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Norfolk - Worcestershire

e-mail: John or Rosie Wells


Publicans 1883


John C Algar, WELLS-NEXT-THE-SEA. Elizabeth Wells to James Powditch, in 1746. See HERE

Paul Howes, BLICKLING / CAWSTON / OULTON / SAXTHORPE Seeking information on three generations of WELLS in the area to the North of Norwich, as follows:

1 - William WELLS m Ann HOWES in 1768 in Blickling. Children: Ann (1768), William, Thomas, James (1775), John, Joseph, George (1784).

2 - James WELLS m Margaret BINHAM in 1798 in Blickling. Children: John (1799), James, Ann, George (1806), Robert, Mary, Sophia, Frances (1814).

3 - George WELLS m Ann RICHES or WRIGHT 18 Oct 1830 in Saxthorpe. Children: Margaret (1831), Mary Ann, Hannah, Sophia, Elizabeth, Amelia, John, William John, James, Matilda, Caroline (1852).


Ian Wells, LYNG. John Wells (died 1736) married Bridget (died 1728) they had a son Robert (b 1696), he married Elizabeth Wright in 1837 (he was a widower at the time). One of their sons, James (b 1742) married Zillah Alcock, a widow, (nee Coddenham) in 1766.  One of  their sons Jacob (b 1770) married Sarah Hudson in 1792.
This couple were the parents of my Zachariah (below, a papermaker).  All of this took place in and around Lyng.

Name                                      Born                                                    Died                                                    Married

Zachariah Wells                     1793 Norfolk poss. Lyng                      18.5.1845 Lyng -                       Mary Pugsley  in 1825, Somerset

Mary Wells (Pugsley)               c1806 Heathfield Somerset                   19.9.1877 Lyng

Children of Zachariah and Mary

Henry                                       26.12.1825 Lyng Norfolk

Elvisa/Eliza                               27.10.1833 Lyng Norfolk

John                                         8.11.1835   Lyng Norfolk

Robert                                      8.6.1840     Lyng Norfolk

Zachariah                                 24.8.1844   Lyng Norfolk

Jane Ann                                  17.7.1831   Lyng Norfolk                     11.5.1898

Henry                                       26.5.1838   Lyng Norfolk                     19.6.1895  Leeds                                 Ella Laura Palmer in Bermuda 14.6.1866

Ella Laura Wells (Palmer)          4.4.1848     Bermuda                           18.5.1901 Stockton

Children of Henry and Ella

Henry Robert                           3.7.1868  Bermuda                                                                                          Isobel

Ella Annie                                 c 1879 Marston Yorks                         16.10.1957                 

Blanche Mary                           28.1.1881 Marston                              8.1.1962 Lancashire                             John Charles Newton – separated 22.5 1935

Edward                                    Still born 15.6.1874 Bermuda

William Edward                        24.12.1876 Marston Yorks                  6.9.1943 Teddington Middx                 Susannah Riby in Stockton 27.5.1899

Susannah Wells (Riby)             1877 Eston Yorks                                c1951     Teddington Middx

Children of William and Susannah

Edward Henry James                12.12.1912 Teddington Middx            6.2.1974 Sutton Surrey                        Nellie Gwendoline Moore - 6.8.1939 East ham London

Nellie Gwen Wells (Moore)      25.1.1914 East ham London                9.4.1982 Sutton Surrey

Children of Edward and Nellie

Ian Edward                              6.5.1944 Epsom Surrey                                                                                    Gillian Szymanski 18.12.1971 Morden Surrey

Gillian Wells (Szymanski)          3.4.1946 Littleborough Lancs

Children of Ian and Gillian

Ashley Jozef Henry                   5.5.1984 Beckenham Kent


Karen Curtis, YARMOUTH / NEW ZEALAND. My Great-Great Grandfather, Charles Wells arrived in NZ from England around 1865. He is buried at the Timaru Cemetery along with his wife, Sarah Major, and his date of death was 22/09/1901. On his death cert it states he was born in Yarmouth and his headstone reads " born 14/4/1834 ". His occupation was listed as a carpenter. Sadly his father reads " --- WELLS " His mother was Elizabeth Swattman. We have found where and when Sarah Major entered NZ but efforts to find anything about Charles have been fruitless.

(Charles probably the one born 1828 chr.1829 Wymondham to Thomas Wells and Elizabeth Swatman. Had brother Thomas born 1811? - JW)

Ian Wilshaw, KINGS LYNN. John Barrett Wells born about 1823, Married 27 Feb 1851 at St Margaret's, Kings Lynn to Jane Lowe. His father was George Wells.

Jack Richards, UPWELL. In an indenture dated 9 Oct 1734 William Wells, of UPWELL, Norfolk, named Alice Green, an infant, as a coheir together with Ann (mar. ... Bedell) and Joanna, his two daughters.  Joanna married Mathew Hiam on 17 Apr 1707 at UPWELL, Norfolk.    I am trying to extend my knowledge of the Wells family and have recently made a study of the Hiam surname; the details of the offspring of Joanna and Mathew Hiam are available to anyone who is interested.

Andy Beech, WEST WALTON. John Wells had a daughter Mary Wells who was b.1817 West Walton, Norfolk. Would like to find out the ancestors of John and any siblings of Mary. If you can help contact Andy Beech on

Sue Harris, LOWESTOFT / SANDRINGHAM. I am trying to trace my grandfather George Christopher Wells, born Lowestoft, Suffolk, married Ida Mary-Anne Harvey from London, moved to Sandringham, Norfolk and became captain of the Queens Fire Brigade.

Phil Wells, all NORFOLK, 1600-1820.

My ancestor Jacob WELLS  was born in West Newton ( adj Castle Rising nr Kings Lynn ) 17th June 1800 parents James and Sarah WELLS (SAPY widow) and became a journeyman papermaker who married Sophia COOKE in Isfield Sussex  1820. They raised a family of 11 who mostly migrated to the Brighton area of Sussex, Jacob and Sophia lived the last years of their life in Sothwark where they both died in the 1870's.

It was not a coincidence that in that parish of Isfield a Charlotte WELLS born Lyng NORFOLK  ultimately marries in 1818 and a couple of years later Jacob WELLS also marries in Isfield with the consent of his parents.( he lied about his age!!!) Charlotte WELLS bapt is recorded at Lyng in Aug 1797 with parents James WELLS and Sarah (  PASEY - now known to be SAPEY/SEAPEY widow formerly MILLER )

We have since determined that Sarah MILLER married Richard SEAPEY/YE in 1783 and later James WELLS in Bylaugh in1789 after the death of Richard.

William WELLS was born in Swanton Morley in 1791, followed by Mary miller WELLS in 1793 both detailed as children of James WELLS and Sarah MILLER.

Two twins Easter and Charlotte were born and died at Lyng in early 1796.

After Jacobs birth in West Newton we found ( well it actually led us to Jacob) born 16th Jan 1803 Gabriel Miller WELLS son of James and Mary WELLS ( MILLER ) - we are quite sure the Mary is a clerical error. Gabriel enlisted in the 53rd Shropshire regiment in 1823 and served over 20 years before being discharged, he died 3 years after discharge and is buried at Plymouth.

The occurrence of the Christian name  Gabriel appears 3 times in Williams family, and once in Jacobs. The name  Jacob also appears in Williams family and also in Jacobs fathers family as an uncle .

William's 1st daughter Mary ( detailed as a dairy maid on the ships manifest when she emigrated to Australia in 1839 ) had a family in Victoria Australia , her death certificate detailed her father William WELLS as a fisherman.


The search and ultimate discovery of Jacobs baptism after 20 - 25 years search had led us to delve deeply into all the possible siblings and their families, and resulted in the many clues and suspicions of who was Jacobs family.


We are hoping to find even more information in the Norfolk archives, with the hope of finding some apprentice/mill or even settlement records  of Jacob.

Charlene Pickering, SPARHAM, LITCHAM, Henry Albey Wells, who married Rose Peachment (b. c1866 Sparham, father William Peachment b. Billingford) about 1883. Their daughter Martha Albey Wells was born in Litcham, on June 13, 1884, she married Robert Pickering in 1908, at Milnrow, Lancashire (now Greater Manchester) Martha, had one known brother and sister, Maude and Arthur Robert Albey (Could Henry Albey Wells be the Henry born at Bintry in 1861? JW)

Daphne Ashley FREETHORPE /STRUMPSHAW, interested in Henry Wells born approx 1784, Wheelwright of Freethorpe, died 1854. may have some connection to Strumpshaw as a witness to his will names a Mary Wells, Strumpshaw.

Howard Slatter, East DEREHAM. 1706 to 1900, See my website at for further information.

William Cumming, East DEREHAM / RINGLAND. My great-grandmother was Grace Wells from East Dereham, Norfolk. She is shown on the 1901 census as living in East Dereham with her family:

 Alfred George Wells, aged 39, bootmaker

Elizabeth Wells [ms Meachen, I think], aged 38

Wallace Wells, aged 14, tailor’s apprentice

Alex Edward Wells, aged 11

Donald George Wells, aged 6

Grace Elizabeth Wells, aged 4

 All were born in East Dereham except for Elizabeth – born in Ringland. Grace married John Rodney Waite of Lincoln in 1925. My grandfather Ivan Hugh Waite was born in 1928. I know a little about Grace’s siblings – nothing at all about her grandparents. I would love to hear from anyone who has any interest in or knowledge of this family.

Margaret Kenning, SARLIN, 1800 to 1840, e-mail has bounced back from this address - Can anyone help?

Robin Poole, HEACHAM, any time, Henry WELLS (a farmer) married Amy MASON 10 November 1807 at Heacham, Norfolk. Their daughter Ann (bapt 29 April 1821 at Snettisham) married Stephen CRISP 21 December 1843 also at Snettisham.

Philip Jones, East DEREHAM, SHIPDHAM. My g4-grandfather was John WELLS who married Mary WIGG at Shipdham 18-Oct-1808. He is probably the son of Jonathan and Mary, christened at Shipdham 21-Nov-1754. John and Mary had two children christened at Shipdham: John 10-Sep-1809 and Mary 03-Mar-1811.

John married Elizabeth PERKINS at East Dereham 23-Nov-1830. John and Elizabeth had a son: Edward James born at East Dereham 01-Aug-1845.

Edward, a tailor, married Elizabeth STURGEON at East Dereham 25-Dec-1868. Edward and Elizabeth had at least 4 children at East Dereham: Agnes Mary c 30-Jun-1875, Alice Gertrude b 10-Jan-1878, Ellen Elizabeth (my grandmother) b 29-Aug-1879 (She married Leonard Henry JONES at Eaton 24-May-1905) and Edward John b DecQ-1882.

Elizabeth died in 1884 and Edward married Frances BROWNE JunQ-1886. Edward and Frances had at least 6 children: Jesse Follett b DecQ-1887, Lofts William b JunQ-1889, Robert Cyril b JunQ-1890 d SepQ-1896, Kathleen Alice b MarQ-1892, Bertrand James b SepQ-1893 and Ellice Marjorie b MarQ-1899.



Sheila Steane, HASELBECH / MAIDWELL, William Wells who married Catherine Church of Maidwell at Haselbech church 29th October 1786.

John Hansen, WELLINGBOROUGH / NORTHAMPTON. My grandmother, Alice Annie Clayton Wells, wife of Frank William Jolley. Both of Wellingborough. I have very limited information: She died on January 19, 1929   He died on August 23, 1939   They only had one child, my mother, Betty Evelyn Jolley b. October 20, 1918. Address at birth, 14 Chalk Lane, Northampton (Sub-division of All Saints). Alice was the daughter of Charles Wells &  Julia ( last name unknown ). Alice was one of 10 children.

