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3 October 2011


These pages are dedicated to the memory of

Sarah Ann Apperley née Bumpas, my grandmother, b25 August 1892, d10 June 1974, and Laura Bumpas (née Wilkinson), my great grandmother, b26 September 1865, d30 August 1956. 

They are the only Bumpas relatives that I remember meeting, but they made a lasting positive impression on me.  Initially, this website was created to record my own Bumpas ancestors.  However, I collected so many other individuals that I decided to include them on the site in the hope that their descendants may discover them in time.

I would also like to thank James Griffin for his generosity in entrusting into my care his Bumpus research, especially his painstaking work on the Bumpus booksellers of London.

Laura Bumpas aka Bumpus

Sarah Ann (Sally) Bumpas aka Bumpus

Let's Dance !

In England, in a village a few miles north of Stretton-on-Fosse where my Bumpus ancestors lived for at least two centuries, The Ilmington Morris Dancers play a tune called 'Bumpus o' Stretton', which is listed in the Handbook of Morris Dancing by Lionel Bacon. Nick Oliver of Ilmington told us that there is a processional dance in the records called 'Old Bumpus'. 

Want to know what Stretton-on-Fosse is like?  See HERE

  Some Bumpas variants

bon puys, Bampass, Bompass, Bompasse, Bomphus, Bomposs, Bompus, Bompuss, Bompuz, Bonbers, Bonfux, Bonpas, Bonposse, Bonpuce, Bonpux, Bumbas, Bumfus, Bump, Bumpace, Bumpad, Bumpar, Bumpas, Bumpase, Bumpass, Bumpasse, Bumpast, Bumpaste, Bumper, Bumperes, Bumpers, Bumpes, Bumpess, Bumph, Bumphas, Bumphes, Bumphouse, Bumphus, Bumpir, Bumpis, Bumpor, Bumpos, Bumpous, Bumpurs, Bumpus, Bumpuss, Bunpus, Pompus, Pumbus 

If you find any others that you would like to share, please e-mail Rosie

The origins of the surname

The earliest example of the surname that I have found to date is 1175 William BONPAS Gloucestershire Pipe Rolls.

Derivation of the surnames: Bonpas, Bompas, Bompus, Bumpus:

Local name: 'good crossing or good passage' (Old French)
Nickname: 'good pace' (Old French); someone who walks in a lively manner; a messenger.

  • (1)  This includes the village coat of arms in the history section. 

  • (2) 'Traditions' by Rev Robah F. Bumpas.

  • (3)  Descendants of Edouad Bompasse

H. A. Cody's An Apostle of the North, Memoirs of the Right Reverend William Carpenter Bompas M.D., said this about  the family's origins:   

"The Bompas family is of French extraction...the name still exists in the West of France... it is believed that in the seventeenth century members of the family owned land in Gloucestershire and Worcestershire.....The great-grandfather of Bishop Bompas was lord of the manor of Longden Heath, in Worcestershire, and was descended from the Gwinnetts of Gloucestershire." 

The development of the Bonpas place name

Please note that this is has been gathered from many sources and the accuracy of the details cannot be guaranteed. Amendments and additions are welcomed!

A modern stone Bonpas bridge now stretches over the River Durance connecting Noves and Caumont in southern France. There have been several bridges over this important crossing point throughout the ages.

From 11C onwards, many bridges were suffering from a lack of maintenance, which affected trade, travellers, especially pilgrims, and the particular needs of associated communities. The charitable provision of a safe crossing over rivers began to be seen as a form of piety. As a result of pressure from these communities, as well as from ecclesiastical and lay authorities, inhabited areas and their associated communication networks began to benefit from finance availability and its effects. In many countries bridge associations were formed where clergy were required to work with local laymen to build bridges. The Bonpas Frères Pontifes were different as they made the successful transition from informal association to a professed brotherhood. Until 1284, they were affiliated at various times with the Benedictines and the Augustines.

The crossing place now associated with Bonpas was originally called Malus Passus (Maupas). The surname Malpas reflects areas where crossings/communication systems were poor. Maupas did have crossing structures, such as wooden bridges, but the flooding nature of the river quickly destroyed them.

In 1084: Bonpas Frères Pontifes are cited as the earliest French bridge builders who built a bridge over the Durance river.
In 1166: Geoffrey, bishop of Avignon, gave to the bridge builders of Maupas half of the toll that his church received as a result of the passage of pilgrims and merchants, but he retained the control of the bridge and the right to build.
1177 - 1184/8: The Frères Pontifes built a bridge over the river. At some stage an associated hospice was also built.
1182: The Bridge at Bonpas was incorporated by Pope Lucius III.
1187/9: Following Lucius III's lead in complimenting the Frères Pontifes on the Bonpas bridge construction and their care of the poor and ill, Pope Clement III addressed Prior Raymond and the community in general, giving the group apostolic protection and confirming its possessions, especially the mother-house at Bonpas and the river crossing belonging to it. One of the tokens he granted: a pickaxe, elsewhere cited as a a mason's hammer, worn on the breast.
1197: Another Bull of Confirmation was granted by Celestine III.
During 13C: a cable ferry operated over the river, which proved to be longer-lasting after earlier constructions had been swept away.
1270: Record of bridge building at Bonpas?
1277- 8: The Bonpas bridge builders, represented by Prior Raymond Alfanti, wanted to join with the Templars, but, subsequently,
1284: Nicholas III united the Brotherhood with the Knights Hospitaller of St John.
1312: The papacy abolished the Templars and transferred property to the Knights Hospitaller of St John.
1320: Bonpas became a Chartreuse.

Over the years, improvements to the bridge and the needs of associated shelters for pilgrims, the sick and needy, meant public charity was needed, which was rewarded by indulgences granted to benefactors by popes and kings.

Here's an extract from a fictional work called Gascoyne, the Sandalwood Trader by R. M. Ballantyne (1825 - 1894), which features John Bumpus, a wily sailor.

Do you know of any Irish or Yorkshire connections with real BUMPUS ancestors?

"Young man," retorted Jo, gravely, "I'd have you to know that the family of the Bumpuses is an old and a honourable one. They comed over with the Conkerer to Ireland, where they picked up a deal o' their good manners, after which they settled at last on their own estates in Yorkshire. Though they HAVE comed down in the world, and the last of the Bumpuses -- that's me -- is takin' a pleasure trip round the world before the mast, I won't stand by and hear my name made game of, d'ye see; and I'd have ye to know, farther, my buck, that the Bumpuses has a pecooliar gift for fightin', and although you ARE a strappin' young feller, you'd better not cause me for to prove that you're conkerable."
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  • Please remember that this site relies on the generosity of researchers who submit Bumpus information for the site. 

  • Mistakes can and do happen. If you see an error, please let me know so that I can correct it.

  • You should always consult original sources where possible. 

  • If you are interested in one of the forms of the surname Bumpus in the United Kingdom,

why not email me so that I can post an entry about your research?


BUMPUS* RESEARCHERS WORLDWIDE Introductory Page (this page) *(including variant spellings)
Intro Dedication; Some Bumpus Variants; Origins of the Surname; Development of the Bonpas Place Name.
Section 1 gives details of the Family Codes that are linked to identified family groups.  Please note that only some of the researchers interested in the family groups are shown in the 'Other Researchers' section.
Section 2 gives details about the surname and researchers interested in the various forms of the surname.
Section 3 is a list of all the references to Bumpus (and variant spellings) individuals found in public documents, e.g. wills and admons.
Section 4 is a list of useful genealogical links for researchers + War Deaths
Section 5 contains a small selection of photographs and a family tree giving details of the Stretton-on-Fosse and Birmingham Bumpus ancestors of Rosie Wells.
Section 6 is just for fun!


BUMPUS MARRIAGES * (including variant spellings)


BRITISH BUMPAS / BUMPUS BIRTHS PAGES * (including variant spellings)
A detailed list of all British Bumpas / Bumpus individuals found so far.

These six pages list the births of all British Bumpas / Bumpus (and variant spellings) individuals that have been found.



BUMPUS* BIOGRAPHIES* (including variant spellings)

II: RW/RE/LS/JB/TOD PS The Bumpus families of Stretton, Stow, Shipston, Stratford and Leicestershire

I: AW1BW The early Bumpas families of Aston sub Edge, Weston sub Edge, Bredon...  which leads to:

III: (B1/2) The Bompas family - Medicine, the Law and the Church

IV: LS/L1 The Bumpus booksellers of London

  • Family history with details of their bookselling business in the early days

  • The Bumpus bookselling business in the  twentieth century

  • Bumpus publishers and authors (including non-L1 individuals, e.g. Bompas)

V: W1/W2/IF/IFr The Bumpus Slateworkers of Stonesfield (includes Combe, Long Compton, Witney, Oxford, London)

I am grateful to the Browns: Nick and Charlotte (nee Bompas Smith) and Terrence Bompas for their help with the BOMPAS family tree.

Source material that I have been able to consult is often interesting in its detail, as shown by this snippet:

'At Christmas 1859 we removed to 6 College Crescent, a pleasant light abode found by Uncle William and our mother, and though it was a trial to leave the home of so many associations, the scene of all our joys and sorrows, it had then become much less pleasant from the growth of London beyond.  The smoke spoiled the garden, the house was out of repair, and the noise of the constantly passing omnibuses made it very different from the countrified residence entered in 1830 looking across the park with scarcely any obstruction to the Zoological Gardens...'


BUMPUS* PUBLISHING* (including variant spellings)


  • Photographs and illustrations of premises

  • The booksellers' policy and aims




Family Codes that are linked to identified family groups

I would like to thank all the researchers who have contributed information. 

If you cannot find a researcher below who is interested in your particular family, please contact me for information. 

Please remember that the spelling of the surname can be very variable (see (LS) for a good example of spelling changes) and the information contained in these pages may not be reliable / accurate. 

Always check original sources! 


  • Many Americans will be interested in the family of a 'Fortune' pioneer, Edward BOMPASSE bc1600 in London.  At present we have not been able to construct a tree for him in England.  Family code LON1 has been assigned to any information that we may receive about him.

  • Two early large BUMPAS families have been indicated by AW1 (Aston Subedge) and BW (Bredon).  

          Bredon Hill

  • The following are descendants of the BW  group and for details of the family tree see: The Bumpus Biographies III:  BUMPAS family of Bredon; BOMPAS(S) families of Bristol, Lancashire and Lymington; the BOMPAS(S) families of London. Occupations include asylum superintendant, physician, schoolmaster, architecture student, bishop, telegraph operator, commercial clerk, bank clerk, commercial traveller, window dresser, ministerial student, shorthand typist, barrister, solicitor, hospital nurse. Earliest date on B1/2 tree: 1703 .  The BUMPAS family adopted the BOMPAS form of the surname and married into the GWINNETT family in the 1700s. 
  • The GWINNETT name can be traced back 5 generations to George GWYNNEDD who fled to Shurdington, Gloucestershire from North Wales to escape religious persecution.  Button GWINNETT is linked to this family.  He was born 1735 and emigated to the USA in 1765, becoming one of the signatories of the American Declaration of Independence in 1776.  He became the Governor of Georgia in March 1777 and was killed in a duel 3 months later.
  • Why not visit the excellent Fishponds Local History Society site and read the 1891 description, which mentions the Bompas family?  Also, see the 1839 map showing Bompas buildings.  Bristol Record Office's archives contain considerable material on the family (transactions, letters, photographs, articles, etc.).  If you search the online catalogue, search for 2 spellings: BOMPAS and BOMPASS.


  • It is now known that this group is descended from the AW1  group (Weston Subedge/Aston Subedge): BUMPAS(S)/BUMPAS(S)/BOMPHUS/BOMPUSS families of Lower Swell, Bourton on the Water, Slaughter, Guiting Power, Stow on the Wold LS.  Occupations include miller, flour dealer, baker.  The family lived in the Old Manse (now Hotel), Bourton on the water, first home to Benjamin BEDDOME.   They are related to the L1 group below.

  • Lower Swell ; Bourton on the Water ; Upper and Lower Slaughter ;

  • Guiting Power ; Stow on the Wold

  • The BUMPUS booksellers/publishers/writers/composers/bookbinders of London L1 (Finsbury, Holborn, Stoke Newington, Hampstead, Islington, Camberwell, etc)  The family came from Lower Swell, Gloucestershire in the eighteenth century.


  • The BUMPUS(S)/BUMPAS(S) families of Stratford, Stretton on Fosse and Shipston on Stour (and other Warwickshire / Gloucestershire / Worcestershire / Oxfordshire villages, and later towns and cities such as Birmingham and Leicester) RW/RE. Occupations include: farmer, agricultural labourer, pork butcher, midwife, brickmaker, domestic servant, brewer's labourer, basket weaver master, excavator, errand boy, bus inspector.  Earliest date on tree: 1724. Other groups, which may be related: the JB/TOD group of Toddington, Oxenton, Childswickham, Willersey and Broadway.  Occupations include yeoman.  Earliest date on tree: 1675.  Also the PS group of Preston on Stour, Admington, Ilmington and Quinton.  Occupations include cordwainer.

  • Stretton on Fosse (1)  Stretton on Fosse (2) ;

  • Shipston on Stour ; Broadway


  • The BUMPERS/BUMPUS(S) families of Northampton, Loughborough, Brackley, Rutland, Stratford, Derby, Birmingham and London. WD  and  RW/RE Occupations include: printer, music teacher, commercial traveller, watchmaker/jeweller, horticultural builder. 


  • The BUMPUS(S)/BUMPAS(S) families of Little Compton, Stonesfield, Combe, Enstone, Woodstock, Oxford and Westbury IF and IFr; another branch of this tree: the families of Witney, Manchester and London W1 and W2.  Occupations include slateworker, bricklayer, painter, gloveress, warehouseman, domestic servant, telegraph worker, teacher, printer, policeman stocks & shares broker, insurance workers and ballerina. 

  • Enstone


  • The BUMPUS family of Barton Hartshorn, Tingewick/Buckingham (1600s), Bierton with Broughton and Maids Moreton (1700s and 1800s) JY.  Earliest date on tree: 1605. Occupations include baker, fuller, labourer, soldier. NB The A1/A2 trees contain some of the JY individuals.  Where they coincide, I have used the family code JY/A1/A2.


