small tenements on lands owned by Guys Hospital , by Arthur Armitage 1836.  Amongst many living in dire poverty, John Smith was found living with his son-in-law John APPERLEY at Marstow.  The tenant was past 80 and reported that his son-in-law had rebuilt the cottage and a carpenter's shop 12 years before and he hoped the governors would consider the outlay made and that he was willing to pay at full value, i.e. 40. HEF R.O. ref AW 28/45/129
1858 John APPERLY's will gave 1 annual interest for blankets and clothing (' late of Cainscross, gentleman', d30 Nov 1858. Proved at Gloucester 23 May by  Nathaniel Samuel MARLING of Stonehouse Court, David APPERLEY of Rodborough and Joseph APPERLEY of Cainscross, the sons and the executors) Will and . 'Rodborough: Charities for the poor', A History of the County of Gloucester: Volume XI: Bisley and Longtree Hundreds (1976), p. 234.
        William H. APPERLEY, landowner of Withington Kelly'sST4
        James APPERLEY, farmer, Stone House Kelly'sST4
        John APPERLEY, brewer, Cheltenham. GLS Archives D5907/21
1859 Joseph APPERLEY, farmer, Newent ( Bristol PO Directory)
        W.H. APPERLEY, secretary of Hereford Farmers' Club, St John St, surveyorST4
        John APPERLEY, postmaster, carpenter, shopkeeper, P.O. Pencraig, Marstow.  Slater's Directory, GLS, HEF etc.
        Marriage of Ann APPERLEY of Much Marcle, domestic servant.  (Is this Ann who = John Bradford C1859 Ledbury?) (see 1879) Hef R.O. ref K42/386
1859 - 1860  Pitmens' Bonds   1787-1867: APPLEY, Heny - Driver (1860-61); APPLEY, Jn - Putter (1859-60); APPLEY, Jno - Putter (1860-61); APPLEY, Wm -Trapper (1860-61) ref. ZBK/A/2/1-40 Northumberland RO
1862, 16 Aug Cooper family Finchley estate - Counterpart lease for 21 years from 29 September 1862. On front: 'assigned to APPERLEY.'   De Burgh Family of West Drayton MDSX, ref ACC/1386/817 London Metropolitan Archives
Pre 1863 Dudbridge ironworks was set up  by James APPERLY to manufacture his patent clothmaking machinery  'Rodborough: Economic history', A History of the County of Gloucester: Volume XI: Bisley and Longtree Hundreds (1976), pp. 224-30.
1864  James APPERLY purchased Mugmore Mill , Spring Mill , Wood aka Randall's Mill and New Mill, all in the Stroud area. 
1865  Benjamin APPERLY and John APPERLEY attended presentation of new schoolroom at Selsley (included S. Marling Esq of Stanley Park)
1867  Thomas APPERLEY, shopkeeper, 162 Vauxhall Road, Birmingham.  Birmingham Post Office Directory
         Charles APPERLEY, brass polisher, 5 Court, 33 Whithall St, St. Mary's Square, BirminghamBirmingham Post Office Directory
1868 John APPERLEY of Selsley Hill, Stonehouse voters' register
        Lower Mill (on the Dudbridge Mill site),  was sold by the APPERLYs in 1868, bought back by APPERLY Curtis & Co by 1902
1868 Slater's Directory: WARNING - only partial list - please check original!

Alfred APPERLY, Spring Bank, Stroud gentry

David APPERLY, Stroud gentry

James APPERLY, Dudbridge, Stroud gentry

Joseph APPERLY, Stroud gentry

Miss Annie APPERLY, Fownhope, Hereford gentryST4

Henry Gwilliam APPERLY, Esq, 6 St. Jn. Sq., Hereford gentryST4

James APPERLY, farmer, Church House, Fownhope, HEFST4

Richard APPERLY, farmer,  New House, Wormbridge, HEF

William Apurley, farmer, Stone House, Withington, HEFST4

John APPERLY, joiner/carpenter, Bishopstone,  HEF

William APPERLY, Land/House/Estate Agent, HerefordST4

William Havard APPERLEY, surveyor, HerefordST4

John APPERLEY, (Rural Post Office), Marstow

John APPERLEY, (Rural Post Office), Pencraig

Miss Caroline APPERLY, nobility/gentry classification, Cheltenham

William APPERLY, Regent Place, Cheltenham beer retailer

John APPERLY, Barton St, Gloucester beer retailer

Alfred APPERLY, Painswick, cloth manufacturer, Slad Mill

1870 William APPERLY, Stonehouse Brewery, Regent Place, Swindon Rd, Cheltenham

        William APPERLEY, Stonehouse Inn, Swindon Rd, Cheltenham

        William APPERLEY, Wickwar Brewery

        William APPERLEY,  Stonehouse Ale Stores, Back St,  Cheltenham

1871 As a result of March examination Charles W APPERLEY was awarded a prize as well as certificates in the examinations at St Paul's School, Birmingham, in conjunction with Science and Art Dept., South Kensington source: Birmingham Daily Post 28 April 1871
1871  Edward APPLY, silversmith, 19 Wywat St, Islington Rd, in Holden's Annual London and Country Directory 1871
        John APPERLEY, brewer, Cheltenham. GLS Archives D5907/21
1872  Sarah Ann APPERLY of Dudbridge House in settlement before marriage to James A Roberts, woollen cloth manufacturer, of Downfield House, StroudGloucestershire R.O. ref D1241/8/6 (Rodborough Court Estate papers 1850 - 1929 involving APPERLY family and Edward Beavis

APPERLY and Roberts families of Stroud: marriage settlements and related papers 1872-1906, ref D6415

         Dudbridge Mill was run by David's son Alfred APPERLY, later Sir Alfred
         William Havard APPERLEY of Withington, re Withington HEF R.O.. ref LCD7881
1873  Louisa APPERL(E)Y: letters, accounts and memoranda relating to her trusts GLS Archives ref D873/f104

1873  Return of Owners of Land: (Refer to it for details of land owned and value) N.B. all possible spellings included where they may refer to known APPERLEY individuals

Herefordshire:  John APPERLEY of Bishopstone; H. APPERLEY of Withington; John APPERLEY of Wormbridge; J.P. APPERLEY of Fownhope; W.H. Apparley of Hereford; Edward Applebee of Burghill; John Appleby jun of Bishopstone (note mis-transcriptions/recordings)

Gloucestershire:  Alfred Apperby(APPERLY?) of Rodborough; James Apperby (APPERLY?) of Stroud; William. C. APPERLEY of Cheltenham; G. Appleby of Newent

6 Nov 1873 - 2 Feb 1874  Charles APPERBY (APPERLEY?) (21, blacksmith, HEF) sailed from Plymouth to Lyttleton on the 'Isles of the South'

1875  Henry APPERLEY bc1859/60, illit, accused of theft at Aston: discharged. QS 26/1/077, case 17

1875  Francis White & Co, Commercial + Trades Directory of Birmingham

Charles APPERLEY, brass polisher, 33 Whittall St, Birmingham.  
E. APPERLEY, shopkeeper, 161 Vauxhall Rd, Birmingham.  
W. APPERLEY, tobacconist, 8 Vauxhall Rd, Birmingham.
J. APPERLY, Harborne Refreshment Room, 128 High St, Harborne.