David Kingston Wilkinson, ST. IVES, HUNTINGDON / WELLINGBOROUGH, I am looking for Martha Wells of Wellingborough, only record I have is a copy of a will dated 1880. She had 5 children Emma Kingston Wells (b.c1820 St. Ives, Huntingdon), Harriet Hardwick Wells (b.c1831 St. Ives, Huntingdon) married James Thomas Hobson Mayor of Bedford in 1880, Martha Adams Wells, Mary Kingston Wells and Henry Ekins Wells. Emma Kingston Wells Married John Askham. They had 4 chirdren one of which was Daniel Askham Married Anne Appleyard again 4 childern Elsie Askham married Ralph Wilkinson they are my grandparents. I would like any info as to her D.O.B  D.O.D and her maiden name and who she married  where and when,

Margaret Hinchliffe . LIVERSEGE / PETERBOROUGH Information wanted on Betsy Walker (born Wells in Peterborough) In the1881 census she was head of household at South Street, Liversedge, Yorkshire, age 24. Layer On at woollen mill,  Children: Sarah Ann  Walker age 7 born Liversedge, Eliza E Walker  age 5  born Liversedge and Joseph Walker age 3 born Liversedge. Husband was James Walker.

Betsy Wells

Parents of Betsy are probably James and Sarah Wells.

1871 Census: Newark, Peterborough, James Wells 37, Sarah 37, Maria 11, John 9, George 7, Alice, 4 Mary 2. All children born Newark.

1881 Census:: Littletown, Liversedge, James WELLS 47 born Peterborough, Labourer wife Sarah WELLS age 48, born Eye, Suffolk, England. Children: Alice WELLS age 14 born Peterborough, Mill Hand, Mary WELLS age 12, born Peterborough, Mill Hand, David WELLS age 9 born Newark, Eliza WELLS age 6 born Liversedge, Maria WELLS age 21 born Newark, Weaver.

1891 Census: (preceded by Jas with a line through it)  Well St.,  Liversege, James Wells  58 Farm labourer,  Sarah Wells 58 wife, David Wells 20 son, Eliza Wells  16  dau., Betsy Walker  dau   34, Sarah A Walker  g.dau.16, Eliza E Walker  g. dau 15, Sam Walker  g.son 5.

Jean Palmer, ASTON-LE-WALLS, GRIMSBURY, CHIPPING WARDEN, William PLUMER/PLUMBER married: Ann WELLS 13 October 1756 in Aston-le-Walls. Ann gave her place of residence as Chipping Warden at the time of the marriage. Children: Mary 25 July 1759, *Sarah 28 Dec. 1760, William 24 Jan. 1762, all in Aston le Walls. There may be a child missing before Mary and there may be later children. (*Sarah married Thomas LAMB 19 Oct. 1784 in Aston-le-Walls. Children: Ann 22 Apr.1787, Mary 4 Apr. 1790, Catherine 5 May 1793, William 7 Feb. 1796, all in Grimsbury (Banbury). There may be a child missing before Ann and there may be later children. e-mail has bounced back from this address - Can anyone help?

Judy Young Tuccinardi, LONG BUCKBY, Robert Wells bp.1813, Rowington, son of William and Elizabeth Wells of Rowington, Warwickshire (see below). In 1881 he was at Froggarts Row, Market Street, Derby, Derbyshire.

Janet Wells, WOODFORD / STOKE DOYLE / CASTOR.  Joseph WELLS married Ann HUMPHREY 3 August 1800 at Woodford. Children Thomas, Samuel, Sarah, William, Rebecca, Joseph and Elizabeth all christened at Woodford. Also

Henry WELLS of Stoke Doyle died at Castor 31 December 1611,

m.1 Elizabeth. Children: Anthony b. 1573, Edward b. 1576, Thomas b. 1579, Symon b. 1581, Anne 1582.

m.2 Alice STANIARNE. Children: John b. 1584, James b. 1587, Henry b. 1589, Mary b. 1591, Amy b. 1594 (all christened at Stoke Doyle) and Rose b. 1596 chr at Castor


Dick Wells, RINGSTEAD, Isabel Wells, 1565 - c.1635, Boston, MA, husband Symon Tuttle, father John Wells, other researchers: Lynn Baker

Maureen Bryson, DINGLEY / HARRINGTON. Elizabeth Wells married Robert Humfrey of Wilbarston. Marriage license dated 7 Jun 1704 says she is of Dingley and they are to be married in Dingley or Harrington, but no record of marriage in either parish register. Also John Wells (brother or cousin?) and Elizabeth Humfrey (sister of Robert) were married 30 May 1703 in Harrington.

John Calland, KETTERING, ISHAM, Looking for information on Alfred WELLS and family - 1881 British Census - Married age 40, Birthplace: Kettering, Northampton, farmer of 350 employing 7 men and 6 boys. Dwelling: Farm House, Isham, Northampton, England. Mary WELLS, Wife, age 43, Birthplace: Ninch. Mabel WELLS, Daur age 8, Birthplace: Isham. Herbert WELLS, Son age 7, Birthplace: Isham. Priscilla WELLS, Daur age 5, Birthplace: Isham. Mary Sophia WELLS Daur age 3, Birthplace:Isham.

Julia Wells, TWYWELL, KETTERING, and LONDON. Searching for information regarding William Wells, born 1837 in Highgate, London. Parents Thomas Wells, born 1806 and Hannah Hawthorne, born 1804. Thomas and Hannah were married in Kettering on the 5th of Jan 1826. William married Jane Reid on the 14th of Nov 1868 in Pleasant Creek, Victoria, Australia. They went on to have 10 children and were the first of my husbands relatives to come to Australia. We cannot find any record of him coming here. The family seem to have originated in Twywell, just to the east of Kettering. If anyone can help with any further information it would be greatly appreciated.



Index to wills of Wells individuals 1300-1925  


Daryn Fox  MANSFIELD. Henry Wells born c1809 Mansfield. See family tree details HERE.

Alix J. Ambler, CLARBOROUGH/ROTHERHAM Researching WILLIAM WELLS  who married ELIZABETH. Children of WILLIAM WELLS and ELIZABETH are: JOSEPH WELLS, b. December 06, 1818, Clarborough, Notts., WILLIAM WELLS, b. October 29, 1820, Clarborough, Notts., MARY; b. 1823, Rotherham, Yorks, JOHN WELLS, b. May 09, 1924.

JOSEPH WELLS, born December 06, 1818 in Clarborough, married ELIZABETH.  She was born 1834 in Clarborough. Children of JOSEPH WELLS and ELIZABETH are: JOSEPH WELLS, b. 1859, JANE E WELLS, b. 1864. ANNE WELLS, b. 1866. AMELIA WELLS, b. 1867. CAROLINE WELLS, b. 1868. ARTHUR FREDERICK WELLS, b. 1873, Rotherham, Yorks. HENRIETTA WELLS, b. 1876. ALICE WELLS, b. 1898.

ARTHUR FREDERICK WELLS, born 1873 in Rotherham, Yorks., married CLARA. Child of ARTHUR WELLS and CLARA is: GWENDOLYN VICTORIA WELLS, b. 1902; She married GEORGE AMBLER, b. 1897; d. 1971.

Gerald Whitman, Looking for any information on John Edward Wells (born 18 July 1881) and Eva Lois Ambrose (born 19 Dec 1883). Parents and birth place not known,

Stephen R. Wells,   

Hugh Winters, NOTTINGHAM, 1600 - see also

David Radford, WORKSOP, I have parts of the lives of three men called Joseph WELLS but lack their
births, parents and whereabouts at other dates. Can anyone help?

[1] Joseph WELLS born Worksop, Notts 1818-1819 wheelwright

1860 (20 Aug): married my G grandmother Eliza BROWN in Burton-on-Trent
1861 census: Joseph & Eliza in Tutbury, Staffs, plus Eliza’s daughter,
Elizabeth age 2
1861 (8 Jun): Eliza gave birth to a son William WELLS
1871 census: Joseph had disappeared. Eliza & children in Winshill, Derbys.

Where was Joseph in 1841, 1851, 1871 and later? Who was he?

[2] Joseph WELLS born England 1818-1819 labourer

1841 census: Joseph unmarried on Guernsey, Channel Islands
1851 census: Joseph in St Helier, Jersey married to Elizabeth, born ‘England’
plus son Thomas Walter WELLS age 5m.
1861 census: Can’t find any of them

No further trace of Joseph but possible sighting of Elizabeth in 1871 as
widow born Hampshire, working as a nursemaid in Croydon, Surrey. Thomas
Walter was in South London in 1871 and later. He married Emily Foot in 1873
and they had children.

[3] Joseph WELLS born Worksop, Notts or Welham, Notts c. 1824

1841 census: apprentice chemist Worksop
1851 census: chemist Hatfield, Yorks
1861 census: chemist (firm: ‘Coulson & Wells’) Scarborough, Yorks
1863: married Sarah Robson, Scarborough. (In 1861 she was a hotel keeper
Scarborough station)
1870: dissolved partnership with John Coulson (London Gazette)
1871 and 1881 censuses: hotel keeper Scarborough station
1881 (Oct-Dec) died in Scarborough.

His wife Sarah died in 1879. She was one of a number of Robson sisters born
in Malton, Yorks who ran or worked in pubs and hotels in Yorkshire.



 Al Rankin, WANTAGE. John Wells b:1580 from Wantage (formerly in Berkshire), married to Angelica Stileman b: 1583 in Wantage. John's father and Gfather were both possibly called Thomas and born in Hinton Waldrist, Berkshire (now Oxfordshire). The Wells family in Wantage were master sack-weavers for several generations. My branch immigrated to NY in 1805 and shortly after moved to York (Toronto, Canada) as Empire Loyalists, where William Wells then a Major in the British army, and four of his sons, all fought against the Americans in the War of 1812. He was given a land grant of 1000 acres which stayed in the family for several generations. John Wells b:1791 in Wantage, fought in Detroit in 1812, and later in Niagara . They all survived. In Wantage they were making waterproof clothing and sails for the British Navy for generations.

Marguerite Wells, WALLINGFORD. I am a descendant of John Deane Wells, born Wallingford (Berkshire / Oxfordshire), 1808, whose family tree (entitled Wells of Wallingford) is in the Society of Genealogists' library in London. In 1852, he and his family came to Australia and settled eventually on a property that he named Wallingford Farm. The earliest ancestor so far traced is John Wells who married Susanna West in Wallingford in 1683. 11 December 2002 is the 150th anniversary of the arrival of the Wells family in Australia and we will be having a family reunion on Sunday 15 December 2002. Contact:

Lynne Butler, WALLINGFORD / SOUTH HINKSEY / OXFORD.  Henry (Harry) Wells (born c1850, Wallingford) who married Rebecca Townsend, regd.1846 Wallingford. Children in 1871 census: Thomas (18), wine porter, William (13), Harry (10), John James (8). Thomas Wells (b. Wallingford 1852), m 1875 to Mary Jane Pill in South Hinksey, Berkshire (regd. Abingdon).  He was a wine merchants cellarman and moved around in Berkshire and Oxfordshire.  In the 1881 census, Thomas was listed as living at 1 St Aldgate St.,Oxford, with Mary Jane WELLS age 26, b. Eaton Hastings, Berkshire, Maud Eliza WELLS age 5, b. New Hinksey, Berkshire, daughter, Kate E. Celia WELLS age12 months, b. Oxford, daughter, and others. In the 1891, (census) Mary Jane is recorded as follows: Mary Jane was "living at 2 Church Street, New Hinksey, Berks, Parish of South Hinksey, Borough of Oxford. She is listed as: Mary Jane (37) charwoman, and her children: Maud, 15; William, 8: and Rebecca, 7 All born New Hinksey." William was my grandfather and was born Jan 31, 1883. (He) Served with the British 5th Dragoon Guards in the Boer War of South Africa and on the Northwest Frontier of India as a private. Regimental Number 4696. He was invalided home with severe dysentery in May and then discharged in August, 1904. He received the Queen's Medal.