  • The BUMPAS family of Aylesbury is distinctive in the late eighteenth century when the form 'BUMPHOUSE' is often used. Dorchester and Wallingford are also popular settlement areas for this group. A1 and A2 Occupations include: general and farm labourer, bricklayer and brickmaker. Earliest date on tree: 1775. As well as their connection with the JY trees, they may also be connected to the Hanbury group which also features BUMPHOUSE as a popular form of the surname.


  • The BUMPUS(S)/BUMPAS(S) families baptised in Worcester; the (PLEVY)BUMPUSS family baptised Worcester and Birmingham; the John Plevy BUMPUSS (aka Reuben J COUSINS) family of Australia WOR30; the BUMPUSS/BUMPASS families born/baptised/registered Devonport, Stoke Damerel, Portsmouth, Queensferry Scotland and Queenstown Ireland  WOR31.  Occupations include boatswain, lodging house keeper, saleswoman, dressmaker, clown/circus proprietor.

  • Devonport

  • Portsmouth



Other Researchers

I have shown Family Codes used on the list of births for some of the families being researched by researchers below.

e-mail: Rosie Wells if you want to be listed

HOST Researcher: Family Code RW/RE

Rosie Wells: Researching all BUMPUS/BUMPAS (and variants) families in the UK, especially those in Stretton-on-Fosse, Birmingham and Leicestershire (described in Section 5).

July 2011 Update:  I'm delighted to record a breakthrough in my research.  As a result, I have another alternate name for my grandmother's family and I have another two siblings to add to my grandmother's family. 

At first, I thought the surname 'Bumford' was a transcription/recording error, but it appears in the 1901 and 1911 censuses, which leads me to believe that they were 'lying low'!  One of the 'new' siblings is Frank James who appears on the 1891 census with father William and mother 'Sarah' instead of the expected 'Laura'.  I thought that this may have been an error by the census taker, muddling Laura and Sarah, but my grandmother Sarah was not born until the following year.  Frank's birth record is the one that is the most surprising as he was recorded as 'Francis James Pumbus' in Aston in 1889.  Intrigued by this reversal of letters, I searched the censuses and found the 'Pumbus' group of basket makers in Shipston on Stour in the 1841 census (another 'lost' family group)!

It's worth noting that the 1901 census record is very confusing in its listing of people: Wm Bumford (41), Frank (11), Laura (6), Richard (8), Edward (73) (written over what looks like Richard), Herbert (16), all living at Mona Road, but by 1911 the confusion has cleared: Wm Bumford (52), Laura (46), Frank (22), Sarah (19), Herbert (16), Florence, Richard (84) who was recorded as a pensioner relation and was actually William's father b1827.  They were all living at a familiar Bumpus address: 17 Bertram Road, Small Heath, but one puzzle remains.  There were supposed to be 5 children alive, so what was the name of the fifth and when was he/she born?  Was it Edward as that appeared in the 1891 'jumble' of names but is unconnected to anyone before or since.  I'll add it to the pile of pending queries!

So, the moral of this tale is that one shouldn't give up, but try searching unexpected spellings and don't believe everything recorded on official documents like censues and birth certificates...

March 2009 Update: I am still searching for information about my great grandfather William Bumpus aka Bumpas bc1860 King's Heath.  When his wife Laura nee Wilkinson died in 1956, he was recorded as 'deceased'.  I believe he may have died around 1928.  I have no record of birth or death registration for him, but I know that his son, Herbert, used the surname 'Mountford' at both of his marriages.  Any leads would be gratefully received!

2) site research: i) seeking information about Hamstead Colliery and its links with the BUMPUS family in the first half of the twentieth century;

                        ii) seeking information about T. BUMPUS who ran a tailor/draper's business at 64 Newhall Hill, Birmingham.

email: Rosie Wells

I'd like to thank Carol Gilbert a fragment of whose research is contained in this section.  Her principal research interest is the Foothead families.  However, her tale of the link with a Bumpus line is fascinating and I am grateful for her permission to post a little of the tale.


I would like to thank Michelle for so generously sharing her family photos with us! Rosie

Family Codes: W1+W2+IF(+IFr)   The trees involving Stonesfield, Little Compton, Combe, Oxford, Witney, Hackney and ensuing areas in and around London are connecting significantly now. 

Michelle Noë:  Researching the family of John BUMPUS, born 1814 Combe, Oxfordshire, who came to London (Hackney) and worked as a tailor and married Mary KING on 15 Nov 1838 Marylebone.  Mary was born in St Pancras in 1919 and died in 1905 .  Her brother was Thomas KING, an early settler in New Zealand. There is a book written about him - "Tom's letters - a Victorian gentleman" which includes letters from his sister Mary Bumpus and his mother Susannah King (nee Richardson).  Thomas King had 2 sons, Newton and Frederick.  Frederick became Sir Frederick Truby King, founder of "The Plunket Society" in New Zealand.  John and Mary Bumpus had 5 children: John, Thomas King, Jane King, James and William.

Thomas King BUMPUS, born 1839, grew up in Hackney and had 6 children with his first wife, Emily Sarah TRUBY, (his second cousin): Henry Alfred, Arthur Cecil and Emily Mary, Charles, Thomas Truby and Kate E.  After Emily's death, Thomas King married Mary Pearl BURROWS and had 5 children: Elizabeth Pearl, Gerald William, Bernard Ebenezer, Grace Dorothy and John Graham.  After Mary's death, Thomas King married Mary Lawrence IRVINE.  He died in Teignmouth in 1919.

Arthur Cecil married Harriet Maude Effie MORRIS and they had one son, Geoffrey Morris, born 1914, died 1998.

I am interested in contacting other descendants of John Bumpus (1814) and Thomas King Bumpus (1839) plus finding out more about the Bumpus family in Combe and Stonesfield.



Thomas King Bumpus with son, Arthur Cecil, and daughters, Emily and Kate


Arthur Cecil Bumpus


Grave in Stonesfield of Ann Bompus nee Sergent, d 1745, 2 days after husband, John Bompus


Arthur Cecil, Kate and Emily Mary Bumpus

Thomas King Bumpus in later years


Maude Bumpus with son Geoffrey in 1914

Thomas King Bumpus, son Arthur Cecil Bumpus and grandson Geoffrey Morris Bumpus

Above and below: Thomas King Bumpus' daughter Elizabeth known as Elsie. She never married and lived in Thomas King's house "Tortola" in Teignmouth after his death.





New Researcher, Carol Gilbert, April 2010

"My grandmother on my father's side was a FOOTHEAD and her father had told my own father quite a tale - which was where I started. I found my 2X great grandfather was a bit of a rogue, was deported as a lad, returned, married and later appears to have run 2 families at once, on opposite sides of London, between 1800 & 1813 when he married the second wife. Caroline is the first legitimate birth to the second wife - my own line was from her predecessor.

Caroline's grand-daughter, Lillie PICKARD, described in the 1891 census as a Lady Clerk, made a surprisingly "good" marriage. Her father was a chair maker in Bethnal Green, but she married Samuel John RANKEN "Gentleman" of Hanover Square, London on 19 May 1892... Mary Lillie was born in Jun 1893 and her father filed for divorce in 1896, citing Loftus THORNHILL as correspondent and Loftus paid £1000 in damages. Lillie married Loftus in 1900 and that really was a society marriage. The Thornhills had estates in Norfolk, Suffolk, Yorkshire and Surrey as well as the property in Hanover Square where they had 22 rooms according to the 1911 census and probably as many servants!!

Mary Lillie stayed with her father and was raised by his mother, or rather in his mother's household, there were numerous servants there too. She was probably told her mother was dead, on the 1911 Samuel describes himself as a widower with a 5 year marriage. In 1917 she married Frank Arnold BUMPUS* in Wandsworth, where their first child Pamela was born. They then moved to Elloughton, in East Yorkshire, presumably because Frank was working at Blackburn Aircraft at Brough designing the Swift, and had 2 more daughters. ...

Southcourt, 28 West Montrose St, Helensburgh [was] where he eventually settled, he was 93 when he died."

*Frank Arnold BUMPUS was born 20 March 1886 and registered June Q 1886 Loughborough.  He was
chief designer of Blackburn's T.1 Swift, and died 6 April 1980 at Southcourt, Helensburgh, Scotland.  His father was Alfred Adolphus ('Addy') BUMPUS, birth registered Sept Q 1851 Stratford on Avon, d 23 Dec 1924 (WILL 1925), horticultural builder/JP/MP for Loughborough; Governor of Wyggeston Grammar School; Burial Board member of Cemetery + Mortuary chapel; Secretary of Literary + Scientific Society; and his mother was Clara Elizabeth STEVENSON born1852 Loughborough, died 29 Jan 1934 at 15 Albany Villas, Hove.

Family Code WOR30(31)

BUMPUS(S) / BUMPAS / BUMPHUS (posted 17 August 2009, updated 2 September 2009)

Peggy Beckett: I am helping a cousin in New Zealand with her family history.

On her paternal side she is descended from Mary Jane BUMPUS (various spellings) b. 2.3.1830 in Devonport who m. Samuel Thomas STEVENS in 1848.

I am not having much luck tracing Mary Jane's family in Devon. The IGI shows her parents as William Henry BUMPUS & Ann Elizabeth, but I can't find them in the 1841 census.

In the 1841 I have found a family headed by Eliza BUMPAS b.abt. 1806 (no husband present) with a daughter Mary (no 2nd name) of the right age, but nothing to corroborate this as the correct family

Is there anyone who can help us please?


[This is an interesting group, which still poses problems at the top of the tree.

The Worcestershire Bumpus families seem to have been military / naval, which might explain absences and places of residence and birthplaces in this tree. 
We believe

1. William Henry BUMPUS (many spelling variations), b1772, bap 1774 All Saints Worcester, was the son of William BUMPUS who married Elizabeth HUMPHRIES in 1772 All Saints, Worcester.  William Henry married, 1797= Anne Wheelor bc1763/4 has children: Joseph (1798), Sarah (1800), Susanna (1805) all bap in Hanbury WOR.
2. William's brother John b1780, = Eliza bc1778 Devon had children: Thomas b1803 Portsmouth, Henry b?1803 Devon and George b1821 East Stonehouse, Devon.
3. There is also an 1813 baptism of a John Henry in Portsmouth to Henry = Elizabeth. Could this be William and John's brother Henry BUMPAS b1790, d/bur Worcester, = Elizabeth? They had Richard Henry bap 1810 Worcester, but they may have joined other family members.
4. Then we have Henry=Ann Elizabeth whose children Ann and Elizabeth are baptised in Devonport in 1824, and William Henry=Ann Elizabeth with baptisms of Ann Elizabeth (1827), Luisa (1828), Mary Jane (1830) and John H (c1831/2) all in Devonport, probably all the same family group.
If 1. is correct, Anne Wheelor b in 1760s was living with her son Joseph in 1851 after the death of William and was unlikely to have had children in the 1820s and 1830s, when in her 60s, unless the baptisms were a long time after the births. However, we know that Eliza, the woman who was with the children in the 1841 census, was born around 1805/6 and married again in 1843 and had her daughter Louisa with her in 1851.
So, either Eliza(beth) could have been a second wife of William Henry b1772 who abandoned (?) his first wife in Worcester when he went south, hence she moved in with her eldest son Joseph when a widow;
or, more likely, Eliza(beth) is the wife of one of the brothers of William b1772. Henry b1790 seems a likely candidate who may have had the ever-popular William as one of his other names.

Can anyone shed more light on this group? Rosie.]

Family Code WOR30

(See the update about John and his family at the end of this section)

Ian Wilkey: Researching John Plevy BUMPUSS bap 15 Jun 1834 St Martins Worcester, son of Richard BUMPAS(S) bap 12 Nov 1810 All Saints Worcester, married 2 Feb 1830 Claines to Ann(e) PLEVY bap 12 Nov 1810 Worcester. John probably came to Australia c1850 and was involved in Australian circuses until his death in 1866.

(John Plevy BUMPUSS had about 6 siblings, baptised either at St Martins Worcester or St Phillips Birmingham. He appears in the 1851 census in Birmingham with his parents and his sisters Ann and Elizabeth. His mother appears as a lodging house keeper and his sister as a boot trade worker in the 1881 census in the Five Ways area of Birmingham. There is an extensive tree for this family and it is thought that William BUMPAS who married Jane HUGHES at All Saints Worcester in 1689 is at the top of this branch of the tree. However, we know very little about the family.
WOR31 shows the part of this tree that developed in Devon from John Plevy BUMPUSS's great uncle John bap 1780 Worcester. Rosie.)

Ian has been kind enough to supply this information about John's time in Australia:
John Plevy BUMPUSS took the stage name Reuben J. COUSINS. Between 1853, when he was a clown in a couple of circuses in Melbourne, and his death in 1866, from cholera in Batavia, he appeared in various circuses in Australian colonies as a clown, but, at various times he was manager or proprietor of circuses. He married Jane (Jennie) KENDALL (a 'superlative equestrienne' called Miss La Rosiere) in Bathurst, NSW,  in 1858. They had several children, some registered as COUSINS. Their daughter, Vernon Ida COUSINS was an equestrienne and married into another circus family.

My thanks to Anna Stoneman for the amendments to the 'Harry Albert b1871' entry. Davina Owen ( D1)  is also researching her great grandmother (Elizabeth Ann b 1864) and her family.  Rosie   

Update 16 January 2011: here are details with photos about John's family and particulary the subsequent marriages of his wife Jane née Kendall.

BUMPUS / NEIKEL (posted 22 March 2009)

Sasha Peters: My grandfather was John NEIKEL and somewhere between the months of January - March 1937 a child was born to a BUMPUS and he was listed as the father. The parents were not married and the birth was recorded in Rochford. Their son, John NEIKEL, or John BUMPUS, would be either 71 or 72 today, depending upon when he was born.

John NEIKEL / John BUMPUS is my papa’s half brother and my uncle. I would very much like to find him. I would be grateful for any information that would help me in my search.


Family Code PS

Phil Smith: Researching gg grandparents John SMITH b1783, d1843 Meon Hall, Lower Quinton=Jane (nee ALLEN) and their possible connection with the BUMPAS family of Preston on Stour. The christenings of Edward (1723), Susanna (1724), Thomas (1726) and Esther (1727) are recorded in the SMITH family bible. Quinton records show their father to be William BUMPAS.


(Information update: Hester/Esther BUMPAS b 1727 Quinton, daughter of William BUMPASSE b 1 Sep 1689 Quinton, 20 Dec 1722 Ilmington =Susanna NEAL, and granddaughter of Edward BUMPAS, married Joseph PRENTICE in Ilmington on 17 Oct 1735. One of their children, Susannah, b 8 Jan 1759 Ilmington, married John SMITH in 1780. They were the parents of John SMITH b1783 Quinton.)