1876-7   (Littlebury's Directory and Gazetteer of Hereford)

Miss Ann APPERLEY, 22 St Martin St, Hereford
Henry Gwillim APPERLEY esq, The Hawthorns, Aylestone Hill, Hereford
James APPERLEY, farmer and shopkeeper, The Clouds,
James P. APPERLEY, farmer and hop grower, Ringfield Farm, Fownhope  
John APPERLEY, wheelwright, Bishopstone,
John APPERLEY, New House, commercial for Wormbridge
John APPERLEY, carpenter and beer retailer, Pencraig, commercial for Marstow with Pencraig (son in law of John Smith)
Richard E. APPERLEY, farmer, Little Hope, Fownhope
William APPERLEY, shopkeeper, Parkway, commercial for Ledbury
William APPERLEY, builder, Mordiford, under commercial for Clifford

George APPERLEY, shopkeeper, Clifford's Mesne (Morris + Co Comm. Dir. +. Gaz, Newent + Kelly's)

William Havard APPERLEY and Henry Gwilliam APPERLEY, 21 East St, Hereford, house/estate agents, surveyors, valuers, Royal Farmers' Insurance agents Trade Directory

1876  William Apperley, shoemaker, Ebley (Trade directory)

 Morris and Co's Directory of Gloucestershire

Clergy, Gentry etc: David APPERLY, Acre Hill House, Stroud
Joseph APPERLY, Highfield House, Stroud
Alfred APPERLY & Co, woollen cloth manufacturers, Dudbridge Mills
APPERLY, Curtis & Co, woollen merchants, Dudbridge
Ebenezer APPERLY, surgeon/dentist, 4 Rowcroft, Stroud
Joseph APPERLY (firm of APPERLY, Curtis & Co) private residence: Highfield

1877 Papers relating to entitlement to property in estate of William Wynne dec: people involved included: Charles James APPERLEY of Wootton House, Gloucestershire, esq., and Elizabeth, his wife, formerly Elizabeth Wynne, (also Jane Hornby - she and Elizabeth APPERLEY were the two daughters William Wynne of Peniarth
 dec., by Jane Wynne, his wife)
1877-1878 APPERLEY, W. ( Birmingham 2nd) General councilman, Amalgamated Society of Woodworkers
including the Amalgamated Society of Carpenters and Joiners

1878  E. APPERLEY in sale particulars for auction of Hownhall Farm, Weston HEF, on 19 Feb. GLS Archives ref D2299/2/3/10

[Farm was 1/2 mile from Mitcheldean Road Station and 3 miles from  Ross.  Mr APPERLEY had left Woodfield Court and was giving up the Farm.]

1878  28 Jan. John R. Apperby (Apper(e)y?) passenger on Zealandia of Glasgow, San Francisco to Sydney.

1879  Edward APPERLEY, Misc under Burghill,  Kelly's
3 Sep 1879 -7 Dec 1879  Alfred (24, wheelwright, HEF) and Elizabeth (22)APPERLEY  travelled on Arethusa from Plymouth to Wellington

1879 Marriage of Ann APPERLEY of Tarrington  (Is this Ann who = Thomas Beard/William Davies D1879 Ledbury?) see 1859 Hef R.O. ref K42/386

1879  William Havard APPERLEY, was recorded as 1 of 4 chief landowners in the area ( as well as farmer, hop grower, parish clerk of Stone House)  Trade DirectoryST4
27 Oct 1883-12 Jan 1884  James (ag lab, 36), Harriett  (33) and Blanche (7) APPERLEY travelled on the Waitangi from Plymouth to Lyttleton
1884 - 1900  Executorship and trust papers of Sarah APPERLEY nee MARLING, of Dudbridge House, Stroud. Ref D873/F123 GLS RO
1885, 1895 John APPERLEY, brewer, at Laburnum (Laburnham) Brewery, Ryecroft St, GLS
1888  Miss APPERLEY, 9 June  GLS Archives ref D3981/16
1891 King's Head, Upton St Leonards - alehouse tied to Holmes, APPERLEY and Neame.
1891  William Walter APPERLEY, Brewhouse, (owner Ruth Meek)

(William Walter Kingscott APPERLEY b B1861 Cheltenham, dD1903 Wolverhampton, Brewhouse worker, of St. Paul's, 1 February 1891 Cheltenham=Constance Emily WALTER bc1869 Cheltenham ref 1)

Boarder with WH WALTER=Margaret bc1876 Evesham

1894  William APPERLEY bc 1862, illit, accused of burglary at Aston, sentenced to six months' hard labour. QS 26/1/160 case12
1894 Herbert Wynne APPERLEY Lt Col at Discharge Depot, Gosport, in Whitaker's AlmanacST4/AWW

1894  Mrs. APPERLEY, Dudbridge House (Stroud)  Kelly's Directory of SOM, GLS & Bristol

APPERLEY, Bidlake & Co., woollen manufacturers; APPERLEY, Curtis and Co, woollen cloth manufacturers, Dudbridge Mills

Alfred APPERLY esq, Rodborough Court, County Court Magistrate;  Commercial: Ebenezer APPERLY, dentist, Rowcroft  

Private residents: Ebenezer APPERLY, Field House, Bowbridge Lane; Mrs APPERLY, Brunswick House, Park Rd; Alexander Cooper  

APPERLY, Brunswick House, Park Rd;

1895-1933  Apperl(e)y, Curtis & Co Ltd, woollen cloth manufacturers became a limited company in Stroud. In 1889 the firm had 90 looms and early 7,000 spindles.  In 1902 an adjoining large mills was bought and added to the firm.  Because of the price of foreign wool, cloth was made from Southdown wool produced at the Hyde farm of one of the firm's directors (Hydea cloth).  The firm eventually closed in 1933 as a result of financial problems.

Gloucester Archives holds papers relating to members and  shareholders, Ref NRA 11424 APPERLEY. (GB/NNAF/B2683)

1895  APPERLY, Curtis & Co Ltd, co no 46347, BT 31/31793/46347 (National Archives)
         Mark and Priscilla APPERLEY of Cecil Rd, Leyton. Police report.
         John APPERLEY, Laburnham Brewery, Ryecroft St, Glos.
1896  Emily APPERLEY bc 1863, semi-lit,  accused of receiving at Aston Manor, sentenced to 1 month hard labour, QS 26/2/bundle10 case 8
         William APPERLEY bc1866, semi-lit, accused of breaking/entering at Aston Manor, sentenced to 3 years' penal servitude, QS 26/2/bundle 10
1896  APPERLEY, publican and tenant, Cheltenham [The Whitesmith's Arms] mentioned in documents re valuation and inventory.  Other tenant: Coates GLS Archives D4496/29
1897  J. APPERLEY, G. Child and R. Powell MA, churchwardens named on Preaching Cross at St Paul's, Withington, restored to commemorate Queen Victoria's 60 years' reignST4
1897 John Albert APPERLY, 75 Reservoir Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham    (Kelly's Directory)
1898 William APPERLEY (brewer) St Paul's Rd, Cheltenham
         Surveyor's Dept Plans for rebuilding for D.C. APPERLY, esq, Nos 110-118 previously 2-4 Bishopsgate Street, London Corporation of London Records Office ref COL/SVD/PL/01/1746
1898, 24 May - 1904, 25 May  Documents relating to Alvin Street, Gloucester and John APPERLEY of Cleethorpe, Hucclecote, gent and George Frederick HEENS of Brusnwick Sq, gent executrix of JA.  Ref D3117/1676 GLS RO
1899 The APPERLYs had a controlling interest in the Stroud Metal Co. (on a site next to Dudbridge Mill), which produced umbrella parts as well as fittings for production of steam/water/gas.
1899-1902  William Wynne APPERLEY, Lt, 49th Company, 9th Battalion, Imperial Yeomanry, 2nd Boer WarST4
1900  Alfred APPERLEY, J.P., (later Sir Alfred) of Rodborough Court, Walkley Hill, a Tudor Renaissance building designed in 1888 by Alfred Bucknall of Clifton and extended 1899 by Morley Horder) laid one of 4 commemorative stones in the east wall of new Baptist Schoolroom in Union St, Stroud, on 24th May
        John APPERLEY, brewer, at The Beehive, Millbrook St, connected with Laburnum Brewery, Tredworth, GLS
1901 APPERLEY amongst 44 officers (and 1,153 men) sailed from Southampton on 'The Tagus' on 2nd Mar (London Times shipping report on South African war)
        APPERLEY, landlord, Chalford  GLS Archives D1405/9/82
        Richard John APPERLEY, insurance agent, Agincourt St, Monmouth (Kelly's 1901 Directory)
1902, 7 June  Henry David Ebenezer APPERLEY  and Henry BALKWELL, farmers of Green Farm Badgeworth dissolved partnership. Henry Balkwell to continue alone.
1903-5  Miss Edith P. APPERLEY 's letter setting up the James Powles APPERLEY Trust Fund etc.  Withington Parish Records: APPERLEY Memorial Fund accounts 1930 - 1970. HEF R.O. ref AA10/25.  ST4