There was some possibility that Thomas was in a hospital in the Oxford area by that time. Not confirmed. I have not been able to find any record of a death, but Mary Jane was married to a William Gee by 1901 and had two children with him. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Mike Wells, LOWER HEYFORD, STEEPLE ASTON. William Wells and Mary Hiorns were married 1777 in Lower Heyford Oxfordshire. The family also moved to Steeple Aston where my grandfather was born,

Phillip O'Brien, CHIPPING NORTON / STEEPLE ASHTON. George Wells (b.4/5/1813 in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire) married Mary Ann Murry (1811-1879) in 1831 in Swalcliffe (Swalcisse?). Their daughter, Sarah Wells (b.23/2/1834 in Steeple Ashton, Oxfordshire) married Thomas Cadd on 25/12/1854 and they later emigrated to Australia,

Arthur Coles, HOOK NORTON, before 1800,

Frank W. Scott, BLOXHAM, 1650-1750,

Lynne Bell, CAVERSHAM, before 1695,

Sarah Montgomery, CAVERSHAM. I am descended from Richard Wells (bap 21Apr1822 d1865), son of John and Rosanna Wells. Richard moved to Buckinghamshire and then Twickenham, Middlesex. See separate entry on Middlesex list for Richard's children.

Steve Millin, BUCKLAND, I am trying to trace the descendents of William Wells who lived at "Wells Cottage" in the village of Buckland, Oxon. He would have lived there in 1923/24,

Chris and Helen Wells, BANBURY area, pre 1850, John Wells married Deborah Davenport 1788,

Keith Chandler, BAMPTON, Oxon., SWALCLIFFE, Oxon., PEBWORTH, Worcs., Research interest: The social and cultural history of morris dancing in the south Midlands inc. men with the surname Wells involved as dancers and musicians at the above locations. I am particularly seeking the date of death (1922 or later) of Joshua Wells, of Swalcliffe, Oxon.

Dave Wells, SUTTON UNDER BRAILES (peculiar of Gloucestershire  ), Warwickshire, my great great great grandfather (MARK WELLS) and his family are shown as living in Sutton Under Brailes, Warwickshire in the 1881 census. Mark had a son, also Mark (my great grandfather) who had a son Frederick Charles (my Grandfather). I would be very interested to find out anything about MARK WELLS (senior) and any of his subsequent family / families. Is there anyone out there who can help me or is indeed a descendant of Mark Wells? [ MARK WELLS, b1843 in Tackley, Oxfordshire. Living in Sutton Under Brailes in1881.MARK WELLS wife : ANN ?, b1846 in Kirtlington, Oxfordshire. MARK / ANN WELLS's CHILDREN: MARK WELLS, b1868 in Kirtlington, Oxfordshire. (My great great grandfather - married ELLEN CLARK(E)). GEORGE E WELLS, b1871 in Tackley, Oxfordshire.ELLEN WELLS, b1874 in Tackley, Oxfordshire. ARTHUR WELLS , b1876 in Tackley, Oxfordshire. MAUDAY WELLS, b1878 in Tackley, Oxfordshire. HENRY WELLS, b1880 in Sutton Under Brailes, Warwickshire.ANNIE WELLS - no further information. ELI WELLS - no further information].




Parish Registers

Newspaper Names Index

Lesley Tennant, CANNINGTON. My Husbands Grandmothers name was Rose Wells, we do not know a lot about her except that she married Charles Tennant, who was born, we think, about 1878.  He came to Australia approximately 1910-1911.  Rose stayed in Cannington England where she had my husbands father. She finally joined him in Australia in about 1915-16 and died in 1943. Her children's names were, Amelia, William, Elsie, Henry, John, Alfred and Eric.  Alfred was adopted by her cousin who had a last name of Hill.  William was a cabin boy who died age 16 on a Merchant Navy Vessel in WWI. Amelia married an Arthur Cable, Elsie married a John Econormos, John James married an Edith Mason. I do not have a partner for Henry but I believe he went to Canada. James died at birth.

James J. Hughes, LAMBROOK,1781 - 1840, Mary Hebditch Wells (b. 24 Sep 1786, Stratton, S. Petherton, Somerset, d. 19 Aug 1850, Lansingburg NY), daughter of Reverand John Wells (b. 1781, Leicestershire, England, d. 1840, Middle Lambrook, Shepton Beauchamp, Somerset). I have several generations more information on the ancestry of his wife, Mary Hebditch (Giffords, Weares).

Janis Catron De Lay, MARRIOT, c1500 and before, ( - Wells b.1742 married Robert White),

Kate Scott, CHARLETON HORETHORNE, My grandmother's maiden name was Wells. She married George Gardner and lived in Charlton Horethorne. Any further information would be greatly appreciated,

Rosemary Cryer BATH /  WIMBORNE, DORSET 

My husband is the great-grandson of William Henry Wells born (according to census info1891 and 1901) in Bath, Somerset. As we can’t find his birth or family there in 1851 or 1861, we are now wondering if his mother went there to give birth - but didn’t live there. He married Eva Hannah Fry in Wimborne, Dorset in Aug. 1885- this is the first time we can find any history. The marriage certificate states he was a pensioner and his father was William Henry Wells. He was 34. The family thought he was orphaned, joined the army as a drummer boy, was injured in India when an overturned artillery gun was being righted - but I have had his army records researched and nothing was found as we don’t know the regiment! His death certificate - Aug. 1911 in Wimborne - says he was 58.  So he was either born in 1851 or 1853.  So before 1885- we have not found him and are beginning to wonder if he changed the spelling of his name or took someone else’s identity!!!

Generation No. 1

1.  WILLIAM HENRY1 WELLS was born 1851 in Bath, Somerset, and died 1911 in Wimborne Dorset.  He married EVA HANNAH FRY1,2,3,4,5 03 Aug 1885 in Wimborne Minster, Dorset, daughter of JOHN FRY and HANNAH SELLER.  She was born 30 Jul 1866 in Wimborne Dorset, and died 14 Jun 1945 in Wimborne Dorset.More About EVA HANNAH FRY: Residence: 1881, Wimborne, Dorset, England6

Children of WILLIAM WELLS and EVA FRY are:

2.                i.    EVA ELLEN2 WELLS, b. 12 May 1886, Wimborne Dorset   5a 267; d. 1964, Wimborne Dorset.

3.               ii.    HILDA KATHLEEN WELLS, b. 1888, Wimborne Dorset   5a 275; d. 09 Sep 1972, Wimborne Dorset.

                 iii.    WILLIAM JOHN WELLS, b. 1891, Wimborne Dorset  5a 248; d. 1971, Wimborne Dorset; m. KATHLEEN COAKES; b. 1903; d. 1999, Wimborne Dorset.

Generation No. 2

2.  EVA ELLEN2 WELLS (WILLIAM HENRY1)7 was born 12 May 1886 in Wimborne Dorset   5a 267, and died 1964 in Wimborne Dorset.  She married NATHAN N. FAWELL7,8 14 Jun 1911 in Wimborne Minster, Dorset, son of NATHAN FAWELL and JANE PATTERSON.  He was born Dec 1884 in Yorkshire9, and died 05 Apr 1918 in France10.


In Memory of


265579, 8th Bn., Somerset Light Infantry

who died age 33

on 05 April 1918

Son of Nathan and Jane Fawell, of Kiplin Hall, Northallerton, Yorks.; husband of Ena (Eva) Ellen Fawell, of 6, St. John's Rd., Longfleet, Poole, Dorset.

Remembered with honour


The Arras Memorial is in the Faubourg-d'Amiens Cemetery, which is in the Boulevard du General de Gaulle in the western part of the town of Arras. The cemetery is near the Citadel, approximately 2 kilometres due west of the railway station.


Burial: Bay 4, Arras Memorial, France


                   i.    EVA JANE3 FAWELL11, b. 30 Dec 1912, Wimborne Dorset11; d. 1999, Southport, Merseyside; m. ERNEST SAMUEL CRYER, 16 Mar 1932, Longfleet,  Poole, Dorset; b. 1912, Leeds, Yorks11; d. 15 Apr 1969, Leeds, Yorkshire.


Sadly the records for 1969 were not cross referenced to the plan at the time, so I had to do this the long way!  However, I have found an E Cryer on the plan and the position and neighbouring grave entries strongly indicates that it would be your father.

The reference you need is Section C, Row 9, Grave 7.

Of course it is not that straightforward on the ground.  The simplest way is the count graves from the cremated remains end because that gives you a clear line.  That however is not row 1 but row 25, so you need to count back.  Then section A, B and C are no longer distinguishable because the paths have been filled in too, so you need to count in 25 graves - between George and Edith Wilson and Charley and Constance Botterhill. 


Burial: St. Mary's Whitkirk, Leeds

Marriage Notes for EVA FAWELL and ERNEST CRYER:

Address at the time of marriage was 6, St John's Rd, Longfleet.  Witnessed by William Henry Wells and Hilda Kathleen Smith- the bride's cousin and uncle.

I have a copy of the marriage certificate

3.  HILDA KATHLEEN2 WELLS (WILLIAM HENRY1) was born 1888 in Wimborne Dorset   5a 275, and died 09 Sep 1972 in Wimborne Dorset.  She married GEORGE SMITH


                   i.    HILDA LUCY HANNAH3 SMITH, b. 13 May 1913, Bournemouth, Dorset; d. 24 Nov 1979, Broadstone Dorset; m. CYRIL JOY, 05 Jun 1933, Broadstone, Dorset; b. 13 Oct 1910, Poole Dorset; d. 15 Oct 1991, Poole Dorset.


Index of Canal Boatpeople


Joshua Wells of Stafford born 1786 died 1802 Carnmoney, Antrim, Ireland. Parents: Joshua Wells and Rachel Perry.  See Lanarkshire


Margaret Fleer, WEDNESBURY. Elizabeth Wells born 5th March 1837 to John and Sarah Wells. I think in Wednesbury, Staffordshire. Elizabeth married William Millership in 1862 in West Bromich. They had 10 children: John Wells Millership, Herbert  Frederick Alex Millership, Frances Ann Wells Millership, Albert Ernest Millership, James Highley Millership, Walter Wells Millership, Albert Ernest Wells Millership, William Thomas Wells Millership, Alfred Wells Millership and Harry Wells Millership. Children born between 1861 and 1879.  Elizabeth Wells died in 1925 in Geelong, Victoria, Australia.

Richard Phillips, WALSALL, Staffordshire, 1860-1900, ( )

June Preece, NORTON IN THE MOORS and TIPTON, (Wells/Wellis 1815- ),Thomas Wellis m. Esther Blackwell on 24 September 1815 at Norton in Moors, Saffs. They had a girl, Esther, chr. 24 October 1819 at Tipton, Staffs. Esther married Samuel Issett, labourer,

Maria Wells, WALSALL, 1850,



Jenny Crosbie, SUDBURY / GLEMSFORD. Pharaoh Wells* who married to Emma Brown (1890 reg.Sudbury). They immigrated to Australia in approx 1919 leaving behind one son also named Pharaoh (b.1892 reg.Greenwich) married to Florence ? They lived in Erith Kent (Greater London). My father Bertie James Wells was listed as born in Belvedere Kent in 1912.