 A useful Bible page      

linking Bumpas, Brazier and Smith families.                     


Information is sought about Henry Edward Meredith BUMPUS of Brandon, Sumatra, Dutch East Indies, who, in 1937 (Vancouver Island), married Barbara Mary Frances TWIGG , only daughter of Capt Harold Despard TWIGG.  He amassed three fortunes in his life; he was a friend of Monty SCHOEDSACK who filmed features such as King Kong on location at BUMPUS properties; and he sponsored several young people to get a start in life.  He died in California in 1983.

Was he the Henry Meredith BUMPUS registered at Swansea in the September quarter of 1892?  Was he the son of Henry F. BUMPUS bc 1857-8 Marylebone, bookseller (part of the L1 London bookselling/publishing company), who, in 1885 (March quarter 1885 Marylebone) married Elizabeth JENKINS (?bap 10 Feb 1856 Pembray Camarthen, daughter of William=Ann)?

Family Code IF+W1 + W2 (+IFr)

James Laurence Bumpus: Researching BUMPUS of Stonesfield 1650-1900


Family Code IFr

Research Update April 2007: It seems likely that James's mother was Elizabeth BUMPUS b 27 Jan 1799.  She married John MAYCOCK on 22 Feb 1826 in Stonesfield.  In 1851 a James BUMPAS was staying with them, described as a relative.  Rose believes that the two girls, Mary Ann and Fanny whose death is referred to in the Bible extract below are John and Elizabeth MAYCOCK's daughters.

Emily Ann EDDEN's father came from Winchcombe or Sevenhampton in Gloucestershire.

Rosemary Alderson:  Researching the family of James BUMPUS bc1822 Stonesfield who married Emily Ann EDDEN b1831. Their marriage certificate shows James's father as John BUMPUS, glover. However, Rosemary's late aunt, Dorothy Emily Cooper, had doubts about this when she recalled, "Emily Ann's father Richard EDDEN was an estate gardener from Oxfordshire. He came to London and had a small holding in Harrow Road. Emily Ann married a man who had been taken in by the family next door, or at least very close. His name was James BUMPUS. He had taken his Mother's maiden name of BUMPUS. He was the illegitimate son of a Saville Row tailor named POOLE. His mother had been in his employ and had been sent away to have the child. POOLE had the boy boarded out and paid for him and his education. He was put out to nurse. Grandmother (Emily Ann ) said she could remember being looked after by Grandfather (James) when she was very young. James's mother married a local farmer and did well for herself."
This raises a few problems for me. Maybe someone can help. Who was James's Mother? Who was the John Bumpus named as Father on the marriage certificate?

Emily Elizabeth Cooper nee Bumpus and her children at Bournemouth, 1911.

James's wife, Emily Ann Bumpus nee Edden (1831-1908), her daughter Emily Elizabeth Cooper nee Bumpus (1871-1944)

and her daughter Dorothy Emily Cooper (1893-1981)

Useful family Bible extracts!

Family Code LON1 

Barbara Good is descended from the Edward BUMPUS who came to the U.S. in 1621 and who has many descendants that are researching for his roots.  She has sent us this message:

I don't know if you are aware of the Bumpus family surname DNA project that we have done in the States.  We tested the DNA of the male Y-chromosome in eight Bumpus descendants, two each from four different Bumpus families identified here.  Results showed that three of the pairs (six participants of the eight) had matching DNA indicating that they were descended from a common ancestor.

I was wondering if any of you who are descendants of UK Bumpus families would be interested in the same type of DNA project.  It could identify which of the families from different parts of the UK are descended from a common ancestor.  It could very possibly help to extend the research of someone who has reached a dead-end in their Bumpus research.  Needless to say, it could also help us in the States to find a UK family that we match.  It does require a male Bumpus (or other spelling) surname descendant as the Y-chromosome that we are testing is only passed from father to son.

If you are interested in reading about DNA for genealogy, there is basic information at the following website: DNA PROJECT

I am not affiliated with any testing lab, just a Bumpus descendant who is trying to find where my family came from and hopefully extend the family tree.  We have a Rootsweb discussion group for the Bumpus family.  If you have not joined it, you may be interested in checking it out.  To join send an email to  and put only "subscribe" in the message area. 

Barbara Good:  email:

Family Code LON1  The following people are also researching Edward BOMPASSE bap 1600? St Bartholomew's London, d 3 Feb 1692/3 Marshfield, Plymouth, USA,  son of John BUMPASSE. Sailed on the 'Fortune' to Plymouth in 1621. 1628 Duxbury, Plymouth, Mass, USA=Hannah

Joe Dewald: email:
Frank Bouley: email:

Master Tree (Updated periodically):

Family Code JY

Judith Young:  I am descended from William BUMPUS who was the baker (according to the Bucks Posse Comitatus of 1798 ) in Maids Moreton, a village just outside Buckingham. He probably belonged to a family grouping from Buckingham / Tingewick. I should be interested in making contact with anyone else researching this branch of the family.

Family Code L1 

Pam Caire: Researching John and Edward BUMPUS owners of 'Bumpus' bookshop in London, which was founded in the eighteenth century. She would like information about their families and their bookshop.

(The bookshop was moved from Oxford Street to Baker Street in the 1950s when the Foreign Department was sold to Dillon's in Gower Street and the Book Society was incorporated into 'Bumpus'. In the mid 1960s the business was purchased by Robert Maxwell and merged with a library supply business to form Bumpus, Haldane & Maxwell Ltd.
We have been informed that Westminster Archives holds information on: J and E Bumpus, booksellers, Oxford Street: Business and family papers, 1838-1960 including correspondence and scrapbooks of Francis Allitsen, composer, c1875-1923 Acc M:418, Acc M:436, Acc 1143, Acc 1814.  Coming eventually on the Bumpus biographies page: A biography of the Bumpus bookselling family! Rosie)

Family Code WD 

Andrew Lloyd: Researching James BUMPUS bc1840 Northampton = Ann Maria WARREN bc1842 Birmingham
email: Andrew Lloyd

Hamstead Colliery link with family? Rosie

Family Code B1/2 (now includes London and Australian branches) See: The Bumpus Biographies III

Pamela Newman: Researching  BOMPAS of Bristol and Lymington
email: Pamela Newman

Family Code JB

Jeffrey Best: Researching BUMPAS Willersey 1728


(Although I have no data on a Bumpas born around this time in Willersey, I have indicated earlier births in the area under the JB family code. It is believed that the JB group is part of the TOD group. Rosie)

Family Code A1 /A2

B Hope: Researching BUMPASS of Dorchester 1860-1940


Peter Eves is also researching the Bumpass family of Aylesbury/Wallingford/Dorchester.





A Partial List of Bumpus (and variants)

Wills and Admons

and other Bumpus references discovered by researchers

Gloucestershire R.O. = Gloucestershire Archives

1175 William BONPAS Gloucestershire Pipe Rolls

1199, Friday 3 Sept: Cecily wife of William BONPAS petitioner; Clement BONPAS and Simon the miller's tenants.  Reasonable dower of Cecily in Fiddington(? Siddington?) by gift of William.  Remise and quitclaim to Clement and Simon and their heirs. 1 mark. Abstract of Feet of Fines relating to GLS 1199-1299, no14, ref 73/1/25

Early 1200s, Adam of THROGMORTON demanded some hay from Clement BONPAS, which he claimed to be his. (GLS hundred court) See The History of English Law before the Time of Edward I by Travers Twiss

c1226  Clement BONPAS gave 2 mills earlier known as Hound Mill to Llanthony Priory. (The mill on William GOIZENBODED's estate in 1086 is believed to be the later Hound Mill.)  The priors leased the 2 mills to men of Houndmill Farm in the 13C and 14C.  The estates of Llanthony Priory in Barrington formed the manor of Great Barrington which was kept by the Priory until the Dissolution. [Duchess of Norfolk's Deeds, Inquisitions post mortem, C115/A1/3/25; C115/A9 f.127]

For a history of the Barrington Estates see HERE

1236, 1 June. Gloucester.  Matilda daughter of John BONPAS petitioner; William BONPAS whom John CROCUN and his wife Olive called to warrant.  One yardland in Little Barrington (mort d'ancestor).  Remise and quitclaim to William. At William's request, for this, Robert le BEL granted to Matilda half a yardland in the same township (which William de WINCHESTER (WYNTON') once held), to hold to Matilda of Robert, paying 2 shillings a year, at Annunciation and Michaelmas, and doing foreign service to the lord King. Cons. 40 shillings (paid by William and Matilda).  Endorsed Alice (Wm de Winchester's wife) who put in her claim to a third part which she claimed in the name of  dower.  Abstract of Feet of Fines relating to GLS 1199-1299, no268, ref 73/10/165
1261, 22 May. Gloucester.  William FRETHESENT quer; William BONPAS his father imp.  Half a messuage and 2 yardlands except 6 acres of land in Hidcote (Hudycote) - (warranty of charter). The right of William FRETHESENT by William BONPAS's gift.  To hold of William BONPAS, paying 1d a year at Easter. (Warranty).  For this, William FRETHESENT will pay to William BONPAS, during his life, 1 mark a year, at Michaelmas and Easter, with the right of distrainton for non-payment all of the goods in the said holding. Abstract of Feet of Fines relating to GLS 1199-1299, no673, ref 74/26/1577
1265 Gilbert BONPAS, son of William BONPAS, paid a fine, 1265, for an assize, GLS

1292  Adam bon puys paid xl d.  Subsidy Roll 1292: Vintry ward in Two early London Subsidy Rolls (1951)

1299  In lists of debtors and debts owed to Londoners: "Ebulus de Podio Guillim" is debtor to Adam de BONPUCE Folio xxxiv b. "Ladalil" is debtor to Adam de Bonfux for hay and oats   Folio xxxv b.

Calendar of Letter-books of the City of London: C (1901)

1306  10 August, Katherine BOMPUZ appointed as attorney to Elias RENAUD of Gascony to receive his gold ring with a sapphire from Richard de BURGH, goldsmith. Calendar: Roll H: 12 December 1305-12 November 1306 in Calendar of Early Mayor's Court Rolls: 1298-1307 (1924)

1408 3 October, John BONIPAS, William ACE and William DYCCHEFORD  witnessed that William SALMON of Hydecote Bartram gave 1 messuage and ½ virgate of land and rights of pasture in the town and field of Hydecote Bartram called Lawes to Robert Busshell, John SALMON jnr of Hydecote and John SALMON snr of Foxcote (referred to in Quitclaim of 23 April 1523, Ref D5358/7 GlsRO)


1422  Conveyance to John BOMPAS by John TUTTEBURY, son and heir of Henry TUTTEBURY, of one messuage and appurtenances, inhabited by William PYP(ER) aka William HARP(ER), situated between the tenements of William BREWER and John BRO(U)N, tailor, in Trowbridge.  Witnesses: Roger TREWEBODY, Hugh DAUNTESYE, William DAUNTESYE, 1 March

1461 17 April,  Henry BONPAS named as first (of three *) owners of messuage + land in Hidcote Bartrim (near Aston sub Edge and Mickleton See 1586 and 1596 wills) Gloucestershire R.O. ref D5358/3

[Names include: Thomas THOMKYNS of Hudicote Bertram, attorney, William HALE of Ilmyndon; William HANE of Mukelton; John HALE of Nether Wycheford. * Henry BONPAS, John HEYFORD, Thome ANDERLYNTONE]

1466-7  Richard BUMPAS=Margaret, of Hydycote (Hidcote), in Records of the Guild of the Holy Cross re payment/fines/pledges.  Shakespeare Birthplace Trust Records, ref BRT1/3/78

1532-8  William BUMPASSE, William REWFRUM, William GEORGE, John SMYTH etc, tenants of Def v Stephen (SAGAR) Abbot of Hayles, re conversion of land (Longborough manor) from tillage to permanent pasture.  GLS.  ref C1/739/17 National Archives.

1563  John BUMPER(E)S, Aston Subedge, ref GDR 20 p78, GLS R.O. re abandoned wife, John appears as guardian of Henry WALKER
1577 20 February, John BUMPAS of Bewdley, WOR, and wife Alice. (Is this John BUMPAS=Alice WALTON?)  Bargain and Sale of 8 garden grounds and buildings in St Michael's and St Augustine's parishes, Bristol, to Sir John YONGE of Bristol (later, builder of Red Lodge, Park Row, Bristol) and Robert SANDFORD of Bristol, merchant. £60 consideration.  Ref: 5535/1-11: Deeds relating to Red Lodge etc at Bristol Record Office, specifically 5535/2.
1584  Edmond BUMPAS on rent roll for Charlbury, OXON, Michaelmas 1584.  Oxfordshire County RO, ref DIL.1V/d33-24
1586  John BUMPAS  husbandman of Aston sub Edge, GLS (will) prov 25 Jan. PROB 11/69 (PRO online) [Wife: Jone (see 1596 below); sons Anthony, Henry, John, Richard, Robert, Thomas, William.  Mickleton burial] #

1594  Richard BOMPAS, Great Wolford.  WOR will and inventory No12 (Gt Wolford is 13 miles south of Stratford and 3 miles NE of Moreton in the Marsh)

1596  Joan BOMPAS, widow of Aston sub Edge, GLS (will) [Widow of John (above) Sons: Richard, Henry (+dau Elizabeth], Anthony, Thomas [+dau Ann & dau Elizabeth], Robert, William. Mickleton burial # GLS R.O. ref 1596/85
1608  From Men and Armour for Gloucestershire by John Smith of North Nibley: John WAKEMAN's lordship, Aston Under Hill:  John BUMPAS, his servant, 1py.  Anthony SMITH's lordship, Chipping Campden & Barrington: Robert BOMPAS, husbandman, 3m; Henry BOMPAS (Robert's son) 1ca; Thomas BOMPAS (Robert's son)1m; George BOMPAS, butcher, 2m; William BOMPAS, victualler, 3m. Key: 1 = about 20 years of age; 2 = about 40 years of age; 3 = about 60 of age; p = tall enough for pikeman; m = tall enough for musketeer (middle size); ca= calyver (lower size)

At Dumbleton, labourer named BOMPAST

1611 Edm: BUMPAS and Tho: BUMPAS on manorial record listing names of tenants, manor of Charlbury, OXON.  Oxfordshire County RO, ref DIL.1V/b/7b
1614  Richard BOMPASSE/BUMPASSE, husbandman, Aston sub Edge, GLS (will) [Sons: Richard + Robert BUMPASSE; wife Alice; dau Elizabeth] #GLS R.O. ref 1614/156

1618  Thomas BUMPAS, fuller, Buckingham (1618 Militia List)

1620  John BUMPAS, St Bartholomew the Great parish, LND (Subsidy 147/505)

1620s  John BUMPASSE, gardener, of Battersea, LDN (PRO Court of Request LXIV-Pt I, temp. Charles I)

1628 - 1629 Thomas BUMPASSE / BUMPAS of Kensington
1631   William BUMPAS(S), Campden, GLS  (will missing).GLS R.O. ref 11631/256
1631  Anne BUMPASSE v. William BRAVELL Court case for defamation.  Chipping Campden Consistory Court. GLS R.O. ref GDR/B4/1/581
1633  Lawrence BUMPAS, husbandman, Whichenford, WOR, (will) at WOR Probate registry no29  bur Whichford 5 Dec 1633 (?Lawrance BUMPASSE of Ascott, 12 Oct 1601 Whichford=Christian PHIPES of Ascott bur 18 Oct 1631 of Whichford, or Laurance BUMPAS, 6 Oct 1631 Whichford=Margaret ESELL?)