1904   APPERLY, Curtis and Co Ltd stocks and shares mentioned in auctioneer particulars. GLS Archives, ref D1405/5/2

1904  1 July Tenancy Agreement: (1) Sir J. R. G. Cotterell. (2) Henry APPERLEY of Bishopstone wheelwright.
Cottage with wheelwright's shop and garden and orchard belonging in Bishopstone (1a. 1r.). 7 p.a.
In tenancy records of the Garnons Estate, Mansell Gamage, HEF (Cotterell family) ref. W69 / III / 57 HEF RO
1904  APPERLEY, landlord, Stroud  GLS Archives D1405/9/321
         William John APPERLY, Steephill Court (Private resident, St Helen's, Isle of Wight, Kelly's 1904 Directory)
         Henry APPERLEY, wheelwright, of Bishopstone; tenancy agreement; HEF R.O. W69/III/57
1905  Withington entry: Chief landowner is H. W. APPERLEY.  John and Thomas, sons of John Havard APPERLEY have memorial windows in St Peter's church.Kelly's 1905 DirectoryST4
1906-1914  John APPERLY Educational Foundation (Rodborough) ED 49/2453 (National Archives)
1908  Mrs. J.M. APPERLY, Lady of the Manor, Tong nr Sittingbourne; J.M. APPERLY M.A., vicar, churchwarden and parish clerk.

1909  Stained glass window in Rodborough Church in memory of David & Ellen APPERLY.  20 Dec.

22 August 1910  Death announced on Saturday 20 August at 16 Roman Road, Rowanfield, Cheltenham: Amelia APPERLEY aged 70 years  The Echo (Gloucestershire)  RW

27 August 1910  Walter John APPERLEY of Sunnymeade, Brockworth, farmer, surviving executor of  George James LAWSON of Chapel Hill House, Aylburton, Lydney who d June 1910.  The Echo (Gloucestershire)

1910  APPERLEY pedigree, BL manuscripts, Add. 39700 f. 19 b; Add. 39701 ff. 63 b-65
1912  Alfred APPERLEY, upholsterer, Hill End, Droitwich (Kelly's 1912 WOR Directory)
         Mrs P. APPERLEY, shopkeeper, 85 Ipsley St, Redditch (Kelly's 1912 WOR Directory)
         C. H APPERLEY (late) in sale particulars for High Green, Longney, GLS Archives ref D2299/2/11/67

1913  James APPERLEY, farmer of Wootton, commercial entry under Dormington, Kelly's

         W.H. APPERLEY esq of Hereford, landowner in Bodenham, Kelly'sST4

1914  Harry APPERLEY, plumber, 1 Gerrish Av, Redfield; home: 2 Bruce Av, St Matthew's (Kelly's 1914 Bristol Directory) ST8

          Mrs APPERLEY, 45 Greenbank Rd, Lower Easton (Kelly's 1914 Bristol Directory)ST8

          Henry APPERLEY, 61 Barratt St, Lower Easton (Kelly's 1914 Bristol Directory)ST8

          Ernest Walter APPERLEY, 9 Lillian St, Redfield (Kelly's 1914 Bristol Directory)ST8

          Mrs. Rose Hannah APPERLEY, 15 Foster St, Easton (Kelly's 1914 Bristol Directory)ST8

          Frederick Charles APPERLEY, grocer, 30 Frogmore St (Kelly's 1914 Bristol Directory)?ST8

1914-18  W. APPERLEY  Roll of Honour by war memorial, Tewkesbury Abbey

1914-18  F. APPERLEY, Filling Dept employee at S.J. Moreland & Sons Ltd, on war memorial on rear wall of St Stephen's Church, Bristol Road, Gloucester

1914-18  W.G. APPERLEY on City of Gloucester war memorial, Gloucester Park.
1914-18  A. APPERLEY, Shaw and Crompton War Memorial, LANCS
1914    APPERLEY, landlord, Stroud GLS Archives D1405/9/367
1919   Charles APPERLY managing director of The Stroud Metal Company.  His firm made components for W Paddon's Hampton Engineering Company's cars who had a small workshop at Dudbridge from 1919. They produced luxury hand-built motor cars at the rate of one a week. When Charles APPERLY's invested money dried up, others invested, but, despite producing over 1,100 cars, the company ceased trading in 1933.
1924-7  References to Lady APPERLEY, Charles APPERLY of APPERLY Curtis and Co Ltd in Dockets and printed sale particulars of Davis, Champion and Payne, Stroud, GLS Archives, ref D1405/2/45, D1405/2/ 47, D1405/2/62, D1405/4/292
1924  APPERLEY, landlord, Stroud  GLS Archives D1405/9/382
1927, 1936 John APPERLEY at the Olde Elm Inn, Church Road, Churchdown, GLS (inn replaced by Bat and Ball pub)
1930 - 1970: Apperley Memiorial Fund Accounts, Withington Parish records, ref AA10/15 HEF RO
1930: Dudbridge and Stroud Valley: Catalogue Ref. D4279: Sources include documentary, oral and site evidence (with photographs of APPERLEY Mills, c.1930, and Kimmins mill, c.1933 and 1950) GLS Archives
1938-9  John APPERLY Educational Foundation (Rodborough) ED 49/11/37 (National Archives)
1939    APPERLEY, landlord, Stroud  GLS Archives D1405/9/415
1950    Notes on textile families in Stroud including APPERLY, CLUTTERBUCK, DAVIES, MARLING, PLAYNE, STANTON, STRACHAN, WATHEN, WEBB families see pages 65 - 87D2033/1, GLS Archives

1983-4  Bristol Lord Mayor: Councillor Frederick J. APPERLEY and Lady Mayoress, Mrs Joan APPERLEY  ST8


 APPERLEY Information in Herefordshire Name Index   



  • The following data was collected several years ago with the help of an excellent Name Index at Hereford Record Office. It is offered merely as a guide to information that was available there at that time in case researchers can make any useful connections. 