Caroline and Martin, SUDBURY / GLEMSFORD / DEPTFORD. Pharaoh Wells, Martin's grandfather, born Deptford North 1892, a policeman in the 1891 census with wife Emma. His father was also a Pharaoh Wells*, born Glemsford, Suffolk.

* Probably Farrow William Wells birth registered March quarter, 1862, Sudbury.

Steve Syddell, STRATFORD SAINT ANDREW. My 3rd GGMother was HANNAH WELLS who married WILLIAM KERRIDGE in Stratford Saint Andrew, Suffolk in 1826.  Their children were: James 1830, Hannah, Catherine, Elizabeth and Mary.

Marion Mcleod, ORFORD. Robert Hayward [b.about 1756 at Gedgrave, near Orford, Suffolk] and his wife Lyda Wells [of Orford]. They married 1787 and had children Robert, Samuel, Jane, Asa, David, Susan, Rhoda and Lucy at Clopton, Suffolk. Lucy married Henry Broom in Clopton in 1828.

Rosemary Wooldridge,  NEEDHAM MARKET. Emma Wells the daughter of James & Louisa Wells. Emma was b 1837 in Needham Market, Suffolk  and died 1902 in Islington. Emma Wells married William Pursglove. William Pursglove (although born in Herstmonceux) went to London and married Emma WELLS on 8 Aug 1858 at St John the Baptist, Shoreditch. 

Trevor Franklin,  NEEDHAM MARKET / WALTHAMSTOW / BARKING / SHOREDITCH. My Gt Gt Grandfather was George Pursglove who was born in Herstmonceux Sussex in 1830. He was married 4 times and his first wife was Hannah Scopes of Needham Market Suffolk. They married 28/5/1854 in Hoxton Middlesex (BMD ref Shoreditch Jun 1c 365).

They had two sons, George b: 1858 (BMD ref St Lukes Sep 1b, 503) and Frederick b: 1862 (BMD ref St Luke Jun 1b, 580). Frederick married a Bessie (surname unknown) c1889 and they lived in the Walthamstow area of London (Essex). One of their daughters was Bessie Louise Pursglove who married a William Wells 9/2/1919.

Hannah Scopes died c1869.

Hannah Scope's second eldest brother, James, married a Louisa Wells on 25/12/1839 at Barking, Suffolk. However, prior to the marriage Louisa had an illegitimate daughter, Emma Wells b: c1838 at Needham Market. On the census she is shown as James' daughter and this seems likely. 

Emma Wells went on to marry William Pursglove who was the brother of George Pursglove (Husband of Hannah Scopes) 8/8/1858 St John The Baptist Shoreditch London. She did not marry in the name of Scopes which was usual if born before the parents married. She could be known as Scopes but when it came to matters lawful she would have to marry in the name she was registered under at birth. This was obviously Wells.

They had a number of children one of which was William Wells Pursglove who died at the age of 9 months. Emma Pursglove (nee Wells) died 1902 (BMD ref Islington Jun 1b, 199).

I am wondering if you know of any connection between Emma Pursglove (nee Wells) and her Nephew (Frederick Pursglove)'s son-in-law William Wells? 

(All the Pursglove tree is published at And the reference to this line starts at Generation 5)

Beth Leach, DENNINGTON / RENDHAM. My great-great-great-great-grandparents were James WELLS, born about 1734, died 1796, and Ann MASTERSON, born about 1731, died 1799.  They were both buried at Rendham Independent Chapel.  Their daughter, my great-great-great-grandmother, Ann WELLS, born in 1767 in Rendham, married my great-great-great-grandfather, Robert GODDARD in Dennington in 1789.

Kathy Torkelson, LAXFIELD / RENDHAM / BEDINGFIELD / DEBENHAM. James Wells (b c.1734 in Rendham, Suffolk - downloadable GEDCOM etc available at LDS site) and wife Ann Masterson (b c.1731 - 1799 in Laxfield, Suffolk buried in the Protestant Dysenting Burial Ground, Rendham, Suffolk).  Having children Samuel, Ann, John, Joshua, Ester, James. James Wells' was born John Wells (b c.1702 - 1770 from Rendham and Brusyard, Suffolk) and wife Elizabeth Unknown name or birthplace. Joshua Wells died in 1843 in Debenham, Suffolk, His wife was Mary Hatcher. They were married 1803 in Bedingfield, Suffolk. Joshua's son Samuel was born October 15, 1804 Bedingfield/Beddington.The family apparently went to the Debenham Independent Church. As that is where all of the Christening eveidences of the family of Joshua Wells and Mary Hatcher could be found. Samuel married Emma Rands in England May 19, 1834. Emma Rands was the daughter of Israel Rands and Ann Friend. Emma was born September 03, 1815, Debenham,Suffolk. I found Samuel and Emma Wells on the 1850 Census of Ohio.  He was a bookseller on that Census.  His son's later became printers and editors with both the New York Times and the Brooklyn Daily Eagle Newspaper. Samuel brought his family to New York from Ohio where he was again located in the New York City Directory: New York City Directory, 1869 Wells Samuel R. books, 389 B'way, h 233 W. 51st. We are interested in learning more about the early history of this family.

Cheryl Mellan, BURY ST. EDMUNDS / CAVENDISH / INDIA / AUSTRALIA. George Wells b Mar 1812 Cavendish (south of Bury St Edmunds). Corporal in Regiment 54th of Foot, 25 Jan 1831 and served in the East Indies where his son Edward Albert Wells was born 8 May 1833 Trichinopoly. bap 11 Jun 1833 St Johns Church. mother Elizabeth ?? Had two other chilrdren to a native woman.George and Mary Anne also in Cannamore India. [NB A George Wells was born in Monks Eleigh (to the east of Cavendish) 20th March 1811 to George Wells and Sarah Jane (Read)]

Jenny Franklin, CAVENDISH. George Wells birth 20 May 1826, baptised 23 May 1826 Parents John Wells & Martha. IGI P012361    

1851 census information at Cavendish: George Wells aged 24, Judey Wells aged 26, Eliza Wells aged 6, Thomas Wells aged 4, Emma Wells aged 1.

1881 census RG11 0737/48 page 23: George Wells aged 55, Judith Wells aged 54 and Richard Wells living at 3, Dallas Road, Lewisham, Kent. Two of their children were living at 16 Springfield, Lewisham, Kent (RG11 0737/53 page 34).

Henry Wells aged 23 born Cavendish, Suffolk Occupation painter, Francis Wells, wife aged 22 born Croyden, Surrey, Henry Wells, son aged 5 mths born Sydenham, Kent, Alice Wells, sister aged 16 born Cavendish, Suffolk, occupation Laundress.

 Another daughter, Eliza marries Frederick Douglas(s).  I haven’t been able to find this marriage.  In 1881 they were living at 78 Blenheim Road, Reading St.Giles. RG11 1309/57 Frederick is  Lithographic Printer born Bethnal Green. In 1891 they are living at 10 Essex Street, St.Giles Reading ref RG12/995 Folio 105, page 35. Alice Wells married Austin Wood, a solicitors Clerk born Islington.  They appear on the 1891 census at 33 Horsell Road, Islington.  Ref Rg12/178 Folio 157 Page 12. They have two children, Austin 2 born Finsbury and Florence 4 born Canonbury, London.  I would be interested to hear from anyone who has further details about the above Wells or has any kind of connection to them

Joan Pearman, BURY ST. EDMUNDS / HORRINGER / STREATHAM / COLNBROOK, BUCKS. THOMAS WELLS.  baptised 25 12 1762. St Mary's Bury St Edmunds.   Married Elizabeth Garwood  18 3 1782 at St Mary's Bury St Edmunds. Of 5 chidren only 1 survived - ROBERT  WELLS born August 1792, baptised 10 3 1793.  Married Sarah Blois b. 1792.  Married 10 5 1814. St. Andrews, Norton.Suffolk. Children: Thomas  1819, Robert 1821, Sophia 1823, James 1826, William 1829, Maria 1832. all born at Horringer, Suffolk.

JAMES  WELLS  m. Margaret Mary Yoell, 22 7 St. Leonards, Streatham, Surrey.13 children -Margaret Mary, born Streatham. Fanny Maria, Charlotte Ellen, Sarah Ann, James Ainswith, Herbert George Henry, Clara Kate, Harriet Emma, Emily Vine, Edwin Henry Yoell, Jane Elizabeth, Walter Arthur, Alice Beatrice.  The last 12 all born in Buckinghamshire. Mother Margaret Mary died on the day Alice Beatrice was born. WALTER ARTHUR WELLS m. Charlotte Ellen Lane 7th July 1902 at Colnbrook, Bucks. Children VIOLET  HENRIETTAWELLS, James Walter Thomas  and Arthur Charles. VIOLET HENRIETTA married Frederick Charles Ball  (my parents)

Joy Skinner, BURY ST. EDMUNDS / HORRINGER / STREATHAM. I have Wells from Bury St Edmunds (1782) and Horringer circa 1844 and also Streatham,

Ann Parnell, WICKHAMBROOK. Frederick  Wells, born Wickhambrook around 1837, married Mary Ann, had children all born Newington, Surrey/South London: (Frederick) Thomas, b1865, George b1867, Emilia b1869, William Charles b1871, Joseph b1874, Samuel b1877, Herbert b1878 and John b1880.

Sue Harris, LOWESTOFT / SANDRINGHAM. I am trying to trace my grandfather George Christopher Wells, born Lowestoft, Suffolk, married Ida Mary-Anne Harvey from London, moved to Sandringham, Norfolk and became captain of the Queens Fire Brigade.

Steve Barber, IPSWICH, c1877 - c1930,


Ted Phillips,CODDENHAM, before 1850,  Rebecca Wells that married James Sporle on 26 July 1813 at Ipswich St Clements. James and Rebecca were my 3xGtGrandparents.

David Huffey, IXWORTH, before 1800,

Arthur Farrow, PETTOUGH, c1810-1840,

David Wells, SAXMUNDHAM, before 1859


Jill Orriss, WHEPSTEAD, after 1800,

Elaine Greenwood, WOODBRIDGE. Researching William Wells. His convict records to Australia state that he was "from Woodbridge UK.  and born about 1803.  Mother and step-father (no names stated) in Lambeth Street, Whitechapel and bricklayer named Taylor lived last with him.  Works for Mr. Williams in Ratcliff Highway.  Apprenticed to Mr. Moyes a blacksmith in Suffolk",



Chris Wells,  SOUTHWARK / BERMONDSEY / CAMBERWELL. Thomas Wells a cheesemonger (born ca. 1820, Kent) married (1) and had children Thomas (1843), William and possibly Sarah Jane (1853), married (2) 1855 Jane Elizabeth Ellis and had children Henry (1856), Walter (1858), Frederick (1860), George (1862), Helena (1867), Jane E. (1870), Florence J. (1874). Most of the children were born in Southwark, the daughters were born in Bermondsey and Camberwell. I think Thomas died in 1889 in Deptford, and may have been separated from his wife. Thomas father was also Thomas, a labourer.

 Thomas married Ruth Bayfield, no children, Sarah Jane married Joseph Thacker, 3 daughters, Walter married Ada Brett, at least 7 children, Frederick married Bulah, at least 1 daughter, Helena married Wm Clayton, several children.