1633  William BUMPAS=Johan, Mordiford Sufton deed, ref LCD P82/8705   HEF R.O. [Names include SCUDAMORE]

1635/6  Ann BUMPAS, widow, Chipping Campden ref EL609, GLS R.O. Transcript of  lease (Dragon Inn, Ley Close and 2 little closes first appears 3 Jan 1593 lease for lives of Walter RYCOTTES of Oxford, innkeeper, and wife and son, Humffrey; 10 Nov 1595 lease to Thomas HALE, labourer of Toddington; 16 Mar 1635/6  Francis HARRIS, citizen and vintner of Oxford, lease for lives of Martin, Francis and Katheryne HARRIS.  At time Inn called Sign of the Dragon in Chipping Campden with all back sides belonging to it + a close called the Leye  abutting a street known as Lasborne and 2 closes near a lane called Sheep Street lane, then held by Ann BUMPAS) Is she the widow of William BUMPAS, victualler, d by 1631?
1638  Robert BUMPUS, householder, St Andrew's, Holborn, LDN See 1650 St. Andrew's, Holborn, London.
1638  Robert BUMPAS, £6 tithe payment estimate by parson, 21 May, London
1642 Robert and Ann BUMPAS, two of the witnesses in a case against Edward SANDERFORD. House of Lords Journal Volume 5: 2 September 1642, Journal of the House of Lords: volume 5: 1642-1643 (1802) 
1642  Edward BUMPAS(S), Guiting, GLS (will missing). (GLS R.O. ref 1642/22)
1649  (Needs checking - is this John?) Thomas BUMPAD (BUMPAS), gentleman of Tardebigg(e), Warwickshire (will), proved 24th August by father John. PROB 11/209 (PRO online) [119 Fairfax]  [Born Worcestershire living in St Martin's-in-the-Fields, London. Parents: John=Alice, brother Bartholomew, sister Margarett]#
1650  Robert BUMPAS of parish St Andrew's, Holborn, citizen and merchant tailor d 12 Aug 1650. (Will) proved Aug 22 by relict. (139 Pembroke)

1652  Anne BUMPUS widow of St. Andrew's, Holborn, LDN, PCC (will), 22 Sep. PROB 11/224 & 11/223 (PRO online) [Son Wm, daughter Susan=Richard HARRISON>Anne]#


1655 BUMPUS, Robt and John amongst others including WATSON, Elizabeth; WATSON, John. National Archives, ref ASSI/45/2/23 and 45/5/2

1665  Thomas BUMPASS, yeoman, Bredon, GLS/WOR (will).  [Son Robert BUMPASSE, dau Jone & dau Goodeth; RICKARDS & JEENES families]#GLS R.O. ref 1665/183
1675  Robert BUMPAS, Bredon, WOR, probate a/c.  WOR RO 008.7   BA3585/830/36

1680  John BUMPUS, St Dunstan in the East, Caveat Books of Testamentary Records, Lambeth Palace Library: Archbishops of Canterbury Archives ref VH99/2/9v

1684  John BUMPAS,  yeoman,  Toddington, GLS (will).  [Sons: John, William, Richard; wife Mary]#GLS R.O. ref 1684/67

1686  BUMPAS v WATNALL, Glos. Court of Chancery National Archives Ref C5/79/20
1687/8  Arthur BUMPUS, labourer of Tingewick.  Will proved 2nd May 1688 by Thomas KIDDE, sole exec.  Wits: Thomas PHILLIPS, William STOCKES, John HUGINGS.  Beneficiaries: John GLENISTER, kinsman, and wife Elizabeth GLENISTER; kinswoman Mary KIDDE; kinsman Thomas KIDDE.  CRO Ref: D/A/We/40/34
1690  William BUMPOS, husbandman of Admington, PCC (will), 10 Jul.  PROB 11/400 (PRO online) [Mother Anne]
1691  Richard=Eleanor BUMPAS involved in final concord re property (c27 acres) with Thomas BLOXAM gent, Mickleton Manor/Aston-sub-Edge. GLS R.O. ref 5626/ 1/67 dec'd
1694 13 March Will of Robert BUMPUS of London, clothworker.  One shilling to brother John. Remainder including shop goods to his wife Elizabeth.  Prob: London 9 April 1695.

1695  Mary BUMPUS of Buckingham, widow of Thomas.  Proved 21 Oct 1696.  Sole exec: Mary BUMPUS, spinster daughter.  Wits: Jo TURNER, Ursula COLEMAN, William COOPER.  Beneficiaries: son John BUMPAS and his wife Mary; daughter Mary.

1695 Edmund BUMPUS=wife, lodgers. St Nicholas, Cole Abbey 'Supplement part 1', London Inhabitants within the Walls 1695 (1966)
1693/4 Elias BOM tax assessment: Property £12.00; Rental value of property £60.00; Tax assessment of Stock £2.40; Stock value £200.00  'Four Shillings In The Pound Aid 1693-1694: City of Westminster, St Martin in the Fields, Bedfordbury Ward, St Martins Lane West'
1707  Edmund BUMPUS of the Feltmakers' Co. mentioned in London Apprenticeship Abstracts (re John IRELAND son of Anthony IRELAND, farmer of Sandford GLS, 27 Oct)
1709 August Edmund BUMPUS/BUMPES/BUMPOS, hatter, of Aldgate, London, Will. Everything to wife Martha, his executrix.  Prob. London 28 Sept. 1709.
1712  Richard BUMPAS, yeoman, Aston sub Edge, GLS Admons.  [Wife Jane, Ezra GREEN, John BUMPAS.]  NB marriage of an Ezra GREEN=Jane BUMPUS, 6 Nov 1712 Chipping Campden #GLS R.O. ref 1712/407
1714  William BUMPAS, charged with being disorderly - to be kept to hard labour and then discharged. 7 Oct.  (Bridewell Calendar, Chepping Wycombe QS)
1714  Edward BUMPAS, Admington
1721  Edward BUMPAS, yeoman, Quinton/Admington  (Will) [Dau Annie, wife Mary; grandsons: Edward, William, Thomas BUMPASS; EDDON,  NEWLAND aka RIDGMAN; GOFFE, KNIBB, YOUNG, KITCHIN individuals]#GLS R.O. ref 1721/160
1723 Thomas BUMPAS(AS) unm yeoman of Admington/Quinton, GLS, inventory 22 May 1723. (Also in Birmingham City Archives)  [Edward BUMPAS brother & cordwainer of Admington; John HAWKIN yeoman of Rodway; Richard HATHAWAY yeoman]#GLS R.O. ref 1723/118
1729 & 1732  Bond from William BUMPAS of Admington, yeoman, to John WELLS of Coldicott WAR to secure performance of covenants. Birmingham City Archives, MS 3403/ACC 1932-016/389628  +630
1732  John BUMPUS and William SHELTON were indicted for theft with violence (highway robbery)  BUMPUS sentenced to death. (6 Sep). Old Bailey Proceedings Ref: t17320906-36 [NB original text of trial online]
1732  Thomas ODELL's recommendation for mercy for John BUMPUS sentenced to death for highway robbery, 2 Oct. (National Archives: SP36/28).  [NB online]

1748  22 Sept Indenture signed by Mary BUMPASS, daughter of Joseph HILLIER=Elizabeth.  (Marriage contract referred to between Thomas BUMPASS of Minchinhampton, tallow chandler, and Mary CORNWALL nee HILLIER. Re: land and property at Tickmorend and pasture near Ffooks in Horsley left to her and sister Elizabeth, now CHAMBERS, by father's will.  Names in document include: Richard CAMBRIDGE of Pudhill in Woodchester, Thomas SMALL, Edward DYER of Horsley, cordwainer, Alex DAVIS, John GILMAN, William WALLIS, J. HILLIER, John BONN. Ref A2A, D6700/2/62

(Thomas BUMPUS, Avening 19 Jun 1738=Mary CORNWALL, d 12 Dec 1781 on brass plate in Horsley churchyard)

1751 -1775, 1776 - 1800  John BUMPUS, London grocer, retailer of food and drink, 21 Long Lane, Smithfield The Complete Pocket Book / Gentleman and Tradesman's Daily Journal and other publications (see Oliver Twist Chap 21 for description of area!) See 1776 for his bankruptcy.
1755 James BUMPER, soldier, bur 4 Dec 1755 at Fort St David, Madras? Admons
1756  Richard BUMPAS, Weston Subedge, GLS Admons.  [wife Elizabeth, John CALDICOTT, yeoman of Ilmington]#GLS R.O. ref 1756/119 (John CALDICOTT married their daughter Jane in Chipping Campden in 1744/5)
1761  William BUMPAS, stone mason, St Andrew's, Worcester.  Worcester Poll Book
1766  Removal order, Easter:  John and Ann BUMPAS children of William=Mary (both deceased), to be removed from Bromsgrove to St Nicholas Queenhill. Worcestershire R.O.1/1/423/30

1770-1830  BUMPASS families of Shurdington and Badgeworth, ref D2172/1/93 GLS R.O.

(contains wonderful map of area, which includes BUMPASS owned land/property)B1

1771 Henry BUMPUS Kent's Directory for 1771
1775  Skyrme v BUMPUS, (bill) ref C12/2411/73 National Archives
1776  John BUMPUS  grocer of West Smithfield, London.  Bankruptcy Feb 1776, certificate 16 Apr. 1776
1776  Robert BUMPAS freeholder - Great Shurdington, resident in Hardwick WOR: his house and land were occupied by John SADLER.  Poll book for Dudston and King's Barton Hundred
1784 William BUMPIS owner of eligible property of Buckingham parish, Buckingham Poll 1784.
1788  Thomas BUMPASS, Preston on Stour, GLS, admons.  [Sister Hester PRENTICE nee BUMPASS, Joseph PRENTICE, John SMITH, David MALINS]#GLS R.O. ref 1788/123
1789  Will copy in solicitors' file: Robert BUMPASS gent. of Bre(e)don, WOR re messuage and lands in Westencoate (Westmancote, Breedon) and lands at Aston-upon-Carrant, Ashchurch. Dated 7th Feb 1787 Westencoate.  Proved 30 July 1789 before Rev John SMITH, rector of Breedon.. GLS R.O., D654/IV/39 [Sister Catherine, (d by 1789); nephew George Gwinnett BUMPASS and Robert son of nephew Robert BUMPASS; Daniel MERRILL of Twyning (one of trustees) and children Sarah, James & John MERRILL.  Witnessed by Wm RICKETTS, Wm WILKES, Charles RICKARDS. Second trustee: Samuel DUNSCOMBE of Cheltenham, Baptist Minister.] ref A2A, D654/IV/39 B1
9 Jan 1782  Lucy BUMPUS and Isabella Bruce acquitted of theft from James Cleaveley at No 5 Star Court, London, home of Anne OMEROD
1784 John BUMPUS  grocer of 21 Long Lane, West Smithfield, London.  local directory
1784  John BUMPAS occupied freehold land at Gawcott owned by John EMMERTON. Buckingham Hundred poll book
1793-8  John BUMPUS farmer of Buckingham (Univ Directory)
1798  William BUMPUS, baker of Maids Moreton. (Posse Comitatus)

1810  Sarah BOMPASS, spinster of Hotwells, Bristol GLS.  Will prov. 18 Apr. PROB 11/1510 (PRO online)

1810  May, June:  sale documents re Halford's (House) in Stretton on Fosse occupied by David JOBSON, Martha BUMPAS and Francis SMITH to LONGFORDS; sale of cottage held by Richard BUMPAS, labourer, (by John SMITH(SOUTH?) wheelwright to LONGFORDS) for £50,  ref ER 12/71/18 +19 ; also similar with messuage, garden and orchard occup by Thomas COOPER ref ER6/127/1. Shakespeare Birthplace Trust Records  RW/RE
1811  John BUMPUS, bookseller of Park St, Birmingham (Holden's Annual London and Country Directory 1811)
1811  Michaelmas: Regina v. John BUMPUS, Wendover Rd, Aylesbury, charged with stealing coal.  Not guilty verdict. Aylesbury QS/JC/2 Mic 1810-Mic1814
1813  Robert BUMPASS, dyer, GLS R.O. ref P244OV 5/5/8, overseer's report re Painswick illegitimate birth BW
1814 - 1831  Dr. BOMPASS's care of parishioners, St Mary's parish, Bitton, ref P/B/OP/Z?e at Bristol R.O.B1
1816 Jno. BUMPUS witnessed document re. land in OXON.
1817 James BUMPUS, bookseller of Camberwell Green; John BUMPUS, bookseller of 6 Lower Holborn; Thomas BUMPUS, bookseller of 5 Goswell St .  See Underhill
1817  James BUMPOS,  late gentleman, now toyman of Camberwell SRY, will proved 4 Aug. PROB 11/1595 (PRO online) [Wife Ann(e) and nephew John BUMPUS, bookseller of Holborn Bars.]#  L1
1818  Thomas BUMPUS, one of witnesses at marriage of Thomas HOWES, widower of Stonesfield=Elizabeth EATON.