  • It is likely that the reference numbers are now out of date and, as there will probably be transcription errors and omissions, researchers are urged to contact the Record Office before they make a visit to see the documents mentioned. 

  • Where possible we have started to add information about named individuals in italics. 

  • Beware! In some cases the surname is shown in more than one spelling in the documents. 



Thomas APPERLEY of Cradley, only son of James APPERLEY=Elizabeth JAMES, now dead late of Cradley

(Thomas was born 10 Feb 1754 and married Hannah DAVIS in Bosbury 23 Jul 1776)

See 091.42 Ashperton 1793, LC Deeds 11.569



Thomas APPERLEY 's will.  (Thomas as above.  He names Thomas, his only son, his wife Hannah , and his 3 daughters Elizabeth, Hannah and Ann.)


See 091.92 Wills (His) 1810, LC Deeds 11.662


James APPERLEY of Ashperton, mason.  Joan, his mother, widow, deceased.

(Tripartite indenture between James APPERLEY, John TERRETT of Bosbury, yeoman, and Richard SPALLINGS of Bosbury, tailor re home of Joan , widow deceased, whose home is now occupied by James. Highway at east of property and Corkett Lane on the west- half an acre of land in Ashperton.  3 cottages, 6 gardens, 3 orchards.  Signed James APPERLE, John DUDSON and Elizabeth WILLIAMS, 6 Mar 1753)

Elizabeth APPERLEY wife of James

(Assignment of a mortgage: Richard ROWBREY and James APPERLEY to William JAMES.  17 July 1764)

Thomas APPERLEY of Cradley, mason

(Tripartite indenture between Richard MATTHEWS late of Eastnor, now Castlemorton, Worcester, victualler, Thomas APPERLEY of Cradley, mason, (only son and heir of James late of Ashperton, mason) and Mary ROWLANDS of Ledbury widow.  Last indenture 10 Sep 1782.  James APPERLEY had died intestate, and so Thomas APPERLEY and executors sold the property, described above but divided into 2 tenements, formerly in the last indenture held by Richard MATTHEWS, now occupied by Edward HODGES and Richard FORSTER, to Mary ROWLANDS, dated 26 Jun 1787)

See 091.42 Ashperton 1753, LC Deeds 11.654






See 091.42 Ashperton 1764, LC Deeds 11.655






See 091.42 Ashperton 1784, LC Deeds 11.656


Mary APPERLEY of Much Cowarne

See 091.42 Much Cowarne 1820, LC Deeds 11.630

Anthony APPERL(E)Y now of Hereford, late of Kilkington, Staunton on Wye.  Ann his wife.

(Anthony b1630, 1671=Ann(e) CORNEWALL)

See 091.42 Leominster Wintercott 1682, LC Deeds 11.165


Rev. James APPERLY of Stoke Lacy See 091.42 Bishops Frome and Much Marcle 1815, LC Deeds 4170





Mary APPERLY of Leominster, widow (Mary nee CASWELL)


Rev. Thomas APPERLY of Stoke Lacy, son of Thomas of London

(Thomas b1730, d1819, son of Thomas b1701, d1740,=Mary CASWELL)

See 091.42 Fownhope, Mordiford, Sollers Hope and Woolhope 1627, LC Deeds 3646


See 091.42 Hereford Griffiths Estate 1697, LC Deeds 3594

See 091.42 Bishops Frome 1730, LC Deeds 3990


See 091.42 Bishops Frome and Much Cowarne 1815, LC Deeds 4055


John Havard APPERLY of Withington


William APPERLY of Yatton, Foy


John APPERLY of Lugwardine

See 091.42 Withington 1719, LC Deeds 2403



See091.42 Llangarrers and Whitchurch 1638, LC Deeds 2524; 091.42 Aymestry and Wigmore 1829, LC Deeds 2695


See091.42 Lugwardine 1819, LC Deeds 3152



James APPERLY B of Physic of Wrexham, Denbigh and Elizabeth of Grafton

(James b1706, son of Thomas, b1674, d1735,=Elizabeth WESTFALING)



(Indenture involving James APPERLEY, George PHELPS, Elizabeth APPERLEY, widow of Thomas late of Grafton, Anthony fellow of Jesus College, Oxford, (one of sons of Thomas by Elizabeth) and Susan, Anne and Elizabeth (3 daughters of Thomas). Thomas, another of Thomas's sons also mentioned. 800 to James.  Some of properties/land mentioned: Sapness; tenement called Penfield formerly occupied by William DAVIS and recently by Ab MORRIS; The Hills occupied by William BROOKS; premises etc in Woolhope and Sollershope

John APPERLY of Woolhope

Thomas APPERLY of Hereford

See 091.42 Woolhope 1736, LC Deeds 1164, N53






See 091.42 Woolhope, Putley and Pixley 1417, LC Deeds 2037, G37/11/274




See 091.42 Dorstone, Ledbury, Ashperton, etc 1714, LC Deeds 2291



Thomas APPERLY of Hereford, Dorstone, Ledbury, Ashperton etc.

Quadripartite Indenture, 17 Mar 1714, re. possessions in parishes of Ledbury, Ashperton, Fownhope, Kings Caple and Bodenham, farm in Dorstone and moiety of other farms in Dorstone in possession of John ?PARTRIDGE

2291, N76




Jane APPERLY of Brierley and her son, John


Various members of the family

See 091.92 Personal BAYSEY(John) and VALE (Thomas) 1694, LC Deeds 640


See 091.42 Leominster 1703, LC Deeds 637; Leominster 1703, LC Deeds 604


Leominster 1695-1703, LC Deeds 842 (Bonds receipts, etc.)




William APPERLY of Brierley=Jane

Eye, Luston 1662, LCD 6363

Eye 1685, LCD 6338; Re occupation of Morris property: Brierley 1708, LCD 7477, P50



William APPERLY=Mary

Havard of Withington

See 091.42 Withington and Fownhope 1735, Stallard  Deed Box 197

Personal (IRVING, Paulus Amelus) 1802, Drawer no 10, LC 346


Anne APPERLY of Wrexham, spinster.  Rev Anthony of Halford, her brother and Thomas, her nephew of Wrexham Wills 1771, LC Deeds 10377


Hannah APPERLY late of Bromyard

John Havard APPERLY of Withington (same deed)

Anthony APPERLY of Brockhampton

Brockhampton, Woolhope, How Caple 1795, LCD Box 1, No 470

Drawer 14, No 448 LCD  Brockhampton 1795

Brockhampton 1678, Drawer 14 No 445 LCD


Thomas APPERLY, b1730,  c1778 Plasgronow, Denbigh=Ann WYNN, spinster

(30 May 1778 Deeds concerned with the interests of the APPERLEY family of the Hill of Eaton and Snogsash farms, especially that of Thomas late of Wrexham now of Plas Gronow Denbigh, esq=Ann WYNN.  She was the aunt of Philip and Thomas WESTFALING of Rudhall and Thomas BOYCOTT of Wrexham.   Anne was given the right to an annuity rent or 42 and, in the event of Thomas's death, an annuity of 80 out of these properties (+ 100 if no issue): manor of Grafton and capital messuage of the farm of Grafton and lands in the parish of St Martin called All Saints lately occupied by John HARPER and Chris POWELL, and 2 messuages/tenement farms and lands commonly called Hill of Eaton and Snoggs Ash Farms in Foy occupied by John BOND.  27 Mar 1778)

Charles PROSSER to Thomas APPERLEY esq, bond for 2,000.