David Matthews, SOUTHWARK, Wanted any information on Elizabeth Wells born St. Olave Parish, Southwark, Surrey, England 1585. She married William Powell and had at least two sons, Nathaniel and Thomas. At some point they migrated to Surrey County, Virginia

Anon SOUTHWARK / LAMBETH /  DEPTFORD / SHEERNESS / EDINBURGH. My GGGGrandfather John Godfrey Wells was born October 28, 1805 at Southwark, London, Surrey and ch. November 24, 1805 at St Saviour, Southwark, Surrey (parents James Wells & Ann Lyon). John and Caroline Young Ward (the daughter of James Young Ward and Rebecca Elizabeth Abbott) were married October 31, 1825 at Christ Church Greyfriars, Newgate, London. John and Caroline had the following children:

James Wells c1828 Southwark; married Ann ?Eldridge

Edmund Charles Wells ch May 18, 1829 St Saviour, Southwark; married Mary Ann – son Charles E Wells.

Esther Caroline Wells ch August 15 1830 St Saviour, Southwark (Caroline died between 1862 and 1868). Known as Caroline; (Married James Hawes; descendants: Hawes, Whitear, Wilken, Hutt)

Rosetta Sarah Wells ch January 15 1832 at St Saviour, Southwark. (Married John Edward William Lawrence; descendants: Lawrence, Samuels)

Louisa Wells ch September 29 1833 at St Saviour, Southwark; Louisa died April 6, 1834 at St Saviour, Southwark.

Eliza Wells ch September 29 1833 at St Saviour, Southwark; Eliza died April 6, 1834 at St Saviour, Southwark;

Sophia Wells 1835 at St Saviours, Southwark, Surrey.

Edward Dale Wells b.1836 at Southwark; Edward died April 14, 1893 Lambeth, Greater London, Surrey;

Sarah Wells 1838 Southwark, Surrey, England;

 Mary Ann Wells c1841 St Saviours, Southwark, Surrey.

Martha Wells 1851 St Saviour, Southwark, Surrey.

John was recorded in the census of 1841 at Ewer St, Southwark, Surrey, England (Hatter) and in 1851 at Lemon St, St Saviours Southwark (Painter). John died March 10, 1867 at 5 York Place, Revels Row, Southwark.

My GGGrandfather Edward Dale Wells was born in 1836 at Southwark, London, Surrey, England. In 1841 he was at Ewer St, Southwark, Surrey and in 1851 at 7 Lemon St, St Saviours Southwark living with his sister and brother in law, Caroline & James Hawes. He may have been apprenticed to his brother in law as James was a Smith. Edward and Mary Ann Vidler (the daughter of William Vidler and Mary Ann ?Norton) were married March 17, 1858 at Lambeth, Greater London, Surrey. (In the parish of St Mary’s) Witnesses: William Crouch & Sarah Vidler

Edward and Mary had the following children:

Edward Dale Wells 1857 Sheerness, Kent. He married Maria Whitear in 1883.

Mary Ann Wells July 7, 1859 Sheerness, Kent. She married John Robert Putt in 1878 and died in 1942.

Richard Wells 1861 Sheerness, Kent. Richard died 1900 at St Olave, Southwark, Surrey.

Esther Wells c1863 St. Georges, Southwark, Surrey.

Eliza Wells c1867 Southwark, London, Surrey. She married William Lane in 1890.

Maria Wells c1869 St. Georges, Southwark, Surrey. Maria died 1872 at St. Saviour, Southwark, Surrey.

Sophia Wells c1871 Southwark, London, Surrey.

Henry Wells c1875 Southwark, London, Surrey.

Alice Wells c1878 Southwark, London, Surrey. She married Charles Hughes in 1899.

John Wells 1880 Deptford, St Paul, Kent.

Edward was a Blacksmith in 1859 & 1861 at H.M. Dock Yard Sheerness. In 1861 he was at 188 High St, Minster, Sheerness, Kent; 1871 16 Hatfield Place, Christchurch, Southwark, Surrey; 1881 23 Hales St, Deptford St Paul, Kent; 1891 at 32 Charles St, Lambeth, London. Edward died April 14, 1893 Lambeth, Greater London, Surrey. Occupations Blacksmith, Smith Hammerman, Engineer’s Labourer, Tyre Smith. My great grandfather Henry (Harry) Wells in 1891 was living with his sister & brother in law John & Mary Ann Putt in Southwark. In 1899 he was in Edinburgh Scotland and married Jane Ramsay (aka Jean). He had changed his name to William Harry Lane. (His sister Eliza was married to a William Lane). It is not known why he changed his name and moved to Scotland. Harry & Jean moved to Australia about 1914. Their children were: Jessie Kerr Lane, Edward George Lane, Harry Lane, John Lane, Thomas Lane, David Elder Lane, James Ramsay Lane, Margaret Aflick Scott Lane, Isabella Juliet Lane, Alice Lane, Alexander Crum Brown Lane & Jean Elizabeth Lane.

Ann Parnell, NEWINGTON. William Wells, born 1871 Newington.  Married Mary Jane Josey in 1891 St John,Walworth. Daughter Amy Frances born 1897 Peckham, Camberwell. Other children but names not yet  Address failed

Susan Stiles, ISLE OF WIGHT / KENNINGTON in LAMBETH, SURREY/ STEPNEY, MIDDLESEX/BOW, LONDON. I am trying to trace back to my mother's grandfather who we believe lived in the Isle of Wight, Hampshire, with his wife and family.  They have some connection with the Witte family who we believe were flour millers on the island. Philip Thomas Wells b. 1851, Kennington, Surrey. d. 12/4/1932 m. 6/3/1880 Maria Elizabeth Witte b. 27/7/1855, Stepney, Middlesex. Philip was a corn miller (1881 census - 42 Morville St, Bow, London).They had 9 children: Certis Philp Wells, Sidney Thomas Wells, Daisy Maria Wells, Albert Douglass Wells, Ethel May Wells, Oscar Conrad Wells, Alma Violet Wells, Olive Victoria Wells and Leonard Arthur Wells

Colleen Bitmead, Ann(e) Wells born in England (probably Kent or Surrey), married to John Giblett on 22 March 1842 at The Church of St Mary Lambeth in the county of Surrey. Her father's name was John Wells

Debbie Valentine, EPSOM and ENFIELD Middx. Looking for any ref to Arthur William Wells b. 28 Jan 1824 Epsom Surrey (m) Elizabeth Ann Finch also ref to John James Wells b. 5 Oct 1804 baptised 31 Oct 1804 Enfield, Middx., father of Arthur. Also John Wells b 1785 spouse Grace Enfield?

John Wells, NEWINGTON / WALTHAMSTOW, looking for  details of John James Wells, born approx 1800 -1810 place unknown, lived in Swan Street, Newington Surrey (now London) in 1850. His son Alfred William Wells married Elizabeth Ann Finch on 5th October 1850 at the Parish Church in the Parish of Newington in the county of Surrey. The Finch family were living in the adjacent street, Cole St. John James was my Gt.Gt.Gt.Grandfather. Alfred William Wells (with Elizabeth Ann) went to live in Walthamstow in Essex (1880s) and had a son Alfred Robert Wells. b. 1st Oct 1855, who went on to marry Florence Esther Collingwood in 1882. (14th Aug)

Susan Leggett GREENWICH and LEWISHAM, Stephen Henry Wells, (born in Camberwell, Surrey abt.1820, father Thomas Wells) married in 1847 to Ellen Adams and had 5 children.Ellen died in 1859 and Stephen remarried Eliza Weller in 1860. Another 4 children. Both families lived in Greenwich/Lewisham (see Kent above)

Janet Bubar, GUILDFORD, James Wells b. c1840 - d.11 March 1910 Elora, Ontario, entered Canada c1861, 15th East York Regiment,

Patsy McMillan, LINGFIELD, 1660 - 1800, (David,1650 and Edmund,1708),

Janet Wells, CAMBERWELL, WALWORTH, 1760-1800,


Yvonne Russell ROGATE / TROTTON. Looking for any information on Phoebe Wells born around 1799, Rogate, West Sussex, who married James CROWTHER of Donnington, Essex, who was born circa 1795.   Phoebe's parents thought to be Jon WELLS perhaps born at Trotton, West Sussex and Rebecca EADE of Chithurst, Sussex.  They were married 25 May 1790 at Trotton, Sussex.   Failed e-mail address. Another person interested in this family is Roy Marden

Dennis Banks, ASHINGTON, before1850 , e-mail has bounced back from this address - Can anyone help?

Julie Cheesman, BRIGHTON / WASHINGTON /WARMINGHURST / WORTHING / ASHINGTON /PETWORTH. Thomas Wells (1841-94), born Warminghurst (nr Washington, Sussex) married Emma Wood 1869 at Croydon, Surrey. Had sons at Brighton, Sussex: William James (b1873), Tom (b1875), George (b1877).

Thomas's parents were James (1786-1862) and Sophia Bourn who married in 1826 at Balcombe, Sussex. James was the son of James and Sarah who were said to be paupers in his baptism entry at Washington. I have no more confirmed information about James and Sarah. The other sons of James and Sophia were:
William (b1827), John (b1829) and Henry (b1838). John (b1829) married Susan Lillywhite in 1857, they had sons at Worthing (mostly):

George (b1857) who married Emma Elizabeth Hobden, they were at Petworth with three children in 1901. William (b1858) married Emily and had one child at Worthing by 1891. John and Susan's other sons were: James (b1863), John (b1868), Thomas (b1871). Henry (b1838) married Elizabeth Browne in 1861, they only had one son who survived, James born 1873 at Ashington. web site:

Fiona Mary Wells Hutchings,EASTBOURNE, 1800-1998, e-mail has bounced back from this address - Can anyone help?

Allison Smith, MAYFIELD, before1835,

Bob Durney, MAYFIELD, Harry and Besty Wells who died in the late 1930s. Harry was possibly the son of Reuben (born Burwash 1849) and Rhoda Wells (born Mayfield c1848) of the High Street Plough Beerhouse, Mayfield in 1881 census.

Bobbie Duffy Dykes,THAKEHAM,1636-1823,

Mark Wells, CHICHESTER, WEST DEAN, SINGLETON, BOXGROVE, FUNTINGTON, BOSHAM, All Wells, including maternal names Sherwin, Scammel, Waller, Mills, Haffenden, P(l/r)att, Gregory, Findley,


for Birmingham area see also Worcestershire

1830 Name List


Coral Smith, BISHOPS TACHBROOK  John and Catherine (sometimes spelt Catharine) WELLS nee Willson. They married on the 22nd August, 1825, Bishops Tachbrook, Warwickshire, both of the parish. John was a member of the 73rd Regiment of Foot and became a NSW Veteran when he arrived in NSW as a free settler with his new wife. They settled in Cessnock / Maitland in the Hunter Valley in NSW, Australia. They had 2 daughters Hannah and Lousia and one son Phillip.  John Wells was born on 17th December 1786 in Bishop’s Tachbrook,  Warwickshire.  I have the names of John’s parents from his christening: John WILLIS (do not know if the name change was an error) and Susannah HITCHMAN.


Maria, ASTON. Jean Murray Johnston Park [Duguid]  born to Christian Park in Maud (Aberdeenshire), 8th December 1920, and brought up in Strichen (Aberdeenshire) who married a Wells and was living at 44 Sandy Lane, Aston around 1955.

Ruth Connors, STRETTON ON FOSSE. Israel John Wells. Born 22 Aug.1821,  Stretton under Fosse. Ruth Sarah ROWELL of Aldwinkle, Northamptonshire. In 1881 Israel is a cabinet maker living with Ruth at  86 Abington Street, Northampton St Giles. An Israel Wells was chr.2 Sept 1819 at Stretton (IGI) with parents Israel and Mary Wells. This couple also had a son William Wells chr. 1st Jan 1812. Both William and his father Israel were cabinet  makers/carpenters. The birth of 1821 and christening of 1819 are clearly incompatible dates which need to be investigated. Israel Wells senior is possibly the one born in Broadway chr.13 Aug. 1780, marriage Nov.1803 to Mary Wittel in (Church) Honeybourne - all three places within a few miles of one another.