1818  Robert BOMPASS traded as a clothier in Elkstone [see Hockaday Abstracts CXCII (these are abstracts of ecclesiastical records relating to GLS com piled by F.S. HOCKADAY mainly from diocesan records in GLS Library)]  ?B1

1818 - 1847 George Gwinnett BOMPAS, ref 39801/f/14; BOMPAS family ref 39801/F/13; Charles Smith BOMPAS ref 39801/F/15; Joseph Carpenter BOMPAS + 1848 asylum enquiry ref 39801/F/16; COX + BOMPAS families ref 39801/f/19(see also notes and correspondence in 30299/3); George Joseph BOMPAS ref 39801/f/37/a-b.   All in records of Dr. H. Temple Phillips at Bristol R.O.  B1

1820  Gother's Buildings, CheltenhamRuth BUMPASS, dyer (Cheltenham Gazetteer) BW
1821 William BUMPUS, gunner, bur 26 May 1821 at Dum Dum, Bengal.  Admons

1822  London:  John BUMPUS 6 Holborn Bars.  Baine's Directory  L1

1822  London:    Thos. BUMPUS, 5 Goswell St.   Baine's Directory
1825  Charles Carpenter BOMPAS, Inner Temple Barrister  B1
1826  Bankrupt: John BUMPUS of Newgate St, London, bookseller (31 Jan, Edinburgh Advertiser) L1
1827  Partnership dissolved: W. DYER and G. BUMPUS, mealmen of Aston Mill, GLS. October  LS
1828  George BUMPAS of Lower Slaughter fined 10s. (defective weights and measures) GLS R.O. ref Q/PC/2/47/C
1828 -1839  Sketches of Dr. BOMPAS's asylum + Fishponds House, ref D2700/QP15/13, Gloucestershire R.O.B1
1830  George BOMPASS, Compton Dando, SOM.  Pigot's Directory (B1/2 group)

1831 Dr BOMPAS item in Bridgwater and Somersetshire Herald re Fishponds, 12 Jan  B1

1831 Sgt BOMPAS item in Bridgwater and Somersetshire Herald re Congresbury shooting case B1
1831  J. BUMPUS, Newgate St, bookseller. July 3rd and Dec 30th.  Dividends notice on Bankrupts' page of London Gazette, 11 Dec. See also PRO Kew ref B3/516  L1
1832  Partnership dissolved: J. BUMPUS and J. GRIFFIN, booksellers of Skinner Street, London. May (bankruptcy records, see B3/516 National Archives)  L1

1833  Serjeant Charles BOMPAS  B1

1835  T. BUMPUS (bankruptcy records, see B3/741 National Archives)  L1
1836  T. BUMPUS jnr, Northampton bankrupt grocer.  Dividends 12 Jan.
1836  Elizabeth Mary BUMPUS, 7 Gough Sq, Fleet St, London, PCC (will), 22 Jul.  PROB 11/1864  (PRO online) [Booksellers John & Thomas BUMPUS; Children: Jessie, Eliza & George] #  L1

Elizabeth Mary BUMPUS born 17 February 1808, bap 6 Jun 1808 Birmingham St Martins WAR, bur 6 March 1836 St Giles Camberwell, daughter of John BUMPUS, bookseller of Park St B'ham,10 September 1807 St Andrew Holborn= Susanna ENDALL.  Her 3 children were baptised 8 days after her burial at St James, Clerkenwell.  She was described as being of Cheltenham, later of Gough Square.

1838-1950  John and Edward BUMPUS Ltd, booksellers.  Business and family papers in the City of Westminster Archives.  (See Accessions to repositories 1960, 1981 Marylebone) GB/NNAF/B946  L1
1839  John Bumpus, High St, Witney, hat-maker/tailor/draper.  Robson's Commercial Directory, Beds, BKM
1839  Mr. Bumpas of Stretton-on-Fosse mentioned in case against alleged thief of 10s. (Daniel King, lab. of Shipston on Stour, v Richard Beauchamp, Bumpas's servant. Shakespeare Birthplace Trust Records ref ER/14/2/8  RW/RE
1841  Richard BUMPUS, farmer of Stretton on Fosse RW/RE

          Mr Serjeant BOMPUS, 11 Park Rd, Regent's ParkP.O. London Directory, Pt I  B1

          T. BUMPUS, bookseller/stationer, 6 Holborn. P.O. London Directory, Pt I  L1

          C. Carpenter BOMPAS, 3 Serjeant's Inn, S1, barrister.P.O. London Directory, Pt I  B1

          Chas. Carpenter BOMPAS, serjeant at law, 3 Serjeants' Inn. P.O. London Directory, Pt II  B1

1842  Ann BUMPOS, widow of Clanfield OXON, PCC (will) 19 Sept.  PROB 11/1967  (PRO) [NB online] [née STEVENS]#
1842, 1851  John BUMPUS, farmer of Stretton on Fosse RW/RE
1842, 11 Feb - 1866, 11 Oct  Abstract of title to tenements in Chapel Lane Stratford UA, beginning with 1842 will of William PORTER of Old Stratford, gent, and ending with the 1866 will of Esther BUMPUS, wife of Thomas BUMPUS, baptist minister of Loughborough.
1844  Mary BUMPAS, miller, Bourton, in Pigot's Directory. LS

         John BUMPUS, tailor, High Street, Witney, in Pigot's Directory.

1845-7  Charles Steele BOMPAS assistant secretary to Zoological Society of London  B1
1846  Elizabeth BUMPASS, Beckford, GLS (WILL). [Mother: Elizabeth NEW; BAYLISS, GIBBS, DAVIS, FREW relatives]# GLS R.O. ref 1846/180     B1
1847  James BUMPUS of 7 Fulham Bridge, witness in trial of James COOPER at the Old Bailey 20 Sept.

1847  Charles Smith BOMPAS, surgeon, 57 Queen Street, Bristol, in Slater's Directory.  B1

1847  George Gwinnett BOMPAS, Dr in Physic of Stapleton, GLS.  (WILL dated 25 Oct 1831, +C 6 Mar 1844. Prob 28 Sep)  PROB 11/2061  (PRO online)  B1

1848  Partnership dissolved: GJ BOMPAS, JG Smith, EG Smith and MS BOMPAS, Stapleton, proprietors of lunatic house.  B1
1848  Thomas Benjamin BUMPUS, son and former apprentice of Thomas BUMPUS spectacle maker of London admitted 30 October as Freeman of City of London.
1848-9  Records of enquiry into Dr. BOMPAS's private asylum in Glos. Quarter Sessions records at Gloucestershire R.O.  B1
1849  Widow BUMPAS of Holt Farm, Longdon, Darlingcott, Tredington, mentioned in court case against lodger Daniel BAUGHAN, accused of murder.

1849  Joseph BOMPAS, physician, 17 Park Street, and Fishponds, Bristol, in Hunt's Directory.  B1

1849-51   Charles S. BOMPAS, surgeon, 17 Park Street, Bristol, and at the Dispensary for Diseases of Women & Children, 11 Rosemary Street, Bristol, in Hunt's Directory.  B1

              Joseph C(arpenter?) BOMPAS, proprietor of private lunatic asylum, Fishponds, in Hunt's Directory.  B1

1850  Richard BUMPUS, butcher, 7 Snowhill in PO Directory of Birmingham, 1850 RW/RE
1852  Thomas BUMPUS resident of Long Combe in History, Gazetteer and Directory of Cy of Ox. 1852  IF
1852  Jno BUMPUS, tailor/ropemaker/woollen draper, High St, Witney. Gardner's Directory of Oxfordshire 1852
1854  John BUMPUS of Stretton on Fosse, coal dealer. RW/RE
1856  Mrs. Mary BUMPUS, baker, Bourton on the Water, Kelly's 1856 Directory
1856  Joseph Carpenter BOMPAS, Bachelor of Medicine of University of London & Member of the Royal College of Surgeons of London, of Adelaide   NSW.  Will, 1 Feb.  PROB 11/2226  (PRO online)  B1
1857  Thomas BUMPUS, gentleman of Northampton, PCC (will), 29 Oct.  PROB 11/2258 (PRO online) [daughters Jemima, Elizabeth (?DICKENS); kinswoman Sophia (?LEIGHTON); granddaughter Selina SMITH; son Thomas + wives Catherine and Esther]# WD
1858-1887  Draft of will of Thomas BUMPUS of Stratford upon Avon, Baptist min.  at Shakespeare Birthplace Trust R.O., ref ER5/576
1858  Thomas BUMPAS, Long Combe, Woodstock, OXON, yeoman d 24 Jan 1858 (WILL 1861)  Prob to sole exec son John BUMPAS, tailor, of Windsor Cottage, London St, William St, Caledonian Rd MDX  IF
1859  Mary BUMPUS, baker and confectioner at Bourton, Slater's Directory of GLS, HEF, SAL, 1859 LS
1860  Land transaction re area sold by Charles HOBBINS to Rev Thomas BUMPUS
1861  Rev Thomas BUMPUS, (baptist) Leicester Rd.  (Gazette and Directory of Counties of LEI and RUT 1861) Also see correspondence re house in Stratford ref ER20/184/366 and ER20/184/47 at Shakespeare Birthplace Trust R.O.
1864  George BUMPUS, greengrocer of Oxford Rd, Aylesbury (1864 PO Directory of BKM)

1865  H. M. BOMPAS appointed as Assistant Commissioner - paid £50 a month (which covered living and travel expenses)- to collect information on schools over period of 6 months.    B1

1866  Esther BUMPUS nee PORTER, wife of Rev. Thomas BUMPUS, baptist minister of Loughborough, 11 Oct (WILL).

1867  Mrs. BOMPAS, resident at 5 Vernon Terrace, Brighton/Hove in Kelly's Post Office Directory of Essex, Herts, Middlesex, Kent, Surrey and Sussex
         Richard BUMPUS, poulterer, 119 Market Hall, BirminghamBirmingham Post Office Directory
         Richard BUMPUSS, poulterer, 50 Stafford Street, BirminghamBirmingham Post Office Directory
         Thomas BUMPUS, tailor, 64 Newhall Hill, Birmingham Birmingham Post Office Directory
1867 28 March, Caroline BUMPASS nee Hart HOPE, (wife of Edward BUMPASS)  witness at the marriage of William Smith PRIDDY, farmer, son of William, and Sophia Hope Hart HAWKER, daughter of David, St John's the Baptist, Claines, WOR
1869, June 4  Thomas BUMPUS jnr, bankrupt list, Birmingham [?Thomas BUMPERS/ BUMPUS, accountant / baptist minister, b 16 Jan 1806 College St Baptist, Northampton / Daventry, NTH, ref4; 5; 6; 7, d B1879 Loughborough, son of Thomas bc1781, d 1857]  WDRW
?1870  Sarah BOMPASS spinster of Hotwells nr Bristol GLS.  Will, 18 Apr.  PROB 11/1510  (PRO) [NB online]
1870-1872  Rev Thomas BUMPUS, Quorn Baptist Chapel Minister.
1871  John BUMPUS, baker, late of Bourton on the Water, d 25 Aug 1871 at Bourton on the Water.  WILL proved 26 Sept. 1871 Gloucester by sole exec George WILLIAMS farmer of Bourton on the Water.
1872 Thomas BUMPUS, bookseller, gentleman of 6 Holborn Bars, LON, late of 11 Compton Rd, Islington MDX, d 10 May 1872. (WILL  + 2 C 1872) probate to sons: Thomas Benjamin, bookseller of 2 George Yard, Lombard St; John, bookseller of 158 Oxford St; Edward, bookseller of 6 Holborn Bars.#L1
1873  George Bumpus BELLAMY of 18 Lincolns Inn Fields mentioned re Eastgate Street, Gloucester city deeds.  Gloucester R.O. ref D3117/4033
1874  Leasehold property assigned to Rev Joseph Newton SMITH occupied by others including Rev Thomas BUMPUS.
1875 Thomas BOMPAS of Avon Bank, Wick, Pershore, WOR, bach butler, d  23 Feb 1875.  Prob to brother Walter Humphries BOMPAS, bookbinder, of 1 Blockhouse street, Worcester. 19 March, Worcester.
1876  John BUMPUS, tailor of 495 Kingsland Rd, MDX, d 11 Apr 1876.  (WILL 1876) Prob to wife Mary King BUMPUS.
1876-8  Land purchase at Highgate from Mr. E. BUMPUS ref S6336 in ED27/3505 National Archives
1876-1889  H.M. BOMPAS, Greenhill Rd, ref E/MW/H/084  London Metropolitan Archives.
1877  Jemima BUMPUS, spinster of Northampton, d 26 Sep 1877.  WILL with 4 codicils Northampton 22 Oct 1877 proved by John GIBBS of York St and William GRAY of Royal Terrace, gentlemen.
1877  Sarah BUMPUS, late of Loughborough, wife of Rev Thomas BUMPUS, baptist minister of Loughborough, d 13 Mar 1877.  Admons to husband Leicester 5 June 1877.
1877  Alfred Addy BUMPUS, horticultural builder, Park Lane, Loughborough, in Leicester and Rutland Directory.

         Francis BUMPUS, watchmaker, 3 Churchgate, Loughborough, in Leicester and Rutland Directory.

1878  Richard Bumpus, allotment tenant in Charles Longford's Moors Well Orchard, 2 rood, 19 perch, valued 2 5s   Stretton on Fosse RW/RE
1879  George Trimnell BUMPUS, coachman, of Lavender Sweep, Battersea, SRY, d at Tower Hill, Perry Barr, STAFFS.  (WILL 1879) Prob to wife Ellen

1880  John BUMPUS, bookseller, late of 158 & 297 Oxford St, d 19 Jul 1880 at 53 Portsdown Rd, Maida Vale.  Prob to brother, Edward BUMPUS, bookseller of 5 & 6 Holborn Bars and son John Barton BUMPUS, bookseller of 158 & 297 Oxford St L1

c1881-1905  Mr BONPAS's campaign for New Forest Division included in newscuttings/newspaper collection of Phillimore papers ref 115M88/Z4
1882  John BUMPUS, bookseller 365 (formerly 297) Oxford St, London, P.O. London DirectoryL1

1884  E. H. BUMPUS, export and wholesale milliner, 171 City Rd, London, Business Directory of London

1884  Edward BUMPUS, bookseller, 5&6 Holborn, London, Business Directory of LondonL1

1884 John BUMPUS, bookseller, Oxford St, London, Business Directory of LondonL1

1884 John BUMPUS, commission agent, 42a Bow Lane, London, Business Directory of London

1884 Thomas B. BUMPUS, bookseller, 2 George Yard, Lombard St, London, Business Directory of London

1884 William H. BUMPUS, stocks and shares, 44 Threadneedle St, London, Business Directory of London

1885 A. BOMPAS Owner/operator of Arran and Snowdon Mine (Copper Caernafonshire Beddgelert SH 611506) Home Office List of Mines 1885-1894
1885  James Warren BUMPUS, boot and shoe agent, 56 1/2 City Road, witness re non-payment for goods in fraud trial at the Old bailey, 14 Sept.
1886  Arthur BUMPUS, late of 42 rue-Brunel,  Paris, d 14 Nov 1885.  (WILL 1886) Prob to brother Edward BUMPUS, bookseller of 6 Holborn Bars    L1
1887 - 1891 William Henry BUMPUS of  Threadneedle St, London, gent mentioned re West Wheal Grenville Mine Ltd, ref RH/1/503/1,2 and RH/1/504/1-4 at Cornwall R.O.