1778: Exemplication of a Recovery of Herefordshire Estates - Court of Common Pleas: Philip WESTFALINGE v. John PHILPOT to seize rightful property.  Thomas APPERLEY summoned to appear.  Property: Manor of Grafton, 3 messuages, 7 gardens, 300 acres of land, 60 acres meadow, 50 acres pasture, 20 acres wood, 30 acres furze + heath with appurtenances in All Saints, Foy and Bishops Frome.

Final concord 1778 between John PHILPOT plt. and Thomas APPERLEY esq=Ann deforc. re manor of Grafton and lands in parishes of St Martin otherwise All Saints, Foy and Bishops Frome

3 Feb 1783 Lease and release: Thomas APPERLEY of Plasgronow=Ann, and Charles PROSSER=Elizabeth, of the Parks, Foy; John BICKLEY of Finchley MDSX, gent, and John TUDOR of Leominster, carrier.  Hill of Eaton Fields, Snogsash Farm, half part of pew in church of Foy

Foy 1778, LCD 10476, R8








Hereford, Grafton 1778, LCD 10477; Personal (marriage settlement) LCD 10515, R8/6/24,25


LCD 10380, R8/6/26







Thomas APPERLY b 1674 of Grafton, Hereford.  Elizabeth (nee WESTFALING) his wife and James his son.  His will, 12 Sep 1735

(Thomas was designated Doc of Physic.  In his will he named all children below as well as  another son, John.  He left property at the Hill of Eton in the parish of Foy and a tenement called Snogsash)

Susannah APPERLY (eldest dau of above-mentioned Thomas=Elizabeth, sister of Thomas, James, Anthony, Elizabeth and Anne)  Her will, 12 Oct 1736, proved by sole executor brother James 9 Jun1739 (In the will she names her mother and siblings, and her eldest brother's son Thomas APPERLEY and niece Elizabeth APPERLEY)

James APPERLY MB of Wrexham and Anne his sister.  Also his nephew Thomas.

Wills 1735, LCD 10488  R8/6/20 See also will of Thomas APPLEY Wills 1735, LCD 10073




Wills 1736-9, LCD 10489, R8/6/21  See also10089



Wills 1762, LCD 10074, R8/6/22



Withington spinsters: Elizabeth Maria, Mary Ann and Emma APPERLY

James Powles APPERLY of Withington, farmer and Henry Gwillim APPERLY of Hereford, land surveyor

Withington 1773-1891, LCD 7734 (36A+B)


John Havard APPERLY of Withington Brockhampton 1795, LCD 9461


John Havard APPERLY of Withington Tarrington 1804, LCD 9249


Thomas APPERLY, b1730,  c1778 Plasgronow, Denbigh=Ann WYNN, spinster Personal 1773-1778, LCD 10084


Rev Thomas APPERLEY Personal 1808-1811, LCD 7572; Personal 1815, LCD 7461


William APPERLEY Brierley 1708, LCD 7477


William Havard APPERLY of Withington

Withington 1872, LCD 7881; Withington 1773-1891, LCD 7734/12



 APPERLEY (and variants) Information in Other Counties' Name Indexes/Records   


Barnstaple Records:

Robert/Robart/jnr/snr/the younger: APLEY; APLY; APPELEY, APPLEY; APPLY

Dorothy APPLEY



APPERLEY War Deaths  

(World War I and World War II)

If there are any errors in the details below, or if you have additional information, please let me know.

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission




Date and Place of Birth/Baptism/Registration(where known)

For registration codes, see the Births List page

APPERLEY, A Private Manchester Regiment   13th Nov 1918

 (Saint Sever Cemetery Extension)


Recorded on Gloucester War Memorial



Royal Gloucestershire Hussars, Yeomanry Albert James APPERLEY, b12 Apr 1884 Tetbury,=May TOMLINSON, son of Charles APPERLEY=Caroline Eliza nee GRIBBLE 30th Dec 1917

Died at sea

(Chatby Memorial)

T10/ ST27/ST23

APPERLEY, A J S Able Seaman Royal Navy Arthur John Smith APPERLEY reg D1894 West Ham/Leytonstone, son of Mrs EVERSFIELD 26th Nov 1914

(Portsmouth Naval Memorial)



Royal Artillery


Bernard APPERLEY, b Oldham? 20th Aug 1944
APPERLEY, B R Guardsman


Irish Guards - Foot Guards Bernard Roland APPERLEY of Herefordshire, bc1924 Worcester

? reg B1891 Bromsgrove/Redditch, son of Thomas APPERLEY,=Annie nee CHATTAWAY

22nd Sep 1944 (Arnhem (Oosterbeek) War Cemetery)


APPERLEY, C M Second Lieutenant Machine Gun Corps (Infantry - 51st)


Charles Milton APPERLEY bc1888 Oswaldtwistle, son of  Rev Edward Hodges APPERLEY,=Annie of Clitheroe 28th Mar 1918

Killed in action (Cabaret-Rouge British Cemetery)


APPERLEY, D Civilian   Dorothy APPERLEY, reg D1899 (?Brentford), daughter of George APPERLEY (bc1862 HEF)=?Emily S. 1st Oct 1940


King's Shropshire Light Infantry

(5th Battalion)

Frederick APPERLEY, of Craven Arms, b reg C1894 Lutterworth, son of William Henry APPERLEY, bC1861 Dursley,=Mary Eizabeth bc1861/2 Oswestry SAL; Hall's Mill,  Kington HEF 16th Sep 1916

Killed in action (Grave and Thiepval Memorial)




Royal Garrison Artillery Frank APPERLEY of Falfield, b Berkeley 18th Nov 1916

Died of wounds (Abbeville Communal Cemetery Extension)

APPERLEY, G Civilian   George APPERLEY (bc1862 HEF)= ?Emily S. 1st Oct 1940
APPERLEY, H G Private Canadian Infantry (Saskatchewan Regt.)   3rd Feb 1918


Worcestershire Regiment

1/7th Battalion

Harry Merriman APPERLEY, b Redditch, reg B1896 Bromsgrove, son of Edgar APPERLEY reg C1877 Bromsgrove, = Lizzie nee MERRYMAN of 15 William St, Redditch 25th Apr 1917

Killed in action

(Grave and Thiepval Memorial)




Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders (Princess Louise's) - Infantry Henry William APPERLEY bc1924, son of Henry William APPERLEY b1885,= Blanche Annie nee WICKS, of Cherington 22nd Feb 1945

(Groesbeek Memorial)

T10(ST8, ST27) ST23



Gloucestershire Regiment, 1/5th Battalion - Territorial


John APPERLEY bap 10 May 1891 Mordiford, reg B1891 Hereford, son of James  APPERLEY bC1853 Hereford, =Mary  of Mordiford, husband of Annie of Bent Orchard Farm, Woolhope 13th Apr 1917

Died of wounds

(Abbeville Communal Cemetery Extension)



Many of his papers can be seen in Gloucestershire's Regimental Museum



13th (Service) Battalion (Forest of Dean)(Pioneers)  Gloucestershire Regiment


James APPERLEY b 8 Jun 1892 at Albert Place, Sherbourne Rd, Balsall Heath, reg C1892 Kings Norton,  son of Arthur Charles aka Charles Arthur b 13 Sep 1857 Ledbury, bap 8 Nov 1857 Ashperton, stonemason journeyman, later army pensioner, d 4 Mar 1934 late of 120 Stoney Lane, Sparkhill, at 10 Bromwell Rd, Billesley, buried Yardley cemetery with wife, Letitia BRITTLE b 20 Apr 1861 Henn's Row, Aston

15 The Poplars, Fallows Rd, Aston

8 Feb 1913 = Mary Rose Ann TAYLOR (fireworks maker)

26th Apr 1918

killed in action, Flanders

(Tyne Cot Memorial)




APPERLEY, L E Civilian   Louisa Emily aka Emily Louisa APPERLEY bc1878/9 Clapham, daughter of George APPERLEY (bc1862 HEF)= ?Emily S. 1st Oct 1940
APPERLEY, L M D Lieutenant Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve

HMS Isis

Lyonel Manfred Daniel APPERLEY DSC 20th Jul 1944

(Panel 92, Col 3, Plymouth Naval Memorial)

ST2? K1?