Thomas Valley, ALVESTON. Seeking any and all ancestral connections to Richard WELLES (1541-1567), m. Agnes VIRLE/ VRLE/ VERLEY (1541-), Alveston.

Melanie Boxall, ALVESTON. William Wells and his wife Mary had a son, George, in Alveston in 1806. I am trying to find William's marriage and birth details, and hope to find another researcher working on this line.

Kathleen Stahl, COVENTRY / USA. Henry Wells, my ggg grandfather, was born in 1831 in Coventry. Henry’s father was Thomas Wells, of whom I don’t have any documented information on yet. Henry married Catherine Collins, who was also born in Coventry. Henry and Catherine had 4 children: Josiah, George, Anna, and Catherine. It appears the whole family came to the United States about 1873. Josiah (my gg grandfather) married Jane Martin and they had 14 children, 10 of whom lived past 1900. Nine of them were Margaret L, Annie F, Mary T, Bernard M, Agnes, Josiah, Edward, Henry, and Lizzie. Margaret, my g grandmother, married Patrick Connolly and they had 6 children: Joe, Mary (my grandmother), Bill, Vinnie, Margaret, and John. I know from the 1930 NJ census that Bernard married Stella Tracy and they had at least 4 children: Anna, Bernard (who became a priest), Kathleen and John. They lived in New York; Bridgeport, CT; and finally settled in Paterson, Pasaic, NJ. Henry’s daughter Anna and son George settled in Pennsylvania and his daughter Catherine lived in Paterson and died about 1886. Henry died in 1888 in Paterson. I am not sure when Catherine died.

Belinda Wood, LEAMINGTON, Mary Wells, who was born on 10 May 1854 in Leamington, and died February 1918.  She married George Boulton b. c1852 Tipton, Stafford (Jobbing Brewer of New John St.West, Birmingham in 1881) and their children included Elsie (my G-Grandmother), Ada, Frederick, Rose, Henry, May, Mary Elizabeth, Annie Maria and Florence Nellie.

Ann Belmont, CAMBERWELL GREEN / BIRMINGHAM. Richard Wells born 26 Oct 1852 at 6 Tiger Yard Camberwell Green. His father was Richard Wells, his mother Mary Kelly Wells and his father was a labourer. My researcher says: "His sister Catherine Georgina Wells born Camberwell 1858. Camberwell is part of Middlesex and borders with Kent". What I need to do now is to ascertain whether he is in fact my great grandfather!!! To further confuse things, I have another Wells on my paternal side. My great great grandmother Ellen Wells (also with a brother Richard) is the daughter of John Wells alias Meadows. He was born in 1804 in Birmingham, England. John was a convict who left England on 18 August 1821 and came to Tasmania in the "Phoenix 1". John Wells was a farmer in Sorell, near Hobart, Tasmania.

Ann Neale BIRMINGHAM / LIVERPOOL. Phoebe Ellen Wells born 1837 (chr. 8 May 1837 St. Martin) Birmingham area her Father was Thomas William Wells mother Elizabeth. Siblings: John, christened Nov 1833, Frederick Aug 1834, James May 1838, and George Aug 1840. All christened at St. Martin, Birmingham.

( Her husband Thomas White: he was the son of Robert White and Elizabeth Sheldon. Robert was the Gamekeeper at Highlow Hall Derbyshire he was born in Nether Padley Derbyshire. Thomas christened sept 1841, John Oct 1842, Benjamin Feb 1844, Robert Oct 1845, Charlotte May 1848, Abraham Feb 1850, Mary July 1851 All at Hathersage.)

My Great Grandmother was Phoebe Ellen Wells who married Thomas White 1861/62.  Children: Thomas Wells White, christened Feb 1863, St. Peters Liverpool, Robert White, Apr 1865, St. Peters Liverpool, Charles Henry White my Grandfather, born 6th Oct1866 104 Soho St, Everton. Baby Robert died Nov 1866 23months old. Thomas Wells White died March 1909 46yrs. Charles Wells White (son of Thomas Wells) died Nov 1909 at 11months. Margaret White wife of Thomas Wells White died March 1957 79yrs. Thomas husband of Phoebe Ellen, died 24th May 1867 at Hospital Northfield Road North Everton. He was 27yrs. Died of Typhus. Not buried until 20th Sept 1867. Thomas along with his brothers Robert and John had a Drysalting business in Liverpool. Brother Benjamin was the Warehouseman in Everton. Abraham was a Carter in Salford.When Thomas died lettrs of admin. of the personal estate and effects were granted to Phoebe Ellen. On the 28th Feb 1869 Phoebe remarried to John RedmondWidower. Occ. Cabinet Maker of Soho Street. Thomas William Wells, the father of Phoebe attented the marriage his occ. cigar maker.10th April 1869 ( 2 months after the marriage) Pheobe died at the age of 32yrs, at 104 Soho St Everton. The cause of death was Alcoholism and disease of the Liver. Letters of admin. of the personal estate and effects were granted to John Redmond.section 3/1768. The son of Thomas and Pheboe became a Drysalter  see 1901 census for Liverpool 34 Rupert Hill, along with his wife Margaret and two cousins from Hathersage.

Judy Young Tuccinardi, ROWINGTON, CLAVERDON, KNOWLE, BERKSWELL, BIRMINGHAM. I am a descendant of a William Wells and Grace ???  I don't know more about William but William and Grace had 2 children: Sarah (bp.1787) and Thomas. (from the IGI, William later married Elizabeth Weale 1795 in Rowington, who had children William bp.1798, Elizabeth bp.1800, Joseph bp.1799, Penelope bp.1801 and Robert bp. 1813. Robert later moved to Northamptonshire). Thomas is my ancestor- my grandfather.  Thomas was born 1784 in Rowington, Warwickshire, ENG and married, in 1814 Claverdon, Mary Kemp.  Mary was b.1786 in Claverdon, Warwickshire, ENG and they had 7 children (bp. at Knowle, Berkswell and Rowington), one of which was John.  John was b 1824 in Rowington and married Diana Nash. Diana was b.1826 in Dodderhill, ENG. Their son, Samuel John Wells, was b.1856 in Birmingham, ENG and married Helen "Nellie" Nash.

Richard Phillips, 1. William Wells married Bridget (died 1627 STOURTON, WHICHFORD, Warwickshire). 2. Nicholas Wells (yeoman, born 1618 Stourton, died 1703 ETTINGTON, Warwicksire) married 1644 CLIFFORD CHAMBERS, Warwickshire to Kathryn Broune (died 1712 Ettington). 3. Thomas Wells (yeoman, died 1729 FULLREADY, Ettington, Warwickshire) married to Priscilla (died 1742 Fullready). 4. Nicholas Wells (yeoman, born 1713 Ettington, died 1771 PRESTON-ON-STOUR, Gloucestershire) married to Alice. 5. John Wells (baker with shop in Stratford, born 1753 Preston-on-Stour, died 1819 STRATFORD-ON-AVON, Warwickshire) married 1780 Stratford to Elizabeth Slade (born 1753 Clifford Chambers, Warwickshire, died 1824 Stratford). 6. Thomas WELLS (baker, born 1792 Stratford) married 1818 St Bride, Fleet Street, London to Elizabeth Gordon (born 1801 in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire). Note there is an exact DNA match between this Wells family and the US descendants of Governor Thomas Welles who emigrated in 1636 from Warwickshire to Connecticut. (

Brian Blackford, EXHALL (nr. Coventry), marriage of Elizabeth Wells to Samuel Cantrill, 1757. Possible links with Wells Cantrills in 19thC. Liverpool

Suzan Ankrom Wedig, HARBURY, Richard b.Jan 1617/18 and before,

Dick Wells, STOURTON, WICHFORD, Thomas Welles, 1590 - 14 Jan 1659/1660, Wethersfield, CT.,

Terry Sutton, TYSOE, Sarah Susannah Wells b.1649 - 1722 Staten Island, married Richard Merrill 1669, Parents: Elizabeth and Philip Wells,

For Tysoe see also


Dave Wells, SUTTON UNDER BRAILES, Warwickshire, my great great great grandfather (MARK WELLS) and his family are shown as living in Sutton Under Brailes, Warwickshire in the 1881 census. Mark had a son, also Mark (my great grandfather) who had a son Frederick Charles (my Grandfather). I would be very interested to find out anything about MARK WELLS (senior) and any of his subsequent family / families. Is there anyone out there who can help me or is indeed a descendant of Mark Wells? [ MARK WELLS, b1843 in Tackley, Oxfordshire. Living in Sutton Under Brailes in1881.MARK WELLS wife : ANN ?, b1846 in Kirtlington, Oxfordshire. MARK / ANN WELLS's CHILDREN: MARK WELLS, b1868 in Kirtlington, Oxfordshire. (My great great grandfather - married ELLEN CLARK(E)). GEORGE E WELLS, b1871 in Tackley, Oxfordshire.ELLEN WELLS, b1874 in Tackley, Oxfordshire. ARTHUR WELLS , b1876 in Tackley, Oxfordshire. MAUDAY WELLS, b1878 in Tackley, Oxfordshire. HENRY WELLS, b1880 in Sutton Under Brailes, Warwickshire.ANNIE WELLS - no further information. ELI WELLS - no further information].

Westmorland (see Cumbria)


Probate Abstracts

Kingsbridge Hundred: Ship Money List 1635


Pete Wells, WOODBOROUGH / STANTON St. BERNARD. I am keen to make contact with any Wells researchers from Woodborough or Stanton St. Bernard areas in Wiltshire. I do have the parish records of these areas, and soon hope to have the Bishops Transcripts, I have so far managed to trace ( my own) from Bethnal Green back to the 1500s, and one other Wells family from Wiltshire in !851 to Walcot in Bath Somerset to Marylebone in the 1901 census. There are still a number of Wells on the 1881 Census who were born in Stanton, Wiltshire that I am keen on tracing. I can do research in the Pewsey Vale area of Wilts if you send me details. See my entry under London.