1889 Easter Mr C.H. BOMPAS Trinity, Cambridge Union Society

1890  Frances Georgina BUMPUS,  late of Glebelands, Clissold Rd, Stoke Newington, d 28 Feb 1890.  Prob to husband Thomas BUMPUS gent..  Admons1890
1891  James BUMPUS, railway servant late of Harrop St, Poplar MDX, d 25 Feb 1891 at The Station, Poplar.  Admons 1891 to nephew Charles James BROWN, cloth finisher of 4 Hawthorne Terrace, King Cross Rd, Halifax.
1891  Richard BUMPUS, pork butcher of Stretton on Fosse RW/RE
1891-1913  John Skelton BUMPUS, librarian antiquary.  Papers in the Guildhall Library, ref: L11.53, see Guide, 1989, p119, and for 1898-1909 letters to FG EDWARDS, in the British Library Manuscript Collections, ref: Eg MS 3093 L1
1892   Harold Buckland BUMPAS (BOMPAS) barrister of Westbourne Terrace, Hyde Park.  Press report in Black Sheep Index [online]
1893-4  Martha BUMPUS 19 Wood St (Northampton Directory)

1893  Emma Louisa BUMPUS, widow, of Broadhurst Gardens, W Hampstead MDX d 3 Feb 1892.  Admons 1893 to Thomas BUMPUS, bookseller. L1

1893  James BUMPUS, insurance clerk, of Dunsmure Rd, Stamford Hill, MDX.  Admons 1893 to Harold and Gerald William BUMPUS.  Wife Edith Alma.

1895  Charles BUMPUS, apartments: Little Clarendon St; 140 Walton St, St Thomas's, Oxford.  1895 OXON directory

1895  Mrs. Elizabeth BOMPAS, householder, 40 Bury New Road, Higher Broughton, SalfordSlater's Manchester+ Salford Directory

          Charles S. BOMPAS, surgeon, 1 Luke St, Johnson St, Cheetham, Manchester.  Slater's Manchester+ Salford Directory B1

1896  Edward BUMPUS, bookseller of Crescent Grove, Clapham SRY & Holborn Bars, d 3 Oct 1896.  (WILL 1896)  Prob to wife Eliza Jane. L1

1897  Catharine (Catherine) BUMPUS, spinster of Loughborough, d 5 Dec 1896.  (WILL 1897) Prob to Eliza BUMPUS, spinster, and Alfred Adolphus BUMPUS esq. WD

1898  Evan Henry BUMPUS, bookseller of 5 & 6 Holborn Bars d 7 Aug 1891 at Brompton Hosp MDX.  (WILL1898) Prob to wife Martha Florence BUMPUS. L1
1898  Hermon Carey BUMPUS published a paper called 'The elimination of the unfit as illustrated by the introduced sparrow, Passer domesticus'
1900s (early)-1964 Receipts from Hamstead Colliery Co. Ltd., Handsworth, National Coal Board and others for rent issued to HOLMES and BUMPUS families (Birmingham Archives - See Bumpus family of Hamstead)
1901  C.H . BOMPAS's Folklore of the Santal Parganas, ref Mss EUR F236/372 at British Library, India Office records
1902  Clara Mary BUMPUS of Lansdowne Rd, Old Charlton KENT, d 28 Mar 1902 at Stone Kent.  Admons1902 Prob to husband Arthur Cecil, bank clerk.
1903  Frank BUMPUS, 48 Barnmead Rd, Beckenham, Kelly's Post Office Directory of  Kent

1904  Sarah BUMPUS, widow of Union workhouse, Headington, Oxford, d 14 Jun 1903.  (WILL 1904) Prob to Joseph BUMPUS, telegraph lineman.

1904  Eliza BUMPUS, spinster of Loughborough, d 22 April 1904.  (WILL 1904) Prob to Alfred Adolphus BUMPUS, gent, JP. WD
1905  Mary BUMPUS, widow (of John) of Adelaide Rd, Leyton Essex, d 14 Mar 1905.  (WILL 1905) Prob to Jane King BUMPUS, spinster.
1905  Charles BUMPUSS, journeyman gardener, St Andrew Street, Droitwich
1905  Rosa BUMPUS (nee TIMMS, wife of Charles, plasterer) of 140 Walton St, Oxford, d 17 Oct 1905.  Admons 1905.
1905 Elizabeth BOMPAS, widow, of 313 Bury New Road, Broughton, Salford, d 13 Jan.  Admons 17 Feb Manchester to Elizabeth HODGES widow.
1905 George Cox BOMPAS of 121 Westbourne Terrace MDSX d 23 May.  Prob 20 July  London Charles Steele Murchison BOMPAS solicitor, Harold Buckland BOMPAS and Alan Chantrey BOMPAS
1905  Ruth Conquest BOMPAS, widow of the vicarage Chilvers Coton, Nuneaton, d 21 Sept 1905. Prob 17 Oct London to Alexander James SCRUTTON and Alfred Francis RYAN, stock and share dealers  B1/2
1906 Property Valuation: Richard Bumpus owned a cottage in Stretton on Fosse RW/RE

1906  Thomas Truby BUMPUS of Saigon, Cochin, China, d 1 Aug 1905.  Admons 1906 Prob to Thomas King BUMPUS, bank cashier

1906  Mrs. Maria BUMPUS, day school, 9 Princess St, Kelly's Post Office Directory of Northampton
1907  Charles Steele Murchison BOMPAS of 4 Great Winchester St, LON named as trustee of will of John WALTER.  London Metropolitan Archives ref ACC/0741   B1
1908  Rev. E. A. BOMPAS, baptist pastorate at South Shore, Blackpool
1908  Judge BOMPAS resigned and replaced.
1912, 12 Oct, Miss E. M. BUMPUS appointed Night Superintendant; trained at Ryde County Hospital and Children's Hospital, Paddington; Sister at Ryde county Hospital and Lambeth Infirmary; Assistant Matron at Friends' Convalescent Home.  The British Journal of Nursing
1913  Mary Frances BUMPUS aka Frances ALLITSEN, spinster of 20 Queen's Terrace, St John's Wood, d 30 Sep 1912.  (WILL 1913) prob to John Barton BUMPUS and Thomas BUMPUS, bookseller. L1
1914  Francis Thomas BUMPUS, 225 Albion Rd, Stoke Newington (PO London Country Suburbs Directory 1914 (part IV))
1914  BOMPAS & Brailsford (Misses) nursing home, 33 & 34 Beaumont St, Marylebone, LDN
1915  Euphemia BUMPUS, spinster of 370 Finchley Rd, Hampstead.  Admons 1915. Prob to John Barton BUMPUS, bookseller
1916  Bernard Ebenezer BUMPUS Lt of Northumberland Fusiliers, of 103 Lansdowne Rd, Old Charlton, d 3 Jun 1916 France.  (WILL 1916) prob to Arthur Cecil BUMPUS, bank clerk.
1917  Helena Jemima BUMPUS, spinster of Oakgates, Caterham, SRY, d 24 Nov 1917. (WILL 1917).
1918  John Barton BUMPUS, of  'Inglenook', Finchley Rd & 350 Oxford St d 16 Feb 1918 'Inglenook'. Prob to Thomas BUMPUS, bookseller.
1919  Thomas King BUMPUS of Lansdowne Rd, Old Charlton, d 22 Jan 1919 Teignmouth.  (WILL 1919) Prob to Arthur Cecil BUMPUS, bank clerk.
1920 - 1922 Calcutta Domiciles Community Enquiry (BOMPAS) Committee 1918-1919 ref 10R/V/26/803/1; Calcutta Police rate (BOMPAS) Committee 1921-2 ref 10R/V/26/150/3.  British Library, India Office records.
1920  John BUMPUS of 583 Alexandra Park, Wood Green, MDX & 42 Bow Lane, LON, d 12 Mar 1920.  (WILL 1920) Prob 1 March 1922 to Samuel Thomas Adams BUMPUS, Bank of England clerk.
1920  William Henry BUMPUS of 148 Walm Lane, Cricklewood, d 17 Jan 1920 at Mowbray Rd, Cricklewood.  Admons 1920.  Prob to Alfred William BUMPUS, civil engineer.

1921  Mary Lawrance BUMPUS, widow of 53 Burnt Ash Rd, Lee, Kent, d 5 Aug 1921. (WILL 1921)

1921  Thomas Barton BUMPUS of 370 Finchley Rd & 350 Oxford St, MDX d 15 Nov 1920, aged 65 (but birth registered 1853).  (WILL 1921) L1

Biography U31 (Head of J&E Bumpus Ltd. All books and copyright of books published by firm + bequest to nephew Harry Meredith Bumpus; bequests: to nephew Leopold Bumpus; to sister, Emma Louisa Bumpus; to John Hibbert; to secretary David Scott Peddie; to housekeeper and to housemaid.)

1 Mar  1922  John BUMPUS, retired gardener of  Stretton-on-Fosse, WAR, d 22 Oct 1921 (WILL 1922) To children Alfred, Richard, Henry, Ada and Mary Ann.  Prob to William MASON engine driver of Stretton-on-Fosse, Alfred and Allen Richard BUMPUS (Private 27277 Leicestershire Regt), shoemakers.  (Allan Richard=Louisa whose son Richard (=Doris Clara BUMPUS of Sileby LEI), driver of the Royal Army Service Corps, died 29th Nov 1943 aged 27, commemorated on Quorn and Singapore war memorials) RW/RE

1924  Charles BUMPUS of 25 Bartlemas Rd, Oxford, d 18 Jun 1924. (WILL 1924)

1924  Emma Louisa BUMPUS aka Emma Louisa ALLITSEN aka Emma, spinster of Testcombe, Stockbridge, HANTS, d 11 Dec 1923 at 19 Lansdowne Place, Hove.  (WILL 1924) L1

1925  Whyard and BUMPUS Ltd. No 204568 in BT31/28976/204568 National Archives

1925  Alfred Adolphus BUMPUS of West Cliff Gdns, d Davenport, Boscombe Spa Rd, Bournemouth.  (WILL 1925)  Prob to Alfred Edward Stevenson BUMPUS, farmer, & Thomas Herbert BUMPUS, schoolmaster, & Frank Arnold Bumpus, engineer.

1926  James Warren BUMPUS of 41 Bostock Avenue, Northampton, d 4 Jan 1926. (WILL 1926) Prob Northampton 2 Feb 1926 to widow, Louisa BUMPUS.   WD
1926  Mary Elizabeth BUMPUS of 42 Arden Rd, Finchley, d 18 Feb 1926 at Hendon Lane, Finchley.  (WILL 1926)  Prob to Alfred William BUMPUS, civil engineer.
1927  Emily Mary BUMPUS, spinster of 103 Lansdowne Rd, Old Charlton, d 19 Jan 1927 at Hanwell Mental Hospital MDX.  (WILL 1927)  Prob to Arthur Cecil BUMPUS, bank official.
1928 Mary Jane BUMPASS of 37 Beechfield Rd, Sparkbrook, wife of James, d 21 March 1928 Selly Oak Hospital.  Admons Birmingham 25 July to James BUMPASS labourer.
1930  Eliza Jane BUMPUS, widow of Green Down, The Parks, Minehead, SOM d 3 Nov 1930.   (wife of Edward BUMPUS(Edward BUMPAS), d 3 Oct 1896, bookseller L1). Probate 23 Dec to Wilfred Philip HUDSON, miller, Vera Rose DEREAUX spin, Philip John TERRY solicitor.

1930  Frances William Howes BUMPUS of Herbert St, Loughborough, d 17 Nov 1930.  Probate Leicester 22 Dec to Jane HICKLING wife of Charles Alfred HICKLING.

1931  G.B. Shaw's He Lied to her Husband featuring 2 characters: Teddy BOMPAS and Aurora BOMPAS.

1933  Edith Alma BUMPUS, nee BROWN,  widow of 12 Clifton Ave, Finchley, d 12 Jan 1933.  (WILL 1933)  Prob to Frederick James BUMPUS, gent, and Stanley G. BUMPUS, company secretary, & Harold Arthur BUMPAS, bank clerk.

1934  Clara Elizabeth BUMPUS, widow of Newbold Terrace, Leamington Spa, d 29 Jan 1934 at 15 Albany Villas, Hove.  (WILL 1934)  Prob to Frank Arnold BUMPUS, engineer.

1935  Kate Ethel BUMPUS, spinster of 92a Alexandra Rd, Hampstead, MDX, d 1 May  1935 at Highbury Terrace, Highbury, MDX.  (WILL 1935)  Prob to Arthur Cecil BUMPUS, retired bank official.

1937  C. H. BOMPAS in Coventry City Guild letters.  Coventry Archives ref PA313
1937  James John BUMPASS of Dorchester, OXON, d  13 Jan. Admon Oxford 5 Mar to Phillis BUMPASS, widow.
1937  Charles Alder BUMPUS of Pee Tor, Orchell Drive, Hadleigh, ESS, d 25 Sep Southend.  Admon London 4 Nov to Lydia BUMPUS widow and Sidney Charles BUMPUS, transport motor driver.
1937  Florence Edith BUMPUS of 4 Higher Brimley Terrace, Teignmouth, Devonshire d 10 Feb.  Prob Exeter 28 Apr to husband, Henry Alfred BUMPUS, retired bank manager, late of Croydon.
1939 -1945  Richard BUMPUS on Quorn war memorial (d 29 Nov 1943) also commemorated on Singapore war memorial. RW/RE
22 Apr 1946  Sidney Alexander BUMPUS of 94 Colwyn Road, Northampton.  Admon 26 Jul to Leonard Montague BUMPUS.
1947  Louisa Bumpus widow of 41 Bostock Ave, Northampton d 26 Jan. Prob London to Lloyds and Frederick Reg. GIBBONS civil engineer.
1947  Reginald Henry BUMPUS of 23 Durban Road, Plymouth d 28 Jul.  Admon with will London 1 Sep to Florence Bessie BUMPUS widow.