APPERLEY, N H Sergeant Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve Norman Hubert APPERLEY bc1923, son of Archibald APPERLEY = Florence Mary, of Putney 4th Jul 1943 (Rheinberg War Cemetery)
APPERLEY, P S G Pilot Officer Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve Peter Samuel Glover APPERLEY bc1917, son of Samuel Charles Glover APPERLEY b31 Jan 1891 reg A1891 Gloucester, = Dorothy Lille, of Southport 12th Sep 1944 (Durnbach War Cemetery)


12th Service (Bristol Battalion) Gloucestershire Regiment Reginald Wallace, b Ebley, Stroud, son of Elizabeth


8th May 1917

Killed in action

(Grave Arras Memorial)

(Faubourg-d'Amiens Cemetery)



King's Shropshire Light Infantry

1st Battalion

William APPERLEY (?born 2 May 1875 Madley son of George b1842 Fownhope  = Sarah Ann nee CAFFELL 18th Sep 1916

Killed in action

(Grave and Thiepval Memorial)




Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry


William Daniel APPERLEY b13 Aug 1899 Aston Ingham, reg C1899 Ross, son of George Hiram APPERLEY, b1857, bap 1859 Cliffords Mesne, =Kate nee BLAKEMORE , of Clifford Mesne 25th Jun 1918

Killed in action

(Bienvillers Military (CWGC) Cemetery)


APPERLEY, W G Private Gloucestershire Regiment William George APPERLEY reg D1894 Gloucester, son of Mrs Annie APPERLEY of Gloucester 19th Jan 1919


Royal Army Service Corps


William Wynne APPERLEY of Bristol,  bc1900 India, son of Herbert Wynne APPERLEY=Marion Edith KINSEY nee WINTLE, husband of Edith Olive of Bristol 30th Jul 1945



Date and Place of Birth/Baptism/Registration

(where known)


APPERLY, A L Second Lieutenant Gloucestershire Regiment, 5th Battalion - Territorial


Arthur Lancelot APPERLY, b 29 May 1877 Rodborough, reg C1877 Stroud, son of Sir Alfred APPERLY JP and kt., bA1839 Stroud/Stonehouse,=Maria PAICE of Egham, Surrey 27th Aug 1916

Killed in action

APPERLY, B L M Second Lieutenant (TP) Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment) 8th Battalion Basil Lang Marling APPERLY, reg D1892 Milton, Sittingbourne KENT, son of  Rev. Josiah Marling APPERLY,  reg B1848 Stroud, = Jessie Annie, of Tonge, Kent 19th Apr 1917

Died of wounds

APPERLY, C B Gunner Australian Field Artillery Cyril Barkly APPERLY bc 1893, son of Henry Lawrence  APPERLEY b 1855 Gloucester,= Jessie nee WAKEFIELD 7th Nov 1917


APPERLY, F C Private Australian Infantry, A.I.F Frank Colin APPERLY 15th Jul 1916



Date and Place of Birth/Baptism/Registration

(where known)









Alexandra Princess of Wales's Own Yorkshire Regt. 9 tth battalion Charles Edward APPLEY b Stockton 15 October 1917

Killed in action


APPERL(E)Y Awards  

My thanks go to cousin Paul APPERLEY for his information


Date of Award or Publication in the London Gazette Type of Award Recipient of Award
1916 MC award A. L. APPERLEY, Lt, Gloucester Regt.
Dec 1916 Military Medal Gunner G. APPERLEY, F. Art, Canadian Contingent
1917  MC award Basil Lang Marling APPERLEY (Lt) West Kent Regt.
Jul 1917  Military Medal Pte W APPERLEY, Light H, Canadian Force
19 Oct 1917 Imperial Service Medal James APPERLEY
2 Nov 1917 Military Medal ; and Bar 24 Jan 1919 Bombardier J. H. APPERLEY, Canadian Field Artillery
13 Mar 1918 Military Medal Private H. W. APPERLEY, New Zealand rifle brigade
25 Apr 1918 Military Cross Captain William Herbert Wynne APPERLEY, Royal Sussex Regt. Mentioned in despatches 18 Dec 1917 & 9 Jul 1919ST4/AWW
6 Aug 1918 Military Medal Private Alfred APPERLEY, Army Service Corps
30 Mar 1920 MBE David Cooper APPERLEY, President of Langdon Green war hospital supply depot
13 June 1946 BEM (Military) Harry APPERLEY, Foreman, Maintenance Engineer, Beans Industries Ltd, Tipton
18 Jul 1950 Imperial Service Medal Robert APPERLEY
1 Jan 1954 OBE Lt-Col. Archibald Joseph APPERLEY, b1914 Kent, Corps of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers;also 1939 – 1945 Star; Burma Star; Defence Medal; War Service Medal; Coronation Elizabeth II Medal; Territorial Army Medal; Pakistan Independence Medal
1 Jan 1959 BEM (Military) Chief Petty Officer Herbert Arthur APPERLEY DSM, P/JX128204
1 Jan 1963 BEM Arthur Thomas APPERLEY, Turbine Room Foreman, Ham's Hall 'B' Power Station, West Midlands Division, CEGB, Birmingham
1 Jan 1978 QSO Ivan Wilfred APPERLEY of Wellington, Secretary of Maori Affairs and Maori Trustee 1975-77
1 Jan 1986 QSM Gavin Charles APPERLEY, Constructive Manager of HMNZ Dockyard, Ministry of Defence, Auckland


APPERL(E)Y Publications - A Small Selection! 


APPERLEY, Alan Robert: Personal autonomy and health policy : some considerations in political theory. University of Warwick, 1991 PhD thesis

APPERLEY, Charles James : The chace, the road, and the turf  with illustrations [by Henry Alken] Publisher: London : [s.n.], 1870 ST4

APPERLEY, Charles James : The condition of hunters, their choice and management  the veterinary portions brought up to date by Frank Townend Barton Publisher: London ; New York [pr. Edinb.] : [s.n.], 1908 Note: With illustrations including the original Turner lithographs ST4

APPERLEY, Charles James : The life of a sportsman  With thirty-six coloured illustrations by H. Aiken Publisher: London : R. Ackermann, 1842 ST4

APPERLEY, Charles James : Memoirs of the life of the late John Mytton ...  Illus. by H. Alken & T. J. Rawlins Publisher: [S.l.] : [s.n.], 1903 ST4

APPERLEY, Charles James, : Nimrod's hunting tours : interspersed with characteristic anecdotes, sayings, and doings of sporting men, including notices of the principal crack riders of England, with analytical contents and general index of names. To which are added Nimrod's letters on riding to hounds Publisher: London : M.A. Pittman, Warwick-Square., 1835ST4