Lenn Wells, Any, 1788,

Steven Johnson, DEVISES, RICHARD WELLS Born- 1780 Died- 13/3/1843 Occupation- Coach Driver, Salisbury Plain. Married- MARTHA CADBY   Children: I only know of Henry Cadby Wells. Richard's brother owned the Roebuck Inn in Devizes. (from 1851 census Martha Wells, b.Calne, age 77 (died 1852) daughter Sarah B.B. Wells, b.Woodborough, age 32,  living Honey Street, Pewsey with visitor William King, age 39 b.Alton Barnes. A Sarah Wells has a marriage reg.Pewsey in the June qtr 1855)

Richard (Dick) Wells
Born 1780
Married:  Martha Cadby 28th November 1803 at St Mary's Devizes
Died 13th March 1843
Buried: 17th March 1843 at St John the Baptist Devizes
Martha Buried 26th May 1845

Mary Wells christened 21st October 1805 St Mary's
Sarah Wells christened 24th Nov 1806 St Mary's

Richard Wells
Born: Devizes, Wiltshire 1811
Publican Roebuck Inn, London Road
Married Susan Wells born C.1841
Elizabeth Jane Wells
William Wells
Henry Wells
Charley Wells

Susana Wells christened 15th April 1816 St mary's

Henry Cadby Wells
Born 1820 Wiltshire England
Baptised 10th September 1820, Potterne Wiltshire
Married Hannah Sarah Hill, St. Thomas A'Beckett Church 9th March 1839
Departed England December 1839
Arrived Australia 28th June 1840

  Henry and Hannah were born in early 1800's England.  Henry a son of a Salisbury Plains Coach Driver Richard Wells and his wife Martha (nee Cadby).  Hannah was the daughter of William Hill and Elizabeth Hancock.  Henry was baptised at Potternes Wiltshire and spent most of his life residing in Devizes, where he learnt the trade of boot making.
  The War with France was over and many young men went in search of adventure in foreign land, one of these young men was Henry Cadby Wells, he was accompanied by his new bride Hannah.
  Henry and Hannah boarded the "Andromache in December of 1839 at Plymouth England, setting of for a new life in the Colonies of New South Wales.  Hannah was pregnant with the couples first child, during a raging storm just of the Isle of St Paul, Hannah gave birth to a baby girl.  This girl was named Mary Louisa Wells, but at the suggestion of Captain New, the baby girl was nicked named 'Polly".  Unfortunately baby Polly died a short time later and was buried at Sea.
  While the "Andromache" was  approaching Melbourne, it was becalmed of Port Phillip heads for several days, finally arriving in Hobson Bay on the 28th June 1840.  All ships at that time had to anchor  in Hobson's Bay of Williamstown.  Passenger were taken by smaller vessels along to Yarra towards Melbourne.  The banks of the Yarra were heavily vegetated with Tea Tree and Wattles.  Tanneries and factories were beginning to spring up along the Yarra.
  Henry had to carry Hannah ashore through waist deep water to a landing bank on the north side, where warehouses, inns and stores were replacing earlier hovels along the west end of Flinders Street.
  The family stayed in the Frankston area for a while before settling at Sorrento.  Here Henry went into the Lime Burning Business with shipmate Robert Rowley. 
  The Well's lived on the Hill overlooking the Bay, on the present site of the Koonya Hotel.  Here Hannah gave birth to their second daughter Mary Louisa in 1841.  Polly as she was known would be the first European child born in the area to permanent settlers.
  Even though Henry kept his interest in the Lime Burning Industry, he moved his family to Richmond where Henry went back to his trade of Boot Making.  While living here the family was extended with the birth of Henry 1843, William in 1845, Charles in 1846, John in 1848, followed by Frank in 1850.
  In 1851, the family was farming on the Plenty River near Eltham, when the "Black Thursday" Bushfires ravaged the new colony of Victoria.  While fleeing the flames, young Jack drowned as the family attempted to cross the Plenty River.  The family sought refuge in a cleared area being used to grow potatoes, and covered themselves with wet blankets.
 The family moved to Melbourne where Henry begun working his trade as a Boot Maker, opening a shop in Bourke Street.  Henry had learnt the art of skin tanning and begun making his own top quality boots.  With the high demand for boots, this business was highly profitable.  After some years this business was sold and a similar one open in St Kilda.  It was here that Octavius was born in 1856, followed by Benjamin in 1858.
  Henry still retained his business interests in the Frankston and Mornington Peninsula areas., going into partnership again with Robert Rowley.  This time purchasing a Crayfishing boat on Westernport Bay.  This business venture was also successful beyond their expectations.  The partners made the mistake of leaving the boat moored whilst they visited their family and to have a well earned rest.  When they returned they found that the tide had dropped and the boat was resting on the anchor.  A hole was smashed in the hull, they decided to sell what could be salvaged, putting a end to the Crayfish business.
  The family moved to Mt Eliza in 1859, establishing a vineyard at a property they rented named "Raneleigh".  Henry and his sons carted from Snapper Point to use on the gardens.  Some top quality grapes and produce was grown here.  Corn was also sown to lessen tax.  It was here that Hannah gave birth to her last two sons, Decimus in 1861, followed by Richard in 1864.
Henry purchased four acres on the corner of Point Nepean Road and Wells Street.  Here he built a house that he named "Devizes Cottage" and is credited with being the first Shoe Maker in Frankston.  After settling into his new home, Henry purchased 66 acres of land on the corner of Hastings and Robinsons Road,, where the family began farming.  Cobb and Co was establishing a stagecoach route to Hastings, the shortest route being through the Wells property.  Cobb and Co erected gates across part of the property with right of carriage way and paid a nominal fee to Mr Wells to allow the coach to pass through his land enroute to Hastings.
 Henry Cadby Wells was also responsible for establishing the first church in Frankston, St Pauls.  He donated his time and money and was one of the guardians of the Church.  He became one of the guardians and a warden of this church.
Hannah Sarah Wells (nee Hill) died in Frankston on the 27th October 1896, aged 77 years.  Henry Cadby Wells died on the 12th December 1908, aged 88 years.  Both are buried in Frankston Cemetery with their son Decimus.

Mary Louisa (Polly) Wells Born at sea aboard "Andromache" 1840, died and buried at sea

Mary Louisa (Polly) Wells born Sorrento (Point Nepean) 7th June 1841, baptised  10th October Church of England Parish of St James. Birth reg 12619

Henry Wells Born Melbourne 1843 reg 37163

William Henry born Melbourne 1845

Charles Wells born Melbourne 1846

John (Jack) Wells born Collingwood 1848. Drowned in Plenty River 1851 (Inquest 1851/43)

Frank Richard Wells born 1850

Septimus Wells born South Melbourne 1853 reg 18327 Died 1855 reg  3067, aged 20 months

Octavius Wells born St Kilda reg 1167

Benjamin Wells born St Kilda 1858 reg  5994

Decimus Wells born Mt Eliza December 1861 reg 1841 Died 28th August  1936, aged  75 years

Richard Wells born Mt Eliza 1864 reg 5278 Died 1942, buried Frankston 8th January 1942




HENRY CADBY WELLS Born1820 (possibly the Henry christened 10 Sept 1820 at Potterne just outside Devizes), Devizes, Wiltshire Died1908, Frankston, Vic, Australia. Henry married Hannah Hill (daughter of W. Hill & Elizabeth Hancock) in Plymoth, Devon, 1839 and migrated to Australia on the Ship Andromache, arriving in 1840.  

Mary Louisa Wells (Polly) with husband David Kelly, son David Kelly, Granddaughter Linda and great grand-daughter Valda.

CHILDREN OF HENRY CADBY WELLS; Polly Wells, born 1840, died 1840- buried at sea Mary Louisa Wells(Polly) born1841, died 1926 Child 3- unknown died young Charles Wells born-1846, died 1928 John Wells- born 1847, died 1851-drowned in Plenty River Frank Richard Wells- 1849, died 1938 Septimus Wells- died young Octavius Wells- born 1856, died 1948 Benjamin- born 1858, died 1945 Decimus Wells- born 1861-died 1936 Richard- Born 1863- died 1941   Nearly all of the Above are buried in Frankston, Victoria, Australia. Mary Louisa (Polly) was the first European child born permanent settlers on the Mornington Peninsula, Vic. Henry Cadby Wells was one of the first pioneers in this area. Today many streets in Frankston are named in his honour. His Grandson Frank Jnr went on to become Mayor of Frankston. E-mail address has failed
 (Peter Madden is a researcher of the Cadby line (not Wells) and can be contacted at


Caroline Moore, PATNEY, Thomas WELLS m.1778 Patney, Henrietta WELSTEAD; Simon WELLS m.1806 Patney, Mary OFFER; Charles WELLS m.1841 Patney, Elizabeth OFFER.  Charles & Elizabeth's son, John WELLS m.1878 All Cannings, Martha Ann TILLEY.  John & Martha migrated to Australia in 1883 & lived at Tocal & Gresford in New South Wales.

James Cunningham, DEVIZES, c1839,

Dan Wells, RAMSBURY, Charles Wells b.1800 (married Lucy Marsh),


War Memorials

Wells in Badsey Village

Theresa, COTTERIDGE, KINGS NORTON, Jesse Lane Wells, (trade Carter) born about 1898 he married my gran  Martha Elizabeth Theodora Mason at the parish church St Agnes Cotteridge on 4th August  1923, living at 20 Lifford lane, Cotteridge. His father name was William Lane Wells (shoemaker) e-mail has bounced back from this address - Can anyone help?

Carol Thun, DUDLEY, BRIDGENORTH, First generation of WELLES is found in the Church Records of St. Thomas Church at Dudley, Worcester, England.
Edmund WELLES(1), born ca 1618/25 died 8 Jan 1702; married ca 1646 Ann ( 1620) died, buried 17 Oct 1680 at St. Thomas.
   1. Edmund, Christened 5 Sept 1647 (died young)
   2. Jane, Christened 6 Jan 1649/50; married  5 Sept 1671 George Potter
   3. Edmund, b 16 Jan 1653; married  Margery Bate
   4. John, b 16 July 1655, Christened 12 Aug 1655, gentleman, lived at
   5. Thomas, b. 1 April 1658, christened 20 April 1658; chandler;
married Grace Wright 22 Dec 1681.  Thomas buried 14 Aug 1687 St Thomas
   6. Mary, b 23 April 1660, married 30 Nov 1681 Edward Hodgetts.

Edmund WELLES Jr (2) b. 16 Jan 1653, edg tool maker, married Margery Bate
4 June 1681.
Their children
    1. John Wells, christened 17 Feb 1683 Married Sarah
    2. Joseph, christened 31 Jan 1685, appears to have lied after 1761.
    3.  William, christened 26 Dec 1687
    4.  Samuel, b. 29 Dec 1689
    5.  Mary, christened 25 Nov 1693
    6.  Ann, christened 1 June 1696
    7.  Daniel, christened 9 May 1703

Thomas WELLES (2) b. 20 April 1658, d. 14 Aug 1687; married 22 Dec 1681
Grace WRIGHT, at St. Halesewen church.  Grace was b ca 1660.
Their children born at
Dudley, Worcester, England;
   1.  Mary, christened 22 Oct 1682 died young   Twin
   2.  Thomas, christened 22 Oct 1682, living in 1723  Twin
   3.  John, christened 7 Jan 1683/1684
   4.  Edmund, christened 10 May 1685, buried 19 June 1685 St Thomas,
   5. Mary, christened 16 Aug 1686

Thomas WELLES (3) b. 22 Oct 1682, d. 4 Feb 1760 of Dudley, Worcester,
England, came to
America 1712.  Landed in Saybrook, Middlesex, Conn. m.
Elizabeth MERRILL 13 May 1720.
Their children:
   1.  Edmund, b. 9 Feb 1721, married Mary HOWELL
   2.  Thomas, b. 27 Aug 1723 married Thankful ROWLEY
   3.  Joseph b. 28 Aug 1726 married Thankful SHAYLER
   4.  John b. about 1728 d. Greenwich, NY ca 1800
   5.  Samuel b. 1730,
Hebron, moved to Greenwich, NY ca 1760 married
Martha ADAMS, they had 6 children
   6.  William b 1732
Hebron.  Went to Jamestown, Chautauqua, NY ca 1763
   7.  Daniel b, 1735

Clayton H. Wells, EVESHAM, 1600 - 1637,

Keith Chandler, BAMPTON, Oxon., SWALCLIFFE, Oxon., PEBWORTH, Worcs., Research interest: The social and cultural history of morris dancing in the south Midlands inc. men with the surname Wells involved as dancers and musicians at the above locations. I am particularly seeking the date of death (1922 or later) of Joshua Wells, of Swalcliffe, Oxon.

E. Scott Wells, EVESHAM, Thomas Welles of Evesham, Worcestershire, England. He was born in Evesham in c1600 and died in Evesham in 1637. (in an LDS Ancestral File, his baptism is dated 22 Dec 1595, father Walter, grandfather John). He married Frances Albright (1625 - LDS) who died 16 March 1677 in Hadley, Hampshire City, Massachusetts, USA. They had one son Thomas Wells II (born 1628 in Evesham, England and died 16 September 1675 in Hadley, HC, Massachusetts) who married Mary Beardsley in May 1651 (in either Evesham or Hadley Massachusetts). Mary Beardsley was born in 1631 in Derby, Derbyshire, England and died 20 September 1690 in Hatfield, Hampshire City, Massachusetts. They had one son Noah born 26 July 1666 in Hadley Massachusetts. Would like any further information on the family in Evesham,

Joyce Potter  and Jean Edwards are also researching the above line.