1948  Mary BUMPASS of Hill View, Bridge End, Dorchester, wife of Herbert, d 18 Jul.  Admon to Herbert BUMPASS, labourer, and Mary Jane BUMPASS, spinster.

1947 Wilfred BUMPASS of Dormers, Watling Lane, Dorchester d 22 Nov.  Admon to Daisy Elizabeth BUMPASS, widow.
1948  Harry Albert BUMPUS of 41 Coleridge Rd, Plymouth,  Oct.  Prob London to Minnie BUMPUS, widow.



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Inventory of the BUMPAS family papers and books in Manuscripts Department of the Library of the University of North Carolina   : 1838-1972, No. 1031

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BUMPUS War Deaths

(World War I and World War II)

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The Commonwealth War Graves Commission


Date and Place of Birth/Baptism/Registration (where known)

For registration codes, see the Births List page



Bompas E A



Royal Artillery

Eric BOMPAS of Hampshire  b India

21 December 1941 China

Bumpus B E

2/LT (TP)

Northumberland Fusiliers

12th Battalion

Bernard Ebenezer BUMPUS, b reg B1883 Camberwell, son of Thomas King and Mary Pearl BUMPUS of Old Charlton, Kent.


3 July 1916

Killed in action

Bumpus A E


Duke of Cambridge's Own (Middlesex Regiment)

4th Battalion
Arthur Edwin BUMPUS b reg B1895 Paddington, son of Ernest W and Mary BUMPUS


11 May 1917

Died of wounds

Bumpass K

Formerly 2985, Q.O.O.H.

Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry

1/4 Battalion

Kenneth BUMPASS b Dorchester

15 June 1918

Killed in action


Bumpus R Driver

Royal Army Service Corps Richard BUMPUS b Leicester


29 November 1943

Bumpus L R


6bty, 2nd Bgd Australian Field Artillery

Leslie Rider BUMPUS b reg C1883 West Ham, son of William Henry and Elizabeth Ann Bumpus of Cricklewood


22 July 1917

Killed in action





SECTION 5     


Family photos and a family tree giving details of the

Stretton-on-Fosse, Birmingham and Leicestershire

Bumpus ancestors of Rosie Wells



Laura BUMPAS aka BUMPUS nee WILKINSON b 26 September 1865, d 30 August 1956, 1889= William BUMPUS/BUMPAS/'BUMFORD' bc1860, d?1928

  Frank James BUMPAS b 23 June 1889, recorded as 'PUMBUS', d1965 =Beatrice TANDY Another sibling, name unknown

Sarah Ann BUMPAS aka BUMPUS b 25 August 1892, d 10 June 1974, =Frederick William APPERLEY


Herbert BUMPAS/BUMPUS/'MOUNTFORD' b 17 April 1895, d 11 August 1986, (1)=Florence L. O'COY; (2)=Florence G. NEWMAN


Florence BUMPAS aka BUMPUS b1904 - d1992,=Albert Edward SMITH




The family tree above was kindly provided by Donald Holdsworth of the Stretton-on-Fosse Local History Society. Donald has also published Stretton-on-Fosse - A South Warwickshire Village.  Contact him at 'Withens', Stretton-on-Fosse, Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucestershire, GL56 9SG.

e-mail to

This book is biased towards the individuals and families (including Bumpus) that lived in Stretton and is recommended by us to family and social historians.  Some lovely photos!


N.B. There is clearly an error with the marriage date of 1756 for Rachel Bumpus and William Alcock.  It should read 1782.

Tombstones no longer exist for Richard and Mary Bumpus buried in Stretton-on-Fosse in 1843.

Richard Bumpus (baptised 1827), in the family tree above, is Rosie's gt x3 grandfather, and grandfather of Sarah Ann Bumpas (aka Bumpus).


Please note that this tree is subject to constant revision!


1. Richard BUMPAS is probably the individual who was the son of Richard (and Rachel? d 1747) and was baptized on 14 Mar 1724, to the south in Ascott under Wychwood, Oxfordshire. He died in 1790 in Stretton-on-Fosse and was buried on 17 Jun 1790 in Stretton-on-Fosse.  He was married to Martha HANKS on 1 Jan 1754 in Barcheston, Warks. Martha HANKS was born c1732 in Willington, Warks. and died and was buried 11 March 1813 in Stretton-on-Fosse, Warkwickshire. She was buried on 11 Mar 1813 in Stretton-on-Fosse, Warks..  Children of Richard BUMPAS and Martha HANKS were:

+2 i. Richard BUMPAS.

3 ii. Francis BUMPAS was born in 1754 in Stretton-on-Fosse, Warks.. She was baptized on 25 Dec 1754 in Stretton-on- Fosse, Warks. and is believed to have married Robert POOLE on 13 Oct 1788 in Stratford.

4 iii. Rachel BUMPUS was born in 1758 in Stretton-on-Fosse, Warks.. She was baptized on 25 Oct 1758 in Stretton-on-Fosse, Warks..  She married William ALCOCK in 1782.

+5 iv. John BUMPAS.

+6 v. Mary BUMPAS.

7 vi. Ann(e) BUMPUS was born in 1769. She was baptized on 20 Aug 1769.

8 vii. Martha BUMPUS was born in 1769. She was baptized on 20 Aug 1769.

9 viii. (NB There is a record of the baptism of another Rachael on 24 Oct 1756 in Stretton-on-Fosse.) 

9A ix.  (NB There is a record of another Richard baptized 3 Jun 1763 Stretton-on-Fosse.)


2. Richard BUMPAS was born in 1766. He was baptized on 10 Dec 1766 in Stretton-on-Fosse. He died in 1842/43 in Stretton-on-Fosse, registered Mar Q 1843 Shipston on Stour, buried Stretton-on-Fosse on 2 January 1843.  Richard, a farmer, was married to Mary SORRELL on 1 Feb 1789 in Stretton-on-Fosse. Mary SORRELL was born in 1764 and she died in 1843 in Stretton-on-Fosse, registered in the June Q 1843 Shipston on Stour. She was buried on 25 Apr 1843 in Stretton-on-Fosse. Children of Richard BUMPAS and Mary SORRELL were:

+13 i. Joseph BUMPUS.

10 ii. Richard BUMPUS was born in 1789 in Stretton-on-Fosse and was baptized on 5 Oct 1789 in Stretton-on-Fosse.

11 iii. Eleoner BUMPUS was born in 1790 in Stretton-on-Fosse. She was baptized on 12 Dec 1790 in Stretton-on- Fosse.  She may have married on the 14 Oct 1813 in Honington.

+12 iv. John BUMPUS was born in 1792 in Stretton-on-Fosse. He was baptized on 6 December 1792 in Stretton-on-Fosse and buried in 1876, registered March Q 1876 Shipston on Stour.


5. John BUMPAS was born in 1758 in Stretton-on-Fosse. He was baptized on 8 Nov 1758 in Stretton-on-Fosse and was married to Mary PROCTER in 1789 in Ebrington. Children of John BUMPAS and Mary were:

15 i. John BUMPUS was born in 1790 in Stretton-on-Fosse. He was baptized on 15 Aug 1790 in Stretton-on-Fosse.

14 ii. Mary BUMPUS was born in 1792 in Stretton-on-Fosse and baptized on 29 Apr 1792 in Stretton-on-Fosse.


6. Mary BUMPAS was born in 1761 in Stretton-on-Fosse and was baptized on 22 Mar 1761 in Stretton-on-Fosse.  She was married  Francis SMITH on 10 Aug 1783 in Stretton-on-Fosse. [Children of Mary BUMPAS and Francis SMITH were:

 i. Thomas Francis SMITH b1804, married in 1827 in Stretton-on-Fosse/Chipping Campden to Elizabeth WITHERS b1806 Chipping Campden.

 ii. ? daughter SMITH.

 iii. ? daughter SMITH.

 iv. ? daughter SMITH. (NB There may have been another daughter.]


13. Joseph BUMPUS was born in Stretton-on-Fosse.  He was a labourer who married to Elizabeth HORNSBY on 2 Aug 1819 in Shipston on Stour. (Elizabeth may be the daughter of William and Sarah. She was baptized 2 November 1783 in Ilmington.) Children of Joseph BUMPUS and Elizabeth were:

+19 i. Richard BUMPUS. 

16 ii. Martha BUMPERS baptized 21 Jun 1820 Shipston on Stour.

17 iii. Catherine BUMPASS baptized 23 Jun 1822 Stretton-on-Fosse who (as BUMPAS) married Thomas FREEMAN on 20 Nov 1843 in Shipston on Stour, registered December Q 1843. [Is she the widow lodging house keeper at 94 Wynn Street, Birmingham, with daughter Caroline bc1860, boot machinist, and Arthur A. bc1862, carver and wood gilder?]

18 iv. Diana BUMPUS baptized 1831.

20 v. William BUMPUS baptized 26 Apr 1833 Stretton-on-Fosse.

21 vi.?  Martha BUMPUS baptized 15 Oct 1837 St James the Less Birmingham.


12. John BUMPUS was born in 1792, baptized 6 December 1792 in Stretton-on-Fosse. He died in 1876, reg March Q 1876 Shipston.  He was married to Mary Anne who died in 1867 in Stretton-on-Fosse. She was born between 1789-c1802 in Ebrington. In 1851 he was a farmer of 28 acres who employed a labourer.  By 1871, he was an annuitant living with his son Richard and daughter-in-law, Caroline. Children of John BUMPUS and Mary Anne were:

22 i. Mary Jane BUMPUS was born in 1820 and baptized 11 Jun 1820 in Stretton-on-Fosse.  She was married William HATHAWAY, carpenter, (who was born c1819 ?Todenham) on 4 May 1841 in Holy Trinity Stratford.  In 1881 they were living at 36 Graingers Lane, Rowley Regis, STAFFS.

23 ii. Jemima BUMPUS was born in 1822 and baptized 31 Jul 1824 in Stretton-on-Fosse.  It is believed that she died in 1839, reg C1839 Shipston on Stour and buried 1 Aug 1839 Stretton-on-Fosse.

24 iii. Caroline BUMPUS was born in 1824 in Stretton-on-Fosse.

+25 iv. Sarah BUMPUS.

26 v. Martha BUMPUS, later a domestic servant in Stratford, was born in 1829 and baptized 11 Aug 1829 in Stretton-on-Fosse.

27 vi. Elizabeth BUMPUS was born in 1832 and baptized 10 Jun 1832 in Stretton-on-Fosse.

+28 vii. Richard BUMPUS.

29 viii. Ann BUMPUS was born in 1837 and baptized 18 Jun 1837 in Stretton-on-Fosse. She died in 1838 in Stretton-on-Fosse.

+31 ix. John BUMPUS.

31A x. William Richard BUMPUS was born in 1842. He was baptized on 2 Jun 1842 in Stretton-on-Fosse. 

+32 xi. Joseph BUMPUS.

32A xii.?William Nimrod bap 2 Jun 1844 Stretton-on-Fosse d1845, reg Jun 1845 Shipston may have been one of this family.


19. Richard BUMPUS, a farm labourer/excavator/stone breaker, was born in 1827 and baptized 20 Oct 1827 in Stretton-on-Fosse.  On 2 Aug 1852 at St Phillips Birmingham (C1852 Birmingham), he married Ann BOLUS (later a midwife) who was baptized 29 May 1831 at St John's Deritend and Bordesley.  At the time of their marriage, Richard was living at Farm Street and Ann at Wheeler Street.  Ann was illiterate.  Ann's father was William BOLUS, an apron plater, and her mother was Ann (?BISHOP?).  Children of Richard BUMPUS and Ann were:

+33 i. William BUMPAS. 

34  ii. Mary BUMPUS baptized on 8 Nov 1853 reg Sept Q 1853 Aston/Bordesley.

35  iii. Francis BUMPUS was born 3 October 1865 at Belgrave Street, King's Norton, reg D1865 King's Norton, an errand boy, who died 1894, registered Jun Q 1894 Birmingham.

+36  iv.  Richard BUMPUS.


25. Sarah BUMPUS was born in 1827 in Stretton-on-Fosse. She was baptized on 4 Apr 1827 in Stretton-on-Fosse. On the 7 March 1848 Stretton on Fosse, registered March Q 1848 Shipston on Stour, she was married Edward PORTER, agricultural labourer, bc 1825 Broadway (>
81: Dumbleton; 91 and 01: South Broadway  on 7 Mar 1848 in Stretton-on-Fosse, Warks.. [Children of Sarah BUMPUS and Edward PORTER were:

i. Ann PORTER was born in 1848 in Stretton-on-Fosse. She was baptized on 23 Jun 1848 in Stretton-on-Fosse; Charles c1851; Edward, flour miller b c1854 Broadway with them in 1881; Jane bc 1866 Dumbleton with them in 1881; Wilson bc 1871 Dumbleton, ag lab with them in 1881 and 1891; living next to them when they were in Silk Mills, Broadway in 1901.  With Wilson, still an ag lab, was his family, all born in Broadway: wife Emily, 28, Laura A 8, Arthur 6, Hilda 3 and Lewis 1.  By 1911, there is no sign of Sarah and Edward, but Wilson is still living at Bury End, Broadway.  Wilson and Emily have had more children, although only seven of the ten children that they had during their 18 years of marriage have survived.  Arthur, now a domestic groom, and Lewis, now at school, have other siblings, Eva 8, Percival 6 and Walter 2.]


28. Richard BUMPUS, a farm labourer/pork butcher, was born in 1834 in Stretton-on-Fosse. He was baptized on 14 Dec 1834 in Stretton-on-Fosse and died in 1928.  He was married to Caroline FRANKLIN who was born c1829 in Banbury. She died in 1901.  Richard BUMPUS and Caroline had no known children. Richard's father, John, an annuitant, lived with them in 1871. The group photograph taken outside the Golden Cross Inn c1910, includes Richard, in Donald Holdsworth's Stretton-on-Fosse, A South Warwickshire Village.