APPERLEY, Charles James, : The horse and the hound Their various uses and treatment, including practical instructions in horsemanship and a treatise on horse- dealing
Original imprint: [Edinburgh] : Adam and Charles Black, Edinburgh, 1842. Edinburgh: printed by T. Constable, Printer to Her MajestyST4

APPERLEY, Charles James, : Remarks on the condition of hunters, the choice of horses : and their management: in a series of familiar letters, originally published in The Sporting Magazine, between 1822 and 1828  With notes and a copious indexST4

APPERLEY, Charles James: My life and times  Ed., E. D. Cuming Publisher: [S.l.] : Blackwood, 1927ST4

 APPERLEY, D.C : Nuclear magnetic resonance studies in solids containing dipolar coupled spin-0.5 species  Publisher: Milton Keynes : University of Open, 1986 Note: Thesis (Ph.D)

APPERLEY, David Charles : Connectionist combination of evidence sources in automatic speech recognition  Publisher: University of Sheffield, 1995 Note: PhD thesis

APPERLY, David:  A chronological order of the history of the kings and writings of the prophets from the death of the days of Malachi.  Marshall & Co., Cheltenham, 1883

APPERLEY, Dawn and Burns, Kate: In the snow; In the ocean; In the sand; In the jungle. All 1995

APPERLEY, Dawn: There's an octopus under my bed! 2000

                             Don't wake the baby! 2001

                             Blossom and Boo, a story about best friends. 2001

                             Crash, bang, thud!, a noisy story about being quiet.  2001

                             Flip and flop.  2001

McKay Frances, illus by APPERLEY, DawnKira the koala.  2000

APPERLY, Frank Longstaff: Patterns of disease on a basis of physiologic pathology etc.  J.B. Lippincott Co, Philadelphia, 1951.

APPERLEY, George Owen Wynne, : Wynne APPERLEY, 1884-1960   Note: Catalogue of an exhibition held at Belgrave Gallery, London, November 30 - December 22, 1978 ST4

George Owen Wynne APPERLEY R. I., : biography and catalogue prepared for an exhibition of Wynne Apperley's work mounted by the Bushey Museum Trust in July 1987 / by Grant LongmanST4

APPERLY, Harry DLullaby.  1942

APPERLY, H.D.: The Shepherd. Poems.  Fowler & Co., London, 1938

APPERLEY, Hedley et al:  Service- and component-based development using Select Perspective and UML.  2003

APPERLY, Ian Antony: Children's mental representation of referential relations, representational partitioning and 'theory of mind'.  1998

APPERLY, James: Revealed truth vindicated.  John Snow, London, 1938

APPERLY, James A.The relationship between proliferation and differentiation during oligodendrocyte development.  2001

APPERLY, L.W.Effect of turbulence on sediment entrainment.  1968

Mark APPERLEY (compiled by): Information, computer & communication technologies : a report prepared for the Ministry of Research, Science and Technology / Series: The New Zealand knowledge base ; Report No. 6 Publisher: Wellington : The Ministry, 1997

( Hamilton, N.Z.) Title Details: Sixth Australian conference on computer-human interaction Publisher: IEEE Computer Society Press, 1996

APPERLEY, Mary, : The story of South End... Durham : An account of South End House, formerly the Shepherd's Inn. Contains a transcript of an article'The Old Inn', from the Durham County Advertiser, 4 July 1913, followed by a description of the buildings and adjoining cottages by Mary APPERLEY. 1931. Reference number: Add. MS. 862. Durham University Library Archives and Special Collections material.

APPERLEY, Mary, :  Photocopied recollections by Mary APPERLEY of her childhood in Durham, including descriptions of her home, South End House (formerly the Shepherd Inn), her grandmother's home, Elvet Hill House, and her education in the 1860s at a girls' school in the city.  Reference number: Add. MS. 897 Durham University Library Archives and Special Collections material.
(See also Add. MS 862, which includes the same photographs of the building as appear here, but with completely different text.) ST4

APPERLEY, Newton Wynne, : A hunting diary edited, with an introduction by E. W. Cuming, and a foreword by David Davies Publisher: London : Nisbet & co., Ltd, c1926ST4

APPERLEY, Newton Wynne : North country hunting half a century ago   Publisher: Darlington, 1924 ST4

APPERLEY, Richard : The history and design of the Australian house, compiled by Irving, Robert.  Contribs: APPERLY, Richard et al            

APPERLEY, Richard : A pictorial guide to identifying Australian architecture : styles and forms from 1788 to the present  Publisher: North Ryde : Angus & Robertson, 1989 ISBN/ISSN: 0207162018 Other Names: Irving, Robert   Reynolds, Peter

APPERLY, Richard and Lind, Peter, compilers:  444 Sydney buildings...Angus & Robertson, 1971

APPERLEY, Thomas, 1673/4 -1735: Observations in physick, both rational and practical : with A treatise of the small-pox. Publisher: London : Printed for W. Innys and J. Leake, 1731ST4




See 'Deerhurst' in A History of the County of Gloucester: vol 8

History of The Priory Church of St Mary at Deerhurst


Apperley village was formed by 1210 and was recorded as Apperleg in 1212 in the Book of Fees. By 1327, it had a higher population than other hamlets in the area.  It may have originated as a group of separate hamlets. There were 47 inhabitants in the parish in 1327.  By 1551 there were 320 communicants recorded and, by 1563, there were approximately 87  families in the parish.

The first reference to Apperley Manor was in 1212 when it (and other lands) were held by Westminster Abbey for the service of 3 knights.  A house called The Court, c1210, situated on rising ground above Lower Apperley,  may have been Apperley manor house and early owners called 'of/de Apperley' may have lived there.  In 1328 Osbert d'Abitot granted Apperley Manor to Robert of APPERLEY and his wife, Margaret.  The Manor descended to their son, Nicholas.  While holding Tirley and Apperley Manors, Nicholas was described as being in Corse in 1387 and 1389. In the late 14th century, his Corse estate consisted of 40 acres of arable land and 8 acres of meadow.  His estates were inherited by his daughter Elizabeth who passed them on to her son, Edmund Bridges.  Edmund's heir was his son, Thomas.  Edmund's wife, Blanche, held the Manor jointly with her husband until 1408 when he died.  As Thomas was still an infant, and so unable to inherit, the Manor passed to Elizabeth, daughter of Edward Bridges, Edmund's younger brother, and to her husband, John Throckmorton (d1472).  It then passed to John Throckmorton's son, William (d1536); to William's son, Sir Thomas (d1568); to Thomas's son, also a Sir Thomas (d1608); and then to Thomas's son, Sir William.  William Throckmorton sold Apperley Manor in 1613 and it was sold again in 1617 to Walter King.  There is no reference to Apperley Manor later than 1699.  A farm called Apperley Court and its estate was sold in 1816 to the Misses Juliana and Charlotte Strickland.  From 1816, the Strickland family continued to buy other property in the Deerhurst area and, by 1900, they had acquired an estate of 1,000 acres. 


During the 14th and 15th centuries, a manor called Apperley's Place existed in Tirley.  In the 16th century it was called Corse Court and, from 1542, the name changed to Tirley Manor (and was occupied by Lords of the Manor during the 16th and 17th centuries).  Osbert d'Abitot granted it with Apperley Manor in Deerhurst, and other property, to Robert and Margaret of APPERLEY and it descended with Apperley Manor through the Bridges and Throckmorton families.  In 1632, Tirley Manor was sold to Lord Thomas Coventry and it descended with the barony and, later, with the earldom of Coventry. In 1672 William Cooper was recorded as occupying the house there, which had nine hearths. In 1964, the trustees of the earldom's estates owned 635 acres, which included Tirley Court Farm, the largest farm in the parish.