( Information on this family has been published on the LDS site: However, although earlier generations of this family have been specified, the details have not been confirmed and the original sources cited )


Stephen Saffin, The Wells family are to be found in 1841  in  Styleses, Hanbury, Droitwich.  The family are made up as follows:

William Wells 50 b.1791 Agricultural Labourer.

Hannah  40 b.1801

Sarah 10 b.1831

Alis 5. b.1836

Ann 5 b.1836

Elsewhere though at this time at Hanbury School is listed with the family of James Carroll 63. b.1778 (Headmaster of Irish descent) is Charles Wells 12  b.1829. A Male Servant, (Later on in our research the age changes)

   Elsewhere there is Elizabeth Wells 10 b.1830 Servant to John Lewis 80 b.1761 Farmer. A married couple  John Wells 40 b.1801, and Ann Wells 30 b.1811.

   As the names of 'William' and 'Sarah' are repeated through our line of Wells, as was fashionable of the time, we can assume that William and Hannah are the parents of Charles.

   In 1851, we find that Charles 21 Labourer has married Ann 22 from Humbleton, and they have a son Thomas 1 years old,  and they live at 30 Crabbs Cross. Feckenham. (She is likely to be Ann Herdman, brought up by Charles Hewlett from Sale Green, Huddington. 5 miles southeast of Droitwich.)

   In 1861, Charles is 31

Ann 32 is a Glass Maker

Thomas 11, Needle Maker.

Harriet 8 b.1853. Needle Maker .

William 6. b.1855. Scholar.

Sarah Ann 4 b.1856.Scholar.

John 1.  b.1860.

   In 1871, they are still living at Crabbs Cross, but the family size has increased and more children have become employed in the production of Needles, and the production process seems to become more complex.

Charles is 41.

Ann is 42.

Thomas 21. Machine Needle Filer.

Harriet 18. Needle Eyer.

William  16. Machine needle Cutter.

Sarah 14. Needle Eyer.

John 11.  Needle Spitter. 

Ann 6.

Jane 3.

Ellen 1.

   In 1881,  the family have expanded as there are now evidently the children of children arriving.

Charles is 51. a Farm Labourer.

Ann is 52.

John is 21. Needle Maker.

Jane is 14. Needle Maker.

Ellen 11. Scholar.

Eliza 8. Scholar.

William 26. although a Son is listed as a Lodger and is a Travelling Hawker.

Mary  25 is a Daughter in Law from Upton Snodsbury. She is in fact Mary Powell. William and Mary married in 1874, in Alcester, witnessed by Sarah Ann Wells and her husband Alfred Hornbuckle, (who married at the same time, so, probably, both couples witnessed each others weddings).

Blanche 6. Scholar. Grand Daughter.  We cannot be sure who Blanche is the daughter of, but she does have the same birth year as Florry, William and Mary's daughter.

William 4. Grand Son.

Francis  3 months old. Grand Son

   Mary Powell is the daughter of Joseph Powell b.1823 from upton Snodsbury, and Temperance (Mills) b.1823 from Rouse Lench Worcestershire. Mary has a sister Ellen

b.1861, and Harriet b.1854, and brothers Joseph b.1847, also James b.1845.

Neighbouring Charles is his Son Thomas, who's family is made up as

Thomas 32. (Incorrect age!) Needle Maker

Mary 28

George 14. Needle Maker.

Elizabeth 6. Scholar.

Rosa 4.

Alfred 1.

Victor 2 months old.

(There is a wide gap in the ages between George and Elizabeth and would question as to whether Mary is George's mother)

Yet five more houses further down the road from Thomas is another Thomas Wells 34 and his family. Born in Freckle, they are possibly related, and involved in producing Fish Hooks. They are ,

Thomas 34. Fish Hook Maker, 

Elizabeth 29,

William 14. Fish Hook Flattener,

Sarah Ann 10. Scholar,

Ada 8,

Riahn 5,

David 2.

In 1891. Charles household is made up as follows,

Charles 62 (Incorrect Age!)

Ann 62

Nelly 21.

Eliza 19.

Bertha Portman 10.

James Hy (Looks like Sty short for Stanley) 2.

   You could be forgiven for assuming that this was another family, but what is going on here is that the name of  Ellen has become changed to Nelly, as was the fashionable fad to change names to alternative names at the time.

Bertha and James are grandchildren that are visiting. Bertha is the Daughter of Harriet, Charles daughter who has married James Portman , in 1881 the Portmans have been looking after an Annie Wells.

   Thomas 41, Needle Filer, next door seems to have changed his wife as she is now Polly,38.

(again another example of name changing according to the fad of the time).

Elizabeth 16. Bicycle Trader.

Rose 14.

Alfred 11.

Victor 10.

Sarah Ann 4.

Thomas 2.

   Into  1901 and Charles family set up has changed again. The Road in which they live is known as 'The Alley'

Charles is 71. but is a widower

Ellen 31.has married a Robinson, but is a widow. She continues to work as a Needle Eyer.

James Wells 12. is still with the family, but his parents are not indicated

William Robinson. 6.

Lizzie Robinson 5.

Harold Robinson 3.

The Neighboring house continues to house the Wells family. Thomas and Polly are not indicated, although all their children are mentioned as living at the house.

Elizabeth Wells 26. is indicated as single and a Cycle Chain Maker.

Victor 20, Alfred 21, Thomas 12, George 8. Appear to be home alone, and looking after themselves.

   Thomas Wells 51 can be found living with Sarah A. Archer 50.  at 4 Bridge Street Redditch. She makes Cardboard Boxes for Fish Hooks , whilst he produces the Fish Hooks.

This is not the same Sarah Ann (Unless the incorrect age has been given!) who witnessed at Williams Wedding .She married Alfred Hornbuckle, and the two couples may have officially witnessed each others weddings.

   It has become difficult to find any trace of Sarah and Alfred after their Wedding. Although their wedding took place on 1st November 1874 in Ipsley, Worcester.  Born 1851. He is from Leicestershire son of Thomas, previously married, was found to be a widowed boarder in Leicester in 1881, working as a Goods Guard for the Midland Railway. Sadly he took another Wife by  1891 Fanny Selina. There seems to be an implication that Sarah has died between her marriage of 1874 and 1881.

From researching information on the Needle factories of Redditch:

Up until the introduction of the automatic pointing machine, in around 1870, needle pointing was done by hand. This was the best paid job in the factory, but it was also the most dangerous. Slivers of metal could fly up and blind the pointer, or the grindstone itself could shatter and cause fatal injuries. Not only that, but the pointer was always inhaling dust from the needles and the grindstone, and would often contract a crippling lung disease called “Pointers Rot”. It is not surprising that the life expectancy of a pointer was no more than 35 years.

   Although we cannot say for sure what is causing so many of the Wells to suddenly disappear from the Census returns, we can hazard a guess at the conditions of the Needle factory. There was an outbreak of Cholera in the area of Redditch from 1832 and medical reports confirmed its presence up to 1875. Many houses had no water supplies and where water closets existed (toilets), it was estimated that 17.5 people were averaged to one closet.

Whooping cough and Diarrhoea were the main cause of infantile death at this time. Water supplies to all houses did not finish until 1881.

   William Wells married Mary Powell in Alcester in 1874. In 1891, William and Mary set up home in 18 Britten Street, Redditch. Their family consist of,

William 37. Fishing Tackle Maker.

Mary 36, Fishing Tackle Maker.

Florry 16, Pin Maker.

Frank 10, Scholar.

Charles 5, Scholar.

Laura 3, Scholar.

   In 1901 The size of the family has shrunk dramatically. They are living in 17 Ipsley Street.The family now consist of

Mary 42. Widow. Fishing Tackle Maker. Worker at home.

Charles 14. Fish Hook Maker. Worker at home.

Laura 12.

Arthur E Bunegar 33. Married. Boarder. Telephone Pole Erector.

     There is no indication as to whether Laura goes to school or not. Obviously William is no longer alive as Mary is now a Widow. From our knowledge from Audrey Baker, William was crippled. He died 2nd June 1898 at the age of 43. Cause of death was Tuberculosis Pulmonalis 4 months. The address is 45 Silver Street, Redditch. Mary was at the death.

Laura would have been about 8 or 9 years old at the time of his death which links up with the story that Audrey tells us.

  Mary passed away on 3rd November 1909 at the age of 53, she died of Hepatitis 3 months and Icherus (Jaundice) 1 month. The death happened at 25 Orchard Street, Upper Ipsley. Francis was present at the death.

   It must now become apparent that with the death of both parents, that the children would now have to go their own separate ways. And this must have been traumatic for them all.

   In 1911 we find that Laura has become a boarder with the Miles Family at 36 Shirley Road, Cotteriddge, Kings Norton. Their family consist of  the following,

William Junes Miles 49, Carman in Railway Company.

Elizabeth 48,

Ellen Elizabeth 26, Warehouse worker.Laura Wells 22, Boarder. warehouse worker. (The census return has pencilled in 'Warwick Close' in the section 'where born'.)

   Surprisingly enough, Laura and Ellen have managed to get listed by the Census return collecting officer twice as the county boarder is so close by, they have gone to visit an Aunt, Ellen Owen, 50, a House Keeper Domestic, living at 12, Snow Hill,Birmingham. Ellen Owen is Sister to Mary (Powell)Wells. She marries Thomas Owen in Alcester in 1878.

   Laura Wells 22, and Ellen Miles 25, are both listed here as 'Screw Sorter Domestic', and both as visitors. Following the deaths of both her parents it is not surprising that Laura has taken to striking up a friendship with Ellen.

    Of what we know of Laura's brother Charles H Wells, he became a Private in the East Lancashire Regiment. In 1915 he married Dorothy Blackford in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, at the United Methodist Church. He is aged 28 (b.1886), she is 26 (b.1889), at the time of the marriage he was living at 10,Victoria Street, Redditch. Dorothy was living with her parents at 62, Evesham Street, Redditch. She is employed as a Gut Line Maker. They later go on to have two boys Eric and Aubrey. (It is Aubrey it is said that inspired Laura to name her child Audrey.)

     The Blackfords, like the Wells have a history of involvement in the Needle making factories. Dorothy is the daughter of Charles (b.1867) a Hairdresser, and Betty (b.1869). Charles Blackford's parents were Henry b.1846 (a needle finisher) and Emma Blackford b.1845 (A Fly Maker Artificial) with brother James and sister Alice living in George St, Redditch.

   Francis died in the First World War. He was a Lietenant Sergeant, in the 1st Battalion East

Lancashire Regiment as was his brother Charles. He died on the 2nd of November, 1914. Theatre of war being France and Flanders.

   Florence (Florry) Wells married Harold Edward Court in 1891 in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire. In 1901 they are living at the back of 25, Victoria Street, Redditch. Both are employed as Fish Hook Makers and have the following children.

   Lavinia F 9, b.1892.

   Alfred E 7, b.1894.

   Gladys D 5, b.1896.

   Beatrice S 3, b.1898.

   Elizabeth Wells, 18 b.1883. Sister in law. Fish Hook Maker. It isnt obvious yet who Elizabeth is the daughter of, as also in 1891 the most obvious candidate Edwin Pinfield Wells has Elizabeth already mentioned in his census listing. It isnt beyond the realms of possibility that she has been listed twice as did Laura Wells in 1911.






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