31. John BUMPUS was born in 1839 Stretton-on-Fosse. and appears to have been baptized twice, the second time on 30 Jan 1842 Stretton-on-Fosse. (The 1851 census shows him as a 12 year old.) He was a gardener in Stretton-on-Fosse before moving to Cossington Hall, Leicestershire.  He was married to Ellen BARNES on 22 Jul 1865 in Stretton-on-Fosse and he died 22 October 1921. Ellen BARNES was born c1846 in Hidcote and died in 1878. Later he married Hannah ALLEN in 1883 in Barrow on Soar. Children of John BUMPUS and Ellen BARNES were:

44 i. John BUMPUS is believed to have been born in 1880 in Stretton-on-Fosse.  We think that he was a brickmaker, later of Leicester.

42 ii.  Another John BUMPUS was born in 1870 in Stretton-on-Fosse (registered June Q) and died in 1871 (registered September Q Shipston on Stour). 

41 iii.  Henry BUMPUS, a boot rivetter/shoemaker (birth reg Henry BUMFUS reg December Q 1872 Shipston). Henry BUMFUS / BUMPUS, boot rivetter/shoemaker/shoehand finisher 1911, son of John BUMPAS / BUMPUS / BUMFRIES, (?ag lab, plate layer (Midland Railway), (retired) gardener (worked at Cossington Hall, LEI) , bap 5 May 1839 Stretton on Fosse, reg B1839 Shipston on Stour, ref 4; 5; 7; 8; 2/9;1, d 22 Oct 1921 (WILL 1922), Stretton on Fosse 22 Jul 1865= Ellen BARNES bc1846 Hidcote d C1878 Barrow on Soar (ref7); Barrow on Soar B1883=Hannah ALLEN bc 1846-7 Sileby (ref2/9)
King St, Sileby; 12 Ratcliffe Road, Sileby; Lodged with framework knitter at Swan Street, Sileby; Seagrave in 1911
D1905 Barrow S=Martha Alice CRAMP (19 at =); 3 children:

Ruby Millicent b reg C1906 Barrow on Soar, b 2 September 1906 Seagrave; Barbara May b reg C1908 Barrow on Soar, b 19 August 1908 Seagrave; Stella Marguerite b 1 May 1910 Seagrave.

43 iv. Mary Anne BUMPUS was baptized on 5 Nov 1865 in Stretton-on-Fosse. Her birth was registered in 1865.  It is believed that she may have married in 1888 in Barrow on Soar.

Children of John BUMPUS and Hannah ALLEN were:

45 i   Ada BUMPUS, (birth reg December Q 1884 Barrow on Soar).

46 ii  Alfred BUMPUS, a shoe machinist of SILEBY (birth reg December Q 1886 Barrow on Soar). 1911: Ratcliffe Road, Sileby, he was a shoehand, tacker, living with his mother Hannah and brother, Richard, shoehand finisher.)

+40 iii Allen Richard BUMPUS. (1911: Ratcliffe Road, Sileby he was a shoehand finisher, living with mother and brother Alfred, a shoehand, tacker.)


32 Joseph BUMPUS was born c1841 in Stretton-on-Fosse and was baptized on 30 Jan 1842 in Stretton-on Fosse/Shipston on Stour. He was an ag lab and later a brickmaker who married to Elizabeth Jane PHILLIPS on 16 Sep 1867 in Stretton-on-Fosse. Elizabeth Jane PHILLIPS was born about 1846 in Todenham, Glos., the daughter of Richard PHILLIPS. Children of Joseph BUMPUS and Elizabeth Jane PHILLIPS were:

39 i. William BUMPUS was born in 1867 in Stretton-on-Fosse and was baptized on 31 Dec 1867. He died in 1868 and was buried on 8 Aug 1868 in Stretton-on-Fosse.

38 ii. Richard BUMPUS was born in 1871 in Stretton-on-Fosse and was baptized on 3 Dec 1871 in Stretton-on-Fosse, reg Dec Q 1871 Shipston.

37 iii. Mary Jane BUMPUS was born c1869 and was baptized on 2 Jan 1870 in Stretton-on-Fosse.


36  Richard BUMPUS was born about 1853 Stretton-on-Fosse.  He was a tailor who married Ann bc1862.  They had one known child:

56 i.  Francis BUMPUS bc1873 Aston, also a tailor.  It is believed that he married Beatrice TANDY, reg Sept Q 1914 Aston.


33 William BUMPAS was born about 1860 in King's Heath, Worcestershire. He had a variety of occupations: farm labourer; brewer's labourer; mechanic, and, at his marriage, he was a window cleaner, whereas, on his son Herbert's marriage certificates he is called a general labourer. He married Laura WILKINSON in the June Q of 1889 in Aston Birmingham. Laura WILKINSON was born b 26 September 1865 in Pritchett Street, Aston, and she died on d 30 August 1956 in Selly Oak Hospital. Her death was registered on that day by her daughter, Sarah Ann APPERLEY of Monica Road, Small Heath. At the time of her death, Laura was living at 3 South Sea Terrace, Baker Street, Birmingham, 10, the widow of William BUMPAS, labourer.  Addresses occupied by the family include: 11 Back 479 Moseley Rd, Deritend; 8 Court 11 Palmer Street, Aston; 2 Eversley Road, Aston;19 Mona Road, 17 Betram Road, Small Heath.

Laura was the daughter of William WILKINSON, a journeyman silver spoon maker, bc1822 Birmingham, later metal worker and finally a coal dealer before his death as a result of paralysis on 7 April 1888 at 15 Cromwell Street, Aston.  At the time of his marriage, William was a British plate worker, son of William WILKINSON, jeweller.  Her mother was Sarah Ann DOWNES,  who died of stomach cancer 24 April 1900 at 13 Court Cromwell St, (notified by daughter-in-law Amelia Wilkinson of 91 Gt Lister St), the daughter of Henry DOWNES, shoemaker,  who married (17 October 1825 St Martin's, Birmingham) Mary Ann EAGLES, bap 25 March 1795 St Philip's, Nechells.  Laura's parents' marriage, on 29 November 1846 at Handsworth Parish Church, was registered in the December Q 1846 West Bromwich.

William WILKINSON, British plate worker/silver spoon maker/silver spoon+fork polisher/coal dealer/metal worker, bc1822 Birmingham, d 7 April 1888 at 15 Cromwell St, (son of William WILKINSON, jeweller) who in 1846 West Bromwich= Sarah Ann DOWNES, who died of stomach cancer 24 April 1900 at 13 Court Cromwell St, (notified by daughter-in-law Amelia Wilkinson of 91 Gt Lister St), the daughter of Henry DOWNES, shoemaker, bap 23 Feb 1800 St John's Deritend and Bordesley, who married (17 October 1825 St Martin's, Birmingham) Mary Ann EAGLES, bap 25 March 1795 St Philip's, Nechells.

The family does not know what happened to Laura's husband, William.  Confusingly, on the 1891 census, his wife appears as Sarah and he has a two-year-old child, Frank James.  As the record covers two pages, it may be an enumerator's error.  After decades of searching, the family was discovered living under the BUMFORD name in the 1901 and 1911 censuses. In the latter, the family was living at 17 Bertram Road, Small Heath: William was a window cleaner and his wife Laura was also noted. Frank (James), whose birth was erroneously recorded as PUMBUS in 1889 Birmingham, was a clerk; Sarah a laundry worker; Herbert a grocer's assistant; Florence was at school and Richard, William's father is recorded as a pensioner relative.  Five living children were mentioned, but the identity of the fifth is still unknown.

Laura Bumpas nee Wilkinson

Children of William BUMPAS and Laura WILKINSON were:

+53 i. Sarah Ann BUMPAS aka Sally. See below or APPERLEY tree.

Sally Bumpas aka Bumpus

54  ii. Florence BUMPAS b 30 June 1904 at 2 Eversley Road, Birmingham, registered Sept Q 1904 Aston .  She married Albert Edward (Met) SMITH b20 Apr 1902, d 13 Jul 1967, and she died 4 April 1992 Aston.

Florence Bumpas aka Bumpus

They had one known son:

60 i.  Kenneth SMITH

55  iii. Herbert BUMPAS, grocer's assistant/ motor driver/bus inspector, who was born on the 7th April 1895 at 8 Court 11 Palmer Street, Aston, registered by his mother, Laura, in Jun Q 1895 Aston. His father was a brewer's labourer at that time. He died on 11 August 1986 in Highcroft Hospital, Erdington. He was married twice: 14 March 1923 Register Office, B'ham, reg Birmingham A1923=Florence Lilian O'COY, domestic servant, b reg D1896 Aston, of The Oaks, Plymouth Road, Barnt Green, d reg C1924 King's Norton, daughter of the late George O'Coy, bedstead maker; and: 23 April 1927 All Saints, Small Heath, reg Birmingham South, B1927=Florence Gertrude NEWMAN, capstan hand, b1905, of 1/407 Bolton Road, daughter of George Henry NEWMAN, signal man.  Herbert is registered in both cases as BUMPAS otherwise MOUNTFORD.
Some of his addresses: 17 Bertram Road, Small Heath; 3 Lichfield Terrace, Bolton Rd; Heybarnes Road; Sheep Close Drive, B'ham

Herbert Bumpas aka Bumpus aka Mountford

 iv.  Francis James BUMPAS/BUMPUS, registered as PUMBUS, September Q 1889 Aston, was born on 23rd June 1889 Birmingham and his death was registered in January 1965 in Birmingham. He was recorded as a clerk in 1911 and a packer when he married Beatrice TANDY (b21 Jan 1891 Aston, d reg Dec 1970 Birmingham) daughter of Henry TANDY, tile cutter b 1851, and Sarah Ann WOODHALL, b1854.  They married at All Saints Church, Small Heath, on the 2 August 1914, (reg Sep Q 1914 Aston), witnessed by her brother, Henry TANDY, and Gertrude BROOKES.  One of the addresses associated with the family was 62 Waverley Road, Small Heath.  Little is known about their family group apart from their daughter Doris Edna born 1927 who married Benjamin RUDD.

v.  Another child, identity as yet unknown.


40  Allen Richard BUMPUS was born in 1889, birth reg December Q 1889 Barrow on Soar.  He was a shoemaker (1911: Ratcliffe Road, Sileby, he was a shoehand finisher, with mother and brother Alfred shoehand, tacker) and a Private in the Leicestershire Regiment who married Louisa WHEELDON, reg September Q 1914 Barrow on Soar, and they lived in Quorn. 

Richard and Louisa Bumpus

Children of Allen Richard BUMPUS and Louisa were:

54 i. Iris BUMPUS who married Dennis BOWLER and lived in Mountsorrel.

55 ii. Joan BUMPUS was born 16 October 1919 Leicestershire, d 15 October 1986 Leicester.  She married Ernest DUKES b 16 July 1916 Leicestershire, d January 1992 Leicestershire, son of Herbert DUKES=Gertrude. They lived in Loughborough.

56  iii.  Richard BUMPUS who was born about 1916 and was a Driver in the Royal Army Service Corps. He died on 29 November 1943 and his death is commemorated on the Singapore and Quorn War Memorials.  He married Doris Clara.

+50 iv. William (Bill) BUMPUS.

+51 v. John BUMPUS.

+52 vi. Philip BUMPUS.


53 Sarah Anne BUMPAS was born on 25 Aug 1892, reg Dec Q 1892 Aston. She died in 1974 in Birmingham. She was married to Frederick William APPERLEY on 3 Apr 1920 in Bordesley, Warwickshire. Frederick William APPERLEY was born on 8 Jan 1894 in Aston, Birmingham. He was a gun assembler in 1920 in Birmingham. He died in 1978 in Birmingham.

Sarah Ann and Frederick Apperley

Children of Sarah Ann BUMPAS and Frederick William APPERLEY were:

58 i. Ronald William APPERLEY.

59 ii. Frederick Warren APPERLEY.

57 iii. Barbara APPERLEY.


50  William (Bill) BUMPUS who married Jean (d Feb 2006) and had 2 sons.


51  John BUMPUS (b1923 d January 2006) had 3 sons.


52  Philip BUMPUS (d July 2005) had 2 sons.





BUMPUS Ephemera!

Just for fun!


Now that you have worked through the website, here's some light relief...

What about the headline 'Bumpas hopes to appeal to shopping mums'?  Two mothers, Trudie Long and Sharon Faulkner, designed a device to protect young children from harm if they toppled forward onto the handle of a shopping trolley.  (Naturally, for something so robust, it could only have one name...BUMPAS!)

If you're looking for entertainment, why not go to see:

the play My Husband's Ghost with its character Sergeant BUMPAS; 

or travel back in time to 1937 to see showman George Speaight's toy theatre performance at BUMPUS'S bookshop in Oxford Street.  (We believe he was still performing in 2002!);

or catch a movie like The Liberation of L.B. Jones (1970)  in which Arch Johnson plays Stanley BUMPAS, a redneck sheriff who suffers death by shredding, courtesy of a bailing machine!;

or listen to the Warwickshire brass band, Cubbington Silver, who play a march called C.E.B.  An infamous local football match involved an ear-biting incident which gave Cubbingtonians the nickname 'Ear Biters' - C.E.B.  The title letters were placed as notes to form the first part of the march.  When Nigel Horne, composer, was asked if there were any local folk tunes that could be incorporated he mentioned BUMPUS O' Stretton....... (Only BUMPUS will do!!);

or you could listen to Cliff Edwards ('Ukulele Ike') singing as 'BUMPY' in Fast Life (1932) or as 'Harmony BUMPAS' in Riders of the Northland (1942);

or attend two operas, For the Queen (1911) and Bindra the Minstrel (1912; np) by Mary Frances Allitsen [BUMPUS];

or take a tour of P.T. Barnum's organisation with performer Mercy Lavinia Warren BUMPUS Stratton?   She also appears as the character Mrs. Tom Thumb (once wife of Charles Stratton aka General Tom Thumb) aka Countess Livinia, a Ringling Brothers Circus performer,  in The Circus Book 1920 by Laura Rountree Smith, illustrated by Dorothy O'Reilly Aniol.

If you're exhausted, why not holiday in BUMPASS, Virginia, only 44 miles west of Virginia?  We understand that a railway siding was built by the railroad near the Bumpass home 'as a courtesy'.  The station was still there as late as the early 1960s!