Mary Pamela Madeleine Sibell Charteris, 1915=Algernon (Tom) Strickland d 1938; 1920=Major John Lyon.  She lived at Apperley Court until her death.

More information about the estate of Apperley Court or the Strickland family, Gloucestershire Record Office holds the papers,  Ref D1245. NRA 5851 Strickland.  (GB/NNAF/F3474)


Apperley Court in Deerhust; Apperley House in Apperley and Apperley Hall in Lower Apperley are all Grade II listed buildings.


1086: Rodborough formed part of Caen Abbey's manor of Minchinhampton.

The manorial rights over Rodborough, descended with Minchinhampton until 1806.

1806  Philip Sheppard sold Rodborough manor (manorial rights and 12 6s. 7d. a year in rents) to Sir George Paul.

1854 Rodborough manor and the Hill House estate (dating from 1651) was sold to Thomas Marling.  It later returned to the Paul family who sold it to Sir William Marling of King's Stanley.

1898  The estate was passed on to Samuel Stanley Marling, but it was reduced to a ruinous state by a 1906 fire.

1917 The estate was sold to Charles APPERLY, but was later repossessed by the bank and sold.

Rodborough Court, Walkley Hill, Stroud.

Rodborough Court, built by woollen cloth manufacturer Alfred Apperly (1839 - 1913) who was knighted in 1907.


Extracts from: 'Awre', A History of the County of Gloucester: Volume V: Bledisloe Hundred, St. Briavels Hundred, The Forest of Dean (1996):

Late 1100s onwards: 'A manor called BOX, in the north of the parish, was recorded'

1300: (The way) 'it was excluded from the perambulation of the Forest while the rest of Awre was left in suggests that it had formed a distinct manorial unit from before 1254... It is possible, though no other evidence has been found for the identification, that it was the successor of an unnamed estate of 1 hide and yardland in Bledisloe hundred held by William son of Norman in 1086.'

c1190: 'Box manor formed part of lands at Leighterton and at Box cliff that were held from the heirs of the earls of Hereford for knight's fee. '

'William of Lasborough, who died c. 1261, held a ploughland at Box under the earl of Hereford for knight's fee. His heir was his daughter Agatha, wife of Henry of Dean',

Passed through Grimbald Pauncefoot and John of the Box, Grimbald's widow Sybil and her son,  Emery Pauncefoot.

1346: 'the two parts were united in the possession of John of the Box... and in 1374 Nicholas APPERLEY held the estate'

It is interesting that Elizabeth APPERLEY of Wootton daughter of Thomas Esq of Wootton House, Gloucester, married 2 Jan 1805, by licence, at St Mary de Lode Gloucester, Joseph Pyrke of Littledean JP, DL, , Verderer of the Forest of Dean, only son of Joseph Pyrke of Deane Hall, nr Newnham, Verderer of the Forest of Dean and Deputy Constable of the Castle of St Briavels, =Charlotte Evans, daughter of George Evans Esq of Gray's Inn.


APPERL(E)Y-owned Estates 


For the transcript of the 1416 Woolhope Lease to John APPURLEY and others see APPERLEY Wills and Documents page.

Researchers have reported that the Hill of Eaton appears to have belonged to a succession of APPERLEY and Collins families, both of whom married into the Abrahall line.  See information in APPERLEY References and APPERLEY Wills and Documents pages.

The Herefordshire Field Name Survey conducted by the Woolhope Naturalists' Field Club between 1987-1993 collected valuable information about nineteenth century owners. Their information was used to create the excellent Herefordshire Field Names Database ( information can be found here as well as an e-mail contact for the order of excellent nineteenth century maps of Herefordshire and Gloucestershire parishes showing field names and landowners).  The field names in parishes are particularly useful when reading wills, as many of you have already discovered.  Here is a snippet of the sort of information that can be discovered:

Fownhope Parish:

Owner: Richard APPERLEY Esq  

Field Name: Bowcotts Piece,  Burfields Pit, Capellar Field, etc.

Other APPERLEYs that appear on the database are: Thomas APPERLEY (Bishopstone); William Havard APPERLEY (Withington (Stone House) & Lugwardine);  John APPERLEY (Leominster (Cholstrey) and (Upperhide))(Willersley and Winforton); Rev. Thomas APPERLEY [Glebe] (Ocle Pitchard); Elizabeth APPERLEY (Bishopstone); William APPERLEY (Clifford); Marshall APPERLEY (Fownhope).




This place name will be familiar to those family history researchers who have discovered that their Ap(p)ley ancestors were really Apperleys whose surname was transcribed in a shortened form.

APLEY, Shropshire was one of the 12 townships included within the ancient parish of Wellington (see 1066) and as a manor it appears to have been passed down the Charlton family until it was bought by the Telford Development Corporation in 1971.

 APPLEY CASTLE, built c1327, was taken by Parliamentarian forces in March 1644, but recaptured by Royalists a few days later.  The castle suffered major damage. See the Discovering Shropshire site with interesting details about Apley Castle's history

The APLEY ESTATE (8,500 acres) is situated in Shropshire mostly north of BRIDGNORTH.  Some land is also held by the Estate in Surrey near DORKING and REIGATE.

APLEY HALL is a Grade II listed building that was commissioned to be built in Shropshire in 1811 by Thomas WHITMORE.  The property and grounds (APLEY PARK) extend to about 16 acres.

See also the 1907 Country Life magazine transcript

See Holden family papers (of Aston Hall, Aston-on-Trent) for details re Appley farm/manor, Apley house etc. mentioned in marriage settlement for Thomas Whitmore of Apley and Anna daughter of Sir Jonathan Cope of Oxford, Derbyshire Record Office, cat ref D779B




The Count Robert of Mortain was half brother of William Duke of Normandy.  According to the Domesday Book,  in 1086 he was granted 797 manors in England and was one of the tenants-in-chief who held land (87) in Somerset, including Appley, which is near Taunton and about 20 miles from Exeter.  The Count's seat was Castle Montacute.  See list of references for details of Appelegh (and other spellings) individuals who were associated with Cothay manor.




Appeley Wood, Chicksands: one of the largest woods in the county, measuring approximately 300 acres.



Isle of Wight


Appley was probably originally only a 200 acre farm next to the sea.  In 1272, it was granted, with Westhay and  Westbrook, by Ralph de Colevile to Walter son of Maud de Estur.  In the last half of ther 19th century, it was owned by a Dr. Roberts who bequeathed it to the Hutt family.  After a brief period of ownership by George Young, it returned to the Hutt family in the 1860s.




Apley is a village and a parish about 10 miles east of Lincoln.  It appears in the Domesday Book as 'Apelei' and 'Apelaia'.  See Cat Ref E 31/2/2 for Folio 375v of the Great Domesday Book at The National Archives.




In 1331, Alexander de Kirkby gave lands in Wrightington in Appley to William son of Richard de Hoole.  Edmund and Alice Apelow are mentioned in a document about a property transaction in 1552 in Nether Heysham.




Apperley is one of the townships in the parish of Bywell St Peter's.

Apperley Dene.

It appeared as Appeltreleg in 1201 in the Feet of Fines.  The name is believed to originate from the Old English apuldor-leah (appletree + wood).